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Nervous Nelly?
by casper. 15th Jan 2021 6:43pm
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by diggingdeeper. 15th Jan 2021 5:56pm
Wirral Covid
by keef666. 15th Jan 2021 5:39pm
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Still trying to identify some buildings on 1960s?
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What song are you listening to?
by GaryFromWirral. 13th Jan 2021 3:00pm
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3 hours ago Nervous Nelly? [by Excoriator]
I was offered a routine appointment (nothing to do with covid and non-urgent) at Mill lane in Wallasey for Monday, but asked them to delay it until I've had my Covid vaccine. I really don't want to visit a medical centre unnecessarily.

They were happy to agree to this, but I wonder whether I was being over-nervous about the whole thing. What do you think?
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6th Jan 2021 8:39pm Gladstone Street [by Chevi]
Hi ,just joined and need help. My dad born in Birkenhead 1920 and raised in Gladstone Street. Currently creating a family tree. Appreciate any information, history maps etc. relating to Gladstone Street
Checked location on Goggle Earth but street does not exist now.
Cheers for any help
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6th Jan 2021 4:22pm kids boots used size 6 [by gerry1]
Sets of three kids used boots in good condition SIZE 6 Free

collection only.
2 0 108 Read More
3rd Jan 2021 5:33pm Gerry Marsden [by lincle]
RIP Gerry ,fond memories of days at the Cavern . Ive treasured your picture with The Pacemakers & autographs for all these years. You’ll always be with us you’ll never walk alone.
8 556 Read More
3rd Jan 2021 11:24am Free [by lincle]
Old SKY HD box ,good working order. No leads .Collect Moreton area .
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31st Dec 2020 9:01pm Coastal views [by rossie]

Enjoying the lovely bright days walking along coast Moreton/Meols. This morning what appears to be a power station was clearly visible. Could this be Anglesey ? Would love to know which mountain ranges I am looking at. Many thanks for any information.Happy New Year Everybody.
7 527 Read More
30th Dec 2020 4:00pm Folding wood table [by Catsick]
Will put this on here before I bin it, will leave till Sunday then will be disposed of if no one wants it.

Table size: H75, L70, W60cm.
Foldable extension type.
Solid wood table with bamboo legs.
Solid wood table top finish.
Fully assembled.
Weight of table 5kg.

There are a few marks on the top, paint marks maybe some scratches.
1 0 128 Read More
29th Dec 2020 10:26pm Obese Wirral Hits Records Again [by diggingdeeper]
Wirral was the highest area for obesity related hospital admissions in 2018/19 with 3804 admissions. The figures for 2013 thru 2019 show we varied from over three times above the English and North West averages to over double.

This isn't saying we are the most obese but its the combination of both obesity and poor health teaming up together. It may be related to the high alcohol use where Wirral often hits the charts.

Appalling really as the Wirral must be one of the best areas in the country for the number and variety of walks available and has less extreme weather than many other parts.

What is worse is that the figure is still rapidly increasing.

7 482 Read More
28th Dec 2020 4:39pm Birkenhead born Tramway King [by Norton]
I've just seen this posted on the Facebook 'Wirral Virtual Transport Museum'.
It's an extract from the Birkenhead News & Advertiser of 9th Nov 1910 (with corrections) regarding the life and death of Sir J. Clifton Robinson.
During his career, this Birkenhead born man notched up a number of tramway 'firsts' that we never seem to hear of.

