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by gerrymoore. 6th May 2019 8:03am
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by granny. 5th May 2019 10:17pm
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Galloway Arms/Park Hotel 183-185 Beckwith Street
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Nightclub fire
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Pictures of the 3 story houses in Brook Street
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What song are you listening to?
by starakita. 25th May 2019 5:44pm
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Not Wirral but Hatfield House , Herts
by fish5133. 8th May 2019 11:57pm
Death Cafe comes to Wirral
by diggingdeeper. 7th May 2019 3:45pm
24th May 2019 4:53pm 3 Mobile Outage Wirral [by SteveK557]
Friday 24 May 2019 – If you live on the Wirral and you have had issues with your 3 mobile service/signal recently during May 2019 and has been down during the week Mon 20 May 2019 to Friday 24 May 2019 then I’d suggest that you contact 3 mobile and quote the known issue with the mobile mast in Spital, and get a reduction on your phone bill as compensation.

I had typed this out just in case I got a window of opportunity to post it online and warn others that this is a technical problem with the 3 mobile network in Wirral and is not an issue with your phone, which 3 mobile will try to tell you.

I’ve had a few issues over the last few months with 3 mobile local service/signal (particularly in Bromborough) but I lost signal and all service on the morning of Mon 20 May 2019, so I couldn’t contact 3 to ask what was happening without driving to Ellesmere Port before the signal would pick up again.

I have two phones with 3 mobile. Both affected.

I rely on one of those phones for personal hotspot. No service. I don’t have any other internet service at home to rely upon.

No calls available.
No text.
No data usage available.
No mobile services available.
No hotspot available.
Complete loss of all services.
“Network service unavailable” – message.

A week signal came back intermittently but kept dipping in and out and not enough to actually use the phone or hotspot.
I tried to contact 3 whilst I had a signal but due to the signal dropping off again and again I kept getting cut off during conversation with the Asian rep who initially couldn’t understand what I was saying, which doesn’t help when all he wanted to do was to verify my account, take me through security questions, asks me again because he can’t understand me and then puts me on hold!!!


I subsequently got cut off before I could get to the bottom of the problem or ask him to try and call me back.

The signal eventually kicked back in again briefly late Monday afternoon just long enough for me to be able to contact 3 again and speak with customer services.

They initially tried fobbing me off and telling me that it was an issue with my android phone. I knew this to be nonsense. My other phone is an iPhone and I had the exact same service/signal issues with that one too.

Ironically, whilst on the phone to 3 customer services, I got a text message from 3 telling me that the mobile Mast in Spital, Wirral would be down for maintenance and that mobile services to this area would be affected until Friday 24 May 2019.

The text message said – “Hello, We’re planning work in Spital CH62 3PZ this week. We expect to finish by 24/05/2019. If your service is affected, click here for updates - “.

The above bitly link takes you to a Network & Coverage postcode checker – it didn’t work.

The customer services rep continued to tell me that my service/signal issue was with my phone and was then trying to upgrade me to a 4G phone.

Told her I didn’t need a new phone. I read the text message out to her and she then backtracked, put me on hold and came back and confirmed that the service in my postcode was down due to maintenance and that the service would continue to be affected until Friday 24 May 2019.

I told her that this wasn’t acceptable. She offered me a 12 pound rebate.

I’m not interested in a measly rebate.

I want mobile service or at least to receive ample warning that it is going to be down so that I can make alternative arrangements.
They just don’t get it.

They are a mobile service provider, yet expect you to be able to access your messages and the internet to contact them to complain or to find out what the issues is------whilst their own services are down!!!!!!!!!

They keep you on hold, after you have desperately been trying to contact them.

They try to sell you another phone, whilst you’re trying to get their trash service back online.

What mobile company in the right mind sends out text messages to its own customers to inform them that service is down…..knowing full well that the customer can’t receive that message because they don’t have any signal or service because your feckin service is down!!!!!! Morons. Who is running this company?

She could have offered me 100 pound but it still doesn’t give me any mobile service or internet.

I didn’t receive any prior warning that this outage was going to happen, other than the text message that was sent whilst the service was actually down. Go FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF figure.

