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Judy Then Punch
by diggingdeeper. 24th Mar 2019 2:04am
You can please some of the .....
by diggingdeeper. 22nd Mar 2019 6:43am
New Peter Rabbit Coin
by granny. 20th Mar 2019 11:34am
The Bedroom Scene
by granny. 20th Mar 2019 10:26am
New Wirral History
Manifolds, Wilsons. Meacocks & Barnes - 1820s
by bliplandy. 20th Mar 2019 6:18am
Wirral Street??
by gerrymoore. 16th Mar 2019 2:58pm
WW2 USNavy large sheepskin trousers
by Bultaco. 15th Mar 2019 8:48am
Where is/was this Station Hotel
by derekdwc. 13th Mar 2019 11:44am
Grove Hotel, Wallasey
by diggingdeeper. 9th Mar 2019 9:01pm
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Rescued Animals.
by cools. 25th Mar 2019 7:13pm
Another "Austerity" Measure
by svenlock68. 25th Mar 2019 4:48pm
Bouncey thing
by Bultaco. 25th Mar 2019 4:12pm
Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II Speakers
by Catsick. 25th Mar 2019 1:22pm
HP Envy 13.3 Laptop AD059NA
by Catsick. 25th Mar 2019 1:22pm
What song are you listening to?
by _Ste_. 25th Mar 2019 1:13am
Builder problems, advice needed
by _Ste_. 24th Mar 2019 11:52pm
143 Mersey Arms Hotel
by _Ste_. 24th Mar 2019 11:37pm
Cruel ear cropping breeders moved to Bromborough
by _Ste_. 24th Mar 2019 11:34pm
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Wirral History Fair
by missmahjong. 12th Mar 2019 3:07pm
RAF Tornado Farewell Flypast Tour
by diggingdeeper. 28th Feb 2019 10:14am
21st Mar 2019 4:10pm Cruel ear cropping breeders moved to Bromborough [by venice]
Money money money , never mind the pain to the animal. What some people will do to make sure their dogs can fetch the most money possible is sickening.
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21st Mar 2019 2:28pm Wirral dog groomer. [by venice]
Only just noticed this article today , so a bit out of date as it was February. Please note that the salon where this happened are the ones who flagged up that there may be a problem , and set cameras to check it out . The person who appears to be mishandled a dog has now left there, but is setting up her own salon .
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20th Mar 2019 6:18am Manifolds, Wilsons. Meacocks & Barnes - 1820s [by bliplandy]
There was a strong connection with these families through church and family ties, shown in parish records, for both Bromborough and Eastham. Are there any descendants of these families who possess diaries/records of the early 1800s which might suggest how and where the children of these families were educated? Also, why in the 1820s did some members decide to emmigrate to Australia? Any information would be welcome as I would love to make contact with anyone with ideas!.
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19th Mar 2019 6:25pm Amazon £5 Off Today [by diggingdeeper]
Most purchases of £25 or above on Amazon today use promo code BIGTHANKS

