I'm de-cluttering the house readying it for the new arrival and I'm selling my old faithfuls.

They are very loud and extremely bassy for those who like bass. I was running them off my 80w amp at half cock and they're deafening.

Have a small amount of damage at the bottom where the laminate is peeling off - see photos - but thats nothing.

Anyway, I'm only after 50 for them, cost me around 200

Technical details are:

- 100W RMS power handling, 8 ohms
- 89dB sensitivity, 40Hz to 20KHz freq response
- 2-way, front ported, spring terminals
- 8" polypropylene bass driver, ferro-fluid cooled tweeter
- Black with removable grill - driver surrounds are silver
- Floorstanding (about 800mm x 250mm x 250mm)