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Finsbury Park mosque. 1240
Bexit Offer for EU Citizens 324
Washing machine 255
Range Rover P38A Air Suspension Help Needed 195
Loving Home Wanted For 3 Cats. 146
Loving Home Wanted For 3 Cats. 145
Benefit Cap is Unlawful 120
Deja Vu, Lightning Strikes Thrice, Groundhog Day 113
Ant and Dec 105
VW t4 fixed side window replacement 101
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Deja Vu, Lightning Strikes Thrice, Groundhog Day
by fish5133
22nd Jun 2017 7:38pm
Ant and Dec
by cools
18th Jun 2017 2:11pm
Another Scam
by Excoriator
18th Jun 2017 10:00am
Happy birthday Ste
by Dilly
12th Jun 2017 7:54am
New Wirral History
Round the Wirral with a movie camera[1934]
by snowhite
16th Jun 2017 2:03pm
Bascule Bridge
by Sufee
6th Jun 2017 9:09pm
Pathe news short - merseytunnel 1934
by oldpm01
5th Jun 2017 1:57pm
1878 Post Office Directory of Cheshire query
by derekdwc
1st Jun 2017 10:41pm
Bakery at 275 Poulton Road 1925 onwards
by JAFitz
30th May 2017 8:59pm
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Finsbury Park mosque.
by Beethoven
40 minutes 14 seconds ago
Bexit Offer for EU Citizens
by granny
Yesterday at 11:27 PM
Loving Home Wanted For 3 Cats.
by lincle
Yesterday at 12:03 PM
60 KG Weights set & exercise bars FOR SALE £40 !!
by GaryFromWirral
Yesterday at 10:25 AM
What song are you listening to?
by snowhite
23rd Jun 2017 11:37pm
Where In The Wirral Is It??
by Mark
23rd Jun 2017 1:25pm
VW t4 fixed side window replacement
by lansyp
23rd Jun 2017 10:22am
Unilever's Power Stations
by Jimbo620
23rd Jun 2017 8:18am
Benefit Cap is Unlawful
22nd Jun 2017 7:37pm
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Shotwick - Old And New (Hall and Solar Farm)
by diggingdeeper
18th Jun 2017 11:41am
Sefton Park
by diggingdeeper
17th Jun 2017 7:28pm
22nd Jun 2017 8:00am VW t4 fixed side window replacement by Mike72

Hi, my VW t4 has 2 side fixed windows that i would like to replace with 2 sliding windows that i have purchased. Is there anywhere on the wirral that people would recommend to do this please?

101 Views · 1 Comments
20th Jun 2017 8:06pm Range Rover P38A Air Suspension Help Needed by Martin1943

Does anyone have contact with a Range Rove P38A enthusiast who can help me.
Coming home on Saturday night with my show engine on the trailer, one of the damned "speed pillows" caught the suspension out. The rear off-side air suspension bag just popped off (It's only three months old). I had booked it into Barclays but tonight I found that the old girl is sitting on her wheel arches and can't be moved.
Anyone who can help me please, please. I used to do them myself but two operation scars prevent me from rolling on the ground. I can show what to do if needed.
Please help if you can.. I live in Moreton, I have the tools needed.

195 Views · 3 Comments
20th Jun 2017 8:32am Loving Home Wanted For 3 Cats. by DavidC

Hi again everyone,

Regarding the rehoming of the cats, I forgot to mention that my daughter will provide for all cat food and any vets bills that may occur from time to time.

Please text on 07742 508 544.

Thank you.

145 Views · 2 Comments
18th Jun 2017 6:02pm Loving Home Wanted For 3 Cats. by DavidC


Due to an upcoming house move, my daughter is unable to take her 3 adult cats with her. They are the mother and 1 son and 1 daughter. All house trained.

We would love the new home to take all 3 as they are a family.

We need to rehome them within the next 2 weeks if possible.

Thank you.

