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10th Jun 2021 8:08pm Ford Estate 6th, 7th and 8th Avenue? [by alayne108]

In this World in Action Part Three video about Birkenhead there is a comment re. 6th and 8th avenue on the Ford Estate (My mate lived on the Ford (6 Ave) and I remember walking to the 8th Ave (where these flats were - 1 min 10 seconds) to a shop around 1984/85, I was around 14 or 15).

On Google Maps I only see avenues 1st to 5th. Was there a renovation scheme on the Ford Estate where they demolished the 6th to 8th avenues?

1 118 Read More
10th Jun 2021 12:26pm Looking for Food delivery driver [by ultimate]
Anyone interested in food delivery driving for Friday and Saturday. 4.30pm to 9.30pm or 5pm to 10pm pm me if interested.
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5th Jun 2021 10:08am New Palace and Adventureland, New Brighton [by mikeeb]
It may be demolished as early as September after the summer season.
We all know it is falling apart and has to come down but I don't like the look of the proposed new building.
What is it with most of the new designs nowadays? Bring back some classic designs I say.
3 367 Read More
3rd Jun 2021 8:48am 761 Gallaghers at Wirral Golf [by derekdwc]
Not sure if could just pop in for a pint or have to be a member or have to book in for a meal and a drink
3 1 364 Read More
31st May 2021 12:17pm Gmail, Drive and Photos may be deleted by Google [by mikeeb]
Just read this today, Google will start deleting accounts if they are not used for two years from tomorrow.
Don't worry just yet because they won't start deleting them until 2023.
2 340 Read More
29th May 2021 12:01pm Temporary relocation of Birkenhead Market [by mikeeb]
The market will be moved to St Werburghs Square whilst the town centre is redeveloped. Google Maps is showing it where Game and H Samuel jewellers are, and where St Werburghs Church is, so I'm confused on the exact location.
Anyway, how can you fit a market in either of these places? And what would happen to the meat and fish market?
6 613 Read More
24th May 2021 3:19pm Rowing Machine (Unused) [by niknak]
I'm giving away an unused Rowing Machine.

To buy this from ebay would cost you over £80.

This is the item on ebay as I'm sure you'd like to have a look: Link to Rowing Machine on Ebay

The rower is in it's box, so a very small amount of very simple assembly will be required such as popping on the handles and connecting the wires for the info screen.

I don't think a person over about 5 feet 10 inches, which is about 178cm could use it properly due to leg length. I mention this to avoid disappointment.

If you're interested I am based in the Moreton, Wirral area.
1 377 Read More
11th May 2021 2:18pm morgana [by GaryFromWirral]
used to frighten me ... technology ... still does lol
0 376 Read More
7th May 2021 11:24am Local elections [by mikeeb]
Yesterday was the first time I haven't voted in years.
I don't trust any of them anymore, so didn't put down that X.
6 868 Read More
5th May 2021 10:37am Ritz car park and Hardings query [by derekdwc]
I can vaguely remember this car park ((in light blue on map) never being used except possibly 1950/60 for Hardings?
laying a railway track and running a small size train on it, I think around one christmas time.
Can anyone confirm whether this happened
1 1 664 Read More
2nd May 2021 11:46am 24 Beehive 133 Beckwith Street 133 [by mikeeb]
Beer license granted 1881. Became a Peter Walker pub. Closed 20 September 1967. Demolished.
1 0 458 Read More
1st May 2021 2:39pm Daily Mail's battle prattle [by yoller]
I see the Daily Mail is presenting as 'news' the fact that that the Battle of Brunanburh was probably fought near Bromborough - something that's been known for decades. Also, Bromborough is apparently in Liverpool.

2 668 Read More
1st May 2021 8:55am Anyone recognise these doors? [by Ken_Doerr]
Does anyone recognise these doors? My house is a reconstructed farm building and the doors were apparently sourced from an institute of some sort on The Wirral. Anyone involved in the building work, from the late '80's, has passed on.

The locks are unique in that they could be locked twice, with two different keys (I don't have any keys). I would imagine that rooms needed to be locked and, at times double locked, by a person in authority. Possibly to keep someone inside secure or access strictly controlled.

