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Super moon
by cools. 7th Apr 2020 10:51pm
Local food shops that deliver
by assassin. 4th Apr 2020 5:09pm
HMS Prince of Wales
by buddy. 29th Mar 2020 11:06am
New Wirral History
Childrens Home - Upton??
by dingle. 31st Mar 2020 6:29am
Did Wallasey ever have a Rudgrave Avenue?
by Greenwood. 19th Mar 2020 12:25pm
Legal question from 1852 Derby Arms pub Rock Ferry
by soonguy. 11th Mar 2020 11:04am
618 Twenty Row Inn, Leasowe Road
by uptoncx. 1st Mar 2009 8:13pm
Morpeth Buildings Brook St
by Ducko. 12th Jan 2009 11:39am
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by diggingdeeper. 10th Apr 2020 6:21am
Most Haunted, re Bidston Hill?
by diggingdeeper. 10th Apr 2020 2:27am
What song are you listening to?
by granny. 9th Apr 2020 11:13pm
by cools. 9th Apr 2020 9:08pm
Chat : Wirral Pubs Past & Present
by _Ste_. 9th Apr 2020 7:50pm
Vintage\Old computer wanted
by _Ste_. 8th Apr 2020 9:20pm
Where in the World
by granny. 8th Apr 2020 11:38am
16" Sony Trinitron widescreen
by _Ste_. 7th Apr 2020 2:28pm
25" bang & Olufsen tv
by _Ste_. 7th Apr 2020 2:27pm
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View The Space Station
by Greenwood. 28th Mar 2020 4:10pm
4th Apr 2020 8:19am Isle Of Man resident looking for past love [by CaptSanta]
Hi folks,

My neighbor Brian Mallor who lives here on the Isle of Man is in his 80s and he used to work on the ferry before he retired. Around 20 years ago, he used to date a lady who lived in the Ford Estate named Mavis Thorgould(spelling?). He believes she would be in her 60s now.

He’s wanting any help from the internet sleuths out there who may know a Mavis who used to live or may still live in the Wirral area. With the recent goings on, he’s wanting to get back in touch and make she is safe. He’s been a wonderful neighbor to us these past years and since he doesn’t know technology, we volunteered to help out.

Many thanks and stay safe!
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31st Mar 2020 5:29am Childrens Home - Upton?? [by dingle]
Can anybody provide information regarding a Childrens Home in Upton from the mid 1950's. I remember my old Mum working at one that looked after children and young girls from WW2
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29th Mar 2020 10:06am HMS Prince of Wales [by buddy]
[Linked Image]HMS Prince of Wales by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/156321735@N05/]
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27th Mar 2020 9:25pm Car Keys [by Baza7]
FOUND Car keys on the crossroads of Tollemache and Shrewsbury Rd,if there
yours PM me
1 17 605 Read More
27th Mar 2020 12:36pm Bin Men Safety [by diggingdeeper]
Originally Posted by Wirral Council
We would like to thank all residents for their continued patience as bin collection crews continue to catch up this week. As announced earlier in the week, they are currently working a day behind schedule.

We also kindly ask all residents to make sure they're following social distancing guidelines to protect collection staff as well as the following:

Make sure all waste is contained in your bin/s with the lid closed.
Do not put any waste beside the bin or loose at a collection point.
Anyone who feels ill at home (whether diagnosed with COVID-19 or not) should place all their waste in the general rubbish bin, and should double-bag it, making sure the bags are securely tied. They should then wait at least 72 hours before placing it out for collection. This material should not be put in your recycling.
Do not come out for a chat with the crews and keep your distance if you are out for your daily exercise. They're nice people, and would probably appreciate a smile and a wave, but we need to adhere to social distancing guidelines of 2 meters.
Wirral Council and Biffa take the health and safety of staff very seriously and have been working hard to ensure that additional personal protective equipment (PPE) is available for staff and that procedures have been put in place to enable social distancing as much as possible.

