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by diggingdeeper. 24th Oct 2021 5:18pm
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Temporary relocation of Birkenhead Market
by diggingdeeper. 26th Oct 2021 2:06pm
Aerial Archaeology Mapping Explorer
by diggingdeeper. 26th Oct 2021 2:01pm
Old Car Photo
by cools. 26th Oct 2021 8:02am
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by granny. 25th Oct 2021 10:51pm
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by granny. 25th Oct 2021 9:17pm
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by cools. 24th Oct 2021 11:58pm
holy trinity church.
by diggingdeeper. 24th Oct 2021 5:31pm
Wanted 1hp single phase electric motor
by spider. 22nd Oct 2021 12:52pm
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Royden Hall Christmas Fair
by Greenwood. 28th Sep 2021 10:59am
24th Oct 2021 10:28pm Car Park in New Ferry [by Excoriator]
A week or so back I noticed part of the car park in New Ferry adjacent to Port Sunlight had been fenced off and a load of container and other vehicles appearing there. I assumed it was the builders preparing to build all over it with new flats, but they all seem to have vanished again.

What was going on there?
1 120 Read More
24th Oct 2021 4:18pm Aerial Archaeology Mapping Explorer [by diggingdeeper]
Historic England have released the "Aerial Archaeology Mapping Explorer" which is a must see, it is not complete but has an amazing amount of detail about WW2 structures on the Wirral.

As well as some medieval sites it has:-

Barrage balloon sites
Public street air raid shelters
Public park air raid shelters
Gun sites
Military buildings
Weapons pits
Bomb sites
Ship wrecks
and more

I can't find a direct link to the map, you have to go through this page to avoid a login script and to pick up a session id. About half way down is "explore the map" in a box.
3 129 Read More
21st Oct 2021 9:59am Road Repairs [by granny]

About a month ago, Barnston Road was resurfaced , lined and made to look very nice.
Neighbours commented on how long it would be before roadworks dug it all up again !
This morning, just along from my house a massive reel of cable has been dropped off.. One wonders ! We shall wait and see.
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21st Oct 2021 8:12am Hedgehog Rescue [by BultacoAstro]
Lynyrd Skynyrd Tuesday's Gone.
A young hedgehog must of got a fright as my GSD discovered it underneath hedge and used his paws to roll him out while wagging his tail.
Managed to get hedgehog quite fast to save it being used as a football so now in cardbox.
Trying to phone wildlife centre to collect as area is full of traffic as his/her chances of survival would be slim.
Phoned 2 nobody picking up try again since after 9.
Look them up unfortunately there numbers are dropping only 500.000 left so he needs to go to a safe place.
Look's young as just woke up so took photo's.
Take care out there lot's of Cold's going around ?
2 5 267 Read More
27th Sep 2021 6:50pm Royden Hall Christmas Fair [by Smeeble]

My wife and myself have recently started to help Royden Hall charity get more up to date, and we thought as it's celebrating their centenary this year its time to hold a Christmas fair.

Will be on 4th December, 1-4pm.

All details on the Facebook page, why not give us a follow too for other events.

