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Rising crime? 977
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Twister : Wirral Local Flooding 23/7/2017 410
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Insurance Scam AKA Why I Have A Dashcam 311
Facebook problem 300
Police Cars South Wirral Direction 277
Wild Alaska Live 239
No government help for New Ferry. 237
Missing Cat. CH41 215
New General Forums
by granny
Yesterday at 11:16 PM
How kids play
by granny
22nd Jul 2017 12:40pm
Acid attacks plague London, Whats really going on
by snowhite
19th Jul 2017 11:47am
Granny Pods
by granny
17th Jul 2017 7:53pm
New Wirral History
Norman Thelwell -Artist
by granny
18th Jul 2017 10:19am
Tunnel Flyovers Part 1
by Norton
15th Jul 2017 5:40pm
Where was St Catherine/Catharine Street Higher Tra
by derekdwc
11th Jul 2017 10:19pm
QE2 Visit September 1995
by Norton
10th Jul 2017 10:33pm
Wilfred Owen
by Fireblade
7th Jul 2017 8:58pm
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Wild Alaska Live
by cools
11 minutes 10 seconds ago
No government help for New Ferry.
by Excoriator
11 minutes 49 seconds ago
Baby Charlie
by Dilly
57 minutes 20 seconds ago
Facebook problem
by geprgie260
Today at 06:57 AM
uPVC guttering
by fish5133
Today at 12:04 AM
13 mtr carbon pole wanted
by fish5133
Yesterday at 11:55 PM
Wanted someone to swap over my sky box & broadband
by dodie
Yesterday at 06:48 PM
Fitting a chandelier?
by Gold_Moon
Yesterday at 04:25 PM
Insurance Scam AKA Why I Have A Dashcam
by diggingdeeper
Yesterday at 02:28 PM
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Tam O'Shanter Urban Farm Fun Day 6th August
18th Jul 2017 9:31pm
charity fundraiser
by Dilly
16th Jul 2017 6:47pm
Today at 08:52 AM No government help for New Ferry. by Excoriator

Our wonderful government, not content with cancelling plans for rail electrification across the north ( ) have now announced that they are not going to help residents of new Ferry who have had there homes damaged by the gas explosion in March. ( ).

The money is evidently needed for Crossrail 2, a £30 billion rail project in - yes, you've guessed it - London ( )

The EU was - and still is - prepared to spend big money anywhere in Europe where it was needed rather than blowing it all on Brussels. The regeneration of Liverpool was largely EU funded as was Manchester's for instance unde 'Objective One' funding.

Yet the EU is accused of being 'corrupt'! It may well be, but when it comes to corruption, they are evidently rank amateurs compared to the Westminster Government!

In a further irony, the refusal letter about New Ferry funding came from the 'Minister for the Northern Powerhouse'!

237 Views · 11 Comments
23rd Jul 2017 8:56pm Stolen 2 Storck Bikes Claughton Area by fish5133

Friend had his 2 Storck bikes nicked in broad daylight from his home around midday. Expensive and designer frames . One black one white. Reward offered for info leading to their return..

71 Views · 0 Comments
23rd Jul 2017 2:39pm Dashcam Falling Off by Moonstar

I have a dashcam and the darned thing falls off the screen rather too frequently. Anyone found the magic grail to make it stay stuck?

142 Views · 1 Comments
22nd Jul 2017 8:45pm Tow Bar Tow Poles by fish5133

Further to my previous post ref clutch I want to tow wifes car to garage using a towing pole (cheap enough in screwfix)rather than a tow rope but the cheap tow poles only connect tow eye to tow eye and sods law the tow bar I had fitted on back of my car is bolted through the tow eye Any ideas to temporarily convert the tow ball to a tow eye? Thinking of a strong U bracket maybe. cheers

197 Views · 5 Comments
20th Jul 2017 2:16pm Missing Cat. CH41 by RUDEBOX

3 year old Buddy- neutered male cat missing from CH41 8HR area.

Naturally slim with slightly deformed rib cage (birth defect). Big bushy tail and long hairs on the soles of his paws.
Very friendly. Much loved family pet.

Been missing since around Noon 19th July 2017.

