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Yesterday at 10:30 AM
Argos price fixing
by assassin
14th Sep 2017 8:41pm
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13th Sep 2017 6:24pm
Another great speech by Nigel farage
by snowhite
13th Sep 2017 4:41pm
New Wirral History
Long-forgotten brook.
by Excoriator
17th Sep 2017 7:37pm
by granny
12th Sep 2017 11:29am
HMS Trouncer or HMS Thane Ship Mates
by granny
21st Aug 2017 5:29pm
Wallasey Charter Jubilee Year 1960
by petronell
21st Aug 2017 11:04am
Old pictures of Rock Ferry
by snowhite
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A bit worried
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The Footman James classic car show Manchester.
by snowhite
Today at 01:50 PM
URGENT: Update CCleaner now
by Excoriator
Today at 12:58 PM
samsung galaxy s6 32gb immaculate
by mickturner
Today at 08:30 AM
Lukaku Chant at MUFC
by diggingdeeper
Yesterday at 10:15 PM
Long-forgotten brook.
by fish5133
Yesterday at 09:54 PM
New supermarket in Moreton?
by Gibbo
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The Footman James classic car show Manchester.
by snowhite
Today at 01:50 PM
Last Tram 60th anniversary event
by Norton
15th Sep 2017 3:22pm
Today at 09:48 AM Battery tester by madrob

Anyone have a battery tester i can lend

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Yesterday at 06:48 PM URGENT: Update CCleaner now by diggingdeeper

If you use ccleaner, a previous release of this had malware installed on it. Update now to make sure you are safe. Piriform have already had the command and control server taken down that used the malware but its best to play safe.


197 Views · 4 Comments
18th Sep 2017 2:15pm New supermarket in Moreton? by teacherSue

Has anybody heard about the proposed supermarket to be built in place of the council offices at the end of Knutsford Road?

219 Views · 1 Comments
17th Sep 2017 7:37pm Long-forgotten brook. by Excoriator

I am trying to find some information about a stream that ended up discharging into Bromborough Pool. It has long since been culverted and used as a sewer so probably now gets diverted ingloriously into the Bromborough water treatment works.

I have found an old map (http://www.visionofbritain.org.uk/maps/sheet/first_edition/lm_79ne ) which shows it (after considerable zooming and panning), unnamed, starting somewhere in the woods surrounding Reservoir road and proceeding downhill towards what is now Bebington Road Allotments. There is little trace of these days it until you get to the allotments, but there is a tiny trickle which enters a grid near Kingsbrook Way, and there is a dry ditch which runs along the rear of the houses on Princes Boulevard down towards the rear of Tesco's carpark.

From there you have to follow the lie of the land. The lowest point runs roughly parallel to the old Chester Road past the entrance to the Oval, and eventually dives under the railway embankment somewhere near the station (Probably under the bridge) and enters Port sunlight. One assumes the culvert will follow the route of the stream pretty closely.

Originally before that land was built on, it ran along under Corniche Rd. to join the pool shortly after. These days I suspect Corniche Rd is where it does a sharp right and ends up in the Wastewater plant.

I would really like to find the name of this stream. One might guess at the Kings Brook, or perhaps the Wood Burn. (It started in the wood after all) but these are guesses based on the names of roads that came well after it was culverted and forgotten.

If anyone can direct me to some documentary evidence for the name of this little brook, I would be very grateful. There are probably thousands of similar little streams which have been 'sewerised' and their names forgotten. It seems to me a sad end for things that, in all probability, have been around for millions of years. And who knows, when we have wiped ourselves out will probably burst out of their culverts and reestablish themselves again!

521 Views · 18 Comments
15th Sep 2017 3:22pm Last Tram 60th anniversary event by Norton

Taking Place Saturday 16th September, 2017, Pacific Road, Birkenhead

From the Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society News -

"On Saturday 14th September 1957 - Liverpool's last trams ran on the citys tramlines for final time so on Saturday 16th September 2017 we are going to commemorate and celebrate Liverpools World famous trams and tramways with a one-off special event.