Tuesday 19th March 2019
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19th Mar 2019 8:46am Handbag Found in New Brighton [by daveybm]
I put this in the wrong forum yesterday :- Handbag found in New Brighton on Sunday morning by a friend of mine, It looks like it has been left accidentally as it contains phone (locked), money, credit cards etc. No addresss information. Handed in at Birkenhead police station Sunday morning as for some reason Wallasey police station was closed. If you know anyone who lost their bag Saturday night/ Sunday morning please direct them to Birkenhead police station.
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18th Mar 2019 11:13am New Council Tax bill 2019 [by keef666]
Well i'm sure a lot of you have already had the latest bill dropped though the letter box over the last few days mine has gone up £200 this year on last, i know a lot of people are not happy with a rise in this or a rise in that.
If you remember the budget and the promise of a rise in the Min wage starting in April 2019, was it something like 21 or 31 pence? since then we have had Gas going up, Electric up, water up, petrol up [ and down ] food prices going up each day, then to get a Council Tax rise to a lot of people that 21/31 pence pay rise is a joke!
But the biggest joke was reading the letter that came with the Council Tax bill from Cllr.Phil Davis. according to him its going to be an exicting year for Wirral, Our Borough is now officially recognised as the region's Borough of Culture! Is it April the 1st already? And now i know what the Council has been spending money making cycle lanes every where, we are having the Tour Series in May and September, How wonderful more roads closed off?
They have £8 Million to spend improving the roads thoughtout Wirral, sorry Phil if you added two noughs to this figure to make it £8 hundred million it still wouldn't be enough to fix our roads and pavements, and what happened to the £6 million the Goverment gave each Council for pot holes repairs?? Wonder if the roads where the cycling will run though get done first?
Wirral Council you are a Joke and i do not understand the people of Wirral putting up with it each day
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18th Mar 2019 9:43am Handbag Found in New Brighton [by daveybm]
Handbag found in New Brighton on Sunday morning by a friend of mine, It looks like it has been left accidentally as it contains phone (locked), money, credit cards etc. No addresss information. Handed in at Birkenhead police station Sunday morning as for some reason Wallasey police station was closed. If you know anyone who lost their bag Saturday night/ Sunday morning please direct them to Birkenhead police station.
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17th Mar 2019 9:58am Giant rabbit startles motorist. [by Excoriator]
The New Scientist this week has a report about a motorist having to stop in a country lane in Wirral because there was a "Giant Rabbit" in the way. The animal hopped over the hedge and made off. The startled driver reported the incident and an investigation revealed unusual droppings. Eventually a herd of Wallabies was discovered. They had apparently escaped from Chester Zoo during bombing in WW2 and were happily ensconsed in Wirral! I assume this all happened a long time ago in the '50s or '60s

It has the smell of an urban myth to me, but I guess it is possible. Has anyone come across any local stories about this event, if it really happened.
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16th Mar 2019 9:38pm Stabbing [by cools]
What's the answer to these senseless stabbings going on!! A boy been stabbed by The Kings Pub , Bebington tonight...Just horrible doesn't seem to be anything to make these kids think twice about carrying a knife no punishment strong enough .
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15th Mar 2019 8:48am WW2 USNavy large sheepskin trousers [by Bultaco]
Purchased a pair of the above pants they are soft but cracking need to purchase cream or whatever to halt cracking and dryness.They have Zips by ankle NOT down leg and zip in front to open like normal pants.Have been on youtube for answers have one reply patch as my intention is to wear in winter as getting colder every year as got Reynolds.Any ideas welcome had one idea put E 45 on then as skin cream but thats me trying to save a quid as got lots of bottles of it.So help please to save ww2 pants thanks
4 219 Read More
14th Mar 2019 12:54pm DNS Not found Error. [by Windows]
Hi Friends,

I am getting DNS not found error. Any Idea How Can I get it resolved?
4 239 Read More
13th Mar 2019 12:43pm Bultaco pursang [by Bultaco]
Looking for parts for a Bultaco Pursang non runners ,unfinished projects.I need a Pursang exhaust mark 6 or 9 or close to modify if need be.So if have parts unwanted any model will buy if cheap getting old and want to build a Bultaco flat track before legs go have some parts mix and match.Send me your offer and model Thank you
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13th Mar 2019 11:44am Where is/was this Station Hotel [by derekdwc]
Where is/was this Station Hotel .
Seems like a later build built onto an older build
1 4 322 Read More
13th Mar 2019 11:23am Hunting for a left hand drive smart car [by mike1965]
We are looking for a left hand drive smart car sold on this site 2yrs ago ...last seen it was grey wrapped and possibly yellow underneath....
If anyone knows we’re it is now could you message me ...we want to buy this car with or without mot
Many thanks 🤓
0 130 Read More
9th Mar 2019 9:01pm Grove Hotel, Wallasey [by diggingdeeper]
Grove Hotel formerly Grove Cottage on the corner of Grove Road and Wallasey Village
1 0 255 Read More
8th Mar 2019 7:31pm Moss hall [by chris58]
Wondering if there are any photos or info on Moss Hall in Prenton. It seems to have been situated on Moss Lane. I remember two pairs of old semis in Moss Lane which were knocked down and new houses built. Wonder if it was on the site before the original houses?
I've seen it on an old map circa 1850s??
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7th Mar 2019 4:39pm Montgomery's Railway Hotel in Heswall? [by derekdwc]
Came across this query on facebook
"This image is from a ceramic pattern book containing logos which the Spode factory printed onto specially commissioned tableware (The books are haphazardly arranged and were used between 1820-1890). Has anyone any information on Montgomery's Railway Hotel in Heswall? My searches online and in late Victorian street maps have proved fruitless." Many thanks
here are some ideas that were suggested
Heswall railway station opened 1886. Statue of liberty was dedicated in 1886.
The Black Horse used to be The Heswall Hotel run by a Montgomery
Please could someone post a map with Heswall station and the Heswall Hotel or Black Horse on so I can see why it may have been possibly named Railway Hotel