Sir J. Clifton Robinson Dies in New York.
Sir J. Clifton Robinson, the “Tramway King,” died on Sunday night. By a strange coincidence he was seized with a fatal illness whilst travelling in a tramcar when returning to his hotel with Lady Robinson after paying a visit to Lady Robinson’s brother. Sir J. Clifton Robinson, who was born in Birkenhead on New Year’s Day 1848, has been connected with tramway’s the whole of his career. At the age of 12 he was employed at the princely wage of 2s. 6d. [221/2p] a week by George Francis Train, who ran the first street tramway in Europe from Woodside to Birkenhead Park. The system was inaugurated on the 1st August 1860, and among Sir J. Clifton Robinson’s most treasured possessions was a pamphlet giving an account of the inaugural banquet to which Mr. Train boldly invited all the crowned heads of Europe, excepting the “King of Naples” (who was unpopular at the time). The frontispiece of the pamphlet contained a photograph (which appeared in the “News” on August 31st of this year) of the first horse car, and near the car may be detected the figure of a small boy, an excellent likeness of Sir Clifton as he then was. Sir Clifton, who was an associate of the Institute of Civil Engineers, a member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, was a managing director and engineer of the London United Electric Tramways, the imperial tramways, director and engineer of the Bristol tramways, and director of the Metropolitan district, Underground’ Electric railways of London, and Corris Railway. He married in 1874 Miss M. E. Martin of Blackrock Cork.
When Mr. Train returned to America he took Sir Clifton with him. Five years later young Robinson returned to England, and. After experience in Ireland, was appointed in 1875, general manager of the Bristol Tramway Company [horse drawn]. Twenty years later he installed the town with the *first urban electric tramway in Great Britain. He designed and constructed the pioneer system of cable and electric tramways at Los Angeles, C lifor ia, (sic) and pioneered the electric traction in London. His early work in London included the inauguration of the **Highgate Hill cable line, the first of it is kind in Europe, which the Lord Mayor opened in 1884.He was also prominent in the laying of other railway systems in various parts of the country.
Sir Clifton was one of those remarkable men whose natural abilities and resolution of character would make them masters of almost any form of activity to which they devoted concentration. He sailed on September 30th for Newfoundland on a mission on behalf of financiers who contemplated taking active part in the development of the colony.
Sir Clifton received his knighthood in 1905 and last February retired from the position of managing director of the London United tramways in order to take a mission to the Philippines where he was reporting on the possible employment of American capital in electric tramway enterprise. He was an ardent motorist and was fond of outdoor sports.
*This is incorrect as the first urban electric tramway was constructed at Blackpool in Lancashire becoming the first urban electric tramway on 29th September 1885, ten years before Bristol. The City to introduce an electric tramway was Leeds in 1891, four years before Bristol.
** The Highgate Hill Cable Tramway had, to say the least, a chequered history, passing through several hands, and even closing for over four years in 1893 following an accident.
Full acknowledgement to the Birkenhead New.
This article, although rightly honouring the life and career of a talented man from Birkenhead, bears all the signs of “reader beware” not everything in print is correct.
In 1870 Train made the first of three widely publicized trips around the globe. He believed that a report of his first journey in a French periodical inspired Jules Verne's novel Around the World in Eighty Days and the protagonist Phileas Fogg may partially be modeled on him.
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28th Dec 2020 12:29pm The Rockville pub [by madrob]
Any one no if it will ever open again still closed and it can do meals only be open one day after March
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28th Dec 2020 7:28am Gaming PC [by karl1972]
I want to buy a new PC in a few months and I have not had a good rig for about 15 years so bit rusty on the old graphics cards and that.
I want to play the likes of Rome total war 2 and some flight sims but not got a clue what rig is best for such games.

Anyone got an ideas?
4 444 Read More
27th Dec 2020 11:56am Lost dog 26th Dec, Bidston Moss [by Greenwood]
Just picked this up from local Facebook page:

If anyone walks their dogs at Bidston moss please please look out for this gorgeous guy!
My sisters dog got spooked and ran off at midday!
Last seen by the pond/lake approx 2/3pm.
Had to give up looking as got so dark 💔💔
We are all heartbroken especially my little niece and nephew!
Hes only a baby still 🙏

Can't post a pic but he's called Georgie and is a frowsy, curly, caramel-coloured little feller. Goodness knows what state he'll be in after last night, unless someone has taken him in.
4 401 Read More
26th Dec 2020 10:48am The good and the bad! [by Excoriator]
Christmas day saw us using electricity enthusiastically in the morning, as Octopus energy had given those of us with smart meters four hours of free electricity!

Our pleasure in this kind gift, however, was somewhat tempered an hour or two later as during out Christmas dinner out went all the lights. Along with about fifty emeil addresses in new ferry we had no power! In our case it caused little inconvenience and the festivities continues by candlelight!

To be fair to Scottish Power who maintain the local network, they restored power quite quickly after an hour or two and a few false starts and we received a phone call apologising for the inconvenience. I have no idea what caused it, and I doubt I'll find out.

In retrospect, we agreed that the absence of power and the candlelight actually enhanced the occasion, as we sat around the table chatting and telling stories rather than watching telly or pursuing any other electricity-aided form of entertainment.

Hopefully everyone else affected found it not too inconvenient and enjoyed Christmas day.
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23rd Dec 2020 1:02pm Time for a name change? [by Excoriator]
Now we are out of the EU, is it perhaps time to change the name of Europa Boulevard and the Europa pool to something more in line with our isolationist stance?

I can think of a new name as easily as you can, but perhaps going back to what it was before it got changed. I assume this was during the time when the word 'Eurowirral ' got bandied about all over the place.

Can anyone recall what the road was called before it got Eurotized?
8 672 Read More
23rd Dec 2020 6:01am Supply & fit alternator [by Pete_M]
Hi all,
Are there any mechanics out there that could supply & fit an alternator to a 2010 Ford Focus 1.6 tdci ?

