Relisted due to TWO timewasters (seriously, why do it?)

the 61 DVD's for Sale are:

Mighty Boosh: Future Sailors Tour
Back to the future - orig disc, copied case
Back to the futire 3 - as above
Steve-O: out on bail
Bad Santa - unopened
8 out of 10 cats claws out
AI: Artifical Intelligence - case a bit tatty
Alien vs Predator - 2 disc special edition
Soccer AM II
Silent Hill
Shaun of the Dead
Alien Autopsy
Ali G indahouse
Alan Carr: Tooth Fairy
Scott Pilgrim vs the world - unopened
Steve-O: dont try this at home
Steve-O: dont try this at home part 2
Scary movie 3
Peter kays phoenix nights series 1
Peter kays phoenix nights series 2
White noise: the light
Welcome to the jungle
Trigger happy tv series 1
Trigger happy tv 3
Tomb raider
U2 Rattle and Hum
Vertical Limit
Wedding Crashers
Most haunted series 2 volume 1
Mr & Mrs Smith
Scarface - copy cover, original disc
MIB: Men in Black
Marley & Me - unopened
Lee Mack live
A knights tale
Johnny English
I am Legend - copy cover & copy disc
Horrible Bosses
Home Alone - unopened
Happy Gilmore
Good Charlotte live at brixton academy
Gone in 60 seconds
Austin powers: goldmember
Flight 93
28 weeks later
Total recall: theatrical edition - unopened
James bond 007: Casino Royale
Butterfly effect 2
The expendables
Clarkson: heaven and hell
Clarkson: the good the bad and the ugly
Steve irwin: crocadile hunter collision course
8 mile
51st state - unopened
Drop dead fred
Coleen Nolans Disco Burn
Dirty sanchez series 1
Dirty sanchez series 4

Also included are some books and CD's that i'm looking to get rid of. Probably about 5-10 books and about 15-20 odd cd's

Ideal for someone who regularly sells at car boot sales amd the like. Even selling things at 50p each you'll probably make a few quid profit.


will not split. it's all or nothing.