As well as their usual PPE, including gloves, crews have been supplied with soap and water, individual hand sanitiser gel, antibacterial wipes and additional gloves. Procedures have also been put in place to limit the time that crews are all together in the cab, such as loaders being able to start from site, rather than come to the depot at the start and end of shift.
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25th Mar 2020 2:40pm Marine Lake Path Closed [by diggingdeeper]
The path around Marine Lake, West Kirby has been closed as it is felt to be a risk to social distancing.
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24th Mar 2020 3:24pm Image convertor apps [by cools]
I’m having trouble putting any images up on my posts. It says file does not support this , I am looking how I can fix it and a lot of advice on these converter apps which convert to pnf or jpg which it says any images need to be. Me not being very techy and don’t like putting anything on my iPad I’m not sure of am abit wary. Are they ok to install and I assume they free? Help please.
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23rd Mar 2020 10:51pm Oxton Bar and Terrace Boycott [by diggingdeeper]
Used to be my local at one time (when it was The Talbot) but I will never set another foot in the place after the rant at the NHS workers at this time.

3 400 Read More
23rd Mar 2020 8:46pm LIVE WORLD CAMS [by rocks]
I thought some people may enjoy looking at the animal world while we have to stay in, I followed the eagle nest a few years ago and found it fascinating watching the eggs hatch and finally flee the nest...quite a journey and not without some sadness along the way...enjoy smile

7 320 Read More
23rd Mar 2020 2:29am View The Space Station [by diggingdeeper]
Some good opportunities to see the Space Station coming up, some of the best are:-

Tue Mar 24, 8:25 PM, 4 min peak elevation 61° from 10° above WSW to 55° above SE

Wed Mar 25, 7:38 PM, 6 min peak elevation 54° from 10° above WSW to 16° above E

Thu Mar 26, 8:28 PM, 3 min peak elevation 64° from 12° above W to 58° above SE

Fri Mar 27, 7:41 PM, 4 min peak elevation 65° from 22° above WSW to 17° above E

Sat Mar 28, 8:30 PM, 3 min peak elevation 52° from 18° above W to 48° above SSE

Sun Mar 29, 8:44 PM, 4 min peak elevation 60° from 26° above W to 17° above ESE
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22nd Mar 2020 11:23pm Where in the World [by granny]

There are some amazing places in this world, most of which none of us will see in real life , but with the internet we can learn about and view so much more now.

We can go around the world in our own front room, so whilst we are wondering what to do with our own spare time, maybe you will share some of your choices with either photographs or pictures of places and things you find interesting. Where you would like to visit or have visited , historical, modern, mountains and sea, gardens and buildings , monuments and temples. Anything that takes your interest.

Where or what in the world would you like to share ?
43 1,024 Read More
20th Mar 2020 2:35pm Mural @ Waterloo Road New Brighton [by GaryFromWirral]
Here's a new mural .... done by Nomad Clan , located at the bottom of Waterloo Road
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20th Mar 2020 12:19am Bike Light [by ynwa96]
Found a decent bike light in New Ferry on the 19th if anyone has lost one!
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19th Mar 2020 12:25pm Did Wallasey ever have a Rudgrave Avenue? [by Greenwood]
I can find Rudgrave Square, Place and Mews, all in Egremont, but no Avenue. My cousin has found an old satchel in her late mother's effects with initials stamped on the outside that we can't match to any ancestors we already know about, and a handwritten address inside that looks like Rudgrave Avenue - it's a bit of a mystery! Does anybody have any ideas on that address? I can't see it on the 6" OS map from 1888-1913 either.
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15th Mar 2020 9:48pm Rockferry high school fire [by cools]
Big fire tonight in the lovely old house that was part of Rockferry High, listed building such a shame it was a grand house.. wonder how that started?
10 561 Read More
12th Mar 2020 10:57am Avirex leather Jackets USAF [by Bultaco]
Beatles Day in my life
Started collecting years ago some fit some don't anymore which did love to wear. Find Vintage clothing is better Quality anyway bet you not many collect these anymore only sellers. Also collect Bultaco bikes when going for silly money. Thoe won't cross that line if vins tampered even if need just bike parts my brother use to drum it into me as was a biker and hated bike thief's with a Passion and if caught one say No more.😇
2 0 234 Read More
11th Mar 2020 2:23pm Plasterboard [by TheComputerLab]

Got a few sheets of plasterboard left from a project. Free to anyone that wants it
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11th Mar 2020 11:04am Legal question from 1852 Derby Arms pub Rock Ferry [by soonguy]
Please, are there any legal eagles who can unpack this newspaper report from 1852. What it seems to say is that the landlord Richard Crafter (an ancestor) of the Derby House (now the Derby Arms) in Rock Ferry has got into financial difficulties and is, I guess, owing both the leasehold owner of the building, and the brewery. But how does this differ from bankruptcy? For, in fact, Richard Crafter was to happily continue as landlord there for another nine years, not only operating the Derby Arms, but also doing mobile catering at events on the race course in Chester.