215 Views · 2 Comments
19th Jul 2017 11:38pm Clutch Problem by fish5133

Mini cooper manual
Nightmare: clutch or something packed in on A483 A55 junction outside chester helping to cause more havoc to the rush hour. Most drivers ok but the odd few gesticulating (as if you choose to breakdown in the most awkward place!!)

ADvice... Had a new clutch fitted just over 2 years ago (sods law just out of its 2 year guarantee!) ..25000 miles. Breakdown man said it could be a hydraulic cylinder problem which is in the gearbox...would that not have been renewed when clutch was replaced?

Clutch pedal right to the floor, there was a horrible metallic clunk just as it was failing and struggled to put into gear whilst on sliproad. Not a nice sound when turning engine over either.

Apart from that all home safe and sound

491 Views · 10 Comments
19th Jul 2017 12:02pm Pensby High School Bus Service by diggingdeeper

Originally Posted By: Pensby High School
We have received notification from Avon Coaches Ltd that they intend to withdraw their commercial 649 am journey that operates via Pensby High School due to low patronage numbers from 3rd September 2017.

Alternative provision for Barnston/ Acre Lane area is the Al’s Coaches 673 service
Heswall - Arriva 471
Lower Heswall - A2B 645 service

I have attached the route and timetable (service 645 & 673) for you to share with students and parents.

For journey planning details, please direct parents and students to Merseytravels contact centre on 0151 236 7676 or email:


Lisa Cato;oe=59C61FED


80 Views · 0 Comments
18th Jul 2017 6:02pm Dog Found walking on A41 taken to Allport Vets by fish5133

Dog Found walking on A41 taken to Allport Vets in bromborough. One of those little lap dogs possibly shitzu type.

88 Views · 0 Comments
18th Jul 2017 10:36am Flood and storm warning by fish5133

Possibly tonight or Wednesday Met Office flood hail lightning etc etc. Usual places affected and where the drains haven't been cleared.

Wirral Globe will be interested if you have a puddle outside your house.

My last house I had a strategically positioned bowl in the loft to catch the drips...any water evaporated over the next few weeks so never had to empty it. Was waiting for the big winds to get insurance job done on roof.

620 Views · 1 Comments
18th Jul 2017 10:19am Norman Thelwell -Artist by granny

Norman Thelwell, another of the Wirral famous, was born in Tranmere from a working class family.

He sold his first drawings - 15 sketches of chickens - at the age of 15, and, after leaving the local Rock Ferry high school a year later, got a job as a junior clerk in Liverpool.

His cartoons of Penelope and Kipper were famous worldwide but he did many others besides, and he had his first Exhibition in London between 6th January - 6th February 2004 at The Cartoon Art Trust, Bruswick, London WC1.

This same Exhibition was due to come to the Williamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead from 14th February - 18th April 2004.

Sadly, Norman Thelwell died at the age of 80yrs on the 7th February 2004, ironically the day after his first Exhibition in London closed.

Due to the sad circumstances, I don't know if his Exhibition was ever opened at the Williamson Art Gallery. I still have a poster advertising it and maybe someone might know if his work was ever exhibited here in Wirral.

I hope it was. His little pictures were brilliant.

336 Views · 6 Comments
17th Jul 2017 10:11pm Tam O'Shanter Urban Farm Fun Day 6th August by Greenwood

11am-4pm Sunday 6th August, Boundary Road, Bidston, CH43 7PD. Fun Day with stalls, face painting, games, activities and Greasby Ukes! Free admission, as always; come and have fun and support your urban farm. See goats, pigs, ponies, alpacas, rabbits, guinea pigs and poultry galore. The farm no longer receives any Council funding so please make a donation when you visit, if you can.

717 Views · 16 Comments
17th Jul 2017 7:53pm Granny Pods by granny

Just been looking at Granny Pods. Seems a good idea for various reasons. A) It could give a place of escape; B) many people are using them as an alternative to care homes for their relatives.

Some seem very expensive, others not so.

Do you think they are a good idea, and a way of saving on care home bills in the future ?

Don't know about planning permission, plumbing, or waste but after the initial outlay they could be quite a useful addition to a home.

or maybe a Shepherd's Hut ? I quite like that idea too, and they don't need planning permission.