This event is going to reach both sides of the River Mersey as we are coordinating and working with National Museums Liverpool to bring you something very special indeed which commemorates and celebrates liverpool's world famous tramways and tramcars!

BREAKING NEWS - There will be a FREE (Liverpool Corporation) vintage bus service running between our museum here in Birkenhead and the magnificent Museum of Liverpool located on the world famous Liverpool Waterfront.

PLUS - MAKE A NOTE - at around 4.15pm - Be at Pacific Road as we re-create and set up and original 1950's street scene (Timeshift) using a minimum of 3 original Liverpool Tramcar's, Original 1950's Liverpool Corporation Buses, PLUS Auxiliary Fire Engines as well as Classic Cars from the period to create a 2017 - 1950's time-shift image. laugh

Make a note of the date of this event - Saturday 16th September 2017.

Background & Event Info.

Liverpool routes 6A & 40 were the last two routes to close and mark the end of Liverpool Tramways forever.

A procession of Trams took to the streets on the last day. Soon after all but 5 of Liverpools original trams were lost or destroyed.

On Saturday 16th September 2017 we are to mark and commemorate 60 years since the end of Liverpools Tramways with a very special event which will see a number of Orginial Liverpool Buses joining us, classic cars and 1950's vehicles as well as music from the period playing inside the museum."

NB The annual Birkenhead Bus & Tram show is a few weeks later on Sunday 1st October.

127 Views · 0 Comments
13th Sep 2017 10:19am Planning perm' for Bhead drive-through restaurant by BlueLou

I was reading about this in the Globe earlier.

Plans were submitted in July to knock down a few shops in Birkenhead town centre (opposite The John Laird Pub) for a drive through restaurant.

Reference: APP/17/00982

I don't have strong opinions on this but I thought it was pretty interesting.

734 Views · 16 Comments
12th Sep 2017 11:29am HERITAGE RECEPTORS by granny

Just found this amongst my bits and bobs. Thought it might be of interest. Didn't really know how to title it but it's self explanatory relating to Peel Holdings Archaeological search on the Wallasey Dock area.

Appendix 11.1 Archaeological Legislative Framework, Criteria

for Assessment and Known Heritage Receptors, Sites and

Find Spots





National Heritage Act 1983 (Amended 2002)

The National Heritage Act 1983 established the Historic Buildings and Monuments commission of England, more

commonly known as English Heritage, and provided for the establishment of services of education public information,

research and record keeping.

English Heritage (along with Cadw in Wales, Historic Scotland and the DOE in Northern Ireland) act as government’s

advisors on the built heritage. The primary responsibilities of English Heritage are defined as far as is practicable to:

Secure the preservation of ancient monuments and historic buildings situated in England;

Promote the preservation and enhancement of the character and appearance of Conservation Areas situated in

England; and

Promote the public’s enjoyment of, and advance their knowledge of, ancient monuments and historic buildings

situated in England, and their preservation.

Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (As Amended)

Archaeological work can be secured either by the use of a planning condition or by a legal agreement under Section

106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (a planning obligation).


Wirral Unitary Development Plan 2000

The Wirral UDP was adopted in 2000. Its policies were saved for three years in September 2004, and the Council

applied to the Secretary of State to extend further again in 2007.

Policies CHO1 and CH1 explain that development proposals must aim to protect Listed Buildings, structures and other

features of recognised architectural or historic importance, historic areas of distinctive quality and character and

important archaeological sites and monuments.

Policy CH25 relates to non-scheduled archaeological remains. It states that where there are development proposals

liable to affect areas of known or suspected important un-scheduled archaeological remains, the potential importance

of the interest (in terms of rarity, condition and age of remains) and whether it is desirable or practical (owing to the

fragility or importance of the remains) to preserve them in situ will be considered.

Peel Land and Property (Ports) Limited Volume 2: Environmental Statement – Technical Appendices

West Float, Wirral Waters, International Trade Centre


The details of all known heritage receptors, former sites and the details of stray finds within the study area are detailed

on Table 11.1.