I would also like to find an old photo of the Derby Arms, if anyone knows of one.

Grateful thanks.
1 6 583 Read More
3rd Mar 2020 1:30pm Coronavirus Loose on the Wirral [by diggingdeeper]
Hilbre High School has been closed because a parent has tested positive for Coronavirus and their child was in school yesterday.


Remember, if you are out in public places do not touch your face with your hands until you have washed/disinfected them.
22 1,467 Read More
28th Feb 2020 2:43pm Bus & Tram Museum 6:30 Fri 28/2/20 [by Norton]
'NorthWest Tonight' BBC1, 6:30pm. this evening, is coming from Wirral Transport and Tram Museum.
4 613 Read More
25th Feb 2020 6:03pm HSBS Banks Closing etc [by diggingdeeper]

Heswall and Wallasey HSBC banks are to close.

From my reckoning, those banks that are left ..

Barclays - Six --- Birkenhead, Liscard, Bromborough, West Kirby, Heswall and Moreton.
Lloyds - Six --- Moreton, Wallasey, Birkenhead, Prenton, Heswall and Bromborough.
Natwest - Four --- Bebington, Birkenhead, Liscard and West Kirby.
Santander --- Three - Birkenhead, Wallasey and Heswall.
Nationwide --- Three - Birkenhead, Bromborough and Heswall.
HSBC - Two --- Birkenhead and Bromborough
Co-operative --- none.

However some of the banks' services can be found at the Post Office, please use the Post Offices as much as possible to keep them alive.

Feel free to inform of any errors.
19 1,217 Read More
21st Feb 2020 3:15pm FREE - Denby Dinner Set [by Heidi123]
Set consists of:-

7 mugs/6 pudding-cereal bowls /6 side plates/6 dinner plates.
1 1 420 Read More
19th Feb 2020 3:09pm Lost Dog. Bichon Frise [by muzzy2]
Lost from Prenton this morning. Probably along Storeton Rd / Mount Rd direction. If sighted, please phone 07971757527
5 654 Read More
17th Feb 2020 12:41pm Free Technics Hi fi system plus 2 speakers [by Heidi123]
Free Technics Hi Fi System plus 2 speakers. It is similar to the pic but includes 2 speakers .

Having a clear out hence I am giving it away .
1 3 638 Read More
15th Feb 2020 5:27pm Data Controller Request [by Pete_M]
Here's hoping someone can advise me on the following.
I recently requested all information held about me at my former employers, their answer was as follows:

Good Afternoon Pete.
As Data Controller, I am required to confirm your identity to ensure I am satisfied with your request prior to release of Personal Data.
Please can you confirm the following:

Start and end date at xxxxxxxx Ltd.
Place of birth
Name of person to contact in emergency ( held in Personnel file)
Name of last school attended
Name of any Collages attended (if at all)
Any convictions (If any)
I also require a copy of photo ID to be sent.

Kind Regards

This seems a little excessive, or, is this a normal response? ( and yes, I dd notice colleges was spelt incorrectly ) smile

5 778 Read More
7th Feb 2020 11:19pm 41 Scotch Thistle [by Kylix]
I think this photo is showing the Scotch Thistle at the junction of Bentinck/Fox Street.
It's how I remember it in the 60's when my nan lived at 26 Fox Street opposite the Brougham Mission.
1 0 418 Read More
7th Feb 2020 5:05pm Storm Ciara [by cools]
Batten down the hatches for tomorrow and Sunday looks like we’re in for a windy weekend.
10 928 Read More
7th Feb 2020 4:56am Christ Church Claughton School [by dingle]
Did anybody attend here. I was here 1953 to 1960.
2 467 Read More
29th Jan 2020 9:15pm Lever Causeway gas pipe. [by Excoriator]
Is the new gas pipe being laid along the lever causeway in preparation for all the houses that are going to be built on the green belt there?
4 683 Read More
27th Jan 2020 11:04am Tv Stand / Bracket on castors [by dodie]
As above FREE
1 0 378 Read More
25th Jan 2020 7:15pm Alfred Dock [by buddy]
Few night photos:-

