On the 7th of March you will need to retune your freeview TV's for the Winter Hill transmitter. There will be further changes in 2019 and two more in 2020.

This is part of the clearance of the 700MHz spectrum so that more mobile data frequencies are available. You may notice that this change is just a shuffle and no channels are freed up on this occasion, this is to enable other transmitters to change channels without interference, COM6 on Winter Hill is one of the very high power channels at 100kW.

For people that manually tune

The channels that are changing are:-

COM6(ARQB) from 55 to 37
COM7(NUK7) from 31 to 55
COM8(NUK8) from 37 to 31

All the other channels remain the same, namely:-

PSB2(D3&4) 59
PSB3(BBCB) 54-
COM4(SDN) 58
LOC1 56
LOC2 56
LOC3 56
GI 57

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