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Medieval Wirral.
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by derekdwc. 29th Nov 2018 11:11pm
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by Catsick. 17th Dec 2018 3:32pm
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by svenlock68. 17th Dec 2018 2:14pm
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Carr House, Moreton
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Watch battery tool
by Salmon. 16th Dec 2018 4:32pm
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by granny. 17th Dec 2018 12:29am
by fish5133. 15th Dec 2018 3:40pm
9 hours ago Can Anyone Recommend A Mobile Mechanic [by rhoobarb2002]
Just need someone to come and check the exhaust, confirm the part that needs replacing, and fitting it when it arrives.

Toyota Prius Gen II

Birkenhead area
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15th Dec 2018 1:06pm Chester Zoo Fire [by lincle]

Chester zoo evacuating visitors & animals as fire spreading. Hope all animals & staff are safe
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12th Dec 2018 11:02am Medieval Wirral. [by granny]

Came across this the other day. which is really interesting for various medieval history of the area.

On page 21 there is a map of the Priory lands which if you are still around Derek, you might be interested in, as I remember you were looking for information a few years back.

Plenty to read about and enjoy.
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11th Dec 2018 10:42pm Carr House, Moreton [by granny]
Does anyone know of Carr House, or Carr Houses or Carr, near Moreton in the 17th century.

I have not heard of such a locality, but compozz is trying to find a connection to one of his ancestors.

( besides what we have as Carr Farm now, and I'm not sure how old that might be) Carr House Lane, Lydiate , is the nearest I can get.
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11th Dec 2018 10:21am Looking for Gamers and New Members [by WargamerNik]
We are a new miniature war gaming club, located on the Woodchurch, Wirral. We meet on the second Wednesday of every month. Doors open 6.30pm till 9.30pm. Admission is £3 on the door. First visit is FREE.

Our doors are open tomorrow evening, Wednesday 12th December, at 6.30pm ..

If interested in coming along, please email us ..

or check out our website ..
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10th Dec 2018 12:35pm Bromborough - Marfords Estate [by billy_anorak59]
I have in my possession a photograph that I'm trying to date - it shows houses on the Marfords Estate in Bromborough being built (Marfords Av and Cunningham Dr). Does anyone have a definitive date as to when that was please? - it would be a big help.
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9th Dec 2018 11:39pm Phones [by venice]
Im ready to display my sheer ignorance again about anything even vaguely technical -- this time its phones. blush

I presume the advanced call blocking uncorded phones you can get, screen and stop the unwanted calls youve set it for , so you dont even hear the ringing?

If you have a second phone elsewhere in the house , bog standard with no call blocking ability , does that mean youre going to get the unwanted call ringing anyway via that one?
9 314 Read More
7th Dec 2018 3:07pm Lost Jack Russell [by venice]
Bubbles is lost somewhere in Wirral. Last seen West Kirby but is on the run . Accurate and immediate sightings are being asked for .
1 9 368 Read More
6th Dec 2018 12:33pm Hotpoint slimline dishwasher free [by silvertigra]
[/b][b] Free to good home! spares or repair, fills up but then stops, immaculate condition

will need collecting today or else its going to the tip

message me for address an phone number

Liscard/Wallasey area

2 0 143 Read More
4th Dec 2018 3:24pm Christmas [by granny]

Christmas trees at Thingwall nurseries, Barnston Road. Just past the Basset Hound pub.

Really nice ones at the moment. £25, £30, £35 and upwards.
5 427 Read More
4th Dec 2018 1:40pm Black Leather massage recliner chair [by alicia1]
Free black leather massage recliner.rocker ..hardly been used .can be plugged into standard UK electric socket
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3rd Dec 2018 4:35pm Submarine Assoc Diary lost [by BandyCoot]
Lost my diary somewhere in in town. Could've been on transport but not been handed in, could've been in a pub, Gawd knows.
It's not so much the diary but I've got photos in in from when I was a boy sailor, a long time ago. If anyone comes acros it and can assist me to retrieve I will be chuffed to death.