Table 11.1 Known heritage receptors, sites and find spots



Designation LB/NMR/MSMR



Grid Ref.

Period Description

1 – NMR 67588 SJ 30 90


Unknown Human skull and red deer leg bone; said to be the

remains of “an ancient forest bed”; found in 1850,

c.10 feet below the bed of Wallasey Pool

2 – MSMR 3090/9 SJ 3010


NA /

Early Modern

Spring/Docks. A watercourse was depicted on the

1844 map, before construction of the docks. It was

later incorporated into the dock design, probably

becoming Graving Dock No 1. A graving dock is a

dry dock where a ship can be repaired. Graving

Docks 1 & 2 were constructed on the site in 1859

and are still extant, to some extent.

3 – MSMR 3090/13 SJ 302


Roman Coin of Valentinian II

4 Grade II


LB 444453

NMR 67590

NMR 509886

MSMR 3091/1

SJ 30190



(1621; barn

pos. C16th)

“The Old House”/”Birds House”: dwelling and

adjoining barn on Limekiln Lane. The house still


5 – none SJ 30032




The 1665 map shows a road heading south to meet

Wallasey Pool at what is now Wallasey Bridge.

Although no bridge is indicated on that map, it

suggests the presence of a bridge or ferry.

6 – NMR 1511394

MSMR 3090/16

MSMR 3090/17

SJ 3019




Birkenhead Foundry; three casting halls and a boiler

yard on the corner of Beaufort Road and Lincoln

Street. The building still stands but appears to have

been rebuilt extensively.

7 – MSMR 2991/16 SJ 2961



(late C18th)

Two tidal watermills; indicated on 1797 map

8 – MSMR 3090/4 SJ 3037



(late C18th)

Poulton Manor House, Sherlock Lane (between

Poulton Road and Limekiln Lane)

9 – MSMR 3091/6 SJ 3021


Post-medieval ‘The Old Pool Inn’

10 – MSMR 3091/7 SJ 3026


Post-medieval Poulton Hall (1652 country house, enlarged in 1720,

1840 and later) Peel Land and Property (Ports) Limited Volume 2: Environmental Statement – Technical Appendices

West Float, Wirral Waters, International Trade Centre

441 Views · 8 Comments
8th Sep 2017 11:23pm Stolen - Clara - Therapy Dog by diggingdeeper

This is Clara, a therapy dog for Orton house residential home in Birkenhead she was stolen this morning, if you see her return her to Orton house residential home (Wirral Christian Centre) please.

509 Views · 5 Comments
8th Sep 2017 8:34am Dock road closed by assassin

Police have closed the dock Rd in Wallasey both ways

439 Views · 2 Comments
7th Sep 2017 5:59pm Byrne Ave Baths Funding Launch by diggingdeeper

I really hope this succeeds and the bath's building gets refurbished. We have lost far too much of our heritage in recent years.


200 Views · 2 Comments
7th Sep 2017 1:57am ASDA (Bromborough) Fined £700,000 by diggingdeeper

Thoroughly disgusted with this, all food places have the occasional rodent outbreak however this was not only brought on by widespread poor cleanliness but their initial response was totally pathetic.

May I also say that there must have been many staff complicit with this. If you work somewhere that is breaking the law, report them!


172 Views · 0 Comments
6th Sep 2017 10:07pm Ness gardens Free Entry 7th September 10 till 5 by fish5133

Reminder Ness Gardens has free entry tommorrow (Thursday 7th September)

339 Views · 3 Comments
4th Sep 2017 8:23pm HOD Leasowe Castle Hotel by RUDEBOX

Well. it's September again which means one thing only- Heritage Open Days!!

A new addition to this years booklet was Leasowe Castle Hotel. This 1 hour guided tour was a bookable event. Visited with Missy (of the Manor)!