4 9 380 Read More
5th Mar 2019 9:23am New Brighton Tower [by roywirral]
DID you know?
1. New Brighton Tower was the tallest building in the land at 567 feet when built in 1897.
2. Premature babies would appear in sideshows in the Tower grounds "Incubator Babies"
3. The World cycling championship was held in the Tower grounds in 1899.
4, The fastest GO-Kart speed of over 80 miles per hour was recorded in 1965
5. P.J Proby split his trousers twice on stage and it ended up a riot, the Beatles played 27 times in the Tower Ballroom.
6. It was where according to Bob Wooler that Brian Epstein decided to Manage the Beatles.
7. Wall of Death operated from the 1930s through to the 1960's highlight a sidecar with a lion in attendance.
8. The Tiller girls started their career here in 1906.
9. The last show of Dare Devil Curly dived from a great height into a shallow depth of water in 1964.
10. The bone Crusher and The Strangler topped the bill "The Wrestling Horror match" in 1939.
11. With a web of intrigue and underhanded dealing with the main benefactors of the Tower Enterprises were the directors.
12. The first motion picture machine "The Veriscope" appeared in 1899 followed by Hales Tours in 1907.
13. The largest airship in the World circled New Brighton Tower in 1904 traveling at 17 miles per hour and made from steel.
14. Tom M'Inerney a local Liverpool wrestler beat the Russian Champ in June 1903.
15. New Brighton Tower baby shows were an attraction in 1905 with prizes for the heaviest babies the winner over 38lbs and less than 12 months old.
16. The metal tower was dismantled between 1919 and 1921 due to lack of maintenance it was made from mild steel and not wrought iron like Blackpool tower and the Eiffel Tower.

Extracts from the “History of New Brighton Tower and Gardens” by Roy Dutton with 365 pages and over 500 photographs
1 9 652 Read More
5th Mar 2019 8:37am Pair of bedside cabinets [by gerrymoore]
Pair of small bedside cabinets. They were probably home made but shame to fling them. Sizes are 26" high 12" wide and 9" deep with small draw and two shelves. Made from decent wood.

Collection only from Bebington - no delivery sorry.
2 3 319 Read More
1st Mar 2019 7:50pm Oh dear ! [by granny]

Is this true or media nonsense ? You'll have to read it, as I'm not copying and pasting.
30 1,575 Read More
26th Feb 2019 11:57am iCandy Apple buggy. [by TheComputerLab]
Hi, I have an iCandy apple buggy frame in average/ good condition. Tyres need air, maybe new inner tubes. This was a £700 ish buggy when new but has served us well. Would love for someone else to be able to grab it and get some more use. All you need is to add the top attachment depending on baby’s age. Something like this

Free frame to good home or going the tip!

[Linked Image]
3 331 Read More
24th Feb 2019 12:02am Pictures of the 3 story houses in Brook Street [by GHAND]
My Mum grew up in 95 Brook Streat Birkenhead and I am desperately trying to find some old pictures of that street, they lived in a 3 story house at number 95, I think it was by where the Bluebell pub was, any old pics would be amazing.
10 826 Read More
21st Feb 2019 3:44pm Dispose of old laptop [by johncon]
Hi Guys I have an old Sony Viao laptop to dispose of I have stripped it to remove hard drive but it is complete otherwise and was working . Is there anywhere that recycles them ?
3 543 Read More
21st Feb 2019 11:26am Vikings, Wirral [by granny]
A long list relating to the Vikings research in Wirral and Lancashire.

No 34in the list is a Radio broadcast from 2008 with Professor Stephen Harding.

