Im selling a pair of Gemini Active speakers. These have been my main pair for that last 12 months.

VERY LOUD and clear, with a 15" sub built in. Don't require an amp as they are individually Amped (ACTIVE).

Easily fills a large hall or venue and usable as a main rig.

They have been well used and transported so in need of a bit of TLC/Respray on the grill.

One of them works perfectly. The other has a minor fault where there is no sound until you give the speaker a shake. It then stays on with no issues (Suspected loose speaker wire) and should be easily rectified by someone who knows what they are doing. Ive had the internal amp itself tested and it was ok.

Ill take offers on these in the region of 120

Again, viewing welcome and recommended. Will happily crank them up for you to get an idea of the sound.