My milkman sent an A4 printed note with my milk on 16th Jan saying he was retiring but was handing on the route (throughout the Wirral) to another company. It was obvious from the logo on the milk that arrived with the note that the new company had already started delivering my milk. I was not consulted in advance and would not have gone with the new company given the choice. Having texted the old milkman and getting no reply I tried phoning, no answer so I texted again, still no reply to date. Had to stop the deliveries from the new company (22nd Jan) who said I didn't have to pay for the milk they had delivered, I assumed that was the end of it until I noticed a direct debit had been set up for the new company! I have cancelled it but will be in contact with Trading Standards when their online form is available (currently down till this evening). Has anyone had similar issues? I'd just like to warn anyone who's milkman has said he has retired that your contact info may well have been passed on without your knowledge.