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God, the Universe and all that.
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Poulton named Poton 1579
by granny. 13th Nov 2019 12:03pm
WW2 Bomb Map - Wallasey
by red_devil. 9th Nov 2019 12:21am
New York Times on Birkenhead Park / Central Park
by yoller. 7th Nov 2019 1:50pm
Birds House
by GillDennis. 7th Nov 2019 12:49pm
755 Beer Keg Wallasey Road Liscard
by derekdwc. 16th Oct 2018 7:55pm
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by drumgarron. 20th Nov 2019 6:07pm
Plug in Car Heater
by chrislfc87. 20th Nov 2019 4:24pm
Flooding !
by diggingdeeper. 18th Nov 2019 10:17pm
What song are you listening to?
by diggingdeeper. 18th Nov 2019 12:38pm
Mortimer's Toy Shop Moreton
by moretonkiwi. 18th Nov 2019 12:28am
375 The Warwick, Westbourne Road, Birkenhead
by locomotive. 17th Nov 2019 9:07pm
Land Clearance in Rock Park
by Excoriator. 16th Nov 2019 10:47pm
Chat : Wirral Pubs Past & Present
by diggingdeeper. 15th Nov 2019 11:07pm
Woodchurch Road
by diggingdeeper. 14th Nov 2019 2:24pm
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13th Nov 2019 4:15pm Oakdale Mission [by Mason]
Does anyone know anything about Oakdale Mission in Birkenhead. I'd like to know exactly where is was - it could well have been on Oakdale Road but looking at Google Maps there isn't an obvious place for it to have been - Oakdale Road seems to be all houses. Apparently the Mission was damaged in the Liverpool Blitz but I'm not sure when it closed down. It was still open in April 1956 when my Grandfather (Andrew Mason) was alive as people from the Mission attended his funeral.
Oakdale Mission & Union Street Mission, also in Birkenhead, were both linked with Egremont Presbyterian Church in Wallasey (that church is now the Manor Road Church Centre).
I hope this query finds people with long memories or local history buffs!
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13th Nov 2019 12:03pm Poulton named Poton 1579 [by granny]

Poulton of Poulton cum Seacombe, was named Poton . This map is Saxton's Map dated 1579.

Anyone know what the house could be at Poton ? Too early for the Manor houses, I believe.
6 239 Read More
11th Nov 2019 10:01am Heaters on Renault Modus [by lauren_lfc89]
I have a 2010 plate Renault Modus. The heaters keep going on and off. Some days they work some days they don't. When they're not working they can suddenly just start working again as I am driving.

can anyone help?

Thank you
2 219 Read More
9th Nov 2019 3:03pm 3 series E90 Front Coil Spring [by conan]
Is there anyone able to fit a new coil spring on my car please.
I have the part and need it doing ASAP if possible.
Thanks in advance 👍
0 133 Read More
9th Nov 2019 12:21am WW2 Bomb Map - Wallasey [by red_devil]
I used to have a classic map of where the bombs fell on Wallasey but it seems to have fallen into a black hole. I get some requests now and then on my wirral web site for this but have been unable to find it. I remember it was black and white, with streets marked and a, (I think), black dot where a bomb fell. Anybody got any ideas?
7 399 Read More
7th Nov 2019 1:50pm New York Times on Birkenhead Park / Central Park [by yoller]
Very interesting article from the New York Times on how Birkenhead Park influenced Frederick Law Olmsted, the creator of Central Park. I think the basic story is well known (at least here in Wirral), but this puts it in much more perspective. Worth a read ...
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7th Nov 2019 12:49pm Birds House [by GillDennis]
Does anyone have any info/pics relating to the ‘tunnel’ joining the house to st lukes church, current owner of 3 happy years now! X
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4th Nov 2019 8:50pm New Brighton Latest Art Installation [by GaryFromWirral]
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27th Oct 2019 1:18pm Cheapest place for CAT5 (etc) cable [by Littlebear]
I've never had good WiFi signal on my PC and Xbox and want to use CAT5 cable to the router.
Avoiding places like PC World, I'm looking at about 20+ metres of cabling - does anyone know of a place that sells it?