7 461 Read More
2nd Dec 2018 11:10pm Bollards [by fish5133]
plastic bollard was knocked down around 26th Nov leaving a six inch stump sticking up. A traffic cones was placed over the stump by school caretaker. Some sod nicked the traffic cones during the week. Friday morning it was reported to council as a dangerous trip hazard by several people including myself. I said i would go and level it but was told not to do it as council would sort it. In the afternoon a 65 year old man tripped on it and fell into the road sustaining a serious head injury requiring ambulance (which took 30 minutes to arrive) to take him hospital. I just hope the poor guy is ok and not got broken skull or internal bleeding. It was reported again immediately following the incident as being a dangerous trip hazard and had just caused the injury. Checked on council website and says it will get fixed around 6th Feb 2019..UNLESS Its an Emergency WTF!...Red tape !! Any way 10 seconds with a sledge hammer levelled it. So fricking angry..the sound of the guys head hitting the concrete haunted me..

2 13 555 Read More
1st Dec 2018 4:33pm Budgie Found [by flybynight]
I have found budgie in Mallory Road Tranmere , fairly tame , I am keeping it in my bathroom as the dog doesn’t like it , can anybody help here , either by re homing it or finding the owner.
12 475 Read More
29th Nov 2018 11:15pm 762 Whitt's End Wine & Cocktail Bar 43 Market Stre [by derekdwc]
762 Whitt's End Wine & Cocktail Bar 43 Market Street Hoylake
1 0 226 Read More
29th Nov 2018 11:11pm 758 Withens Lane Sports & Social Club [by derekdwc]
758 Withens Lane Sports & Social Club
Used to be The Royal British Legion Wallasey
3 0 208 Read More
29th Nov 2018 11:06pm 760 'D' COMPANY, 21st BATTALION CHESHIRE HOME GUAR [by derekdwc]
2 1 234 Read More
29th Nov 2018 11:04pm 759 Lazy Landlord Ale House 56 Mill Lane Liscard [by derekdwc]
759 Lazy Landlord Ale House 56 Mill Lane Liscard
1 0 190 Read More
29th Nov 2018 11:00pm CAT [by lincle]
Sad to report that a cat was injured on Leasowe Road an hour ago,unfortunately it didnt survive. The RSPCA attended & although it was micro chipped it wasnt registered on the data base. We're hoping to trace its owner. Large,White with small ginger markings very well looked after. If youre its owner or know who is please pm me . He didnt die alone . 😪
5 320 Read More
29th Nov 2018 10:57pm 758 The Bow-Legged Beagle 88 Victoria Road, New B [by derekdwc]
758 The Bow-Legged Beagle 88 Victoria Road, New Brighton CH45 2JF,
1 239 Read More
29th Nov 2018 9:21pm Sky TV [by Peter0787]
Did/Does someone offer Sky TV at a massively discounted price? I vaguely remember a post on here quite some time ago.

Apologies if I've posted in the wrong area.

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28th Nov 2018 11:03pm What? Did I really hear this?? [by venice]
Well I really can' t believe this - on the news this morning !

"Sammy Woodhouse revealed that the man who raped her as part of a grooming gang was told he could apply for parental rights over her son, while serving a 35-year prison sentence."

