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File too large 464
Offset number plates 409
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ford focus 1.6 t reg rattling 270
William Bernard's building, Birkenhead 235
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20th Mar 2017 5:43pm
Happy Birthday DIZDAZDOZ
by snowhite
19th Mar 2017 4:24pm
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William Bernard's building, Birkenhead
by yoller
20th Mar 2017 4:27pm
1882 Plan of the borough of Birkenhead and Wards
by Dave_Wood
19th Mar 2017 11:57am
New Brighton Coop
by Mike_White
9th Mar 2017 12:48pm
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6th Mar 2017 8:23pm
Whetstone Lane, Birkenhead
by MoretonExpat
6th Mar 2017 8:04am
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Birkenhead Transport Museum 24th Feb 2017
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Offset number plates
by diggingdeeper
31 minutes 18 seconds ago
Incident at Westminster
by diggingdeeper
36 minutes 54 seconds ago
Planet Earth Tonight
by diggingdeeper
54 minutes 57 seconds ago
Reclaimed floorboards needed.
by Excoriator
Today at 02:13 PM
various fly reels and boxes of fly's
by brady
Today at 10:50 AM
What song are you listening to?
by snowhite
Today at 10:46 AM
Challenge extreme angle grinder used once
by brady
Today at 10:43 AM
windows 7 64bit pc
by brady
Today at 10:38 AM
I am having a clear out!
by jeffrey
Today at 09:23 AM
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Planet Earth Tonight
by diggingdeeper
52 minutes 43 seconds ago
Lee and Cragg Quarries - Bacup
by Mark
23rd Mar 2017 7:43am
Today at 11:50 AM Planet Earth Tonight by granny

Earth Hour

Turn off: all your electricity on planet earth tonight.

Time: 8.30pm - 9.30pm

Location: Wirral

Reason : World wide experience to enjoy less light pollution for an hour and do our bit for the environment.

Wondering who has shares in the candle factory... grin

I have my own thoughts about this sort of crap, it sort of runs alongside the following but includes office space and computers and lighting 24/7 in high rise office blocks:

As part of Earth Hour, street lighting will remain switched on for safety reasons, but street lighting contributes to 50% of the sky glow in urban areas.

107 Views · 4 Comments
Yesterday at 04:01 PM I am having a clear out! by TheComputerLab

I have the following items free to who ever wants them:

1 2 seater bike trailer similar to this
needs a clean

2 touch screen kiosks, look a bit like small fruit machines but they are simply touch screens in a box. you can use them for anything from a games machine, juke box or information machine for at work.

Free to come and have a look. Both are quite heavy and hard to carry!

186 Views · 3 Comments
23rd Mar 2017 1:24am Offset number plates by venice

Noticed today for first time , a numberplate stuck on the corner of the car , not in normal centre position. OH informs me that all Saabs are like that , and a couple of other makes, and no its not illegal. Doesnt seem right that from certain angles, and in some circumstances those vehicles numberplates may not be picked up by registration cameras both for speeding or when taped film may be being used to track stolen cars etc.

414 Views · 12 Comments
21st Mar 2017 10:09am Port Sunlight by alan128

Does anyone know if they are filming the new season of Peaky Blinders in Port Sunlight this Time.
Yesterday they were filming in Liverpool

275 Views · 3 Comments
20th Mar 2017 10:25pm Council tax bill for this year 2017 by keef666

Well this time of year the new Council tax bills have been popping though the letter boxes once again, so this year they were set to rise by 4.5%.
My tax rates for last year was £1043.29 for a band A, less 25% discount which saw it come down to £698.47 or around £70 a month.
This year its £1090.61 or £47 up on last years total, less 25% brings it down to £817.96 which is up £119 on the £698.47. I now have to find £82 a month.
Now in a few weeks our wages go up by 30 pence an hour, for me this means, as i work three jobs over seven days or around 35 hours or more a week on average i will be better off by £7.00.
Take the 4.5% council tax for the year this now drops to £4 then add all the other rises from Broadband, Petrol, Road Tax, Insurance, Water Rates,Food etc and at some put this year Electric and Gas will go up again, i am around £5 to £10 a week worse off!

So going to have to tighten my belt as they say, looks like i will have to cut out buying food then!