Or I'll probably just extend the phone cable and use shorter length CAT cable. smile
12 742 Read More
23rd Oct 2019 11:22am Needs to be gone. [by RedTom]
Free - L.G.Flatron 30'' screen L.C.D. television,was working when stored some years ago, not tried recently,but I see no reason for it not to be the case now...
4 562 Read More
21st Oct 2019 10:21am Free 4x2” wooden lengths [by mike1965]
We have a number of 4x2” wooden lengths probably 30 of them 6ft tall
Taken from under a wooden workshop that burnt down last month..
They need to be cleared by Friday before the skip goes would be ideal for kindling ? Help yourself to as much as you want.
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20th Oct 2019 6:43pm Japanese Autumn Festival 26th October [by Touchstone]
Friends of Wallasey Central Library will be hosting a Japanese Autumn Festival this coming Satruday. There will be lots of things to do for all ages. Activities will be taking place throughout the main part of the library and the Children's Library next door. Most activities will be FREE.

# Origami classes
# Dress up in a yukata
# Karate performances
# Taiko drumming
# Shamisen performance
# Traditional dance
# Children's storytelling
# Sushi classes
# Face painting
# Japanese traditional games
# Food and drink
# Raffles

Wallasey Central Library
Saturday 26th October
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16th Oct 2019 11:56pm Louise Ellman [by granny]

Louise Ellman has resigned !

At least she has had the guts to say why, and she does not intend to join another political party , unlike many others.

Good on her, for being so honest.
14 1,131 Read More
16th Oct 2019 6:45pm Timing Belt change vauxhall Zafiria 59 [by rossie]
I have been advised by garage to have my timing belt replaced as the car is ten years old. It has only done 48k miles.Can anybody advise as to likely cost and is it essential. If essential recommendations please.
thanks very much
3 548 Read More
9th Oct 2019 10:49am Computer Desk [by Catsick]
Brand new-ish, few weeks old, constructed & solid.
Size H75, W80, D45cm.
Under desk chair space H62, W74cm.
Maximum load capacity of desk 10kg.

Collection only, need the space!
Same one posted in 'for sale'
1 0 293 Read More
29th Sep 2019 11:12am Question Time in Wallasey [by derekdwc]
Question Time is in Wallasey next Thursday 3rd October if anyone interested.
I'l be watching it
1 807 Read More
27th Sep 2019 3:25am WHERE IS/WAS TONER ROAD, LISCARD [by moretonkiwi]
Can anyone tell me where Toner Road was in Liscard in 1934. A descendant sailing to Canada gave 36 Toner Road, Liscard, Wirral as her last address in the UK.

I have checked an street atlas from 1997 for Merseyside but cannot see a Toner Road anywhere.

Hope someone out there may be able to help.
18 1,687 Read More
25th Sep 2019 9:34pm New Brighton Adventure Land [by cools]
Sad to see that New Brighton’s Adventure Land / Hotspot looks like it will be going and Getting replaced with hotel and flats although I understand why. So many memories of that place , as a child with mum and dad having fun there and then as a teenager going with my friends usually to be found on the waltzers asking the dishy lads to push us faster..Now I’m quite often there with my grandkids who enjoy it. A shame but guess that’s progress..
5 1,009 Read More
24th Sep 2019 7:10am When Logins Become Redundant [by diggingdeeper]
Google has successfully run a program on a quantum computer, it took 200 seconds, the fastest super-computer would have taken 10,000 years to run the same program.

The impact of this is huge, because all currently used encryptions become quickly crackable, every system that use passwords is now insecure, this includes fingerprint, retina scans, facial recognition etc because at the end of the day those technologies encode as a static digital "password".