Where is the justice , logic , or fairness in that ???????
13 688 Read More
26th Nov 2018 5:46pm Chutneys. Never again [by thesilentenigma]

No handwashing in a restaurant. I feel schick....
15 952 Read More
23rd Nov 2018 10:20pm Dog pulled from Mersey [by paul110180]
I was fishing tonight and spotted a small white and brown jack Russel cross scared in the water the tide was rising fast and it was about to drown I ran to aid and after a few nips and bit3s managed to get him to safety. He has been taken home dried and fed and is now asleep anyone close to prom lost him please call 07793555415 asap many thanks .
14 762 Read More
23rd Nov 2018 10:10pm Small dog pulled from Mersey [by paul110180]
I was fishing tonight and spotted a small white and brown jack Russel cross scared in the water the tide was rising fast and it was about to drown I ran to aid and after a few nips and bit3s managed to get him to safety. He has been taken home dried and fed and is now asleep anyone close to prom lost him please call 07793555415 asap many thanks .
1 328 Read More
23rd Nov 2018 6:21pm Fibre Broadband [by fish5133]
The continuing saga of my shi*e internet connection/speeds. Talk Talk are now proving to be as crap as Virgin Media were. Internet down the phone line has always been variable with occasional longer periods of 4 or 5mb then dipping back down to under 1 as it has been for last month or more. Usual phone calls to people you cant understand in foreign lands.. Latest one at least got me a refund and a new router which has not helped. The old router did get up to 8mb for 2 days then back down to under 1mb..
Now to make matters worse the phone cable coming down my wall has been damaged by guys installing new windows (i dont blame them as the cable was buried in render by previous owner. Internet still works slowly but the phone doesnt so i presume they have only partially damaged the cable. Have found a nick in it and bare wire. .

Maybe facing a bill for a new phone cable or had considered getting fibre installed but then found out its not fibre into your home so still comes down my now damaged cable.

Checked with talk Talk and it seems my house cant get fibre but my neighbour whose house is attached to ours can get it as can other houses in the confused why we cant.
23 1,070 Read More
23rd Nov 2018 11:41am Finding my Uncle Peter Turnbull [by dingle]
This is actually a request for anybody who may have information about the East Lancashire Regiment, 5th Battalion, who fought in Northern France not long after D Day. My parents never spoke about the war, so I did not know I had an uncle who died in WW2. His name was Private Peter Turnbull his service number was 3783320 and he died on 30/07/1944 at 20 years of age. I don't how or why he died. I know where he is buried. So more information would very helpful.
10 582 Read More
22nd Nov 2018 6:05pm Would this be 'advertising' or not.....? [by ex_Meols_guy]
As a newbie on this forum, having seen the warnings about advertising, may I ask if I am able to mention three old books I have about the Wirral ?
I am simply a private individual who inherited the three books, and I thought they might interest one or two forum visitors interested in local history.
Can anyone offer me any advice please, or should I just advertise them on Ebay?
Many thanks.
6 876 Read More
18th Nov 2018 12:05pm FOUND - Car key [by Brown_Horrocks]
Car key found on Rolleston Drive, Wallasey (Grove Road end) on 17th November. Contact for details
0 151 Read More
13th Nov 2018 1:59am 320d won't pass emission test [by DavidB]
My 2003 BMW 320td won't pass the emissions test - I fixed everything else for the MOT, but it was returned with a fail.
It was smoking on acceleration in the past, but is now free of that completely, but I can't get it through this test.

I read new emission levels were introduced this year, meaning around 90% of older diesels won't pass the test.

Broke/unemployment/wahwah/etc means it's this or walking, so any cheap advice would be appreciated. smile
8 753 Read More
12th Nov 2018 12:10pm Wirral Quilters Exhibition [by Greenwood]
Friday 16th (12.00-5.00) and Saturday 17th (10.00-4.00), Westbourne Hall, West Kirby. Admission £2 adults, accompanied children free. Disabled access and parking. Quilts from kingsize to miniature on display, charity quilt raffle in aid of Dale Farm Trust, bag tombola, fabric stall, crafts, gifts, books, bric-a-brac, refreshments. A feast of colours and patterns! Come and be amazed and delighted.
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10th Nov 2018 2:52pm Pro Fitness Exercise Bike [by rhoobarb2002]
Looks similar to this.