They are larger than average in size and beautifully made. They all came with original architraves so were deemed valuable enough to be carefully salvaged at the time.

I've searched many times and not found anything definitive. Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ken
4 2 917 Read More
24th Apr 2021 5:52pm THREE SEATER SOFA..LEATHER [by lainy]
Three seater leather settee. Free. Good condition.
1 0 336 Read More
20th Apr 2021 8:26am Hoylake and West Kirby's Tribute to a V.C. [by mikeeb]
Check out this stunning colourised video from 1918 through Hoylake and West Kirby of the army parade for V.C. Sergeant Cyril Edward Gourley.

Rock Ferry and Port Sunlight (1910) Colourised

Tiffany and The Four Dimensions in New Brighton (1965) Colorized

Check out Andy Barr's YouTube channel, it has tons of great new content from Wirral and Liverpool.
Well worth a look. smile

2 527 Read More
13th Apr 2021 4:46pm Computer DVD disc drive [by GingerTom]
Anyone got a IDE DVD drive,for an older computer.thanks
3 713 Read More
7th Apr 2021 10:35am Wirral Journal Magazine - free [by Mike666]
I have a set of the The Wirral Journal magazines from Spring 1982 to Spring 1996.
I also have Wirral Champion Journal from Spring 2000 to Winter 2002.
If anyone is interested in these then they can be collected from Upton.
2 636 Read More
4th Apr 2021 4:08pm Moreton Shore [by monikav]
I was down at Moreton shore yesterday at low tide and came across what seemed like wooden posts embedded into the sand about 50m offshore. They were still upright, seemed fairly sturdy still and there was about 7 of them in almost an exact row. Does anyone know what these would have been or whether there's ever been a structure on the beach? I'm aware of the prehistoric forest near Meols that used to be seen occasionally, but these were definitely rounded stumps rather than the remains of trees. Just curious whether anyone knew why they might have been there!
3 3 1,160 Read More
1st Apr 2021 11:43am Viking Golf [by lincle]
Hi Everyone if your stuck for somewhere to take the kids this holiday Try the Viking golf Tarran Way Moreton. Spent a great day there on the 18hole crazy golf. All the families there were really enjoying themselves .Try it .
2 693 Read More
30th Mar 2021 10:25pm Lost iPhone 8 [by bangbang]
Hi I have lost my iPhone 8 on bidston hill Birkenhead I was sitting on the bench and when I walk towards windmill I realised it had gone it is white screen in black case if found can you call mike on 07745497434
1 649 Read More
30th Mar 2021 1:54pm 2 old maps [by mikeeb]
2 fully zoomable maps of Liverpool, Wallasey and Birkenhead.
I think the first one is late 1840's or early 1850's. The second one is 1889.
3 1,010 Read More
23rd Mar 2021 8:32pm Lost Dog [by kasper]
A black Patterdale dog called Charlie went missing on 21 March 2021 about 9pm.
He is 10 years old with white paws and flash on chest, and grey muzzle. He was last seen opposite the St Johns ambulance building on the A41 in Eastham.
He may be injured and requires medication.
2 0 542 Read More
21st Mar 2021 10:06am Webb WEH12R Rear Roller Hand Push Lawnmover [by Catsick]
As title says it's a lawnmower, barely used so in near new condition. May need service as not been used since early last year.

Similar to model in picture.
1 0 321 Read More
20th Mar 2021 12:02pm keyboard [by steviebyday]
when I apply cap lock, my first letter is a capital, type the next letter and its lower case, anyone know what the problem is.
2 972 Read More
16th Mar 2021 12:04pm Vanishing recycling bins... [by Greenwood]
Just wondering if anyone knows the reason why the recycling bins for plastic, cans and bottles have been taken away from Upton Sainsburys - and possibly other supermarkets, though I haven't been to check? I used the plastics one regularly, though the kerbside collection is okay for some plastic, as well as cans and glass. This is not likely to encourage people to recycle - I thought that was a priority. Can't see anything on the council's Facebook page to explain it - but maybe it's not the council's responsibility Any ideas?
6 1,236 Read More
13th Mar 2021 12:08pm 203 Ivy Hotel 11 Ivy Street 11 [by mikeeb]
Formerly Watersons Vaults.
Dating from at least 1864, owned by Yates' Castle Brewery from 1903, closed 8 August 1930.
1 0 471 Read More
13th Mar 2021 11:02am 24 Bee Hive 133 Beckwith Street 133 [by mikeeb]
Beer license granted 1881. Became a Peter Walker pub. Closed 20 September 1967. Demolished
0 418 Read More
13th Mar 2021 10:22am 25 Bank of Ireland 195 Beckwith Street 195 [by mikeeb]
Found this on What Pub.

