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Death penalty --to Paradise !
by venice
26th Apr 2017 12:54pm
Tory manifesto for the NHS
by casper
26th Apr 2017 11:06am
Fakes Docs
by snowshoes
25th Apr 2017 12:27am
Happy birthday snowshoes
by lollipop
23rd Apr 2017 9:39am
New Wirral History
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22nd Apr 2017 10:54am
Historic tours of Ellesmere Port
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22nd Apr 2017 7:53am
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19th Apr 2017 6:34pm
Where was Wirral underground munitions factory?
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19th Apr 2017 10:01am
Memories or the chronicles of Birkenhead - Gamlin
by derekdwc
13th Apr 2017 12:03pm
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Garden Waste Bins
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Brownie Uniform Age 8 or 9
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Motorcycle Boots size 42/44
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Whitehall shut down
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Windows 10 latest "Creators" Update
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Gawthorpe Hall
by diggingdeeper
26th Apr 2017 3:16pm
Dunham Massey
by techgran
14th Apr 2017 12:57pm
Today at 06:18 PM Might have changed my mind re death penalty. by venice

Reading this article made me so mad I dont even want my tea!!! This MONSTER hung up, stabbed and set on fire his LIVE bullterrier mix and it looks like from the picture, he then decapitated it.

What did he get ? SIX months - so he'll probably serve only 12 weeks (after hes served his existing sentence for earlier ARSON !!!! Beggars belief doesnt it.

Shocked animal welfare officials are asking people to join the campaign for much harsher penalties. Basically asking you to write to your MP. Wish they had put a link to an appropriate petition.

70 Views · 4 Comments
Yesterday at 10:55 AM Garden Waste Bins by granny

Hey ho ! Cost of garden waste bills gone up to £40 for one bin or £65 for two bins.

Yet again, overdosed on the inability for understanding that people are either not prepared or unable to pay so much, so I assume half empty trucks wizzing around Wirral is a cost cutting exercise.

In total I (and others) will have to find £200 in the month of May for Wirral Council, including council tax. I don't have that amount spare. Thanks for the offer.

Any suggestions. Green bin maybe ?

333 Views · 13 Comments
26th Apr 2017 3:10pm Rock Lane West Crash - Road Closed by diggingdeeper

A car is upside down on Rock Lane West, Rock Ferry just below Highfield Road. Police and ambulance are now in attendance, doesn't look like any serious injury. Appears to be a tyre-to-tyre collision between two vehicles.

238 Views · 3 Comments
24th Apr 2017 8:21pm Freemasonry unwrapped by Tait1969

To those with an interest and those who had posed many questions to me on previous articles relating to freemasonry.

Please feel free to have a look at the programme running on sky now.

Hopefully answer some questions

190 Views · 2 Comments
23rd Apr 2017 9:29pm New Brighton Big Wheel by cools

Anybody been on this yet? Don't know whether it's open to public yet but just looked at video of it Liverpool Echo ( sorry can't put it up) and it looks great but very high and abit scary. I've been on Liverpool one no bother but you are enclosed in a nice little pod this is pretty open. Maybe I'll pluck up the courage as views are fantastic , it costs £4.

354 Views · 2 Comments
23rd Apr 2017 1:35pm Found - cycle computer / speedo by philmch

I've just found a bike computer in Little Storeton Lane. It's in good working order. If anyone can give me a description, please send me a PM and I'll be happy to return it to its owner.

77 Views · 0 Comments
22nd Apr 2017 6:36pm Windows 10 latest "Creators" Update by diggingdeeper

The latest release of Windows 10 is called the Creators update with enhanced functionality compared to the original Windows 10 or Anniversary update.

I do NOT recommend that people update if they are using Wifi, especially laptops. There are widely reported problems with Wifi drivers not working which I also experienced last night when I updated my laptop, not only would the Wifi not work but it disabled the Ethernet port unless I disabled the Wifi device and rebooted. After a lot of messing around I have the Wifi working but can't switch over to Ethernet without upsetting the whole apple cart again.

My desktop which is connected to the router via an Ethernet cable updated fine though this is quite a long update - Microsoft say about 90 minutes, mine took over an hour. Progress percentage goes nicely until about 75% when it starts going extremely slowly. Then after the reboot there is another reboot at the 30% mark and another at 75%. Don't give up half way through, you will end up in a mess.