It would be a massive step backwards for society to lose the benefits of general networks (ie all secure use of the internet).

Mathematicians are sure they have created new "quantum-safe" encryption methods but that defies some basic logic, over time they are bound to become less secure, the more a secure connection is used, the less secure it becomes.

It will be interesting where this leads to, I can only see that multiple networks will be a solution, at least temporarily, using two or more independent networks can make things a lot more secure, this may have already been realised and would account for why 5g and the fibred/wired internet seem to be planned to co-exist.

6 925 Read More
21st Sep 2019 2:20pm New art ... by Dotmaster @ NewBrighton [by GaryFromWirral]
New art ..... and more to follow .... ???? ( I see the future ) <<<<There is a big mural in progress in New Brighton ...Victoria road to be precise ....whilst the most recent work pictured here by Dotmaster and others is drying in the Sunny weather!
1 4 840 Read More
18th Sep 2019 12:54am Stanley School Sackings [by diggingdeeper]
The Head, Deputy Head and one other have been sacked from Stanley (special needs) School in an absolutely disgusting case. Yet again the Council appeared to have tried to cover things up and Merseyside Police appear to have been less than helpful.

Watch the video for some insight as to what has gone on.
2 1,325 Read More
16th Sep 2019 7:14am Spark plugs [by Pete_M]
These are technicaly 2nd hand as I purchased them from the original owner smile
Each set of 4 will be around 50% less than what you'd pay on ebay
Go Here input your reg for the plugs that exactly fit your vehicle, and I'll check if I have them.

1 4 891 Read More
15th Sep 2019 8:58pm RNLI and Foreign Aid ! [by granny]

Was quite surprised to read about the funding the RNLI is giving to foreign charities. I can understand the 'good cause' but I think they really should have thought it through.
Royal National Lifeboat Institution, would not seem to fit with ' International.' and they have probably done themselves more harm than good.
An article in The Times raised the subject . Here is the response from the RNLI and I'm not sure their reasoning is justifiable.

Britain’s Royal National Lifeboat Institution has hit out at reports highlighting its funding of burkinis for Muslim women in Africa while staff in the UK are being laid off.

The charity was increasing its budget for overseas programmes while at the same time preparing to cut 135 jobs in Britain, The Sunday Times reported.

One project that benefited from the more than 10 per cent increase in funding in the past year was the Panje Project in Tanzania, which provided women and girls with burkinis while teaching them to swim, the paper reported.

“We currently spend less than 2 per cent of the RNLI’s total annual expenditure on our international drowning prevention activity and we actively seek donations specifically for this work,” the lifeboat institution said.

The RNLI said providing burkinis was a “way of enabling girls in strict Muslim countries to get into the water without compromising their cultural and religious beliefs”.

“The RNLI has been involved in the Panje Project, with the majority of the RNLI’s involvement funded by a donor who specifically wanted the money to go towards this project,” the UK charity said.

The UK charity, which has reportedly increased its foreign expenditure from £1.1 million (Dh5m) to £3.3m over the past five years with a further increase of £400,000 this year, was also criticised for funding creches in Bangladesh

Andrew Bridgen, a Conservative MP, urged the charity to rethink its priorities.

“At a time when income is down and demand is increasing in the British Isles, it should be sticking to its core priorities or it could have a detrimental effect on UK giving,” Mr Bridgen said.

In response, the RNLI pointed out the profound effect of its work overseas.

The creche places, for example, reduce a child’s risk of drowning by 82 per cent.

“We do not consider this political correctness," the institute said.