0 197 Read More
19th Dec 2020 10:22am Green bins to be collected every 3 weeks. [by mikeeb]
The council are proposing to empty the green bin every 3 weeks.
If my calculations are correct, that would mean that every 6th week, the green and black bins would be emptied on that week. Surely, you would need a larger workforce on that 6th week.

Many other proposals from our lovely Wirral Borough Council, like closing Europa Pools, and increasing parking charges here.
12 955 Read More
12th Dec 2020 6:55pm Parrot Fish [by Lando]
Anyone got any juvenille parrot fish ?
0 268 Read More
11th Dec 2020 10:52pm Wirral Covid Mass Testing [by diggingdeeper]
1000 tests done in Wirral on Monday the first day of mass testing. No appointments necessary.

You just need a mobile number or email address to register when you arrive. If you use reading glasses take them with you. If you do not have a mobile number or email address you will be asked to call 119 to get your results.

This mass testing is only for people showing no symptoms.

If you do have symptoms then self-isolate as should others in your household, if you are concerned with your symptoms or need advice phone 111, if somebody is seriously ill (especially a child under 5) phone 999.

If you need help of any sort phone 0151 666 5050

Mass testing sites, all of which are open from Saturday onwards.

The Floral Pavilion, New Brighton 10am to 7pm
(last test at 6:30pm)
7 days a week

Greasby Library 10am to 7pm
(last test at 6:30pm)
7 days a week

Eastham Library 10am to 7pm
(last test at 6:30pm)
7 days a week

Birkenhead Market 9am to 5pm (last test at 4:30pm)
Monday to Saturday
Closed Sunday
7 776 Read More
11th Dec 2020 10:33pm Romet Bicycle Stolen [by diggingdeeper]
Romet bicycle forcefully stolen off a 10 year old lad outside the Premier in Twickenham Drive, Leasowe today. If you see it, please report it.
1 2 540 Read More
9th Dec 2020 11:00pm Another scam? received [by Excoriator]
Of course it may not be, but I received not one but two two claims from DPD that they had called with a parcel but I wasn't in. In fact I was, and heard nobody at the front door. Curious as I hadn't ordered anything and I believe anyone sending me a gift would have warned me to expect it.

It's a bit unclear but rearranging delivery seems to cost £3! I didn't bother.

The tracking number for both parcels were not recognised by DPD, so as far as I'm concerned it's probably a scam.

Be warned. I guess it might cost a lot more than £3 if you go along with these crooks.
4 699 Read More
8th Dec 2020 7:37pm gothic house in Palm Grove, Oxton [by philmch]
Does anyone know anything of the history of this house:

It's the one right at the top - no need to scroll down.

One of my friends reckons that it was a club or spa called Tony's for a while - possible up to the 1990s.

I'd be grateful for any information. Thanks.
14 1,003 Read More
5th Dec 2020 9:49am What a guy [by mikeeb]
If only all kids were like this.
2 453 Read More
4th Dec 2020 9:52pm Joe Anderson Arrested [by granny]


Liverpool's mayor Joe Anderson has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit bribery and witness intimidation.
16 1,464 Read More
4th Dec 2020 1:12pm Fake £5 notes. [by mikeeb]
Anyone had one of these?
I've had one in my wallet for months after it was knocked back at Aldi.
Apparently, they are genuine.
0 260 Read More
4th Dec 2020 1:07am Live Animal Exports Ban [by granny]

NO MORE Live Animal Exports !! .. About time too . Boris said he would ban it . Bravo Boris , it's long overdue. clap
8 628 Read More
30th Nov 2020 5:59pm FREE kids wallpaper [by gerry1]
here is two unused boxes of kids wallpaper, a little bit musty from storage.
There are 12 panels in each box, all you need is some wallpaper paste or some back to back tape.
Each mural is 8ft x 10ft for full wall.

Nice to decorate your childrens room for XMAS.

FREE TO be collected from eastham.
2 2 393 Read More
30th Nov 2020 9:46am 8mm film digital conversion [by MerseyMan]
Hi there
I have a collection of 8mm films that I would like transferred to digital, I had a quick look at prices but going by the amount of film I have it could be pricey. Does anyone have any reccomendations for anyone that could transfer 8mm to digital format?
Many thanks
5 672 Read More
30th Nov 2020 9:32am Bins not emptied. [by mikeeb]
Anyone else not had their bin emptied?
Mine has been out for four days now.
12 761 Read More
28th Nov 2020 12:39pm What pub is this? [by mikeeb]
What pub is this on the corner opposite the Eagle and Crown in Upton?
Or is it just an advertising board?
The image is circa 1950.
[Linked Image]
6 713 Read More
28th Nov 2020 12:40am Pensioner dies in prison [by _Ste_]
So wrong this.

Echo link
18 1,203 Read More
26th Nov 2020 11:40am Tier 2 after lockdown [by mikeeb]
I'm glad we aren't going back into tier 3 after lockdown.

