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Luke Johnson, Channel 4 chairman, has defended his role and the broadcaster's position in an interview with The Independent today.

Johnson told the publication that the criticism the channel was receiving was its 'turn in the firing line': "In a way perhaps it was our turn because, for a long period, ITV were heavily criticised and before that, over Hutton and so forth, the BBC came in for various bits of criticism."

Following the recent attention Channel 4 has received, the chairman said Channel 4 must ensure it "doesn't lose its confidence, doesn't get intimidated and we carry on questioning, being quirky, a little bit difficult occasionally, making programmes that stir it up," adding: "If we fail to do that then you begin to wonder what Channel 4 is for."

Lmao, I began to wonder what Channel 4 is there for about 2 years ago when it started going shite lol.

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