[Linked Image]

Pickup today if possible.
1 281 Read More
9th Nov 2018 1:23pm Iceland t.v. Ad [by lincle]
Has anyone seen the Iceland (not the country) Xmas ad which has been banned as its "deemed to breach political advertising rules" ? It may not be politically correct or even Xmassy but it does convey a conservation message which needs to be seen. It brought tears to my eyes & made me think what a sad World we live in. Watch it on MSN if you get the chance then ask yourself Why has this Ad been banned ! 😥
18 119 Read More
9th Nov 2018 10:10am Rock Ferry boat disaster 1834? [by yoller]
In Gore’s Liverpool Directory for 1853, there is a section of ‘annals’ recording significant events of previous years around Merseyside.
For 1834, it has this entry …

Two boats, crowded with persons returning from a fight near Rock Ferry, upset on the river: between forty and fifty lives lost - Nov 17.

The entry actually reads ‘Bock’ Ferry, but that looks like just a typographical error.

I’ve never heard of this event, which surely must have been recorded in more detail somewhere. Has anyone any further information?
1 2 428 Read More
7th Nov 2018 6:51pm Monster on the Mersey [by yoller]
A big bank of rainclouds moving in from the west, as seen from New Brighton about 1.30pm today - it battered down soon after.
1 3 87 Read More
7th Nov 2018 9:21am York 2002 Complete Home Gym & Weider electric Runn [by camaroz]
York 2002 Complete Home Gym & Weider electric Running machine.
All perfect working order. Been in garage for ages, just need a bit of a dust.
Free to good home - collection only - must go today or ends in tip (which is a shame)
Ready to go on our drive - you will need a van.
Heavy items.
PM me..
1 257 Read More
6th Nov 2018 4:25pm Taxi Drivers and Drugs [by diggingdeeper]
I follow Merseyside police reports and had noticed how many taxi drivers have been caught for various offences including drugs and unroadworthy vehicles.

It has now been reported that more than 40 Merseyside Taxi (including private hire) drivers have tested positive for drugs this year alone. This is a horrendous statistic. It also follows the number of other drivers the police are catching.

Yet people are calling for the de-regulation of recreational drugs??? We have enough problems with drugs without increasing the amount of usage.


24 1,666 Read More
6th Nov 2018 11:34am Wirral Wargaming Club .. 14th Nov 2018 [by WargamerNik]
We are a new miniature war gaming club, located on the Woodchurch, Wirral. We meet on the second Wednesday of every month. Doors open 6.30pm till 9.30pm. Admission is £3 on the door. First visit is FREE.

If interested in coming along, please email us ..

or check out our website ..
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6th Nov 2018 9:13am Birkenhead riots [by yoller]
In the 19th and 20th centuries, there were several riots in Birkenhead and district. The Garibaldi Riots of 1862 and the Means Test Riots of 1932 are the best-known. This is a timeline I’ve gleaned from local history books, but it’s by no means definitive …

1839 Fierce fighting broke out between English and Irish navvies building a section of the new Birkenhead-Chester railway at Childer Thornton, near Hooton. It flared after a sub-contractor decided to employ only English workers on this part of the line.

Three hundred Irishmen, wielding pickaxe handles and shovels, chased off the English and took over the village, helping themselves to drink in the pubs. Order was restored only after soldiers were drafted in from Chester and Liverpool and 26 of the ringleaders arrested.

1850 The Whitsuntide Wakes, rowdy local festivities held each year on wasteland near the southern foreshore of Tranmere Pool, caused outrage for their ‘disgraceful and riotous scenes’.

Thousands of the ‘idle and dissolute from all over the county’ swarmed into the area – close to the Royal Castle Hotel – where a fairground had been set up with beer sellers, food vendors, freak shows, dancing, sideshows, boxing booths, games of chance, whirlygigs, swingboats and a miniature zoo.