Wirral and the rest of the Liverpool City Region will be in Tier 2 of the Government's Covid Alert System from next Wednesday.
2 443 Read More
24th Nov 2020 9:17pm Gladstone Theatre Vandalised [by diggingdeeper]
Loads of windows have been smashed as well as damage to the roof of the Gladstone Theatre. If I remember correctly there is CCTV so with any luck the vandals will have to do their 30 minutes of community service.
4 619 Read More
23rd Nov 2020 4:08pm Fairs Cameras - Bebington [by diggingdeeper]
The landmark building by Dacre Hill that will probably be remembered forever as "Fairs Cameras".

I believe the building was originally a bank, Bill and Jack Fair ran it as Fairs Cameras for many years and the name has stuck despite the business closing down. Fairs was sold on but eventually collapsed, other businesses have tried to make a go since in the building.

Charles Stevens Funeral Directors are renovating the building up and moving in.
3 8 1,083 Read More
23rd Nov 2020 8:46am car stupidity [by lincle]
Cant buy a car unless on line & trusting dealer to still be trader but you can use car wash as an essential ,why not just use a bucket of water & a sponge. Ive a bee in my bonnet as To me a car is essential when disabled but Ive found a solution .I go down the road & hire one !!
2 519 Read More
22nd Nov 2020 5:42pm Liverpool Airport [by Excoriator]
Will it survive the coronavirus epidemic?

With half a dozen flights a day at the moment and I suspect years before traffic recovers, if it ever does, one wonders if there is enough business in the Northwest to support it given that Manchester Airport is only a stone's throw away.

Personally, I'd be very happy indeed for the noise, traffic and pollution to be moved to Manchester. Seems a good site for a combined wind and solar farm.

5 590 Read More
19th Nov 2020 4:54pm car sales [by lincle]
Ive just spent a week trying to purchase a car through dealers but arent alllowed to test drive because of the lockdown. I can however pay the full cost & have the car delivered to my home ,tax it,insure it & try for 2-4 weeks If I dont want to keep it I can return for full refund .That seems a lot of messing with DVLA who lets face it are bad enough in normal times. Insurance not so bad as can insure just for a month. My question is what happens if in that trial period the dealer ceases to trade .? Would anyone recommend this method & point me in the right direction .
2 499 Read More
18th Nov 2020 10:50am Ban on sales of petrol and diesel cars and vans. [by mikeeb]
Boris Johnson to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030.

Interestingly, this will cause a loss of up to £40 billion of tax revenue from fuel duty and vehicle excise duty.
To cover this shortfall they are discussing a road pricing system but nothing has been decided yet.

"In October 2019, the cross-party House of Commons Transport Select Committee pledged that it would start “a national debate” over the introduction of potential pay-per-mile road pricing schemes. A Labour government first considered road pricing 13 years ago, but plans were dropped over fears of a public backlash."

One thing for sure, the price and taxing of petrol and diesel will skyrocket for the remaining few that still have a roadworthy vehicle.
18 1,144 Read More
17th Nov 2020 10:44am Puppy Mills [by granny]

Many may have seen this, but in case you haven't , as it;s Christmas time there will be lots of puppies in such places. Please don't help to keep the awful practice booming.

Do you know what the red box on the front of each cage is for? This red box can be filled with enough food/water to last 7 days. That means the puppy mill owner can stock those red boxes, walk away, and won't have to return for 7 days. Many owners even turn the lights off in those stinky barns so they can save on electricity. That's not much of a life, is it? Don't buy puppies online and don't buy from a pet store, because you are supporting puppy mills.
1 7 792 Read More
12th Nov 2020 10:34pm Wirral Home Guard [by bridekirk]
Hi. I am new here so bear with me please while I get familiar. smile I have recently formed a new Wirral Living History and Re enactment group attached to Eastham Home Guard Old Comrades Association (Company "D" 21st Bat Cheshire Home Guard ). Our aim is to learn, teach and remember the contribution of the H.G. to the War Wirral. We strive to honour the H.G by being true to its spirit through representing them with respect and accuracy. Our aim is to work with schools, Care Homes, attend events and raise money for charity. We hope to some day have a permanent exhibition devoted to the Home Guard and to write a wider history of the Home Guard here in Wirral. I would love to hear from any locals who would like to join us or help by providing information, photographs or memories of the local Home Guard anywhere in Wirral. We are planning 1940's themed events in wWirral for 2021 ( subject to restrictions being lifted ) and are using this Covid time to get ourselves organised so please get in touch smile
1 0 472 Read More
11th Nov 2020 7:50pm Astra g mk4 coilovers [by madrob]
Front coilovers wanted For Astra mk4
8 883 Read More
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