A 10-year-old boy from South Yorkshire who stole from his family to fund a drug habit has been given an Anti-social Behaviour Order (Asbo).
Lewis Green, of Kexborough, Barnsley, was beyond his parents' control, a district judge heard on Monday.

The judge granted an Asbo to Barnsley Council, which had cited misbehaviour including cannabis smoking, burglaries and threatening children with a knife.

The council said it had sought the Asbo "with regret and as a last resort".

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He is also banned from possessing a "bong" - a water pipe - and other items associated with drugs, having alcohol or being drunk, throwing stones or eggs and possessing a knife or screwdriver in public.

But he's okay now so that's okay as he's had help
and support from there local council ?

Who's to blame? The parents?
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