After updating and logging in (EDIT: may not have to log in for this section if you were logged in during the update), there are some new security preferences which I answered NO to all, beware there may be a scroll bar and more questions below the screen.

Have fun but tbh I'd hold back a while until the network problems are sorted out, there is no hurry to update. I don't know when the phased update starts, I electively forced my updates.

If you have a large number of photos on your computer, these will probably re-index after the update which may slow your computer down for quite some time. I have about 40,000 pictures and it probably took about two hours to re-index.

411 Views · 11 Comments
22nd Apr 2017 3:47pm Police Camera Van Smashed by diggingdeeper

A car has ploughed into the side of a police speed camera van by St James' church Birkenhead. Looks like van was active because it's camera window is open

629 Views · 7 Comments
22nd Apr 2017 2:52pm Shibani by cools

This is Shibani the George Clooney of the gorilla world. He's very unusual because of the whites in his eyes, usually all brown and this apparently is having an affect on the Japanese women who flock to see him in the Zoo there. Saw this on Goggle box last night and brought up some images of him. Well what do you think ladies? I think he's a very handsome chap , I love gorillas find them fascinating any way.

202 Views · 2 Comments
22nd Apr 2017 10:54am STREET MAPS by Paternoster21

Does anybody know where to find old street maps of Ellesmere Port especially around the Dock street/Queen street area.


347 Views · 6 Comments
22nd Apr 2017 7:53am Historic tours of Ellesmere Port by Paternoster21

How about this for an idea.
Walking tours of the history of Ellesmere Port. People would pay to be taken on a walking tour of the town by a guide, each member of the tour would be issued a pamphlet containing old photos of the town. As they are taken around and told the history of the area at different points they would be able to stop in the rough area that the pictures where taken and compare than and now.

Starting from the boat museum going out along dock street,mersyton street, lower mersey street, upper mersey street through the westminster estate, out on to station rd by the bridge. Down station rd under the motor way and head back to the museum.

Its just a thought but what does everybody think.

261 Views · 5 Comments
20th Apr 2017 1:04pm Data Entry from Home by Peter0787

Afternoon all,

Just after some information really as I'm looking to earn a bit of extra cash outside of my current job.

I have been told that companies offer Data Entry Jobs that can be done from home of an evening. Has anyone had any experience in this?
I am fully computer literate with Microsoft Office, and I've held many admin roles in the last 13+ years.
Yes, data input can be a little tedious, but since I feel that I can easily do something like this, and need the extra ££, I may aswell give it a shot.

I have looked on the usaual places - Reed/Monster/Jobsite etc, but the adverts just seem too vague. So i'm ideally looking for people that may have done or know someone who would have contacts for this at all.


170 Views · 0 Comments
20th Apr 2017 9:11am Brown cord sofa and old oven by anniebo28

It's well used, few marks.
Large 2 or a small 3, how ever you'd look at it.
Collection from Birkenhead.
Also a double Zanussi oven, mining as I ripped it out of a property to use but decided against it.
Either clean it or scrap it.
Call 07397129188

158 Views · 1 Comments
19th Apr 2017 9:45pm Morris 1000: Miss Piggy" by Martin1943

Last year my son sold his Morris 1000 aka Miss Piggy to someone from Wikiwirral for him to repair. It was very much in need of care and attention!
The buyer wanted to see the cars original logbook details to prove the provenance. My son couldn't find it at the time.
He now has it and can give it to the buyer if ha still wants it.
If he lets me know, I'll pass his details on to my son.

130 Views · 0 Comments
19th Apr 2017 9:03pm Lost Cat by granny

Have you seen Gabby?
If you have information or sightings, please visit Gabby's profile below where there are more details and you can message her owner direct.

192 Views · 2 Comments
19th Apr 2017 10:01am Where was Wirral underground munitions factory? by yoller

There’s an interesting article on the Mail Online website today about a new Imperial War Museum book containing colour photographs from the Second World War …

… one of the pictures shows women in a Wirral underground munitions factory in 1945 making bullets and cannon shells (scroll down the website page to see it).

Does anyone know where this factory was?

647 Views · 8 Comments
17th Apr 2017 7:40pm Mk2 Laguna by bumper749

Anyone know of a cheap Mk2 Laguna for sale or going for scrap in or near Wallasey, I need some parts for mine so I thought buying one that had failed its MOT, or been crashed would be the best way to go.