And they say your better off working, really!

474 Views · 12 Comments
20th Mar 2017 4:27pm William Bernard's building, Birkenhead by yoller

Here’s a letterhead from William Bernard’s of Birkenhead, dated around the mid-1930s. The image is interesting because it shows the building, which was at the corner of Hamilton Street, in its entirety – it was bombed during the war and I think the damaged section was later demolished. I remember this blitzed bit of the building, which faced Market Place South, still being hidden by hoardings well into the 1970s.

235 Views · 2 Comments
20th Mar 2017 10:41am File too large by Dilly

Spent a while yesterday trying to learn how to add images to posts. Followed all the instructions but when I add file it keeps saying file too big. So you brainy lot how do you change the size of the file please ? Thanks in advance folks.

464 Views · 10 Comments
19th Mar 2017 11:02pm ford focus 1.6 t reg rattling by Little_B

hi guys its gonna be a bit vague bit the last two days a rattle started on my engine, it started quite but is now very load, its not there on tick over and when just cruising along but sounds bad when accelerating. I seems to be coming from either the top end (cam rail area) or left side by the belts a bit vague I know but any help wound be great I need to pick my new baby girl from hospital tomorrow afternoon and would like it either fixed or confident its not going to blow up on me
. Thanks

271 Views · 4 Comments
19th Mar 2017 11:57am 1882 Plan of the borough of Birkenhead and Wards by Dave_Wood

347 Views · 3 Comments
18th Mar 2017 9:17am Alloys refurb and colour change. The Wheel Deal. by TheComputerLab


Just had my wheels refurbished. I decided to go for a colour change because the original alloys had a ceramic coat which gave the wheels a very high gloss finish, as much as I liked the look I found it hard to find a company that could do a ceramic finish.

Anyway, here are the before and after pics

521 Views · 9 Comments
17th Mar 2017 7:27pm Tow Bar Fitted Interior Lights No Longer Working by fish5133

Just had a new tow bar fitted yesterday and just noticed the boot and interior courtesy lights no longer work either via the doors or by switching on. Not checked trailer lights yet to see if been wired wrong. Any clues ? blown fuse.

202 Views · 1 Comments
17th Mar 2017 4:05pm Wanted Auto Electrician by dodie

To wire some daytime led lights into my car thanks

113 Views · 0 Comments
16th Mar 2017 3:53pm Unusual Phone calls by granny

Had an unusual phone call tis afternoon from someone who said she was from a company in York, with a local merseyside accent.

Asking about 'lifestyle' . 3 questions, do you drink water, do you eat vegetables and do you walk much.

Great ! "You have been so kind you now have 2 prizes to choose from".
A) a lovely fragrant therapy set
B) a holiday for two.

No thanks. A bottle of wine then ?
No thanks.

Looking on the search for number 07836 311722

1 comment says: Will ask about lifestyle then offer free gift of weekend break vouchers but want to bust your home

Hoax or not, just thought you might like to know and be aware.

449 Views · 1 Comments
16th Mar 2017 9:35am Zanussi built in an oven - grill not working by gerrymoore

Built in type electric oven with timer. Fan assisted. Oven works perfectly but grill not working. I have a grill element but it needs someone with electric knowledge to fix. Collect only from Bebington..need it gone quickly as new oven arriving tomorrow.

Reply to this Post

181 Views · 1 Comments
16th Mar 2017 8:41am Free packing, boxes, jiffy bags, polystyrene chips by MikeT

For eBay kings (and queens)

Quantity of packing material, boxes, polystyrene chips, large number of reusable jiffy bags all sizes.

Collect New Brighton.

Text or whatsapp only: 07745 778 645
No calls please.

245 Views · 3 Comments
16th Mar 2017 8:22am free beko fridge freezer by joeblogs

as above still being used works perfectly,in white some marks here and there,only going as we have built in now,will be available saturday 17th to pick up prenton

253 Views · 3 Comments
16th Mar 2017 7:01am Flashing eye by Dilly

Hello people, this morning I have noticed a flashing eye symbol on the top of my phone. It appears on the bar where my battery level and the time appear. This eye is only there when I go on Wiki Wirral and no other site. Am I being watched or just being paranoid smile any ideas please folks ? Cheers

1066 Views · 22 Comments
14th Mar 2017 8:11pm Thanks by Christinerowland

Hi, just want to thank Maureen for helping me try to understand how this site works
It's quite complicated when your a techno phobe
Will be in touch mo. Thanks again, Chris

461 Views · 2 Comments
13th Mar 2017 7:44pm Council leader and sidekick head off to Cannes by jeffrey

All at our expense too....

