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by _Ste_. 16th Nov 2020 12:23pm
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Fairs Cameras - Bebington
by diggingdeeper. 23rd Nov 2020 4:08pm
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by derekdwc. 4th Jul 2014 9:34pm
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Tier 2 after lockdown
by diggingdeeper. 26th Nov 2020 12:58pm
MP's pay rise
by diggingdeeper. 26th Nov 2020 12:53pm
Gladstone Theatre Vandalised
by mikeeb. 26th Nov 2020 10:46am
Fairs Cameras - Bebington
by Excoriator. 26th Nov 2020 9:50am
Award for Corbyn ???
by diggingdeeper. 26th Nov 2020 1:30am
by _Ste_. 25th Nov 2020 4:58pm
Brexit Transition
by diggingdeeper. 25th Nov 2020 2:38pm
Rockferry high school fire
by cools. 24th Nov 2020 8:58pm
Oxton Flats
by AndyT. 24th Nov 2020 12:09pm
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by mikeeb. 24th Nov 2020 10:42am
Pontins Southport
by mikeeb. 18th Nov 2020 1:13pm
9 hours ago Tier 2 after lockdown [by mikeeb]
I'm glad we aren't going back into tier 3 after lockdown.

Wirral and the rest of the Liverpool City Region will be in Tier 2 of the Government's Covid Alert System from next Wednesday.
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24th Nov 2020 9:17pm Gladstone Theatre Vandalised [by diggingdeeper]
Loads of windows have been smashed as well as damage to the roof of the Gladstone Theatre. If I remember correctly there is CCTV so with any luck the vandals will have to do their 30 minutes of community service.
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23rd Nov 2020 4:08pm Fairs Cameras - Bebington [by diggingdeeper]
The landmark building by Dacre Hill that will probably be remembered forever as "Fairs Cameras".

I believe the building was originally a bank, Bill and Jack Fair ran it as Fairs Cameras for many years and the name has stuck despite the business closing down. Fairs was sold on but eventually collapsed, other businesses have tried to make a go since in the building.

Charles Stevens Funeral Directors are renovating the building up and moving in.
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23rd Nov 2020 8:46am car stupidity [by lincle]
Cant buy a car unless on line & trusting dealer to still be trader but you can use car wash as an essential ,why not just use a bucket of water & a sponge. Ive a bee in my bonnet as To me a car is essential when disabled but Ive found a solution .I go down the road & hire one !!
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22nd Nov 2020 5:42pm Liverpool Airport [by Excoriator]
Will it survive the coronavirus epidemic?

With half a dozen flights a day at the moment and I suspect years before traffic recovers, if it ever does, one wonders if there is enough business in the Northwest to support it given that Manchester Airport is only a stone's throw away.

Personally, I'd be very happy indeed for the noise, traffic and pollution to be moved to Manchester. Seems a good site for a combined wind and solar farm.

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19th Nov 2020 4:54pm car sales [by lincle]
Ive just spent a week trying to purchase a car through dealers but arent alllowed to test drive because of the lockdown. I can however pay the full cost & have the car delivered to my home ,tax it,insure it & try for 2-4 weeks If I dont want to keep it I can return for full refund .That seems a lot of messing with DVLA who lets face it are bad enough in normal times. Insurance not so bad as can insure just for a month. My question is what happens if in that trial period the dealer ceases to trade .? Would anyone recommend this method & point me in the right direction .
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18th Nov 2020 10:50am Ban on sales of petrol and diesel cars and vans. [by mikeeb]
Boris Johnson to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030.

Interestingly, this will cause a loss of up to £40 billion of tax revenue from fuel duty and vehicle excise duty.
To cover this shortfall they are discussing a road pricing system but nothing has been decided yet.

"In October 2019, the cross-party House of Commons Transport Select Committee pledged that it would start “a national debate” over the introduction of potential pay-per-mile road pricing schemes. A Labour government first considered road pricing 13 years ago, but plans were dropped over fears of a public backlash."

One thing for sure, the price and taxing of petrol and diesel will skyrocket for the remaining few that still have a roadworthy vehicle.
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17th Nov 2020 10:44am Puppy Mills [by granny]

Many may have seen this, but in case you haven't , as it;s Christmas time there will be lots of puppies in such places. Please don't help to keep the awful practice booming.