493 Views · 12 Comments
15th Jul 2017 9:38pm Captain Toni's text message annoyances by DavidB

I ordered a pizza a couple of months ago from Captain Toni's in birkenhead. Now I'm getting bombarded with spam text messages from them. I never asked to be sent these, I just ordered using the phone.
Replying to stop gets a message not sent message. Any ideas apart from not ordering from them again? It's a pain in the arse.

633 Views · 8 Comments
15th Jul 2017 12:14pm Candy washing machine by conan

Mrs Conan tells me this stops sometimes mid cycle (I think she just fancied a new one lol) it's always worked fine for me.
Free to anyone who needs this.

100 Views · 0 Comments
14th Jul 2017 3:12pm Published Author & Freelance Writer Seeks Work by Jobneeded67

I am a published author and freelance writer seeking work. I have many years of experience, especially in blogging and writing articles, and would welcome any writing assignments from anybody.

In addition to my writing skills, I am also offering my admin services, especially data entry, copy typing and social media management.

You can contact me by leaving a message here.

Author and Freelance Writer

117 Views · 0 Comments
12th Jul 2017 4:48pm charity fundraiser by eggandchips

this sat 15th july, in aid of the victims of the manchester bombing

we are holding a fundraiser, live music all day, childrens activities

560 Views · 11 Comments
11th Jul 2017 11:31pm Birkenhead Lad Killed Fighting IS in Syria by fish5133

22 Year old Luke Rutter from Birkenhead died fighting IS in Syria. He was not in the British Army but went over to join the YPG Kurdish fighters.

Brave, foolish, mad, ???. Condolences to his family .. He had a go and followed his belief.

257 Views · 1 Comments
11th Jul 2017 10:19pm Where was St Catherine/Catharine Street Higher Tra by derekdwc

Where was St Catherine/Catharine Street Higher Tranmere?
(I know there was a Catherine st running from Claughton Rd to Grange Road where the main entrance to Asda is now).
Trying to place where a Hare Inn may have been .
Thought the directory may have meant Harp Inn but found Hare in 2 street directories

466 Views · 7 Comments
11th Jul 2017 9:13pm Where to get IPhone screwdriver thingies? by DavidB

I'm after the pentalobe screwdriver - I've had loads of these in the past, but can't find them
I can't find anywhere local that sells them!

225 Views · 2 Comments
11th Jul 2017 7:51am Little Sutton Station by Paternoster21

I think that its high time that Little Sutton station was given a make over and returned to its former glory. It should be given the same treatment as Hadlow road in Willaston.
The builders yard next door should be made to move any stock or other items that they have in front of the station view able from the main road. The inside should be opened up again with the waiting room and ticket office displayed as it would have been, with a walk through from the main doors for passenger/visitors to view but not touch the display.Posters on the wall a mix of old rail posters and local history information.
Maybe even rebuild the signal box so people can view and see how it would have looked/worked.

226 Views · 3 Comments
10th Jul 2017 11:08pm Price Match Winner by Mark

I think im just lucky but this is my story.

PC World : £80
Etihad Flight £160
John Lewis £180

PC World Curry.
Last year I purchased a new tablet from PC World in Brombrough Store, only to find that my visit the following two weeks later to see a price drop of £80 for the same tablet I purchased two weeks earlier.

I think I done the price check online and it was approved.
So I price matched pc world against its self within 30 days of my purchase and I got £80 back. I may have done it in store I can't remember.

Done the normal Skyscanner websites, found the cheapest, the ratings for the company doing the cheaper flight were shocking, people not getting tickets and could not get intouch with customer service. Went onto Google typed in etihad price Match, followed the link. Read up on what was required to qualify, which basically involved a screen shot and a link to my shopping cart and they approved £160 refund on my tickets booked direct with Etihad. This brought my tickets down to £450 each.

John Lewis
Bought a laptop 3 weeks ago online. Went into John Lewis at the weekend just gone, seen sale on electronics, and i really didn't want to know if my laptop had been reduced. So anyway I was pricing up a new Ac adapter (a spare ) and a link took me to my laptop with a huge £180 off Grrr. Within the John Lewis website searched for price promise. Nothing about you can not put John Lewis in as its own rival. So I followed the link, entered my details, entering John Lewis as the competitor and saying I had already purchased the laptop. I was a little worried as the reduced priced laptop was showing as out of stock. But no matter, because I purchased the laptop within the last 30 days they approved the price match against my laptop refunding me £180

Ive not intended to find these offers, but im going to keep checking the price matches up to 30 days after a purchase from the above stores.