Bit of History- The original Leasowe Castle was built in 1593 by Ferdinando, the 5th Earl of Derby. In the following year he was awarded with the Manor of Wallasey, and in 1594 became the Mayor of Liverpool. The original purpose of the building is not known but it is likely to have been built in connection with sporting activities, possibly as a viewing area for the famous Wallasey races, the forerunners of the Derby race. The original octagonal tower was built with an entrance door five and a half feet above ground level. This would have given security and protection against flooding from the high tides, and also the ground floor would have served as a stable. The walls were built three feet in width, and a later owner, possibly William the 6th Earl of Derby constructed four turrets onto the original tower. T he Stanley family (the Earls of Derby), seem to have given up the building within a century of its construction, and it rapidly deteriorated to a ruin. Once known as The New Hall it soon became known as Mockbeggar Hall, a name commonly given to old ruined manorial halls. A chart of North Wirral, the Grenville Collins Pilot of 1650 shows the castle named as Mockbeggar Hall, and the foreshore as Mockbeggar Wharf, a name still used on today's Ordinance Survey Maps. The castle passed through several families until bought in 1802 by Mrs Boode. Her daughter Mary Anne married Colonel Edward Cust in 1821 and the castle remained in the Cust family until 1895. Edward Cust, the 6th son of Lord Brownlow, tried initially to run the castle as a hotel, unsuccessful he then took up residence in 1843 and made many additions to the building. In 1911 it was bought by the Trustees of the Railway Convalescent Homes, who ran the place until 1970. It was later bought in 1974 by the Wallasey Corporation who did little with it, Wirral Borough Council eventually reselling it in 1980 to Ken Harding who opened it again as a hotel. The first St Bernard dog ever brought in England found a home at Leaoswe Casle.


318 Views · 3 Comments
4th Sep 2017 2:27pm 45 gallon by Dilly

Oil drums, good clean condition. 6 available. Take as many as you need. Collection only. Cheers

144 Views · 0 Comments
4th Sep 2017 9:01am 3 and 2 seater reclining suite by tommybarry

5 years old in good condition frame fabric and recliners are all good, want to give this to someone in need rather than selling. also fire retardant
will expect collection on Thursday 7th as having new suite delivered friday

196 Views · 1 Comments
3rd Sep 2017 4:20pm Carbon Cleaning by venice

"Cheshire Carbon Cleaning" firm coming to Cheshire. £55 promotional offer. Has anyone had this done elsewhere and been pleased with the result? They seem not to use solvents surprisingly . OH (who doesnt like using the pc, sked me to look in the advert, wondering if this means removing the air filter - and would it clean the turbo charger and catalytic converter, diesel particulate filter, exhaust system? The ad doesnt say . So, any thoughts on the good or bad points regarding the system used?


504 Views · 7 Comments
29th Aug 2017 9:28pm Corsa D wing replacements by conan

My daughter has a corsa d with tatty wings,ive sourced both in the same colour.
Can anyone here replace them please.

362 Views · 2 Comments
29th Aug 2017 2:10pm chest of drawers by Catsick

4 drawer chest in ok condition for age, will require clean up/repair.
Collection only.

236 Views · 1 Comments
27th Aug 2017 9:08pm Mans Bike by RUDEBOX

Found in the bushes top of East Street/ Birkenhead Road, Seacombe.

Not a modern bike.

781 Views · 11 Comments
26th Aug 2017 6:46pm Driver Less Vehicles by fish5133

In the news a lot this week with various testing going on and even insurance companies testing them crashing.

Gut reaction says no no.. The 3 lorries in a row with one driver just seems to me to be away around having longer vehicles.

I suppose the real question is will it make roads safer or not.

413 Views · 6 Comments
26th Aug 2017 2:33pm Driver Wanted. by Cadeb

Looking for somebody with a current clean driving licence to do a school run in a 9 seater vehicle 5 days a week during term time only. This would be classed as part time work. If interested please contact me on 07712536911 for further details.

251 Views · 0 Comments
24th Aug 2017 10:20am ADSL socket by chris7777

Hi, anyone know anything about ADSL sockets? I've got a new router the power light is on,wlan is on, but not the dsl or internet light, I have tried to log into the router but it went let me. The router is zyxel amg1302-t1ob, thanks.