146 Views · 0 Comments
17th Jun 2017 7:47pm Lawn mowers by Snodvan

Two lawn mowers have to go.
1 is a simple hand push type (10" Webb) Sharp as a razor and always been very well maintained. Rather dusty from storage (garage) over 8 years or so but still a good machine for someone with a small lawn. Grassbox available

2 is a bigger Qualcast EP35S - this is an electric driven machine ie the electric drives the roller as well as the blades so you do not have to push the thing. This machine needs some care and attention. Motor is good and the blades/ roller drive OK - BUT the drive tensioner chain needs serious adjustment. I HAVE THE HANDBOOK describing how that is done. Grassbox available

PM or text to 07842 216 563

95 Views · 0 Comments
16th Jun 2017 2:03pm Round the Wirral with a movie camera[1934] by snowhite


486 Views · 8 Comments
16th Jun 2017 9:09am Code reader by madrob

Anyone have a code reader i can borrow or if someone can a airbag light off thanks

351 Views · 4 Comments
14th Jun 2017 8:04pm Property Law by lau2908

Hi all,

Im looking for a bit of advice in regards to property law. I don't suppose anyone on here is in the know in the subject?

Thanks in advance

351 Views · 2 Comments
14th Jun 2017 7:34pm van driver needed by futurepast

Driver/lab needed for week's work, holiday cover, could lead to permanent position great rates of pay. Please inbox first with contact number, no week in hand to work.

170 Views · 0 Comments
13th Jun 2017 11:04am Bus routes proposals for Sep 2017 by paxvobiscum

Just read in Liverpool Echo headlines that some Wirral bus routes to be scrapped and a couple of new routes in pipeline.

You need to see if you need to appeal.

413 Views · 4 Comments
13th Jun 2017 7:26am VW T4 by Mike72

Hi guy's just bought myself a T4 and was wandering if anyone could recommended forums or places to enquire on parts/insulation/converting my van into a camper. I'm currently looking for a rock and roll bed, these aren't cheap i know. Any fellow T4 fellows in the Wallasey area got any parts?

264 Views · 3 Comments
12th Jun 2017 4:15pm Genuine link Malwarbytes by venice

please could someone give me what they know to be a genuine link to the free Malwarebytes. Ive just noticed the malwarebytes Ive got installed , is out of date, ('13) and theres nothing on it to enable me to upgrade, so Im thinking I need to uninstall it and install a more up to date one. From the numerous current options when I google malwarebytes, I clicked first on 'techradar' site which offers to tell you the best link in, but immediately started getting pop ups frown so Ive sort of lost confidence in my choosing one myself!!

391 Views · 7 Comments
9th Jun 2017 8:45am free banana boxes for moving new brighton by juedrop

we have just moved and are beginning to empty boxes if you need any please contact me. Thanks.

117 Views · 0 Comments
8th Jun 2017 9:27pm road alteration by locomotive

Can anybody see the logic in altering the pavement by the roundabout at the top of Ford Hill, all it's doing is creating chaos. The previous pavement layout had been there at least 60 years that I remember without any problems, no doubt there's some illogical explanation from our money wasting council.

710 Views · 9 Comments
6th Jun 2017 9:09pm Bascule Bridge by Sufee

The lovely old A Bridge on Tower Road, Birkenhead, Wirral UK, is being demolished next month, to be replaced with a modern, fully automated bascule bridge. I want to write up its history, so does anyone have any historical pictures and/or interesting facts about it? Thanks [img][/img]

793 Views · 10 Comments
5th Jun 2017 1:57pm Pathe news short - merseytunnel 1934 by oldpm01

492 Views · 5 Comments
5th Jun 2017 12:53pm B&D portable saw table by Snodvan

Black & Decker saw table to which you attach your exisiting hand-held circular saw using clamps under the table deck

Works OK for occasional jobs. Folds flat for storage. All sorts of attachments for cutting straight or angles.


Wallasey Village Green Lane area
07842 216563

319 Views · 5 Comments
5th Jun 2017 12:49pm Flotation Jacket by Snodvan

Adult flotation jacket
Been stored (inddors) many years but good condition
Wallasy Village, Green Lane area


07842 216563

186 Views · 1 Comments
5th Jun 2017 12:08pm polythene water pipe 1/2" by Snodvan

Approx 25ft (guess) of 1/2" bore heavy duty mains water pipe. Also ideal for allotments/ gardens to make hoops for polyethe tunnel cloches (which is why I kept it - but no longer have an allotment!)
Note - it will be 1/2" bore not 15mm
Collect - Green Lane, Wallasey Village
Phone 07842216563

232 Views · 3 Comments
4th Jun 2017 8:37pm Gig Sat 10 June 2017. XFactor previous contestant/band/pipers by paxvobiscum

Come along this coming Saturday for a fun concert 7.30pm at St George's Church in Thornton Hough. The venue is opposite The Seven Stars Pub in the centre of the village.