2 731 Read More
21st Sep 2021 7:38am Doctors appointments [by cools]
I’m fuming! Why the hell can’t we get an appointment with our doctors!!!!!
I have just got through after constant phoning for 30 minutes and then told no Appointments available , till POSSIBLY Monday!!! Advised to go to after hours clinic!!
Surely they not swamped now with Covid cases! Will it ever go back to what it was or in my mind the doctors prefer it this way and don’t want to !
Who do you complain to about your surgery, I think it’s very wrong?
Is everyone finding this with their surgerys?
22 1,833 Read More
17th Sep 2021 8:20am 'Help' on Channel 4, 16th Sept. [by Greenwood]
Did anyone watch it? Heart-breaking subject matter, great performances and Wirral locations; they were based at Church Farm, Thurstaston, early in the year apparently. Not sure where else they filmed, but it was good to see Wirral onscreen. Whoever in government decided it was alright to ship infected people back into care homes without adequate PPE should be made to watch it - repeatedly.
4 721 Read More
12th Sep 2021 7:47pm Seacombe Riverview St. Laundry [by mautry]
There was a laundry business on Riverview St. that my mother worked at in the late 30s early 40s near Brighton St. I am sure it is no longer there but was curious if anyone would remember the name of this business.
1 517 Read More
10th Sep 2021 12:59pm Flooding [by cools]
Seeing all this flooding going on around us is horrendous. I tried to think when I last saw a truck come and clean the grids in roads and can’t remember it’s been that long.
I try to clean the leaves when they clog up grid outside mine but obviously it’s not enough , they all need to be maintained and kept clear.
Its about time this Wirral council got its act together and start concentrating on important things, not creating another park when they can’t keep our main parks safe !
31 2,350 Read More
1st Sep 2021 8:12pm Missing Seacombe Street [by mautry]
I am trying to locate the street in Seacombe that was called Bosnia. My mother was born on that street in the 1920s but it appears no longer there. Would anyone remember this street and what happened to it?
3 869 Read More
23rd Aug 2021 8:28am Cat Boot's Size 9 [by BultacoAstro]
Bought the Cat Boot's for my youngest around 5 year's ago. I was going to bin them but cost me a bit seems bad just throwing them. I am relocating my possessions to a tip or give away if can. They don't appear ripped and don't know if waterproof or not.
2 2 716 Read More
11th Aug 2021 1:14am Moreton Cake Shop [by moretonkiwi]
Is there anybody that can tell me the name of the cake shop that was on Moreton roundabout where Les Turner's tobacconists was (on the corner of Oakenholt Road). I am looking at the time period of about 1930-1940. The owners are believed to have lived on the right hand side of the road as you drive into Meols. Any help greatly appreciated .
2 814 Read More
9th Aug 2021 9:16am Electoral register mailing confusion [by Greenwood]
This morning I received the Council mailing ref CCA dated 30/7/21. The letter states:

'You do not need to respond if all information is correct'... etc.

The accompanying leaflet states: 'If all the details on the form are correct, do I still need to respond? Yes, you are required by law'... etc.

These two statements are contradictory. Yeesh... How does the Council expect people to respect it if it can't even get that info right? I've emailed them and will be interested to see if and when I receive a response. In the meantime I'm going with the info in the letter.
2 1,670 Read More
7th Aug 2021 7:38am Creative Stage Air Sound Bar [by Catsick]
USB, Bluetooth & wired plus cables, just sat on a shelf gathering dust if anyone wants it.
1 1 555 Read More
4th Aug 2021 2:06pm traveller camp on Oxton Fields [by philmch]
Just noticed that there's a small traveller camp on Oxton Fields. It's on the section behind Sainsbury's, Prenton.

Don't know how long they've been there but they seem to be keeping the place tidy. Their vehicles look pretty posh I have to say. Not like the days of the old crusty convoy travellers at all.

As long as they pay their council tax and behave themselves then no cause for complaint.
6 1,765 Read More
3rd Aug 2021 8:26am Bank Interest [by BultacoAstro]

. Received a letter from my Bank informing me they are going to be dropping the ISA Interest from 0.05 to 0.01 this September.
Remember when I use to get 13% Interest I was so into Saving then as the return was Nice which made me Bank even More.
I Spoke to a young Bank Specialist he said "It would never go back to what it Was".
Soon be paying Bank to look after my Money ?
So much for having your Money Work for You ?
(Picture of letter)
1 2 41 Read More
2nd Aug 2021 2:49pm Birkenhead is Britain’s top trendsetting town [by mikeeb]
If you want a laugh, a study has put Birkenhead at number 1, ahead of Cambridge, haha!
8 1,587 Read More
25th Jul 2021 10:06am XMA Computer/Screen/Speaker's/Cables/Manual [by BultacoAstro]
My disabled Son got a Computer many years ago from Government and we had it running unfortunately I tripped over Cables and we couldn't get going again so Stored.
Plugged in got a Blue light yesterday can not find the mouse thoe. No one interested will try freecycle then dump. Regards
2 2 700 Read More
25th Jul 2021 9:46am Sky Box with Control And Sky Satellite Dish [by BultacoAstro]
My daughter was moving from her property and was leaving them so I took them and stored many years ago. I plugged in and got a green light. I will bin if no one interested as dumping what i accumulated over the decade's didn't realise how much I just stored and forgot. Regards
2 1 506 Read More
23rd Jul 2021 8:06pm Free tv stand [by Omdrolf]
I have a ready assembled grey corner tv stand, height 18 in Depth 17 in length 30 in. Made by Sony. Has a middle shelf.
Used solid condition,guessing it is made out of some sort of composite material.
Could be painted to match your interior. Collect asap from Greasby. No contact collection,will be left outside front door inside of building for you. Im putting tv on the wall so it is no longer needed. (Comes without tv or any items you see in the images 😊).
1 0 335 Read More
18th Jul 2021 7:53pm Assistance required: 19th Century Grange Ward [by ByrneJB]
Hi all,