Eventually managed to check their ‘Check coverage & network status’ tool – it either gives me an ‘OOPS’ error message or it tells me that there are no problems in my postcode.!!!!!!. WTF!

…It gets even better.

3 mobile have since been trying to call me back on my dead mobile service to discuss my complaint further. They couldn’t get through to me…..i wonder why?

So they sent me 3 text messages telling me that they couldn’t get through to me…..i wonder why?

Those text messages say that they want me to go online to make my complaint via live chat……..without any internet access!!!!

Those text messages didn’t come through to me for two hours…….i wonder why?


You couldn’t make this up. It comedy at its best.

3 mobile obviously don’t know how their own mobile service actually works.

Hint - We need to be able to access to your services in order for us to use them and receive your messages and calls. We also need a signal/service to be able to speak to you via live chat!!

P.S... Been told by 3 mobile customer services that they have actually been fitting a new mobile mast in Spital, Wirral and that all mobile services should be resumed back to normal today, Friday 24 2019.
(They also have an issue with one of their masts in Liverpool).

Rant over.
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23rd May 2019 5:37am Wifi Dongle in Ireland [by saltytom]
On my trips round Ireland I have always used wifi in bars / pubs etc, I will be staying in Fermoy for 8 weeks from next week does anyone know anything about using WIFI Dongles as I want to take a laptop with me, thanks for any help in advance.
3 161 Read More
20th May 2019 6:06pm CYCLE RACE OVERSHADOWED BY FLOOD [by thesilentenigma]
Campaigners are highlighting the plight of a flooded cycleway in Wirral as the borough prepares to host a national bike race.
Angry cyclists say the perimeter track around Bidston Moss is blocked by a lake that has been growing in size since before the turn of the year.
Wirral has been trumpeting the arrival of the OVO Tour Series for professional cyclists on May 21 as well as hosting a stage of the Tour of Britain in September.
But nothing has been done to resolve the blockage at one of the area’s premier scenic routes.
Cyclist Barry Turner 58, from Seacombe, said: “You expect a bit of flooding in winter but a small pool has been allowed to grow into something resembling a lake. You can actually see vegetation growing underneath the water, it’s like Wirral’s version of a coral reef.
“Unfortunately no one seems to taking responsibility for this. It affects walkers as well as cyclists. Every time you go along there – which I do less and less – you find people grumbling.”
The track at the rear of Bidston Tip links on to Route 56 of the national cycleway.
The flooding appears to have been caused by a drainage issue on nearby land managed by Network Rail. Forestry England, which is responsible for the Bidston Moss land, says it is working with Network rail to try and find a short-term solution.

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20th May 2019 8:49am Body found in Central Park lake [by daveybm]
According to the Liverpool Echo a man's body was found in the lake at 6.30 this morning,
2 353 Read More
17th May 2019 10:29pm Galloway Arms/Park Hotel 183-185 Beckwith Street [by diggingdeeper]
Built around 1860 as the Galloway Arms Hotel, renamed to the Park Hotel then later renamed to the New Park Hotel. May have been rebuilt at some point.

183-185 Beckwith Street on the west corner of Trinity Street and Beckwith Street, Birkenhead.
13 263 Read More
17th May 2019 6:34am Tyres [by Pete_M]
Hi all,
I need four tyres for my Ford Focus, where would you recommend on the Wirral for either new or part worn?

Any advice is appreciated.

14 517 Read More
12th May 2019 9:36pm Evacuees [by Bandurra]
Hello - nervous first post

I would be very grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction to find out a little more about the evacuation of children from Birkenhead to the English/Welsh border

Thank you
8 474 Read More
8th May 2019 10:34pm Tommy Robinson [by diggingdeeper]
5pm Sunday 12th May - Beechwood, Wirral CH43 7ZU

1pm Sunday 19th May - Bootle

5pm Sunday 19th May - Stockbridge L28 1ST
34 1,598 Read More
7th May 2019 5:07pm Free custom Bike [by gerry1]
Free Appolo Rage bike,
Needs a new back wheel inertube, free to collection only from
2 1 288 Read More
6th May 2019 7:03am Help building a model hydroplane? [by gerrymoore]
I already have a radio control TX and RX and suddenly fancy building a very fast little boat. Saw a guy on Gautby road lake when I was a kid (what a memory I have!!) who had a hydroplane/airboat powered by a little glow plug engine and airscrew - wow that went FAST!!!