Below is a topic I started on Cross Hill ,Thingwall back in 2014. Not much, but thought linking it might be useful.
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21st Feb 2019 10:25am Huge Tide [by diggingdeeper]
After the recent supermoon we will have a huge 33ft tide today just after noon.
11 923 Read More
20th Feb 2019 11:49am 6900 New Jobs Wirral west [by fish5133]
According to Laura Evans and the Wirral West News leaflet just popped through my door 6900 new jobs found in the last 12 months in Wirral West. "6900 new pay packets,6900 more people able to support their families"

Trying to find some stats on unemployment levels.. Trying hard to think where in wirral west these 6900 new jobs are. Thats the equivalent to 2 new Honda car manufacturing plants
8 786 Read More
19th Feb 2019 3:41pm Egremont Ferry to Be Destroyed [by diggingdeeper]
Looks like it is end of the road for the Egremont.

8 879 Read More
18th Feb 2019 10:34pm Finding Information about Leslie John Robinson. [by Kaylawritinglife]
I am a 3rd year university student at LJMU and am researching into the life of a man named Leslie John Robinson (b.1929) who was born in Wallasey. He had many jobs including working as a van boy for the Birkenhead and District Co-op Bakery on Price Street before going on to join the army (South Lancashire Regiment) serving in Egypt. He then became a police officer and married his wife Hazel and had two children Jane and Andrew. He also had a granddaughter called Nanette. He moved to Teesside before returning back to Tranmere.
If anyone has any information about Leslie or his family/ friends or any images of places such as the Bakery on Price Street or the original Well Lane School I would be incredibly greatful.

Thank you.
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13th Feb 2019 12:30pm Join Us Tonight .. FREE ENTRY .. [by WargamerNik]
Join us tonight .. FREE ENTRY to first time visitors ..Wirral Wargaming Club .. Doors open 6.30pm at the Carrbridge Community Centre, Woodchurch. Next door to the Swimming Baths .. for more details, please visit our website linked in this post..
0 408 Read More
13th Feb 2019 12:29pm Join Us Tonight .. FREE ENTRY .. [by WargamerNik]
Join us tonight .. FREE ENTRY to first time visitors ..Wirral Wargaming Club .. Doors open 6.30pm at the Carrbridge Community Centre, Woodchurch. Next door to the Swimming Baths .. for more details, please visit our website linked in this post..
0 712 Read More
12th Feb 2019 11:35pm Vue Cinema and Birkenhead Market For Demolition? [by fish5133]
Wirral council have just bought VUE cinema for £7million and taken back the freehold on Birkenhead Market so they can "completely reshape the town centre" according to the Wirral Globe,

sound ominous "reshape" flatten?

another pie in the sky promise that will just line the pockets of so called consultants and these mystery development companies.?

5 703 Read More
11th Feb 2019 10:53pm Brief brown-out in New Ferry [by Excoriator]
Mid-morning today, the lights suddenly went very dim, and slowly got dimmer for about five or ten minutes. Clearly a big drop in voltage.It was then just as suddenly restored.

It was enough to scramble the brains of my piano (electric) changing the settings on it, and the boiler was so baffled by the event it stopped work entirely, and had to be coaxed back to work by power cycling it.

My desktop carried on as normal and so did the monitors on it. I guess they have switchmode supplies that will operate down to about 100 volts.