Article here: That Riviera Touch

583 Views · 6 Comments
12th Mar 2017 10:43am Lance Corporal Victory by granny

My name is Lance/Corporal VICTORY and I am the latest edition to the team at the City of Liverpool Royal British Legion. I was born on 08th May 2014.



It is my sad duty to inform you that Lance Corporal Victory passed away in his field today approx 1300hrs. (yesterday)

Victory literally passed in minutes and according to the vet there was nothing that could be done to save him or could have prevented him from dying. An extremely tragic turn of circumstances for a happy healthy horse.

Through the diligence of John and Jean at the Stork Inn and surrounding neighbours, Victory got to spend the last few moments with his beloved owner and virtually hung on so that she could be with him during his dying breaths.

We are absolutely shocked and devastated at the City of Liverpool Royal British Legion - he was extremely loved by all.

445 Views · 2 Comments
12th Mar 2017 9:10am Free technic hifi system with DVD player by dodie

Free but no wires as lost need to be replaced please contact 07984051336

245 Views · 1 Comments
11th Mar 2017 1:38pm lilly the the mass murder by alicia1

its this time of year when the weather starts getting warmer my loving neutered female cat turns into a SERIAL KILLER she kills mice,rats, poor little frogs, but what i hate is her killing birds. we do try to keep her in but she will even get out of a attic bedroom window. i live in a three story house and she will get on the roof after pigeons..ive bought silly expensive collers.ive even put a big purse bell on her coller ..any advice is much needed x

575 Views · 5 Comments
11th Mar 2017 11:32am rotary washing line by tommybarry

rotary garden drier in good condition free


190 Views · 1 Comments
11th Mar 2017 10:32am Silver microwave by TheComputerLab

Full working order. Free to whoever wants it. Available from Friday onwards

244 Views · 2 Comments
11th Mar 2017 10:30am Smeg washer dryer by TheComputerLab

Good working order. Washing machine works perfectly. Dryer has a thermostat problem which means that a button needs to be pressed before use.

We have a new one coming on Friday so this one is free to whoever can collect it from Friday onwards.

This is not for someone to take and sell on!!

282 Views · 3 Comments
10th Mar 2017 3:22pm Router problems. Talk Talk? by paxvobiscum

Has anyone had Router problems this week and been unable to get internet?

I am with Talk Talk and parts of the day get a message to state I am not connected.

601 Views · 7 Comments
9th Mar 2017 12:48pm New Brighton Coop by Mike_White

I have another request for any information/photos this time of New Brighton Coop - not the one at the top of Victoria road but about a third of the way down Victoria road on the right as you head down towards the prom. The post office was on the other side of the road only a little further away from the prom, and opposite was a really good record shop - reactor I think was the name. The reason I ask is I worked there in the early eighties and wonder if anyone has any memories of the place or the tea rooms above. Thanks for looking!

817 Views · 8 Comments
8th Mar 2017 9:29pm History Fair : Hamilton Square Sunday by Mark

436 Views · 2 Comments
8th Mar 2017 6:34pm Bengal Male Cat Looking For A New Home - Free by Uffda

I have a six year old spotted Bengal cat looking for a new home. It's a long story but he doesn't want to live with my other cats and keeps running away, being found at vet's and returned to me. He is very affectionate and clever. He's neutered but needs to be able to go out as he loves to keep an eye on the neighbourhood. I think he would be happy in a home without any other animals. He loves people just not my two other cats. Please let me know if you know anyone who would be interested?

413 Views · 2 Comments
7th Mar 2017 8:40pm Vince the Rhino by cools

Now these animals are not even safe in a Zoo!! 4year old Rhino called Vince shot dead and horn sawn off and taken. This took place in a French zoo.Horn worth thousands to these morons who think it has miraculous power, so stupid and very cruel. What a world eh!...sorry I can't put source up have do try but never works for me....