I guess the terms and conditions will change over time, so its worth a try. Ive just been a jammy sod.

Hopefully it could work for you.

Good luck.

28 Views · 0 Comments
10th Jul 2017 10:00pm Cunard Visitor by Norton

Cunard liner Queen Elizabeth is due to visit Liverpool on Tuesday 11th July after departing from Dublin.

This year also sees the Cruise Terminal's 10th anniversary.

There will be a mini fireworks display mid-river at about 9.45 pm.

336 Views · 2 Comments
9th Jul 2017 7:47pm Wirral News Group - Closure by diggingdeeper

Trinity Mirror are shutting down the Wirral News Group this month, stating that there is too much competition for too thin a market.

I've noted a rash of up-market free magazines etc have been capturing the higher end of the market.

All-in-all this is probably for the best as it will hopefully stabilise one free newspaper (The Wirral Globe) which may be able to get better coverage as a result.

The shame is that the Wirral News is the older and more traditional newspaper for the Wirral in its various incarnations (Birkenhead News etc) but hopefully their archive is in the Wirral Archive Service now.

Their website has already closed down, I don't know which is their final printed edition.

499 Views · 7 Comments
8th Jul 2017 7:15pm Dash Cam footage by Norton

I was thinking that, with so many dash-cams out there, there must be some of Wirral, for good or bad.
So, for starters, here's one I put together recently.
The first part is on the M6 Northbound in Staffordshire, but the rest is Tower Road Birkenhead, Greasby and Thurstaston.

It's my first attempt and I'm surprised at the loss in quality from the original footage - something I'll have to work on, as is why I have a still frame from the middle of the video as a header.

561 Views · 8 Comments
8th Jul 2017 12:05pm Merseyrail Trains limited Service by Mark

Due to strike action today, limited service and only stopping at certain stations.

James Street only on the Liverpool side.

Trains are stopping between 12 and 3pm.

Check before you ride.

Birkenhead North, Hamilton Square, James Street.

The plus side I got to Liverpool in 5 mins lol.

418 Views · 7 Comments
7th Jul 2017 8:58pm Wilfred Owen by Fireblade

285 Views · 1 Comments
7th Jul 2017 5:17pm Mossdene Road - Whoops by diggingdeeper

A new road sign on Mossdene Road, Wallasey (near Mosslands) has a CH45 postcode instead of CH44.

279 Views · 2 Comments
6th Jul 2017 5:00pm Otis by cools

Good news Granny, Good ol bear Otis is back, yay!!! Not in his office yet but sure he will install himself there soon. Can't get anything done while watching these bears, ha....

539 Views · 12 Comments
4th Jul 2017 10:33pm World Tea Party by granny

Join the 'World Tea Party' to help the sick and injured working animals of the world.. Great idea for the school hols. Get the kids involved.

111 Views · 0 Comments
4th Jul 2017 9:13pm Solid wood table seats 6. No chairs by TheComputerLab

Slight discolour due to sun but easily restrained. Free to who ever wants it must go asap

131 Views · 0 Comments
4th Jul 2017 2:30pm Old Wallasey Photos by mikerobbo84

I am after some pictures to show my kids from when I was young of Wallasey specifically Egremont Area, from the 90's. A few I was particularly after was the old play areas in Central Park (Pre Elf & Safety days!), and two bits around Falkland Road; The Synagogue and the Red field between Falkland Road and Church Street (called it the red grar as kids?)

456 Views · 2 Comments
30th Jun 2017 11:10am Anyone know where taxis are taken for repairs by kieranw7261


Are there any taxi drivers on here? I have just bought an old fairway taxi and I'm wondering where is best to take it too. Also if anyone knows any mobile mechanics who have worked on taxis that would be great.

490 Views · 5 Comments
30th Jun 2017 11:09am Diesel Mobile Mechanic by kieranw7261

Hi all,

I am looking for a mobile mechanic who has experience with diesel engines (its a taxi). The injector pump needs removing for refurbishment.