501 Views · 5 Comments
21st Aug 2017 5:29pm HMS Trouncer or HMS Thane Ship Mates by granny

Ok...my darling Dad (Bob Flegg, aged 92) keeps asking me if I have had any luck finding fellow shipmates that served with him on HMS Trouncer or HMS Thane on the North Atlantic convoys during the Second World War...I haven't...so let's see if Facebook can help? PLEASE SHARE...someone might know someone...fingers crossed x

My grandfather was serving in the Merchant Navy on the Russian convoys & lost his life when his ship was lost with all hands after being torpedoed. Please tell your dad that many thousands of people will be eternally grateful for his efforts and hardships while trying to protect the convoys. I have the greatest respect for those who went to sea in ships that were not designed for the North Atlantic, but went anyway. Give him a big hug from me!


917 Views · 9 Comments
21st Aug 2017 11:04am Wallasey Charter Jubilee Year 1960 by petronell


I have posted a video on youtube which might be of interest to some of you.


This film was made in 1960 by the Wallasey Corporation to celebrate the Jubilee year of Wallasey's Charter.

The film was held in Wirral Archives and my father made this copy in 1989 when he was working as an advisory teacher for Wirral LEA. He made the copy by pointing a video camera at the projection screen at Birkenhead Central Library. At the time the archivists had to have the reel of film repaired to allow the copy to be made.

My Dad then transferred the video to DVD in 2005 and I have uploaded to youtube this morning.

The interest in the film for my family is the Mayor of Wallasey seen in the last couple of minutes of the film is Cyril Dingle who was my maternal Grandfather and it's the only film we have of him. He received the CBE in 1961 for his public service.

Hopefully you find it of interest, and certainly shows Wallasey at a time when there was a lot less traffic.


571 Views · 4 Comments
21st Aug 2017 1:14am 24 Month Phone Contract o2 by fish5133

My laddie took out a 24 month phone contract. Paid all 24 months payments but still got sent a further 2 bills. Apparently he had to notify them he wanted to end the contract 30 days in advance.
Doesn't sound much like a 24 month contract rather open ended.
Also thought that a contract could end by non payment or breach.

O2 don't make it easy to cancel your contract ..3 hour wait to get through to the "right" department also the help line number they gave just switched straight to their top up service. .

Anyone else been hit in this way?

412 Views · 2 Comments
19th Aug 2017 4:13pm Old pictures of Rock Ferry by snowhite

Enjoy smile Found this on you tube

581 Views · 2 Comments
19th Aug 2017 9:03am RMS Queen Elizabeth 1945 by granny

A whole generation who never told their stories, but they would never have forgotten them.

The liner "Queen Elizabeth" bringing American troops into NY Harbor at the end of WWII, 1945

578 Views · 7 Comments
19th Aug 2017 7:28am Stop Development On Bidston Hill petition by bircko


Petition details
Petitioning Wirral council and 1 other
Stop development on Bidston Hill

Stephen Pickles Bidston, United Kingdom

Bidston Hill is under threat.
The Natural Environment Research Council are on the verge of selling the leasehold of the site of the former Joseph Proudman Building on Bidston Hill to a developer. The developer has entered into discussions with Wirral Council, who own the freehold of the land.
The land is within the curtilage of the Grade-II listed perimeter wall which encloses Bidston Observatory and Bidston Lighthouse, also Grade-II listed.
We believe that a new development on the Proudman land would:
irreversibly diminish the heritage value of the entire site - the Observatory, Lighthouse and perimeter wall;
undermine the re-invention of Bidston Observatory as an artistic research centre and museum, and Bidston Lighthouse as a visitor centre;
pave the way for further undesirable developments on Bidston Hill.
Instead, we want to see the land used for open air events for the enjoyment of the community and the amenity of visitors to Bidston Hill, Lighthouse and Observatory.
We are opposed to any new development on this land and urge Wirral Council and the Natural Environment Research Council to take whatever steps they can to see the land used for the amenity of visitors to Bidston Hill, Bidston Lighthouse and Bidston Observatory.
More information about this petition is available on our campaign website.
This petition will be delivered to:
Wirral council
Natural Environment Research Council
Read the letter
Stephen Pickles started this petition with a single signature, and now has 1,300 supporters.