Do you know what the red box on the front of each cage is for? This red box can be filled with enough food/water to last 7 days. That means the puppy mill owner can stock those red boxes, walk away, and won't have to return for 7 days. Many owners even turn the lights off in those stinky barns so they can save on electricity. That's not much of a life, is it? Don't buy puppies online and don't buy from a pet store, because you are supporting puppy mills.
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12th Nov 2020 10:34pm Wirral Home Guard [by bridekirk]
Hi. I am new here so bear with me please while I get familiar. smile I have recently formed a new Wirral Living History and Re enactment group attached to Eastham Home Guard Old Comrades Association (Company "D" 21st Bat Cheshire Home Guard ). Our aim is to learn, teach and remember the contribution of the H.G. to the War Wirral. We strive to honour the H.G by being true to its spirit through representing them with respect and accuracy. Our aim is to work with schools, Care Homes, attend events and raise money for charity. We hope to some day have a permanent exhibition devoted to the Home Guard and to write a wider history of the Home Guard here in Wirral. I would love to hear from any locals who would like to join us or help by providing information, photographs or memories of the local Home Guard anywhere in Wirral. We are planning 1940's themed events in wWirral for 2021 ( subject to restrictions being lifted ) and are using this Covid time to get ourselves organised so please get in touch smile
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11th Nov 2020 7:50pm Astra g mk4 coilovers [by madrob]
Front coilovers wanted For Astra mk4
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6th Nov 2020 10:12am Firework attack [by lincle]
Just viewed recording of idiots on the Beechwood firing fireworks at a police car. What a load of morons ,where are the parents of these kids. They cant be disciplined in school theres obviously none at home .Someone will be badly injured one day but will they care ,will they hell.
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31st Oct 2020 11:09am Wirral’s Rights of Way Map [by mikeeb]
"We’ve been informed by Wirral Council’s Rights of Way Officer, Robin Tutchings, of the latest “long awaited” definitive map showing Wirral’s ‘official’ permissive routes and off-road cycle tracks."
Make sure you use the hidden menu on the top left of the web-page to view the key. To the best of Robin’s knowledge the map is accurate, but if you have any suggestions for corrections then please contact Robin at

Please note, this only covers WBC and not the whole of the Wirral Peninsula.
Although it does not cover every single path, it is the best one that I've seen to date.
11 733 Read More
30th Oct 2020 5:39pm Vets. [by Fidelio]
Hi,we are thinking about changing from our current vets to Animal Trust in Birkenhead, does anyone on here use them or have any opinions of them good or bad. Thanks.
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28th Oct 2020 12:35pm New Brighton Masterplan [by mikeeb]
Most of us love New Brighton and would love to see it regain its glory days. There are a lot of things we would like to happen, like, don't knock down the Queens and replace it with ugly apartments. Although Fort Perch Rock is privately owned, can't something be done with it. Why is the marine lake not being used? When the New Palace is knocked down, don't build more apartments.

Our Lido Ltd are involed with the consultation for a new outdoor heated pool.

"Wirral Council is developing a masterplan for New Brighton, which will set out a clear and shared vision to revitalise New Brighton over the next 15 years.

We want to hear your views to ensure the masterplan reflects what people want.

We want to find out what sort of place New Brighton could be and to get your views on the issues that the masterplan should address."

Whether Wirral Council will act on your views remains to be seen, but hey-ho!
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27th Oct 2020 9:59pm Leisure Centres Re-Open - or NOT [by diggingdeeper]
Big news from the Council yesterday that the Leisure Centres were re-opening - well look at this list and judge if that is true. (note that "opening" may not mean open immediately)

West Kirby Baths - Opening
West Kirby Gym - Opening
Guinea Gap Gym - Opening
Guinea Gap Baths - Opening
Europa Baths - Opening

Europa Gym - Closed
Oval Baths - Closed
Oval Gym - Closed
Oval Sports Hall - Closed
Wirral Tennis Gym - Closed
Wirral Tennis Sports Hall - Closed
Leasowe Gym - Closed
Leasowe Baths - Closed
Leasowe Sports Hall - Closed
Woodchurch Baths - Closed
Woodchurch Gym - Closed
Woodchurch Sports Hall - Closed

I guess squash courts are closed, there are separate details for outdoor sports.

So basically the smaller places are opening and the larger centres are being closed.