203 Views · 2 Comments
17th Apr 2017 3:58pm Samsung Laptop not charging . by johncon

Hi My Wifes Samsung R20 laptop has a fault on the charging port . It is very hit and miss whether it charges or not. I believe this is a known fault . Can it be repaired ? I have a complete spare identical laptop in pieces that can be used for parts if necessary. If so what sort of Cost bearing in mind that it is quite an old Laptop so it would need to be a cost effective repair
Thanks in advance .

284 Views · 3 Comments
17th Apr 2017 12:34pm pint glasses by wellie111

free pint glasses some branded boxes full come and collect as many or as few as you like thanksssssssss 01516394509

251 Views · 2 Comments
15th Apr 2017 10:08pm Traffic Bar, birkenhead Loses Licence by diggingdeeper

Traffic bar in Argyle Street, Birkenhead has had its licence revoked after numerous licensing breaches including under age drinking.

About time the licencing powers are used for the purpose they exist thumbsup


229 Views · 0 Comments
14th Apr 2017 12:20pm Belkin universal 10" tablet case - Black by j_demo

Exactly the same as this one;jsessionid=D0C0DE98CFF05DDECE8C70D3ECA5D391/

Got it thrown in for free when i got a samsung tablet but i already had a slim-fit samsung one at home so i have zero use for this.

Allegedly the rrp is £25 but i'm also sure i've seen these in poundland.

It's brand new in packaging and all that.

I am happy to deliver to wallasey (CH45 & CH44 postcodes) but anyone else will need to come and collect it from me as i don't drive. Though if someone from another area wants it then i can get the bus to you, you'd just need to reimburse my travel costs of a few quid.

Pm me or comment below if you're interested.

112 Views · 0 Comments
13th Apr 2017 12:03pm Memories or the chronicles of Birkenhead - Gamlin by derekdwc

Memories or the chronicles of Birkenhead - Hilda Gamlin

online to read click here

471 Views · 5 Comments
12th Apr 2017 12:32pm Asda Bromborough by cools

People evacuated suspected gas leak in Asda Bromborough. Worrying in the wake of New Ferry. All's OK open again.

746 Views · 4 Comments
11th Apr 2017 11:27am West Kirby Car Boot Sale by organiser

There is a car boot sale at West Kirby Football Club Greenbank Road this Wednesday...sellers 4.30pm buyers 5.30pm

188 Views · 0 Comments
10th Apr 2017 10:44pm Activists Take Over Another Grade 1 Listed Bank by diggingdeeper

The Love Activists have taken over 50 Hamilton Square which is a grade 1 listed building and former Barclays Bank.


2191 Views · 47 Comments
8th Apr 2017 3:55pm Towbar fitting by TudorBlue

Anyone recommend a towbar fitters? Got be reasonable. Thanks

350 Views · 3 Comments
7th Apr 2017 6:32pm Video card compatability question by j_demo

I have an Advent DT1404 desktop that i would like to connect to my tv and so will need a new video card.

I have seen this one on eBay which is a "DELL Nvidia GeForce G310 512MB DDR3 DVI HDMI Desktop Graphics Video Card FTGGG"

Will this work in my computer?

Here's some pictures of the inside of my computer as i believe you'll probably need them:
Comp insides

Ps. If it doesn't work, can you direct me to a card that would. It would need to be hdmi as i want this computer to plug into my tv for skyplayer and bt sport streaming.

491 Views · 7 Comments
6th Apr 2017 8:43pm Lost Samsung S6 Pyramids (Monday 3rd April) by Ocanisak

Long shot but i hope someone has found a S6 phone possibly in the pyramids or between the pyramids and the bus station on Monday 3rd April .

288 Views · 3 Comments
6th Apr 2017 1:16pm Simply Beautiful by granny

A rare birth of twins. It grieves to think that far too many of these wonderful animals will never be free, but what a beautiful video. She's so gentle ....

236 Views · 2 Comments
5th Apr 2017 4:41pm Viking School tomorrow Birkenhead Priory from 1pm by paxvobiscum

Details are on Birkenhead Priory Website

Went today with two children age four and five. We had a good time. They enjoyed making Viking friendship bracelets and grinding wheat and barley.They went to the Museum and did brass rubbing,puppet theatre and dressing up.There were more activities and plenty of places to explore.
It was fun climbing the Tower and at least one hundred steps up.The views are worth the effort and ships were in dry dock.As mentioned on this forum before the small plaques with the names of each person lost when The Thetis went down was most a fitting memorial. I will go again to read each one when I don't have children in tow.