"We are a charity that our volunteers, supporters and those we rescue can trust to do the right thing, whether that’s rescuing those in peril, keeping our volunteers safe or making sure anyone who is part of the RNLI feels welcome and valued."
2 623 Read More
14th Sep 2019 8:23pm Wirral Heritage Week [by locomotive]
Had a very pleasant guided tour of Birkenhead Town Hall today, approx an hour and a quarter, then went to Williamson Art Gallery for another couple of hours followed by a cuppa in their cafe, an excellent afternoon was had.
0 445 Read More
14th Sep 2019 7:24pm Kia Ceed Clutch [by TudorBlue]
Got a 2012 kia ceed, it's done just under 51000 but the bite on the clutch is really low, almost on the floor in fact. It doesn't slip out of gear but 1st, 2nd and sometimes 3rd can be difficult to slip into sometimes, most of the time, its ok. Drives ok and drove to Manchester this morning. Doing my head in though, need a mechanic who can look at it for me.
3 686 Read More
14th Sep 2019 5:19am Free tickets to Attenborough ship naming at Laird's [by yoller]
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10th Sep 2019 8:50am Lost river (Well, brook really) [by Excoriator]
I have been interested in a stream which originated - I think- somewhere near Mount Road. It has long been largely culverted but traces of it can be seen in the Southwestern border of the Bebington Road allotments, where it enters a culvert by Kingsbrook way. From there on it becomes a sewer, but its course can be traced by the lie of the land as it goes downhill to a low point behind Tesco's car park, going under the Kings Arms car park and from there finds its way to the Old Chester Road via the streets behind the shops and garage. It then follows the Old Chester Road to Bebington station where it goes under the bridge and then runs along Greendale Road for a bit, turns left, skirting the Lady Lever Art Gallery passes the school and goes under the New Chester road at about the junction of Corniche Road and the A41. From there it skirts the Playing fields and arrives at the sewage works, where one might be able to catch a glimpse of it through the trees as it emerges briefly into a concrete channel.

Largely forgotten, it still occasionally pops up to remind us of its existence such as yesterday when heavy rain caused flooding in the Road by the Kings Arms and near the bridge ar Bebington station and along Greendale road. Evidently the flow was too heavy or perhaps there was an obstruction further down causing the drains to back up.

I would like to know what it was called. My suspicion is that it may have been called the Ash brook, based on the fact that the oldest houses along its route are in Ashbrook Terrace near Bebington station and would be grateful if anyone can shed some light on its history.It can be seen - unnamed - on some old maps before it was incorporated into the sewerage system.
5 957 Read More
9th Sep 2019 7:55pm Meet the Masons [by oldpm01]
Thought this may be of interest to some....

The Masonic Hall at Clifton Road, Birkenhead is open on Sunday 15th September 10 am - 4 pm. This is related to the Wirral Heritage open days

There will be a number of local Freemasons at the Hall and visitors are welcome to visit, ask questions and be given a tour of one of the Lodge Rooms.

Refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits) will be available
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9th Sep 2019 12:04pm Death Cafe Wirrral event (Wed 11th Sept) [by martinharris]
The next Death Cafe Wirral event is this Wednesday evening at Hoylake Community Centre in the brand new Popsy's Coffee Shop. They've done a lovely job with it and I'm looking forward to seeing familiar faces as well as new ones. Get in touch to book your FREE place. Full details here -
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6th Sep 2019 9:39pm Hedgehog Street [by granny]

Hedgehogs, as we know are becoming scarce. There is a programme going on to help them and trace the sightings.
This site has all the information you could need, and there is a map to put your post code into, to find out how many sightings have been reported in your area. You don't have to log in.
You can report yours, can make a hedgehog hole and have it mapped and find out how we can help them. They can travel 2km and more a night, and they need access from one garden to another, so maybe making a hedgehog hole in your garden could help them survive.
I put out water and food for them every night now, as they need their body reserves building up for hibernation.
Please help them .
5 825 Read More
5th Sep 2019 9:50pm Live from Cape Fear,North Carolina [by granny]

Sea looking bad.
1 593 Read More
3rd Sep 2019 5:41pm Found [by lincle]
Two dogs found today in Mackenzie Road Leasowe.A shih tzu & a yorkie cross both female wearing collars & leads . Pepper & Coco now in the care of FOBK.
0 336 Read More
31st Aug 2019 3:07pm Tour of Britain Stage 5, Wirral 11th September [by Greenwood]
Will be live on ITV4 from 10.45 to 15.45 with highlights at 20.00. There will be a certain amount of disruption to traffic during rolling road closures along the route, but it should be quite a spectacle.
12 1,623 Read More
31st Aug 2019 9:49am Fed up of adverts and tracking? [by TheComputerLab]

If like me you value your online privacy and are fed up of being bombarded with adverts (especially YouTube!)