Why people can swim together but people even from the same household can't play Badminton is crazy. The amount of airborne Chlorine at the baths is not sufficient to instantly kill airborne CV and I doubt the chlorine in the water is sufficiently strong to do likewise.
6 408 Read More
25th Oct 2020 12:26pm View Ranger [by mikeeb]
Does anybody else use the View Ranger app?
It is great for creating your own GPX walking routes which you can then download to your phone so you don't get lost.
3 406 Read More
24th Oct 2020 9:11am Wirral Way grids [by mikeeb]
I went for a walk yesterday and noticed theses strange structures on the Wirral Way between Lees Lane and Station Road, Neston.
There is about 10 of them with manholes on them, and a huge concrete pipe connecting them all together.
My friend said they might have been water stops, but why are there so many in just half a mile?
I suspected sewage pipes, again, why so many access points?
Can anyone shed any light on these?
2 3 522 Read More
23rd Oct 2020 11:29am Scratch repairs [by mikeeb]
Can anyone recommend somebody to repair a few scuffs and scratches on my car.
5 577 Read More
22nd Oct 2020 2:29pm Council services [by Excoriator]
Many have now been abandoned due to covid-19. One worrying one is planning searches. I tried to find out what's happening at the docks where a great deal of work is going and Tower road yet again closed. No documentation, no appeals, no information was available on line except the decision to OK whatever the builders want to build there.

Surely the default condition when the planning process stops is to stop development not to okay it without public involvement whatsoever. I begin to wonder if even councilors are involved in ths rubber-stamping exercise.
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21st Oct 2020 3:02pm Boaty [by oldpm01]
Something for Birkenhead to be proud of...............
1 11 656 Read More
17th Oct 2020 10:46am UK's worst Street Birkenhead [by mikeeb]
It is titled 'UK's worst Street Birkenhead, Liverpool CH41'
This was not the worst street in the UK.
It was criminal knocking these houses and the neighbouring streets down.
2 605 Read More
16th Oct 2020 4:19pm Wirral Crime August 2020 [by diggingdeeper]
Wirral Crime August 2020

Anti-social behaviour - 697
Bicycle theft - 21
Burglary - 92
Criminal damage and arson - 239
Drugs - 140
Other crime - 45
Other theft - 140
Possession of weapons - 20
Public order - 299
Robbery - 20
Shoplifting - 93
Theft from the person - 20
Vehicle crime - 76
Violence and sexual offences - 1001

Total - 2903
14 814 Read More
14th Oct 2020 8:44pm North Star in Bentinck ST [by derekdwc]
Can anyone confirm if there was a North Star in Bentinck Street.?
Comparing some pics with one with Bentinck Street street sign on it against North Star in Cleveland Street although they look very similar there appears to be
more top windows in the Bentinck Street one.
3 6 648 Read More
11th Oct 2020 9:11pm Road leading to Queensway tunnel [by chris58]
Travelling over the flyover to Liverpool today and the road leading to the booths - sorry don't know name of approach rd. On the right I noticed a derelict double fronted wall with a door! Typical I didn't have my phone to take a quick picture - I was a passenger!
I'm curious what was there and why leave the front of a building!
All these years and I've never noticed it before! Has anyone noticed this before and any ideas?
31 1,757 Read More
10th Oct 2020 10:57am Genealogical Research - Macmillan [by Alex_Macmillan]
I am trying to get information on my family roots within the Wirral.
My Grandfather Alexander MacNicol Macmillan was married to Louise Yvonne (nee DeVille) and lived on the Wirral during the inter War years. I believe my Grandfather was at some time a Purser on the P&O Orient Line but in 1930 he went blind and eventually ended up in St Dunstans. In 1939 my Grand mother was living at 6 Seaview Avenue Wallasey and latterly at 9 Malpas Road Wallasey. My father was Alexander Charles Macmillan who falsified his age and joined the Army in 1935 transferring to the RAF in 1942. All I know about my family's life on the Wirral is all hearsay and I would be most grateful if anyone on this Forum could add anything to my quest for information.
Thanks in advance
Alex Macmillan
25 1,522 Read More
4th Oct 2020 4:50pm Archaeological investigation Wallasey [by mikeeb]
The development of the Wirral Waters project has unearthed some interesting foundations on the Wallasey side of the docks near the Tower Rd bridge.

Evidence of early industrial developments that were discovered include:

> The foundational remains of The Seacombe Smalt Works which were established in the early 19th century to produce smalt (an inorganic pigment), which was at the time an important pigment used in European oil painting.

> The remains of an iron, lead and copper works which had been established during the 1820s. Following its initial use to produce lead, the works were then acquired by John Bibby & Co to produce copper. Products offered included copper-plated hulls for wooden ships.

> An alkali works which had been established during the early to mid-19th century.