I am looking for information on st johns place, as i cannot find any reference to it, other than on census'.

Comparing maps and records.. I believe that it may be two buildings that appear on the OS map published 1882 (between pym street and st johns street) but is replaced by one school building on later maps.

A point to the direction of any information regarding the grange ward from the mid 1800s to the late 1960s would be perfect, as i have 1000s of questions/queries regarding this area.

I would like to find a map that shows individual address numbers, however i cannot find any older maps that show this, would the townhall hold such records? Google has ran out of new things to tell me 😂

Thanks in Advance

9 1,737 Read More
18th Jul 2021 11:10am Pictures of Liverpool buildings being constructed [by mikeeb]
Loads of old pictures from buildings being constructed in Liverpool, and the Birkenhead Tunnel being built.
This was originally going to be for trams under the roadway of the Birkenhead Tunnel.
[Linked Image]
You probably would have seen most of them but there is a few I haven't seen before.
0 508 Read More
7th Jul 2021 11:24am Lamp-post replacement daftness [by Greenwood]
I received a letter from Highways and Infrastructure on 5th July, dated 1st July. It advised me to remove overhanging vegetation so a new led streetlamp could be fitted - removal to be done within 14 days of the date of the letter. Apparently overhanging vegetation was preventing the work being done. No triffids on my premises, I'm happy to say - just a well-behaved waist-high box hedge and a slightly overhanging sumach. As it happens, the lamp-post had already been replaced without any difficulty, or comment by the workmen on the amount of greenery in the vicinity, on 17th June! Since, I'd trimmed one branch of the sumach with secateurs to stop it rubbing on the post.

How is sending out a letter like this, so long after the event, a good use of our cash-strapped Council's resources? Who decided on the threat posed by my greenery - and should they have gone to Specsavers? What happened to joined-up thinking? Has this happened to anyone else? Daftness indeed...
1 871 Read More
20th Jun 2021 1:43pm free sofa and chairs [by stumpyduck]
great condition ,must collect tomorrow (monday 21st june .)absolutely free . chairs are matching . free 3 piece suite . very nice . (free due to bereavement .)must go tomorrow .contact for detaILS
1 0 528 Read More
16th Jun 2021 2:01pm Keys [by lincle]
Large bunch KEYS lost New Brighton yesterday maybe around Morrisons or beach. Please pm if found. THANKS
1 824 Read More
15th Jun 2021 1:01pm Free chest of drawers [by Heidi123]
Needs sanding and painting as scratched and dog has had a chew.
2 1 625 Read More
10th Jun 2021 8:08pm Ford Estate 6th, 7th and 8th Avenue? [by alayne108]

In this World in Action Part Three video about Birkenhead there is a comment re. 6th and 8th avenue on the Ford Estate (My mate lived on the Ford (6 Ave) and I remember walking to the 8th Ave (where these flats were - 1 min 10 seconds) to a shop around 1984/85, I was around 14 or 15).

On Google Maps I only see avenues 1st to 5th. Was there a renovation scheme on the Ford Estate where they demolished the 6th to 8th avenues?