Probably the same as the Hindon Hotel and Hindoo Tavern at this address in 1850 to 1860. The Hindoo Tavern is listed in Bagshaw's Directory of 1850.
(Listed in the wiki index as '28 Hindon Tavern Beckwith Street')

The pub was leased to Anchor Brewery from 1861 and transferred to Birkenhead Brewery in 1866 as the Bank of Ireland Hotel, it possibly got its name because Irish sailors picked up their pay nearby and then spent it in the pub.

The photos from the 1950s are courtesy of Helen Wood whose grandparents Frank and Mabel Ryan were licensees from 1948 until the time the pub closed on 22 June 1962. The interior shot shows Frank Ryan behind the bar on the far right. The pub was later demolished.

0 454 Read More
9th Mar 2021 1:41pm 27 Bull Inn 100 Vittoria St Birkenhead [by 25ahowbeck]
My grandfather - James Ewart Jackson - was the manager at the Bull Inn 100 Vittoria Street from about 1938 to the late 1950's. Attached is a photo of him outside the pub.
1 1 585 Read More
8th Mar 2021 10:53am West Wallasey van- More carparks.. Petition [by TheComputerLab]
Hi All,

The fields at the back of the Mosslands school have been taken over by nature over the past 30 years. When i was a wee nipper these fields where sports fields for the school. (Its Rumored) A housing development on cross lane in the 90's caused problems with the water table and now once a year the field turns in to a bit of a marshland in places.It is a wonderful field full of life and nature. The noise of the creatures and birds is glorious.

However... the owner of West Wallasey van hire wants to pour concrete over it all and create a road from the main office to the fields so that they can store more commercial vehicles. The blue in the photo is his current holdings and the red are his proposed. The area has been designated as an area of green space but for some reason the council are still trying to sell this land, it isn't theirs to sell it is ours. Please sign the petition to stop this from happening.

Petition to stop the carpark

Secondly, we must keep fighting to keep Wirrals green spaces.
1 7 1,473 Read More
7th Mar 2021 10:51am 64 Westboure Rd [by mikeeb]
Was reading an article in the Echo today and it had 64 Westbourne Road in it.
I was sure there was a thread on here explaining what the building was used for, and what business it was but cannot find it.
One of the commenters says it was used by 'Mersey Coal Company' in 1900.
2 867 Read More
5th Mar 2021 2:33pm road block [by lincle]
Has anyone else read about the lunatic who took it upon himself to use his car as a road block on the road leading to the overspill carpark off Leasowe Road to the beach. I hope he gets prosecuted as he blocked the only route available for the emergency services (surely an offence) ,wheelchair users ,people with prams & the elderly & infirm. There are steps at the other entrance by the Green Hut & I totally agree that too many people converge down there at the weekend but didnt this idiot think before taking the law into his own hands.
9 1,636 Read More
2nd Mar 2021 4:23pm What station is this? [by mikeeb]
This picture is captioned 'Birkenhead North Station, Station Road, North End, Birkenhead'
It doesn't look anything like it is now, so I think it is wrong.
Can anyone confirm this or where this station is?
[Linked Image]