The vocal harmony band 'Fishtales' will perform with guests Paris Graham Jones a former Xfactor contestant,and The Liverpool Irish Pipers.

Tickets are £5.
You can pay on the door or contact Tony Swarbrick 0151 378 7872 for tickets or more information.

240 Views · 0 Comments
1st Jun 2017 10:41pm 1878 Post Office Directory of Cheshire query by derekdwc

Most of local Wirral pub addresses end with Birkenhead

What I'd like to know was if there were 2 pubs named Glegg Arms and if so, where would the Thurstaston one have been.
1878 Glegg's Arms, Joseph Broster, Thurstaston,
1878 Glegg's Arms, George Crabb, Gayton, Great Neston

1878 Black Horse, William Powell, Grange, Birkenhead
which I think may have been the one in West Kirby

680 Views · 10 Comments
1st Jun 2017 11:12am Anyone got a Bubble Car ? by granny

possible £80,000 at auction !! Who remembers them ?

751 Views · 12 Comments
1st Jun 2017 10:09am Ancient Water Tunnels by granny

I find this incredibly interesting, and puts to bed yet again, that most think these ancient civilisations had 'not much of a clue' 3,000 yrs ago.

Ancient Water tunnels below Iran's Desert.
The combined length of the thousands of tunnels is about the same as the distance between the Earth and the moon

By Rachel Brown

PUBLISHED May 31, 2017

From above, it seems as though a series of holes were pierced in the desert’s dry surface. But a hundred feet below the mysterious pits, a narrow tunnel carries water from a distant aquifer to farms and villages that wouldn’t exist without it.

These underground aqueducts, called qanats, are 3,000-year-old marvels of engineering, many of which are still in use throughout Iran. Beginning in the Iron Age, surveyors—having found an elevated source of water, usually at the head of a former river valley or even in a cave lake—would cut long, sloping tunnels from the water source to where it was needed.

The orderly holes still visible aboveground are air shafts, bored to release dust and provide oxygen to the workers who dug the qanats by hand, sometimes as far as forty miles. The tunnels eventually open at ground level to form vivid oases.

Constructing qanats was a painstaking task, made even more so by the need for great precision. The angle of the tunnel’s slope had to be steep enough to allow the water to flow freely without stagnating—but too steep and the water would flow with enough force to speed erosion and collapse the tunnel.

Although difficult work—even after completion, qanats require yearly maintenance—the irrigation tunnels allowed agriculture to bloom in the arid desert. The technology spread, through Silk Road trade and Muslim conquest, and qanats can be found as far as Morocco and Spain. (Read about the Persian legacy in modern Iran.)

For Komeil Soheili, an Iranian filmmaker who produced the video above, qanats are an integral part of the landscape of his native Khorasan Province.

“The diversity of landscapes and cultures [in Iran] is something that’s not well understood by the world,” Soheili says. “One of the oldest civilizations in the world came from this amazing creation, [the qanat.]” (See some of Iran's most wild and beautiful places.)

Gholamreza Nabipour, 102, is one of the last and almost certainly the oldest mirab, or caretaker of qanats. Recognized by the Iranian government as a national living treasure, Nabipour tries to share his craft with younger generations—including one of his sons, who uses a qanat to irrigate his pistachio farm—but fears for the future of this fragile tradition.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the subdivision of the large estates that relied on qanats caused an administrative tangle, and many qanats fell into disrepair without the traditional communal maintenance. And as modern agriculture takes root, Soheili explains, “people don't depend on qanats anymore, as it was before. It’s not possible to feed your family and earn money by working in qanats,” which have become less a way of life and more of a “hobby.”

In 2016, UNESCO listed the Persian qanats as a world heritage site.;sf83832499=1

291 Views · 1 Comments
31st May 2017 7:37pm LOST: Car key by little_pob

The key has fallen out of my car key whilst I was at J1 today. I had it before going into Aldi; but not once I got back to the car. Fortunately, because it's "keyless", I can open and start the car without it.