707 Views · 5 Comments
19th Aug 2017 5:22am Bessborough Rd, Birkenhead The Firs, circa 1910-20 by SFResearcher

Not sure where to start with this inquiry. Seeking a photo of old Gilmour Home on Bessborough Rd, located there in 1910s and 1920s. Now has been replaced with Gilmour Mount and newer homes. Old Census states George Gilmour lived at 'The Firs', Bessborough Rd, Birkenhead. This is right near Christ Church, so an old photo of the Church, might include the house in the background.

Any ideas where to procure a scan of photo?

Many thanks.


690 Views · 7 Comments
18th Aug 2017 7:49am RAF club Little Sutton by Paternoster21

Does any body have any pics of the interior of the RAF club on station road in little sutton. I used to go there with my granddad when i was very young.

362 Views · 1 Comments
18th Aug 2017 7:47am Bowater social club. by Paternoster21

Hi there.
I remember growing up going to the bowaters social club in overpool with my grandad. I was quite young so dont remember it to well. I do remember a long drive way that led to the club which was at the back of a large sports field. I also remember that the sports pavilion was partialy burnt down.
Any info or pics of inside or out would be greatly appreciated.

254 Views · 0 Comments
17th Aug 2017 8:52pm Found - bracelet, Prenton by philmch

I've found a lady's bracelet close to The Swan, Prenton.

It is a very distinctive design and having done a little research, it looks like quite a decent piece of jewellery.

As such, I'd very much like to re-unite it with its owner.

Please PM me or leave a message below. Thanks.

392 Views · 1 Comments
16th Aug 2017 7:09pm Through the Window: GWR Paddington to Birkenhead by yoller

In 1924, the Great Western Railway published a little booklet called Through the Window: Paddington to Birkenhead.

The idea was that passengers could take it on their journey and read interesting information on the places through which their train was passing, helped by text, maps and line drawings.

The 200-mile trip from Paddington Station in West London ended at Woodside Station in Birkenhead, with many passengers then taking the ten-minute ferry ride across to Liverpool.

The booklet divided the trip into eight stages - The Outskirts of London; The Chiltern Hundreds; The Midland Plain; The Shakespeare Country; The Workshop of England; The Severn Valley; The Welsh Marches; The Wirral Peninsula.

The attached pages from the booklet show the Wirral Peninsula leg of the journey, from Chester to Woodside. I hope they are legible.

371 Views · 2 Comments
16th Aug 2017 7:04pm HP Printer Half Touch Screen Not Working by fish5133

Not sure how touch screens operate. Other HP users had same problem but no real fix found on the net. Icons on one half of the screen still work but those on right side don't. Sounds like a part electrical/mechanical failure of the touch screen imo. Been a decent printer scanner till now. Still works as a printer from PC but doesn't want to scan.

anyone come across anything similar? cheers

375 Views · 3 Comments
15th Aug 2017 12:19pm Spot the Heron by buddy

DOC_0067d by John Halliday, on Flickr

93 Views · 6 Comments
14th Aug 2017 5:51pm Perseids by Excoriator

Anyone see them? All I saw was cloud and reflected street lighting!

284 Views · 1 Comments
13th Aug 2017 10:03pm Pirate Run/ Family Fun Day by RUDEBOX


311 Views · 0 Comments
12th Aug 2017 11:59pm Claremont Farm Classic Car Show - Sunday 12th Augu by DavidB

Sign saying classic car show tomorrow/Sunday !

736 Views · 5 Comments
12th Aug 2017 10:49am This website by DavidB

It's a bit cluttered isn't it?
The layout is horrendous and navigating is a bit crappy on a mobile device. There's just too much 'stuff'.

979 Views · 10 Comments
11th Aug 2017 9:59pm Freshfields open fun day and dog show. by venice

Heres the poster

294 Views · 0 Comments
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