[Linked Image]Virginiaborg by John Halliday, on Flickr

[Linked Image]Virginiaborg by John Halliday, on Flickr

[Linked Image]Virginiaborg by John Halliday, on Flickr
1 46 Read More
22nd Jan 2020 2:33pm Kodi [by GingerTom]
Can anyone put the latest version of Kodi and apps on my MXQ box,the apps are starting to close down,for the guy who loaded it won't do Kodi any more.would be greatfull as I'm not tech enough,will pay.Thanks.
8 1,472 Read More
22nd Jan 2020 7:52am street works [by lincle]
It was only a few weeks ago that residents were inconvenienced by Open Reach installing cables everywhere.In my case 5 days of being unable to use my driveway then guess what along come Virgin doing the same thing,digging up the same pavements & more inconvenience made worse by the fact that double yellow lines restrict road parking . Why cant these companies work in conjunction with each other ,is it too much to ask or us it a man thing.
4 601 Read More
14th Jan 2020 5:52pm New Trains for Merseyrail [by mburdett555]

Merseyrail merseytravel are replacing their existing ageing trains with new trains.

The first of the new fleet, called the "class 777" was delivered into Folkestone through the channel tunnel last Thursday from it's journey from Switzerland where it was built.

The new trains are expected to come into service at some point later this year.

The old class 507 / 508 trains , I assume, will be scrapped like most ageing stock.

The first of the 777s will be delivered to Kirkdale Wednesday into Thursday early am.

If anyone's interested in staying up Thursday midnight, the timings are below.
24 1,861 Read More
3rd Jan 2020 12:06am Wirral HIstory & Heritage Assoc. [by granny]

Future Events 2020

0 545 Read More
2nd Jan 2020 4:48pm How not to sell cars! [by Excoriator]
My wife is looking for a newish car and we wandered into a well-known car showroom in New Brighton to see what they had on offer.

Unfortunately, the available cars were outside and speech proved very difficult as an array of loudspeakers was used to fill the area with cheap pop music and inconsequential DJ babble from the local radio bonehead. It was absolutely deafening, and how the neighbours could tolerate this din was hard to believe.

We left, without looking at any of the cars to the bafflement of the young salesman who obviously enjoyed the noise. At one time I might have told him why we left, but I have given up trying to convince such people that everyone doesn't want to shout over the continuous shrieking and bawling.
10 1,487 Read More
31st Dec 2019 11:52am New Brighton featured on Radio 4 [by Greenwood]
This morning, New Year's Eve, the 'Positive Thinking' programme at 9.15 - 9.30am was about the regeneration of the Victoria Road area, street art, and interviewed the businessman who bought up empty shops and rented them to small businesses, considered knock-on effects of street art etc. It's interesting to hear some background to what's happened. No mention of Vale Park and the fairy gardens, but it was specifically about the Victoria Road area, so fair enough. The Black Pearl got a mention though. The programme's repeated at 9.30pm - for those of you not already enmeshed in New Year festivities! - and will presumably be available online after that.
2 991 Read More
31st Dec 2019 10:58am Bangbad [by Excoriator]
Just thought I'd let people know about what happens if an item you buy from 'Banggood' goes astray. This company is a sort of Chinese Amazon and you can buy cheap stuff from Chine if you are prepared to wait a bit.

I bought a power unit from them on 30th November. and was pleased to find that by 7th of December it had made it from the far east to Liverpool where it was 'Manifested for delivery' There it has remained for the whole of December and on contacting Messrs Banggood was told that nothing can be done until 60 days have elapsed since it was ordered, despite being told that delivery would be 20 days!

It is still 'Manifested for delivery' but nobody seems to know where in Liverpool this is, or the identity of the courier.

Whilst not advising people not to buy from this company, be prepared for the runaround if things go wrong. I will certainly avoid them in future. It's probably better to pay a few pounds more on Amazon if they have the same items.
3 650 Read More
25th Dec 2019 11:12pm Speedo Mick [by granny]

Anyone following Speedo Mick ?


Having his Xmas dinner.



6 1,010 Read More
19th Dec 2019 9:06pm 20 years of TAC Advertising [by diggingdeeper]
Australia has been using TAC Advertising (Transport Accident Commission) for 20 years, it shows the reality of drink, drug and dangerous driving.

If you know people that drive under the influence, do something about it, its not only their lives in danger, it is others including people you know that are in danger.

Considered too gory for American TV, watch at your peril, it gets worse as it progresses and have a box of tissues handy.

8 1,009 Read More
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