I want to use an electric motor with a an ESC and lipo battery but not sure what sort of power I need to go FAST!!! Also what size/type of prop.

Anyone here know anything about what I'm talking about and can offer any advice??? Thanks Gerry
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5th May 2019 9:17pm The Future is 5G [by granny]

Having watched this programme 'click' earlier today , it is IMO very concerning and I can't see why we in this island nation would even need it.

Worth watching to the end , 25 mins of enlightenment. Maybe this is what Edward Snowden was engaged in ?
4 445 Read More
3rd May 2019 12:15am Local Elections 2019 [by diggingdeeper]
Massive gain for greens in Birkenhead & Tranmere.

Green gain in Prenton.

Conservative gain in Pensby & Thingwall (must be the land of BDSM)

Libdem gain in Oxton (back to where it was traditionally).

Labour gain in Rock Ferry (only because previous Labour Councillor did the dirty).

I think all the rest were holds.
26 1,087 Read More
1st May 2019 10:16pm Climate Change [by derekdwc]
Just wondering how many of us believe in climate change (I do) and if someone could do a poll on here.
Was thinking if it keeps on hotting up and a growing population and leakages will we come to a point where we have serious water shortages.
Just found after a google that there is only 1 major desalinated water plant in the UK and that's in London.
I think Wirral (being surrounded on 3 sides by water and having land to build on) would be in a good position to build desalinated water plant or plants.
Should we start thinking of water aid for ourselves within the next couple of decades
21 1,021 Read More
1st May 2019 5:09pm Death Cafe comes to Wirral [by martinharris]
Death Cafe: Wednesday 8th May (7pm - 9pm)

This is part of a global movement which encourages people to drink tea, eat cake and discuss death! It's as simple as that. Refreshments will be on sale in the coffee bar at Hoylake Parade Community Centre and the event will be hosted by Wirral funeral celebrant, Martin Poole. The thinking behind the event is that by talking about and coming to terms with our own death, we can make better decisions in our lives.

Details about the event can be found at

To book your free space contact
8 670 Read More
30th Apr 2019 9:54am Birkenhead [by Excoriator]
What should be done to lift the general air of hopelessness that pervades Central Birkenhead? I drove through the other day and found it utterly depressing.

The council has tried several times to get the place going and each scheme has proved an expensive flop. Perhaps its time for the general public to take a hand and suggest something that might work.

Demolishing the whole place and starting again seems a not entirely unreasonable suggestion at times.
8 679 Read More
28th Apr 2019 7:28pm Nightclub fire [by locomotive]
Thinking back to my youth, didn't the club that's just burned down used to be the "Classic Cinema", or even the "Empire" or was that the Dance Club ( Ballroom??), it used to be opposite the Pub "the Flat Iron" that gives my age away, it was a long time ago so I can be a bit vague, stll remember the price of the Beer though.
13 825 Read More
24th Apr 2019 9:50pm Fire Conway Street [by diggingdeeper]
Big fire at one of the disused nightclubs on Conway Street.
3 630 Read More
24th Apr 2019 4:56pm St John Plessington - Resignations [by diggingdeeper]
This school does some amazingly good things but has often there has also been an undercurrent of things that simply don't make sense. Now three senior officials of the school have resigned at the same time. Lets hope this is becomes an opportunity for a new and improved start.
6 865 Read More
21st Apr 2019 10:42am 13 foot trampoline Net ( free ) [by Bultaco]
Hi have a net only damage was the pole what threads through net at top and a little bit of silver spray on it..I sat and sewn when building trampoline now dismantled yesterday If need one to keep the young ones in come round and see it.If not for you thats fine will cut up and bin have left pole in as can not remember how it comes out.Thanks
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18th Apr 2019 5:06pm Not What You Expect? [by diggingdeeper]
I'm not sure what to make of this video.

