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The Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas has threatened to use force to release BBC reporter Alan Johnston by the end of Monday if he is not set free.

"Today is the last day for the captors to release Alan Johnston," a senior Hamas official said.

The reporter was abducted in March by a group calling itself The Army of Islam.

Hamas, which seized control of Gaza last week and was ousted from the Palestinian government, has said reporters should be treated as guests.

"If he is not released, we would use all means to secure his life and to free him," a senior Hamas official told Reuters news agency.

You see, as much as the Israelite terrorists and much of the western world like to paint out that Hamas are dangerous and shouldnt be allowed to continue, they have a pretty good side to them. Although they are Palastinian, they do have a reputation for supporting free speech and its about time someone did something to try and secure the release of Alan, the UK government are utter shite!

The whole situation goes to prove furthermore my fundamental belief that Israel is a terrorist state supported by the west, you dont invade a country/region because a militant group with very little relation to the country/region takes a citizen hostage (ahem Lebanon July 2006).

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