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Latest sales figures have shown the Nintendo Wii is now less than one million sales behind Microsoft's Xbox 360, despite launching almost one year after it, with critics predicting it will soon be the number one system.

Nintendo's best-seller sold 245,000 units last week, compared to just over 57,000 Xbox 360 consoles. PS3 shifted just under 80,000 units in the same time frame.

But Earthworm Jim creator Dave Perry has told Disposeable Media that gamers are attracted to gorgeous graphics, a factor that could limit the Wii's long-term appeal.

"The graphical power of the 360 and PS3 are essential to them attracting the Wii's user base. The fact is, gamers are attracted to beautiful looking games, " Perry said.

"When a game comes out - a game like a Halo or something, something they haven’t seen before - they'll drop everything and they’ll drop their Wii controllers when it does."

On the topic of the PlayStation 3, Perry said: “In every way, the machine hasn’t succeeded yet in what it can deliver. I don’t think we’ve seen a true PS3 title yet, but developers are getting better and it’s only a matter of time before the PS3 starts achieving what it offers to consumers.”

Hmmm, I can actually see his point, a LOT of gamers go for graphics, the most powerful consoles etc.

However, I am not sure yet where the Wii gamers are coming from. There is a lot who are semi-hardcore games, the full hardcore gamers seem to have dismissed it.

But I have said all along, the Wii is aiming on a totally different market from the PS3 and 360, and therefore it has a very good chance of competing even in a year or two.

It will be an interesting thing to watch, whether the success continues or not, but I think it will, solely because its a different type of console, its not aimed at hardcore gamers, more the casual and family gaming market (hence the recent adverts all showing every type of family and age range bar hardcore gamers), and also because its the type of console that is practical enough and cheap enough for the average 360 and PS3 gamer to own alongside their main console.

I didnt realise the sales of the Wii were already so close to the 360. I think by 2008, the Wii will be the number 1 games machine, 2008 will probably be the make or break year for it. Although is got a lovely headstart from 2007 of course lol.


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