5 632 Read More
14th Apr 2019 1:40pm cctv [by uptonbaz]
need expert help setting up cctv cameras , thro sky router
9 593 Read More
14th Apr 2019 12:39pm Socket set [by Heidi123]
Free Sale - socket set. Been in garage and needs cleaning.
1 3 422 Read More
14th Apr 2019 10:44am Computer Desk [by Catsick]
Bought from Argos so you know the build of it, chipboard/donkey feed etc

Free to anyone, collection only

1 0 177 Read More
14th Apr 2019 9:50am Get your cat neutered. [by venice]
Sick to death this last few weeks of hearing people cooing over their cat having had or expecting kittens. When will they get the message that we have TOO MANY cats and kittens in the country swamping rescues, and not enough good homes. If your allow your cat to breed , you take a share of the blame. Check out local Cats Protection they help with costs if needed.
1 4 646 Read More
11th Apr 2019 2:00pm Wallasey Man 1970s [by Markjon88]
Hi, does anybody remember Brian Houghton from chapel hill road in Wallasey. He was in the echo a few times in 1971 for various crimes.
4 804 Read More
11th Apr 2019 7:06am Looking for Joneses [by Markjon88]
Hi, I’m looking for any information about a jones family who lived in Birkenhead maybe Wallasey. There was the father William Jones who was married to Sylvia Allen, they had possibly 4-6 children. Clifford Allen Jones was born around 1947 in Birkenhead south possibly? Keith Jones was born 1955 in Dusseldorf. The other children possibly 2 sisters and a brother ? Any information would be great! Thank you
8 706 Read More
9th Apr 2019 8:47pm 1915riots [by Johnjcarruthers]
The butchers store in Oxton road,Charles dashley 1946/51 I was working in the original Birkenhead market for a Fred Roberts. ,butchers,and at times would take cows tongues to dashley,s to be placed in vats for pickling
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7th Apr 2019 9:59pm Help to find family members /history [by Jones1407]
Hi all, i was hoping some of you may remember my dad or some of his family, trying to find more out about that side of my family but having no joy. My dads name is Keith Glyn Jones, born around 1959, his dad was called William Glyn who was a laborer for a motor company, i think his mum was called sylvia. William was in the army when my dad was born (my dad was apparently born on a british military camp in dusseldorf) not sure when but they settled in Woodchurch, my dad went to Birkenhead institute, he had an older brother Cliff A Jones, and a younger brother and sister but don't know their names (possibly more siblings but not sure) apparently in 1975/76 there was an incident where my dad pushed someone through a shop window and was sent to Risley remand center, once he came out he moved to audlem to live with his brother Cliff. I would be massively greatful if anyone could
7 907 Read More
5th Apr 2019 9:27am If this IS a scam, it stinks.FB post [by venice]
Like This Page ·

The scam charity Merseyside Dogs Home is running an urgent appeal. They say that they are in urgent risk of closure if they cannot afford to cover their running costs. This is why.

We said last week that Merseyside Dogs Home will not close, while the current Trustees who control the charity, remain in place. That is still unquestionably true. However the net may be closing in now. There is an ongoing Charity Commission investigation in to their financial affairs. The Charity Commission has extensive powers of investigation and will be no doubt be requesting full access to their company accounts and disclosure of other documents such as kennelling records. Disclosure of those records could reveal the extent to which the charity has been defrauded.

In just over three weeks time, Merseyside Dogs Home must produce their full accounts for 2017-2018, which will provide a further explanation as to why the charity continued to post losses of just under £50,000 for that year. Meanwhile we are compiling a dossier to send to Action Fraud police, based on information provided both by the local authorities and by the charity itself.

So, why are Merseyside Dogs Home suddenly in urgent need of funding? After all, they have been incurring substantial losses over a number of years, which have had no impact on their ability to operate. For example, throughout June 2017 - June 2018, they have posted losses of just under £1,000 per week. This was six months before this page had even been created. And yet there have been no similar urgent appeals for funding to the public. On the contrary, the charity states publicly that this level of debt is perfectly normal. So what has changed? Why the sudden urgent need for funds?

