The coasts of Wales and the West of England are preparing for one of the fiercest storms of the winter so far, with heavy rain and gales expected to tear across Britain.

UK forecasters fear similar flood visions of Johanna stormPeople are being warned to stay indoors tonight and avoid unnecessary journeys, with winds of up to 80 miles an hour expected.

There are also fears of coastal flooding as spring tides coincide with the wild weather.

Areas that remain most at risk from the storm, named "Johanna" by the German Meteorological Office 'DWD', are Southern Ireland, Wales and coastal districts of Southern England.

Conditions are expected to deteriorate very quickly during Sunday night and into Monday.


Tom Defty, an independent forecaster, said: "Bands of heavy rain will sweep across all parts accompanied with gale force South-Westerly winds on Monday morning.

"During the afternoon, further Westerly gales are forecast to develop with the potential of 80-85mph gusts across South-West England and Wales."

The strongest of the winds should clear the East coast during Tuesday morning.

Further spells of wet and windy weather expected later in the week across many parts of the country.

The unusual thing is that these storm force winds of 80mph will affect the southern, coastal counties of England.


"Coupled with heavy rainfall, that could cause serious travel problems."

The high winds are expected to ease during the day but increase again in the evening, with fierce gusts after dark in the west and south of the UK.

It could mean a bonus for air travellers, though.

Wind speeds five or six miles up in the atmosphere will approach 240mph and anyone flying back from North America at the end of the weekend might do so in record time.