It looks like West Kirby to me.
2 881 Read More
1st Mar 2021 3:38pm Wirral Council budget. [by mikeeb]
If anyone is interested it is at 6pm tonight. A full council meeting will debate the authority’s proposed budget.
Some of the things on the agenda are Europa pools, Williamson Art Gallery and golf courses.
Another thing that will not go down well is the proposed 4.99% rise in council tax.
3 913 Read More
1st Mar 2021 2:28pm 4 Bridges [by mikeeb]
Anyone been over the 4 bridges lately?
It may look better but why did it take so long?
Also that new roundabout that isn't quite a roundabout, the one you drive over without realising it is a roundabout until it's too late.
And those traffic lights on the roundabout on the Wallasey side don't need to be there because they just hold up all the traffic Wallasey bound, even when the traffic is relatively quiet.
4 962 Read More
28th Feb 2021 12:06pm Birkenhead centre development [by mikeeb]
We now know the development of Birkenhead town centre has started, what do you think of the plans?
Plot A is the first one underway and has a detailed application for offices with flexible uses for retail, leisure or food and beverages on the ground floors.
The largest of these new offices are going to be used by Wirral Council, does this mean that Wallasey Town Hall will be left to history?
[Linked Image]
The wider areas of the site has been applied for in outline. This means that the detailed design has yet to be fixed for plots B, C, D, E, F, G, I, and J. For those plots, it’s the principle of development and its type that is being applied for, so this illustration is not an exact one.

Here are all the other outline applications.
Plot B. Car park.
Plot C. The replacement of the market with a new market hall, offices, retail and leisure.
Plot D. Substation.
Plot E. Hotel, office, residential, retail and leisure.
Plot F. Improvements to bus station.
Plot G. Hotel, residential and car park.
Plot H. Substation.
Plots I and J. Residential.

Amongst all this new development, I hope they don't knock The Crown pub down.

Most may have seen this already but all the details are here.
4 969 Read More
25th Feb 2021 12:22pm Guinea Gap [by mikeeb]
Was looking through the 'Loads of old Wirral pics' thread and found these of the Guinea Gap. The gap not the baths.

It got me thinking where the name came from and found this.

"The name comes from a natural cleft, or gap, that had formed in the high embankment above the river, sometime in the early 18th century following a storm. The gap is still there but is now a paved pathway from the road down to the modern esplanade that runs along the Wallasey waterfront. However, when the gap first opened up it also created a large natural basin against the shore. This was big enough for a number of people to swim safely in at low tide. This proved to be very popular indeed, and local boys came here regularly to strip off and frolic about in the river waters.

But, around 1850, one of these youngsters felt something round and hard beneath his foot in the sand under the water. When he lifted up his leg to see what was caught between his toes, he, and his very excited friends, saw a golden guinea. This bore the head of King William III (1650-1702), so dated from the end of the 17th century.

The boys now scrabbled around in the sand, where they discovered around fifty of these valuable gold coins. As a result, the gap soon became known as ‘The Guinea Gap’, and the coins were believed to be some of the hoard of the local smuggler chieftainess, Mother Redcap. Her isolated tavern had stood for very many years, further along the coast at Egremont, where a large treasure had always been believed to have lain undiscovered.

What happened to the gold coins is not known; there are no records stating into whose pocket or bank account they eventually found their way. It is almost certain that the boys who found them never got to keep them, so all that remains of this curious incident today, is the Guinea Gap itself."

Has anyone else heard of this or if it's true?
I don't know when the walls and what looks like a slipway were built but the gap is visible on the maps I have been looking at up until 1908 when the promenade is covering it.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]'Guinea%20Gap',%20Seacombe%20promenade.jpg
15 1,921 Read More
20th Feb 2021 11:52am CUPS & SAUCERS FREE [by gerry1]
FREE cups and saucers, collection only from Eastham Wirral.
2 1 614 Read More
20th Feb 2021 11:10am 79 Caledonia 42 Cathcart Street 237 Cleveland St [by mikeeb]
Here are 3 different addresses of the Caledonia on Cleveland St.
Which one is right?

This is listed as 209 Cleveland Street here showing it after it was bombed. Is this the same pub?

Here is a war time account of the Caledonia being bombed, but from 27 Cleveland St.

Here is a map with a pub on the corner of Cathcart and Cleveland St.
13 1,905 Read More
12th Feb 2021 7:29am Birkenhead Carnival, 1902 [by bert1]
A little gem of a film.
7 1,142 Read More
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