The HMS Conway Museum was most interesting.

It was free with donations if you wished to contribute.
Good place to spend a couple of hours but you need to take your own refreshments.

197 Views · 0 Comments
5th Apr 2017 2:10pm Borstal query by geprgie260

I am researching family history and have come across some information but don't know where to go next.

If someone lived in Wallasey, was born in 1910, and went to Borstal as a youth, what Borstal would that be? What age would the said Borstal accept? And are there any records available I am wondering.

What conditions would they encounter and would they be allowed home at all or just had to stay and serve their time?

Thanks very much for any insight offered.

879 Views · 15 Comments
5th Apr 2017 11:35am Peregrine Falcons by Moonbeam

For anyone interested in wildlife it's nesting season for urban Peregrines and there are a number of sites with webcams. The one I watch in particular is at Nottingham Trent University and there is usually a very good blog to keep everyone updated. Currently there are four eggs expected to hatch towards the end of April. when they start fledging it's heart in the mouth time.

530 Views · 11 Comments
4th Apr 2017 10:34am Bar Person Required Wallasey by BandyCoot

Wallasey RNA are looking for someone to serve behind the bar for Monday night, Thursday night and Saturday. Pay is above the national minimum. If anyone fancies it then email rpt I've cleared putting this up on wiki with the committee.

185 Views · 0 Comments
3rd Apr 2017 9:21am Message problem by Dilly

Hi folks, problem is on Samsung s5. When I receive a text message from someone and send a reply I get a new message panel (blank) but from anonymous. I then go back to original message that I received, my reply is now not there so I have to re write and then it will send. Are my messages being intercepted? Hope you can make sense of my discription. Cheers.

496 Views · 8 Comments
1st Apr 2017 8:37pm Lost mobile phone - Port Sunlight Village - 1 Apri by oldpm01


Lost my mobile phone - Vodafone own brand smart phone - grey, sticker of cycling jersey on back. Lost near the rose gardens by the Lady Lever Art Gallery this afternoon - round 3 pm

179 Views · 0 Comments
1st Apr 2017 6:30pm Stolen scooter by paul110180

Stolen scooter grey and red 125cc lifan found in wallasey around egramont area we have the bike secure if it's it's get in touch cheers Paul.

362 Views · 2 Comments
1st Apr 2017 12:37am April Photo Competition by granny

Place your photographs for April's comp. No need to hide names.

One entry per person if they wish, three votes per person.

Votes will be taken for the last day of April.

Winner will choose the 'theme' for the next month.

(Of course there's always one smart arse laugh )

968 Views · 19 Comments
31st Mar 2017 6:15pm April Giraffe by venice

Looks like April the giraffe is going to have her baby on April Fools day (if not tonight) . How appropriate for all the mugs like me who have been keeping a hopeful eye out for the birth , for the last three weeks !!!

Am I the only one who feels very uncomfortable about seeing Giraffes kept in zoos in countries with cold winters , where the giraffes have to be kept in their indoor enclosures for the whole winter months (or any months below 50deg. )

I understand April the female is happy and safe in her box, but her mate Oliver in the other box can do nothing but walk round and round and round , day and night in tight circles apart from a lie down now and then. Imagine that for months, 24/7 . Millions of people watching and commenting, how cute they all are , and how well fed etc, but Im seriously concerned imagining his boredom and frustration. Seems no life to me.
Perhaps zoos who cant provide natural type conditions year round, shouldnt be allowed to keep those species ?

784 Views · 22 Comments
31st Mar 2017 5:27pm Mobile phone found by Salmon

I just found a Samsung mobile phone in our road, it is in a pink case but is locked so I can't contact the owner. Looks like it fell out of a car. There was a smaller Nokia beside it with the back off and the battery beside it. Anybody claim them?

485 Views · 7 Comments
30th Mar 2017 6:53pm information on picture frame maker by locomotive

I have some framed pencil sketches which were framed by
"Edwin C Wynne, Carver, Gilder and Picture Frame Maker, 253 Borough Road, Birkenhead. opposite the fire Station." does anybody know anything about him, I would guess he would have been in business in the early part of the 1900s.

447 Views · 3 Comments
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