2 1,183 Read More
10th Jun 2021 12:26pm Looking for Food delivery driver [by ultimate]
Anyone interested in food delivery driving for Friday and Saturday. 4.30pm to 9.30pm or 5pm to 10pm pm me if interested.
0 600 Read More
5th Jun 2021 10:08am New Palace and Adventureland, New Brighton [by mikeeb]
It may be demolished as early as September after the summer season.
We all know it is falling apart and has to come down but I don't like the look of the proposed new building.
What is it with most of the new designs nowadays? Bring back some classic designs I say.
3 1,472 Read More
3rd Jun 2021 8:48am 761 Gallaghers at Wirral Golf [by derekdwc]
Not sure if could just pop in for a pint or have to be a member or have to book in for a meal and a drink
3 1 1,018 Read More
31st May 2021 12:17pm Gmail, Drive and Photos may be deleted by Google [by mikeeb]
Just read this today, Google will start deleting accounts if they are not used for two years from tomorrow.
Don't worry just yet because they won't start deleting them until 2023.
2 1,234 Read More
29th May 2021 12:01pm Temporary relocation of Birkenhead Market [by mikeeb]
The market will be moved to St Werburghs Square whilst the town centre is redeveloped. Google Maps is showing it where Game and H Samuel jewellers are, and where St Werburghs Church is, so I'm confused on the exact location.
Anyway, how can you fit a market in either of these places? And what would happen to the meat and fish market?
9 1,840 Read More
24th May 2021 3:19pm Rowing Machine (Unused) [by niknak]
I'm giving away an unused Rowing Machine.

To buy this from ebay would cost you over £80.

This is the item on ebay as I'm sure you'd like to have a look: Link to Rowing Machine on Ebay

The rower is in it's box, so a very small amount of very simple assembly will be required such as popping on the handles and connecting the wires for the info screen.

I don't think a person over about 5 feet 10 inches, which is about 178cm could use it properly due to leg length. I mention this to avoid disappointment.

If you're interested I am based in the Moreton, Wirral area.
1 997 Read More
11th May 2021 2:18pm morgana [by GaryFromWirral]
used to frighten me ... technology ... still does lol
0 798 Read More
7th May 2021 11:24am Local elections [by mikeeb]
Yesterday was the first time I haven't voted in years.
I don't trust any of them anymore, so didn't put down that X.
6 1,761 Read More
5th May 2021 10:37am Ritz car park and Hardings query [by derekdwc]
I can vaguely remember this car park ((in light blue on map) never being used except possibly 1950/60 for Hardings?
laying a railway track and running a small size train on it, I think around one christmas time.
Can anyone confirm whether this happened
1 1 1,129 Read More
2nd May 2021 11:46am 24 Beehive 133 Beckwith Street 133 [by mikeeb]
Beer license granted 1881. Became a Peter Walker pub. Closed 20 September 1967. Demolished.
1 0 766 Read More
1st May 2021 2:39pm Daily Mail's battle prattle [by yoller]
I see the Daily Mail is presenting as 'news' the fact that that the Battle of Brunanburh was probably fought near Bromborough - something that's been known for decades. Also, Bromborough is apparently in Liverpool.

2 1,257 Read More
1st May 2021 8:55am Anyone recognise these doors? [by Ken_Doerr]
Does anyone recognise these doors? My house is a reconstructed farm building and the doors were apparently sourced from an institute of some sort on The Wirral. Anyone involved in the building work, from the late '80's, has passed on.

The locks are unique in that they could be locked twice, with two different keys (I don't have any keys). I would imagine that rooms needed to be locked and, at times double locked, by a person in authority. Possibly to keep someone inside secure or access strictly controlled.

They are larger than average in size and beautifully made. They all came with original architraves so were deemed valuable enough to be carefully salvaged at the time.

I've searched many times and not found anything definitive. Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ken
4 2 1,719 Read More
24th Apr 2021 5:52pm THREE SEATER SOFA..LEATHER [by lainy]
Three seater leather settee. Free. Good condition.
1 0 637 Read More
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by mikeeb. 29th May 2021 1:01pm
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