181 Views · 1 Comments
29th Jun 2017 11:32am All You Romantics....Inglewood Manor by fish5133

Inglewood Manor doing their summer madness special

On arrival, enjoy Cream Tea and a glass of chilled Prosecco served on the terrace, then dine in our Brasserie with a £25.00 allowance per person, stay overnight in one of our luxurious Classic bedrooms, and wake up to a traditional “country house” breakfast for two. Just £139.00 per couple Available 1st June – 31st August.

Nice grounds to amble around whispering sweet nothings into your beloveds ear (that is if your not distracted by the fishing lake)

The afternoon teas are still one of the best locally

74 Views · 3 Comments
29th Jun 2017 5:33am Huskisson Street, Grange Road area - 1900 on by alangoodall


I have only just found this site - so I am still exploring - thanks for this!

I was born in 1939 - at 2 Huskisson Street. The youngest of a large family of eleven - the Goodalls. My father was William and my mother Martha (nee Farley) but known to all as Molly - or 'Ninny Goodall' to all her many grandchildren.

Sadly, only one of my sisters (Jean) is still living - and is now 90. I am 78.

I am trying to write up some of our family - and local history - for my two daughters who grew up in Scotland (where my dad was born.

Obviously none of this area now exists! Some years ago I visited a cafe in the Pyramids - which was just about the area my bedroom had been when I was born!

So, I am trying to find as much local information as I can - about the area, local families - and especially if there are any members of the Goodall family - or the related Graham, Farley, Davies or Foster families - who read this wiki. I would like to make contact with anyone - or anyone who attended St John's Primary between 1944 and 1950 or Rock Ferry High between 1950 and 1958 - where I attended.

In particular I would like to source some local photos - especially of St John's Church, Grange Road in this era, St John's Primary School and Rock Ferry High

When I find out how - and if it is permitted - I can add my email address


Alan Goodall

Now retired and living in the French Alps!

618 Views · 10 Comments
25th Jun 2017 5:02pm audi specialised pls by Little_B

i have bought an audi a6 2006 and i'm having trouble finding a sat nav disc or update disk for the mmi can anyone help pls

268 Views · 1 Comments
22nd Jun 2017 8:00am VW t4 fixed side window replacement by Mike72

Hi, my VW t4 has 2 side fixed windows that i would like to replace with 2 sliding windows that i have purchased. Is there anywhere on the wirral that people would recommend to do this please?

261 Views · 1 Comments
20th Jun 2017 8:06pm Range Rover P38A Air Suspension Help Needed by Martin1943

Does anyone have contact with a Range Rove P38A enthusiast who can help me.
Coming home on Saturday night with my show engine on the trailer, one of the damned "speed pillows" caught the suspension out. The rear off-side air suspension bag just popped off (It's only three months old). I had booked it into Barclays but tonight I found that the old girl is sitting on her wheel arches and can't be moved.
Anyone who can help me please, please. I used to do them myself but two operation scars prevent me from rolling on the ground. I can show what to do if needed.
Please help if you can.. I live in Moreton, I have the tools needed.

350 Views · 3 Comments
20th Jun 2017 8:32am Loving Home Wanted For 3 Cats. by DavidC

Hi again everyone,

Regarding the rehoming of the cats, I forgot to mention that my daughter will provide for all cat food and any vets bills that may occur from time to time.

Please text on 07742 508 544.

Thank you.

351 Views · 2 Comments
18th Jun 2017 6:02pm Loving Home Wanted For 3 Cats. by DavidC


Due to an upcoming house move, my daughter is unable to take her 3 adult cats with her. They are the mother and 1 son and 1 daughter. All house trained.

We would love the new home to take all 3 as they are a family.

We need to rehome them within the next 2 weeks if possible.

Thank you.

224 Views · 0 Comments
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Wanted someone to swap over my sky box & broadband
by dodie
Yesterday at 06:48 PM
uPVC guttering
by vampy1977
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Facebook problem
by geprgie260
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Fitting a chandelier?
by Gold_Moon
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Looking for Joyce Randles and family
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13 mtr carbon pole wanted
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Wild Alaska Live
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Tow Bar Tow Poles
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Missing Cat. CH41
20th Jul 2017 2:16pm
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