Did anyone else notice this?
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11th Feb 2019 10:30am Very ill informed distracted youth " protesting " [by svenlock68]
On saturday i saw the stupid distracted young sitting down in birkenhead shops as a silly " protest " against supposed myths of global warming hysteria.
The worlds gona end next week type rubbish.
Sorry but GW is about taxing people / upping their bills / corporate agenda nothing more.
They need to look into the past....
The mini ice age in the 1600s
Don easterbrook proves in court co2 doesnt cause GW
Ice skating on the thames
Niagra falls freezin solid long before cars vans planes etc.
The atmosphere is 75 % water
Co2 feeds plants. Its good.
The oceans have 50 times the co2 of the sky
Termites produce more co2 than people
Listen to piers corbyn , friends of science dot com.
Listen to dan pena talking about GW via mortgages in florida ( very good points )
We had a period of cooling from 78 to 98 , FACT.
Look into drax power station in yorks & how it ships billions of dollars of US wood from carolina to be burnt cause the EU doesnt allow coal burning.
Who pays for that?? The public user bill payers....
It would take over 20k wind farms to produce draxs power levels. Its never gona fill the gap, rotor farms or solar.
Google dominican / haiti border side bland , one side lush greenery.....guess which side has GW sanctions on it ?? The beige bland one..
Im fed up of GW hysteria when itll prob be our food consumption & over population thatll be our demise as told in docufilm " cowspriracy "
Human kind ( ego led ) just wont accept the weather happens despite us not because of us.
16 1,468 Read More
8th Feb 2019 10:24am NAILS IN DOG BISCUITS [by venice]
Reports from Petpals that biscuits laced with nails have been found in Parkgate. Same thing happened in a Widnes park a while back apparently , so be vigilant everywhere, but especially in parks .Please put a message on your FB and share , to keep as many dogs safe as poss.
2 506 Read More
7th Feb 2019 8:39am Trees Down [by diggingdeeper]
I didn't think the winds were going to hit us until later in the week however they have.

Three trees down.

Junction of Church Road/Quarry Road Bebington.

Raby Road (I think Thornton Hough)

Junction of Irby Road/Townshend Avenue Irby
0 350 Read More
6th Feb 2019 3:15pm The River Tame [by granny]

The River Tame in Greater Manchester has the highest levels of of microplastics anywhere in the world. This, combined with toxic algae produced by rising global temperatures, means our waterbirds are living in a poisonous, plastic soup.
Help us call for a new deal for nature that protects and restores our wildlife. Email your MP here:;utm_campaign=organic&pc=VCZ201001
5 580 Read More
5th Feb 2019 4:14am Missed Bin Collections [by diggingdeeper]
Green bins should be left out.

Grey bins should be taken in and put out by 7am Sunday 10th Feb (normally Saturday night for most people).

Brown bins will not be collected in advance of the next scheduled collection (even though you pay extra for this service!)

7 787 Read More
3rd Feb 2019 4:11pm Birkenhead movie now on Netflix [by thesilentenigma]
A movie made around Birkenhead called The Violators is now available on Netflix.
The Hollywood Reporter describes it as 'a bracing bleak blast of social realism from a
corner of England rarely seen on screen'.
Meanwhile another American magazine, Variety, describes it as being set in a rundown suburb in
the picturesque English county of Cheshire!
I initially thought it was in Manchester as there was a reference to Mancland and there
are some Manc accents and NO scouse ones. Weird.
Nice to see my house made it to the big screen.
Usual dish of despair and scuzzies.
1 6 856 Read More
2nd Feb 2019 1:40pm Various Free Items [by rhoobarb2002]
Having a clear out and giving away some stuff, free to whoever can pick up today.

- 2 Tier Food Steamer

- Free Standing, oil filled style radiator.

- Bag of boys clothes 5-6yo ish.

- Basic filter coffee machine (a bit dusty, needs a clean)

- A bin bag of various young children's toys.

- Men's Mountain Bike - Been outside, needs some TLC.

Birkenhead area.

Please do not ask if you do not intend to pick up.
2 480 Read More
2nd Feb 2019 11:17am Not Quite Banksy [by granny]

but better.... IMO.

1 340 Read More
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Cambridge hifi Amplifiers for sale - from £40
by montyz. 8th Mar 2019 11:36am
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Bouncey thing
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Another "Austerity" Measure
by diggingdeeper. 24th Mar 2019 6:18pm
Handbag Found in New Brighton
by daveybm. 19th Mar 2019 8:46am
Handbag Found in New Brighton
by daveybm. 18th Mar 2019 9:43am
Giant rabbit startles motorist.
by Excoriator. 17th Mar 2019 9:58am
by cools. 16th Mar 2019 9:38pm
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Ladybird Books on Brexit
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Wirral dog groomer.
by venice. 21st Mar 2019 2:28pm
DNS Not found Error.
by Windows. 14th Mar 2019 12:54pm
Bultaco pursang
by Bultaco. 13th Mar 2019 12:43pm
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