The explanation is very straight forward. For several years, the owners of Merseyside Dogs Home have been running a very simple expenses scam. They have been running the costs of their local authority kennelling contracts through the charity, and profiting in the process. They have been doing this by boarding strays unlawfully at Merseyside Dogs Home. The charity has been picking up the staffing and accommodation costs for the Animal Wardens strays and posting a loss. This in turn has resulted in an increase in profits to Animal Wardens, which they have “leant back” to Merseyside Dogs Home in loans. The owners know that these “loans” will eventually be paid back to them when the big legacy money starts to roll in.

But the game is now up. Merseyside Dogs Home is now under huge scrutiny from MPs, the media, council officials, the Charity Commission and the general public. So they can no longer afford to take the risk of boarding strays at the charity’s premises. This means in turn that Animal Wardens are actually having to pay for the cost of boarding stray dogs at licensed boarding kennels Common Fold. So Merseyside Dogs Home continues to make a loss, but Animal Wardens are no longer making the same profits, so can no longer “lend back” the money to the charity.

As result, the charity is now paying for staff and accommodation which it no longer needs, because it is only now boarding less than half the number of dogs as previously (remember, between 80-100 dogs a year ago, now only 30-40). This is giving their owners a real problem. They can’t run their scam any more, as they are actually having to pay to board the dogs in licensed kennels. So they can’t continue to lend back to the charity its own money.

Hence the urgent appeal for funds. But it’s a very strange appeal, is it not. No accompanying press release. No coverage in the local media. Comments about the appeal completely disabled on their own Facebook page. Why the secrecy and refusal to comment? Could it be that they don’t want to have to answer any awkward questions? For example about the illegal boarding of dogs? Why don’t they simply release full details of their subcontract with Common Fold kennels, which would prove that they have been boarding stray dogs legally? Maybe they don’t want to answer questions about about their appeals to the public for the cost of vaccinations and urgent medical treatment, for which Animal Wardens are paid separately by the local authorities? Or about the recent “surprise inspection” earlier this year by Knowsley Council, which the council tipped them off about in advance? Why were staff at the charity instructed not to talk about dogs which were no longer there, in case they gave contradictory replies? Or maybe they don’t want to answer questions about their public appeals for the cost of electric heating of kennels in 2016-2017? Or about the hundreds of dogs gifted to Animal Wardens each year, which then go missing? Or the supply of dogs for dissection to Liverpool University? Or about the countless of stories of dogs rehomed inappropriately and with undisclosed medical conditions? The list goes on and on.

So, back to the “urgent appeal”. There is, of course, no need for the charity to close. As we have continually stated, it simply needs to be run in the interests of animal welfare rather than individual profit. But this will never happen, until there is full transparency about the relationship with Animal Wardens and the conflict of interest is addressed.
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4th Apr 2019 2:39pm Office Supplies. [by Excoriator]
I see Office Outlet (Staples as was) in the Rock Retail Park has gone into liquidation and is closing. A pity as I found it quite a useful shop. Apart from anything else, they will take and recycle toner cartridges for charity.

Are there any comparably sized similar companies anywhere near? (I don't want to go into central Birkenhead). For that matter, who else will take old toner cartridges?
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29th Mar 2019 3:00pm Tower PC with Flat monitor kbd + mouse [by gerrymoore]
I have a tower PC .....,,not sure of the specs ,,,,,,,but is running Win XP........with a Dell 17" (I think) flat screen monitor, keyboard and mouse. Haven't used this for was used in my workshop for my CNC machine which has now been sold.