Commenting on the findings of the archaeological investigation, Richard Mawdsley, Director of Development at Wirral Waters at Peel L&P, said:

“The Wirral has a strong industrial heritage; a heritage which we have seen first-hand thanks to the findings of this archaeological investigation. Wirral Waters in collaboration with our partners SoilFix are committed to documenting and recording this heritage so that it may inform some of the research objectives outlined in the current North West Regional Research Framework for historians and archaeologists.”

“A lot of analytical work will need to be carried out on the samples that have been taken from the excavation but, once completed, this will undoubtedly be hailed as one of the most important investigations of a historic industrial site in Merseyside in recent times. I’m immensely grateful to Peel L&P and SoilFix for facilitating this important and unique excavation.”

I didn't realise that there was any heavy industry in Wallasey before the docks were built. How would they transport it? Did Wallasey pool have moorings for boats/ships?
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
3 553 Read More
4th Oct 2020 11:48am Mongoose bmx [by TheComputerLab]
Central Park small lake.

Black and green bmx. Chain broken but otherwise good condition.

Looks like it’s probably been stolen and dumped.
1 393 Read More
4th Oct 2020 8:02am Xbox1 Venom Controller Batteries [by Catsick]
2 rechargeable batteries plus USB cable. May be of use to someone?
Minimal usage.
1 0 168 Read More
3rd Oct 2020 2:44pm Creative Muvo MF8365 PC Speaker [by Catsick]
Basically what the title says, it's a bluetooth speaker you should be able to pair with your device.
1 0 159 Read More
28th Sep 2020 12:08am Coping Stones [by zigzagwanderer]
Quantity of old sandstone coping stones , maybe 12 / 15 foot usable or break up for a rockery ?
1 0 248 Read More
25th Sep 2020 12:23pm Argyle Theatre [by mikeeb]
I was reading about the history of the Argyle Theatre and that it was bombed in the blitz and condemned but interestingly it wasn't knocked down, the dressing room complex and Argyle Hotel survived.
The theatre carried on as a travelling theatre.

The Argyle Theatre for Youth by Geoff Unwin
A visitor to this site, Geoff Unwin, who performed for the Argyle Theatre For Youth and was also the composer of the title song score for the feature film 'On the Buses,' has sent in some information and images of the Argyle Theatre, he writes:-

'Dennis Clarke, who ran the Theatre in the first half of the 20th Century, had three sons, two of which - Tom and Gerrard - ran the Argyle Theatre for Youth from the dressing room complex of the Theatre that survived the blitz.

It was a traveling fit-up theatre which I joined in 1957 for a production of Alice in Wonderland, touring schools all over the British Isles. (I played the white rabbit and Judy Vague - a great niece of Hollywood's Vera Vague - played Alice.)

Uncle Tom, as we called him often told us stories of his childhood in the Theatre. He remembered the first movies being shown there on a huge white linen sheet which was suspended from the ceiling in the centre of the Theatre. Firemen sprayed water on it in order for those on both sides of the screen to view the hazy images. No-one complained about the water running down the isles apparently!

In 1949 Tom Clarke bought a job-lot of costumes from Tom Arnold and these were used in his touring productions as well as being hired out to other companies. I remember 'uncle Tom' opening a locked door in the rabbit warren of dressing rooms to let us look out into the ruin of the Theatre. It was open to the sky and still contained huge mounds of bricks which had been left there since the war.

This was in 1957, I don't think it would be allowed today.
[Linked Image]

The Theatre for Youth continued into the 1970's. In the early 1980's the Argyle pub, attached to the Theatre, was condemned as 'unsafe' and in danger of collapse and was finally demolished along with the remains of the Theatre.

Today there is no sign of there ever having been such a wonderful Theatre with its own adjoining pub ever having existed on the barren space which is now a car park.' (For those that don't know, this is the car park opposite the old post office) - Text courtesy Geoff Unwin.

I found it strange that they left the ruins for so long. Did they have urban explorers back then? laugh

An old map from 1955 still showing the Argyle Theatre and ruins behind it. A 1970 map also shows the ruins still there.
1 4 691 Read More
23rd Sep 2020 12:57pm Woody [by lincle]
Hi Everyone,Your help needed again to find owner of black/white shih tzu found in Oxton Rd Birkenhead ,now at FOBK . Hes wearing a black flea collar,no tag but is chipped “WOODY” unfortunately no response from any contact numbers listed. Lets get him home pls
6 772 Read More
19th Sep 2020 3:05pm Stage-Coach Timetables in 1830's [by mikeeb]
Very interesting site here detailing all the stage coaches and ferrys timetables and names. The site also has national stage coach timetables.