284 Views · 2 Comments
6th Mar 2017 8:23pm Tranmere High School for Girls 1882 Chesnut Grove by sarah708

I'm keen to find out information about Tranmere High School for girls which occupied the last two houses on Chesnut Grove where it meets Laurel Road. The house numbers were 20 -22, but the houses at this end of the road, which were there in 1882, are numbered differently now.

If anyone has any further info I'd be really grateful - I intend to look at Wirral archives in the near future....


574 Views · 6 Comments
6th Mar 2017 10:21am Toddler dead by cools

Realise we can't talk about this much as case pending and all, but would just like to express my sadness at another little life gone..R.I.P. Little one.

1089 Views · 11 Comments
6th Mar 2017 8:04am Whetstone Lane, Birkenhead by MoretonExpat


Back in 1992/93, I used to work at the top of Whetstone Lane in the CO-OP in Warrington Street.

That walk up Whetstone Lane everyday used to kill my legs. By the time I got into work, I was fit for nothing and at 8pm I'd crawl back down it on my hands and knees to the bus-stop for Moreton at Conway Street.

With the magic of the street view, I was gutted to see pretty much the whole of Warrington Street like so many places today, completely demolished.

Does anyone have or know of any places that house pictures of Warrington Street from the early 90s

Many thanks!

682 Views · 6 Comments
5th Mar 2017 7:45pm Wycherley Road, Birkenhead by geprgie260

Looking for any history information about Wycherley Road, CH42, please. Any info such as when the houses were built, shops in the street in the past and why it was named Wycherley Road, was it named after someone?

Thanks very much for reading!

797 Views · 10 Comments
5th Mar 2017 2:34pm 77 Caught One Of These? by fish5133

I am old enough to remember getting on one of these. used to get it from Upton Village either to go Moreton Shore or Birkenhead.
On display at Llangollen Railway station yesterday. A crosville bus also their but my lad didn't photograph that one (silly me left xd card out of camera doh!)
Seem to remember the crosville bus fares were a bit dearer than the blue buses but they were warmer and a bit plusher inside.

471 Views · 1 Comments
5th Mar 2017 1:50pm frenchies by eggandchips

any frenchie owners?
we are starting a frenchie club, meeting at THE CORNER, new brighton.
meet other owners, discuss the breed, pick up tips, maybe find a prospective sire / dam

more info to follow...... hosted by MALCOM

601 Views · 7 Comments
5th Mar 2017 11:06am St Michaels School by mikekong

Does anyone have an images of what I think were called "St. Michaels Junior School" in the Woodchurch Estate, used to be a container like shape & it were yellow?

339 Views · 3 Comments
5th Mar 2017 8:15am Bidston Dock by MoretonExpat


Does anyone remember Bidston Dock in the 80s?

I used to go to Mosslands lower school in the 80s and loved watching the three cranes work as they unloaded various ships that come and went.

Sadly, the internet seems a bit thin on the ground with info about the dock and the cranes and pictures are just as scarce. I left Mosslands upper school in 87 and was really sad to discover that the dock was filled in and the cranes demolished at some point in the 90s.

Was sad also to discover Mosslands lower school had too, been demolished.

Does anyone have any info on the docks and the cranes or know of any good links to sites .

Thank you!

577 Views · 6 Comments
3rd Mar 2017 7:54pm Seeking old pictures of Mason Street, Birkenhead by yoller

I'm trying to find pictures of Mason Street, Birkenhead, before it was demolished around 1967-1969. Mason Street was a row of terrace houses between New Chester Road and Green Lane, behind the Royal Castle pub and not far from Laird's main gate.

519 Views · 6 Comments
3rd Mar 2017 1:47pm Liver Building Sold by granny

Did anyone know the Liver Building has been sold ?

£48 million ! Needless to say, it's been sold to a foreign company, from Luxembourg so we might be leaving Europe but Europe seem to be dissecting us bit by bit anyway and getting a stronger foothold on a regular basis.

A company only founded in 2006, so no great record of success yet.

We simply don't seem to be able to keep anything iconic for ourselves and it makes me angry.

771 Views · 8 Comments
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23rd Mar 2017 1:14pm
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Has anyone fished
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