Some 40,000 day trippers arrived by ferry from Liverpool to swell the rough crowd, indulging in an orgy of ‘drunkenness, acts of violence, robbery and shameless immorality’. The township elders called for the event to be suppressed, but it continued for many years.

1850 As Irish immigration soared nationwide in the aftermath of the Great Famine, the Catholic Church controversially re-established its full hierarchy in England.

Birkenhead magistrates were asked to convene a ratepayers’ meeting in the town hall to protest against this ‘encroaching Romanism’. But the gathering was attacked by several thousand Irish navvies who were working on the docks.

Armed with sticks, pokers and iron bars, they forced their way into the town hall, breaking every window. Dozens of police were knocked down, beaten and trampled.

Police reinforcements were called in and the military put on standby, before a priest from St Werburgh’s persuaded the rioters to withdraw. The magistrates emerged from under a table, where they had taken refuge.

1850 Serious rioting erupted on the docks and police were armed with cutlasses to help them quell the violence. Constables on duty on the outskirts of Birkenhead were supplied with signal rockets to summon assistance.

1851 Rioting again broke out on the docks and magistrates were called in to the town hall daily to deal with offenders.

1857 Riots erupted on the docks yet again and the police were overcome as they tried to restore order. Finally, troops were drafted in from Manchester to deal with the trouble.

1859 Thousands of dock navvies armed with spades, shovels and sticks brought terror and mayhem to Birkenhead as violence flared over the issue of Catholic burial grounds.

The town’s Catholics wanted a proposed new cemetery at Flaybrick Hill to be run by a burial board, believing it would ensure they had their own dedicated religious section. But the Birkenhead commissioners, led by John Laird, wanted control of the project – and won a vote on the issue.

The result of the vote was declared at midnight and by 2am, thousands of rioters were rampaging down Church Street, where they attacked the Laird’s shipyard and its workers. Five navvies were arrested and taken by police to the lock-up at the town hall in Hamilton Street. But, reinforced by more armed insurgents, the mob followed, intent on freeing the prisoners.

Fearing that the rioters were likely to demolish the town hall and lives were in danger, a magistrate agreed to release the five navvies after the intervention of a local priest, who promised they would turn up for their trial. Lesser disturbances continued over the next two days and soldiers were stationed in the town hall to resist any further attacks.

1862 The ‘Garibaldi Riots’ brought violent clashes between the police and Irish Catholics in Birkenhead that made worldwide news.

Trouble started when Protestant supporters of anti-Catholic Italian nationalist Guiseppe Garibaldi, whose military forces were threatening the Papal States, held a debate on Italian politics at Holy Trinity Church in Price Street. They put up posters proclaiming ‘Sympathy With Garibaldi’.

Incensed by the posters, which were printed on a bright orange background, 4,000 angry Catholics from the nearby Irish neighbourhood laid siege to the building, hurling stones.

The following week, despite official pleas to desist, the Protestants held another Garibaldi debate at Holy Trinity. More than 170 police, 175 soldiers and 1,000 special constables stood by for trouble.

Violence again erupted and police were caught up in running battles with some 15,000 cudgel-wielding Irish Catholics around Oak Street and Watson Street, where the rioters created a choking smokescreen by setting fire to the chimneys of their houses.

Windows and doors were smashed, gunshots heard, pubs and shops looted, properties burned and 55 police officers injured amid a constant hail of bricks, bottles and stones. Two priests from St Werburgh’s did their best to calm the situation, but Protestants later claimed that the two incited the mob.

At a subsequent trial of 18 rioters at Chester Castle, one man, Henry Lennon, was sentenced to 15 years transportation to the penal colony in Western Australia for allegedly hitting a policeman with an iron bar. Other sentences ranged from nine years to six months in jail.

1883 Religious rioting broke out as the Salvation Army paraded along Conway Street to the Dock Cottages in the North End, where many Irish Catholics lived. As the marchers returned, two thousand people clashed in Brassey Street and Vittoria Street.

