Anyone know the price of a new steering column with the ignition lock included from a Vauxhall from a scrappy?

I had my MOT done the other week, and when the tester dropped the car off, did he give me my key back? D.H.F.
I gave up today after three weeks of my car sitting on the drive, and removed the lock surround and the ignition barrel (by destroying it with a drill), but too much damage has occured to the lock itself, so will need another one. The thing is, the ingition barrel lock surround was bolted onto the steering column with a simple bolt, whilst my other car is 'shear' bolted on (without any head). They're absolute swines to remove, and there is no space for a drill. I've jibbed it off, I'm sick of cannibilising my other cars for the red money pit.
"C20 LET bang"