We will be running several convoy`s to Santa Pod Raceway this year.

Dates will be posted as and when we will attend!!

Drag Racing, for most new entrants, starts at Run What Ya Brung. If you've always dreamt of being a racer but have never got close, then Santa Pod Raceway near Wellingborough may well have the answer. The track regularly opens its doors to the public for a series of "Run What Ya Brung" public track days.

You don't have to apply for a race licence, you don't have to stick on race numbers or tape over your lights, and you don't even have to own a fast car or bike! Your mum's Fiesta or street bike would do the job fine and most of the drivers who come along will be racing in normal road cars and bikes. Some, however, may have slight modifications or even be professional racers in their drag cars and bikes but don't worry, you won't be pitched against a 300mph Top Fuel Dragster!

The only thing you need to go drag racing at the famous Santa Pod Raceway is a valid UK driving licence, normal admission 10 plus one-off signing on fee of 15. You'll be entitled to unlimited runs or as many as your nerves will allow! After each run you'll receive a personal performance print-out showing your reaction times to the start lights, 60', 330', 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile times, and top speed. If you really get hooked you could then apply for a competition licence and enter a street class at a proper race meeting because, don't forget, the RWYB days are how most of the professional racers get started.

RWYB days always have a full selection of catering and bar facilities, but please note, most are only able to accept cash.

RWYBs can be fun for spectators too! Grandstand seats are free, and under 16s get in for free. Some of the UK's fastest streetcars, loudest bikes and coolest hot-rods attend RWYBs, so there is always something to see.

Here are the neccesary details which apply to all "RWYB" events at Santa Pod Raceway!

Track opens at 8.00 am and runs start at 10.00 am-5 pm.

It is recommended you arrive before 9:30am to ensure track-time,so arrive early to avoid disappointment!

Please note, track opening times are approximate and may be subject to track and weather conditions. The main dragstrip cannot be used in the wet.

Rules are as follows:

1. A full valid recognised driving licence is required to sign-on.

2. Seat belt is mandatory for your own safety

3. Helmets required for bikes and open top cars and vehicles doing 100 mph or more at the finish line. Arm straps required in open top cars.

4.Before you go on to the track you need to visit the signing on office to sign a declaration form and pay your signing on fee.

For more information contact:

Santa Pod Raceway

Tel: 01234 782828

Fax: 01234 782818

Prices are as follows:

* Gate Entrance- 10

* Sign On- 15 (unlimited Runs!!)



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