1915 After the sinking of the liner Lusitania by a German submarine off Ireland, anti-German riots broke out in Birkenhead. Shops and townsfolk with German-sounding names were attacked by mobs in Watson Street, Oxton Road, Pilgrim Street and Waterford Street. Some terrified traders put notices in their windows, or in the local newspaper, proclaiming their Britishness and telling how their sons were serving in the Army.

1919 Police in Birkenhead joined a national strike for better pay and union recognition, with four sergeants and 98 constables – more than half the force – failing to report for duty. As mob rule broke out in parts of the town, shops were looted and £3,500 worth of property damaged.

More than 190 special constables were called up to try to keep order and the mayor urged all fit menfolk to join them. The Riot Act was read. Finally, 500 troops were drafted in, patrolling the streets armed with rifles and machine guns, and 300 arrests of hooligans and looters were made.

The strike lasted a fortnight and all those policemen who backed it were dismissed from the force, losing their pension entitlements.

1932 The worst street violence since the Garibaldi Riots erupted in Birkenhead. The cause was the paltry amount of unemployment benefit paid by the local Public Assistance Committee (PAC) under the Means Test. A single man got just 12s 3d a week and a single woman 10s 6d.

On August 3, the National Unemployed Workers Movement organised a march of 2,000 jobless from the park entrance to the town hall to urge the mayor to call an emergency council meeting over the issue. He refused. When a second march of 5,000 took place on September 7, the mayor agreed only to put the matter before the Tory-controlled council.

There was a third march on September 13, but barricades were erected around the town hall and protesters were faced with a huge and threatening police presence. The council agreed to call for the abolition of the Means Test, but refused to tell the PAC to increase benefits.

Next day, a crowd of 18,000 gathered at the park entrance and marched to Argyle Street, gathering outside the PAC offices. But the PAC said only that it would discuss the benefits issue at its full meeting the following Monday.

It was the final straw for many of the jobless. As they marched back towards the park entrance, 2,000 peeled off and lay siege to the home in Bryanston Road, Prenton, of a Tory councillor who had earlier accused them of abusing the benefits system. But vanloads of police arrived and launched an unprovoked attack on the crowd with batons, badly injuring several.

As darkness fell, dozens of enraged demonstrators went on the rampage down Grange Road, smashing windows and looting shops. Then premises in Price Street were attacked, with grocery stores the main target of the hungry rioters.

On Saturday and Sunday, further serious violence erupted, with pitched battles between the police and unemployed in Back St Anne Street, Price Street, Beckwith Street and Conway Street. The rioters smashed street lights, removed manhole covers and laid trip-wires in an attempt to thwart pursuing constables.

Almost 1,000 police reinforcements were drafted into Birkenhead from Liverpool and Birmingham and troops put on standby in Chester. But a ferry boat bringing constables from Liverpool was forced to turn back as rioters on the Woodside landing stage bombarded it with stones.

On Monday, despite their leaders being arrested, the unemployed again gathered in force outside the PAC offices. By early evening, more than 20,000 people were crammed into the surrounding streets. Cammell Laird workers downed tools to join the jobless in solidarity. Nobody in Birkenhead could remember so many people gathered in one place before.

A few hours later, the PAC agreed to raise the benefit rate for men to 15s 3d a week, and for single women to 13s 6d.

It was a landmark victory for the unemployed. But five of the riot leaders were later jailed for between six and 20 months. And the council refused to hold an inquiry into police brutality against demonstrators. Instead, several constables were awarded medals.
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6th Nov 2018 12:11am Birkenhead tip on fire [by assassin]

Someone has set the tip on firelink
6 741 Read More
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2x PS4 Dualshocks & Charger Stand
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Panasonic HC VX870 4K camcorder
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Pool table etc 25x 55" approx
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Hotpoint slimline dishwasher free
by silvertigra. 6th Dec 2018 12:33pm
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