Aldi have my phone number if anyone hands it in there. But if anyone finds it, sees anything on Facebook, or hands it in elsewhere (e.g. M&S, B&Q, Police Station); please let me know via PM.

808 Views · 9 Comments
30th May 2017 8:59pm Bakery at 275 Poulton Road 1925 onwards by JAFitz


I'm looking for information and any photos of a bakery at 275 Poulton Road for a family history project.

My late Mum, Sheila FitzGerald (born 1928), daughter of Peggy & Joseph with brothers Gerald (killed aged 20 in 1945) and Desmond (in the merchant navy) were born there and we remember my Mum saying that her Mum, Margaret 'Peggy' FitzGerald had a bakery and they lived upstairs.

We visited the house recently and met the current owner and it still has traces of the shop front.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks

400 Views · 1 Comments
30th May 2017 5:26pm Looking for family of Nellie Clarke Murdered 1925 by BUTEMACS

Unfortunately this is a very sad story but I am looking for CLARK or CLARKE or CARR FAMILY surnames who may still live in the WIRRAL area. I am researching family particularly surrounding an informal adoption in Glasgow way back around 1917 (person now deceased) so no comeback it's just her children would like to know more about her origins. I did find the deceased's birth mother & older siblings in Glasgow in 1917 but after time of adoption there was suddenly no trace of birth mother & the other kids in Scotland & was sure they left the country either to England or abroad but after months of research they seemed to have disappeared but I had a breakthrough when in a whim I googled one of the siblings full name NELLIE BELL WOODS CLARK/E (not an E in name on birth records) as it was unusual and to my horror discovered the details of her horrible murder in Birkenhead in Jan 1925 discussed on this forum, her mother had remarried & moved to England sadly Nellie would have been sister to the adopted relative. I have since found lots of newspaper articles & stories on the murder but would like to find if there any surviving sibling descendants of Nellie. Her mother was SARAH ANN CARR (formerly WOOD/S or CLARK/E) from Glasgow her Stepfather PETER SINCLAIR CARR also from Glasgow, Nellie born 1913 had a full brother JOHN WALLACE CLARK/E born 1911 both of them were born Glasgow and would have been 5 & 8yrs when they moved to Birkenhead for their father to find work & at least 4 other half siblings all surname CARR all born Wirral area one sister died at 18 months after a burns accident & another sister was killed at nearly 4yrs old by a car I am so sad for them just how much tragedy can one wee family have but I believe there was at least two other surviving siblings besides JOHN CLARK/E there was a boy & a girl both surname CARR at home with Nellie at the time of her murder but their first names unknown to me, I have to break this News of Nellies murder to family so would also like some positive News to go with it so if anyone recognises any of the above details & know of anyone who might be connected or lived in that area at the time to Nellie or researched the story so might know more of the fate of the rest of the family could you please post. It is unlikely any of Nellies siblings are still alive but there may children to the siblings making Nellie there aunt, Many thanks in advance. I can supply an email address if required. help

2583 Views · 46 Comments
30th May 2017 11:08am Thetis Memorial by BandyCoot

This weekend, Sunday 4th June, Birkenhead RNA Club,Park Road East, is holding it's annual HMS/m Thetis Memorial Service. It is at the Club and starts at 1500 prompt. The bar will be open beforehand and afterwards and all are welcome. Some of you may have relatives who went down with the boat and you may wish to commemorate their service. There were a lot of Cammell Lairds men on board as well matelots.

259 Views · 0 Comments
28th May 2017 8:19am Bike for Spares or Repair by Heidi123

Bike for Spares or Repair.

148 Views · 0 Comments
28th May 2017 8:16am Bikes for Spares or Repair by Heidi123

Bikes for Spares or Repair.

122 Views · 0 Comments
26th May 2017 10:00pm Bikes free collection only by _Steve_

Got some bikes here, was going to take them to the tip but thought I would see if anyone wants them first.

396 Views · 3 Comments
26th May 2017 6:21pm 6 seats and table by TheComputerLab

Got a new one coming so needs to go. I have a van so can help with removal of needed

167 Views · 0 Comments
26th May 2017 6:17pm Baby Hex cage by TheComputerLab


We have this in white metal. It's really good and perfect for young kids. Would like it gone asap!