"Stage-Coach Timetables in 1830's Cheshire

Here are the timetables for all the stage-coaches, and passenger-boats, running in Cheshire in the spring of 1830. If Ye Worlde Wide Webbe had existed in 1830, this page could have been used to plan real journeys.

The first map shows the routes within Cheshire. Click on a stopping place (black dot) to see a list of coaches stopping there, click on a coach in the list to view its timetable."
5 563 Read More
17th Sep 2020 7:55pm cat found,Wallasey [by doggod]
hi,i said hello to a cat last night (16/09/2020) and he followed me home. he was sitting outside a house in King street,Wallasey just by tescos. i have been to the house but they said he wasn`t theirs. he is still young about 12mths maybe and he is in great condition and has been looked after really well. he has a collar on and wants to be stroked constantly. 07757 095432
6 747 Read More
17th Sep 2020 2:38pm Birkenhead Trams 1876 [by mikeeb]
I have been looking at a map from 1876 and it shows trams running on Price St then up Vittoria St to the park entrance. I thought they only ran along Conway St to that entrance so it must have been a circular route.
Another route I didn't know about was the one up to Palm Grove. It ran up Park Rd East, Park Rd South then up to the top of Palm Grove where it ends and there is a street railway depot there.
The only other route is Canning St, Bridge St, Cleveland St, and Beaufort Rd to the old Docks Station on Wallasey Bridge Rd.
9 963 Read More
17th Sep 2020 8:20am Spring fitting required [by gerrymoore]
I need a spring compressing and fitted to the strut. It's a bmw 4 series and the spring is more oval than straight and I can't seem to get my spring compressor on it. I have the strut off and the new spring just need them 'mating' as soon as possible as I need the car for next Tuesday. Many thanks Gerry (not sure if you're still at it Brian??
1 433 Read More
12th Sep 2020 4:07pm Wooden Single Bed, Headboard, Mattress and Drawer [by rhoobarb2002]
[Linked Image]

Good condition, it's free because it needs to be gone ASAP, we just don't have the room for it. The boards on the bottom of the drawer just need securing. The bed itself is very sturdy and well made.


The headboard has been dismantled from the bed, but the rest of the bed is in one piece. Please only ask for it if you have the transport to take it away, I managed to fit it into a large 7 seater with the front seats pushed as far forward as they could go. I doubt it would fit into anything smaller.
1 370 Read More
12th Sep 2020 11:51am WHAT PUB [by derekdwc]

Came across this pic on internet. Marked as "public house Birkenhead 1900"
Any idea what its name was?
1 8 1,139 Read More
8th Sep 2020 9:02am Our Earth [by granny]

Considering it takes a few thousand years to find buried treasure and old artifacts relating to life on this planet, how is it we KNOW what the earth is made up from ?

The deepest drill was 12 kms in 1980s but according to science there are 6,371 kms to the centre of the earth ( in a straight line.) How do they know that ?

The centre of the earth is solid iron ! How do they know that ? Are they going on assumptions , because scientist do get things wrong, and if the earth should end, I wonder how would it end ? I can;t see it blowing up , but I can see humans destroying life in the not too distant future.

We seem to have come to a transition period atm from human activity to AI. This will surely be the beginning of the human senses, brain thought process and activity closing down. Is it fair on our gt grandchildren's children , if human birth is still available by then ?

We will come to an end as a human race, we have to , and will the scientist have handed over all their data to technology to decide who will be saved and who will not ? Will the sceintists regret their meddling into the future after the event , just like Robert Oppenheimer ?

What do you think ? How can we know the centre of the earth be solid iron ?

If members can't find something to discuss and expand on this , then I give up.
36 2,954 Read More
7th Sep 2020 7:18am 2x2 seater leather sofas recliner [by paul110180]
2x2 seater black leather recliner sofas 1 is excellent condition and other is good must go asap free to a good home 07793555415.
2 0 380 Read More
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Fairs Cameras - Bebington
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For Sale & Free
by _Ste_. 25th Nov 2020 4:58pm
2009 Mini 1.4 First - Full JCW Bodykit
by delta6. 23rd Nov 2020 10:14am
Ps4 Glacier White 500gb
by Peter0787. 20th Nov 2020 6:34pm
by paul110180. 17th Nov 2020 9:44pm
Ipad 5 Mini 256gb
by Catsick. 14th Nov 2020 2:25pm
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