Then have a look at pi hole. I have just installed it and it is remarkable!

This is a fairly advanced utility, you will need a raspberry pi or a virtual machine. Plus a bit of Linux experience or be able to follow tutorials.... or know someone that will do it for you!

In the past hour 10.2% of all the traffic i have used has been blocked as adverts or tracking data.
1 666 Read More
30th Aug 2019 1:49pm Mickey mouse NewBrighton [by GaryFromWirral]
I live here ... ooh the gossip I tell you what lol ..... beautiful ...but the lady at 22 ...tut tut
1 20 3,014 Read More
27th Aug 2019 11:21pm Staff wanted [by nirvanaflower]
There is a sign on the door of Yog Hut, Upton Road looking for staff.

They want delivery drivers and experienced shop staff.

Saw this so I thought I would post it in case anybody is looking for work.
0 472 Read More
25th Aug 2019 10:16am Windows Vista [by saltytom]
Have just found an old Compaq Presario cq71 in my spare room its running vista basic, is there an easy way to up it to windows 7 or similar I dont have any discs or manuals for machine.
It will not update to google chrome or connect to my wifi printer.
Any help much appreciated
2 727 Read More
24th Aug 2019 9:26am Hilbre Island fire [by Greenwood]
Well, you couldn't make it up... First, rough weather spreads building materials (expanding foam etc) around the island from some sort of half-done repair job on a cave, threatening environmental damage, as well as mess dangerous to wildlife - and now the foam or something has caught fire in the cave! Toxic fumes were drifting across the island last night. Hilbre is a very special place and at the moment it's being trashed. It needs a higher level of protection than it has, and to be treated with a lot more respect. Wake up, Council! The fire service has put it out of bounds for public safety, so no-one can go out there - on the best August Bank Holiday for ages. the Friends of Hilbre Island must be tearing their hair out.
9 2,453 Read More
15th Aug 2019 6:37pm Arthur Christiansen, Daily Express editor [by yoller]
I’ve been reading the autobiography of Arthur Christiansen, who was editor of the Daily Express from 1933 to 1957. He was born in 1904 and as a boy he lived in Evelyn Road, Seacombe and went to Wallasey Grammar School. He worked on the Wallasey and Wirral Chronicle newspaper in Borough Road, Seacombe, before moving to London in 1924.

I was wondering does anyone know if Christiansen was born in Evelyn Road or elsewhere in Wallasey? If so, is his house still there and does it have any sort of plaque? He describes Evelyn Road as consisting of ‘six-roomed terrace houses’.
5 1,155 Read More
7th Aug 2019 12:47pm Angus Tilston MBE - RIP [by Norton]
From the 'Merseyside on Film' group page of Facebook -

"Angus Tilston MBE On Capturing Liverpool.

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that the historical film archive collector and local history film and video producer Angus Tilston MBE passed away yesterday.

Angus very kindly gave Merseyside On Film full permission to post any part of his film archive, so that it could be shared freely with our followers. His films have all been a big hit with our viewers.

The LIverpool author, film maker and local historian, was awarded the MBE for services to the Historical Film Industry in the North West.

Angus was an old school gent. He touched the hearts of many, and will be sadly missed. Our thoughts are with his family and friends."

Watching his archive - including Pleasures Past - has given me and many others great pleasure. RiP Angus.
3 1,125 Read More
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Jimmy savilles little cottage in Scotland.
by snowhite. 17th Oct 2019 9:35am
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