Free to anyone who can collect from Bebington quite quickly as I'm having a good clearout......or it goes to the tip.
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21st Mar 2019 4:10pm Cruel ear cropping breeders moved to Bromborough [by venice]
Money money money , never mind the pain to the animal. What some people will do to make sure their dogs can fetch the most money possible is sickening.
13 1,238 Read More
21st Mar 2019 2:28pm Wirral dog groomer. [by venice]
Only just noticed this article today , so a bit out of date as it was February. Please note that the salon where this happened are the ones who flagged up that there may be a problem , and set cameras to check it out . The person who appears to be mishandled a dog has now left there, but is setting up her own salon .
5 733 Read More
20th Mar 2019 6:18am Manifolds, Wilsons. Meacocks & Barnes - 1820s [by bliplandy]
There was a strong connection with these families through church and family ties, shown in parish records, for both Bromborough and Eastham. Are there any descendants of these families who possess diaries/records of the early 1800s which might suggest how and where the children of these families were educated? Also, why in the 1820s did some members decide to emmigrate to Australia? Any information would be welcome as I would love to make contact with anyone with ideas!.
2 566 Read More
19th Mar 2019 6:25pm Amazon £5 Off Today [by diggingdeeper]
Most purchases of £25 or above on Amazon today use promo code BIGTHANKS

Tuesday 19th March 2019
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19th Mar 2019 8:46am Handbag Found in New Brighton [by daveybm]
I put this in the wrong forum yesterday :- Handbag found in New Brighton on Sunday morning by a friend of mine, It looks like it has been left accidentally as it contains phone (locked), money, credit cards etc. No addresss information. Handed in at Birkenhead police station Sunday morning as for some reason Wallasey police station was closed. If you know anyone who lost their bag Saturday night/ Sunday morning please direct them to Birkenhead police station.
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18th Mar 2019 11:13am New Council Tax bill 2019 [by keef666]
Well i'm sure a lot of you have already had the latest bill dropped though the letter box over the last few days mine has gone up £200 this year on last, i know a lot of people are not happy with a rise in this or a rise in that.
If you remember the budget and the promise of a rise in the Min wage starting in April 2019, was it something like 21 or 31 pence? since then we have had Gas going up, Electric up, water up, petrol up [ and down ] food prices going up each day, then to get a Council Tax rise to a lot of people that 21/31 pence pay rise is a joke!
But the biggest joke was reading the letter that came with the Council Tax bill from Cllr.Phil Davis. according to him its going to be an exicting year for Wirral, Our Borough is now officially recognised as the region's Borough of Culture! Is it April the 1st already? And now i know what the Council has been spending money making cycle lanes every where, we are having the Tour Series in May and September, How wonderful more roads closed off?
They have £8 Million to spend improving the roads thoughtout Wirral, sorry Phil if you added two noughs to this figure to make it £8 hundred million it still wouldn't be enough to fix our roads and pavements, and what happened to the £6 million the Goverment gave each Council for pot holes repairs?? Wonder if the roads where the cycling will run though get done first?
Wirral Council you are a Joke and i do not understand the people of Wirral putting up with it each day
7 1,021 Read More
18th Mar 2019 9:43am Handbag Found in New Brighton [by daveybm]
Handbag found in New Brighton on Sunday morning by a friend of mine, It looks like it has been left accidentally as it contains phone (locked), money, credit cards etc. No addresss information. Handed in at Birkenhead police station Sunday morning as for some reason Wallasey police station was closed. If you know anyone who lost their bag Saturday night/ Sunday morning please direct them to Birkenhead police station.
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17th Mar 2019 9:58am Giant rabbit startles motorist. [by Excoriator]
The New Scientist this week has a report about a motorist having to stop in a country lane in Wirral because there was a "Giant Rabbit" in the way. The animal hopped over the hedge and made off. The startled driver reported the incident and an investigation revealed unusual droppings. Eventually a herd of Wallabies was discovered. They had apparently escaped from Chester Zoo during bombing in WW2 and were happily ensconsed in Wirral! I assume this all happened a long time ago in the '50s or '60s

It has the smell of an urban myth to me, but I guess it is possible. Has anyone come across any local stories about this event, if it really happened.
3 711 Read More
16th Mar 2019 9:38pm Stabbing [by cools]
What's the answer to these senseless stabbings going on!! A boy been stabbed by The Kings Pub , Bebington tonight...Just horrible doesn't seem to be anything to make these kids think twice about carrying a knife no punishment strong enough .
5 889 Read More
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