277 Views · 4 Comments
26th May 2017 1:06pm Whit Weekend at Tam O'Shanter - free admission by Greenwood

There are various things going on over the weekend - stalls, activities, bouncy castle, face painting, plaster model painting, Greasby Ukes on the Sunday, tombola, childrens bargain book stall etc. As ever, the farm is free admission; donations are very much appreciated to support the running of the farm. Come along and have a look round, feed the animals (food available from dispenser in yard) have a picnic or a cuppa at the cafe - relax and have fun in the lovely leafy surroundings!

238 Views · 0 Comments
25th May 2017 8:49pm HOT REMINDER by lincle

Please,please remember. DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS . Don't subject your best friend to a dreadful death.Even 5 minutes is to long.

628 Views · 8 Comments
22nd May 2017 9:48pm Looking for people to help in my project.... by TheComputerLab


I have just started converting a VW panel van in to a people carrier. It's a newish vehicle but I am missing some skill sets to make this happen.

I need the following:
Upholsterer for seats and interior panels
Someone to lower the van to my target height
Someone to fit the ICE including cameras, TV etc.

If you are or know anyone that can help me let me know< obviously will pay for a;l help

653 Views · 6 Comments
22nd May 2017 4:43pm Cherry Tree Centre Right Of Way by clocko

I am searching for the planning documents for the cherry tree centre & wilkinsons in Liscard.
I am looking to see how the public right of way through the centre was removed & the legal documents to do with it's removal.
It seems wirral borough council has lost the documents or cannot find them ( I wonder why )
I am also interested in any details that people can provide about the valuable works of art that were stored in the council basement in the corridors to gather a list of those that were stolen when under the care of Wirral Borough Council stored unlocked near a unlocked door in the basement corridors of Wallasey Town Hall.

310 Views · 0 Comments
22nd May 2017 8:54am Zanussi DW900 dishwasher by Snodvan

Normal under worktop size. Elderly but works ok - but has not been used for about 5 years.
Taker must be prepared to move it because ill health prevents me from lifting etc
Wallasey Village/ Green Lane area


130 Views · 0 Comments
22nd May 2017 1:04am Birkenhead Priory wins Award by paxvobiscum

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has awarded the Building Conservation North West Region Award to Birkenhead Priory.

They will go forward in November 2017 when the overall UK Winner will be declared.

325 Views · 3 Comments
22nd May 2017 1:03am Police in birkenhead park 20th may 2017 by coops

Anyone know why there was such high presence of police in park

676 Views · 5 Comments
20th May 2017 11:54pm Corbyn Rally by Excoriator

I went to the West Kirby Rally today, and got there about an hour and a quarter before the great man arrived. The crowd was already huge and swelling. For curiosity I counted arrivals coming from the promenade over a one minute period and got a figure of about ten a second.

Joining the crowd I kept an eye on the flow of people and it stayed at about the same or more for at least an hour. That means 36,000 people.

Imagine my surprise to find the figure of 2,000 bandied about by the likes of the Wirral Globe. I have no experience of estimating the size of crowds, but stand by my estimate based on the rate of arrival. If anything my estimate would be low; I had no view of people coming from Dee Lane.

It is an indication of the bias that exists in the media that such a low figure should be published. But never mind. The polls are swinging Labour's way. The Tory lead is now about 9% and falling fast. I don't think Treeza's going to get quite the coronation she was hoping for. Even the Mail on Sunday is showing a 12 point lead, down from its previous figure of 18%

Personally, seeing what she's promising in her manifesto, I wonder how much worse she will be in power, and would be very glad to see her lose.

6576 Views · 125 Comments
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42 lf smart tv
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by monsterz4
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Bexit Offer for EU Citizens
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23rd Jun 2017 9:38am
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Manchester airport
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VW t4 fixed side window replacement
by Mike72
22nd Jun 2017 8:00am
Range Rover P38A Air Suspension Help Needed
by Martin1943
20th Jun 2017 8:06pm
Loving Home Wanted For 3 Cats.
by DavidC
20th Jun 2017 8:32am
Loving Home Wanted For 3 Cats.
by DavidC
18th Jun 2017 6:02pm
Code reader
by madrob
16th Jun 2017 9:09am
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