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15th Dec 2017 10:46pm
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14th Dec 2017 9:47am
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273 Lord Raglan 228 Old Chester Road? 228 New Ches
by diggingdeeper
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Fued Bette and Joan
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269 Prince William
by diggingdeeper
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WANTED...Webley pistol..177 or 22 any condition
by spider
Yesterday at 05:12 PM
Rescued Animals.
by granny
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Duke of Lancaster - it's had a "make over"!!!
6th Dec 2017 9:25pm
Irby Village Xmas Switch On Friday 1st 4 till 5pm
by missmahjong
2nd Dec 2017 3:15pm
15th Dec 2017 6:40pm Specialised Data Recovery For External Hard Drive by Uffda

Has anyone used a specialised data recovery company to recover information from a damaged external hard drive and can recommend one please?
I've done all I can do with it and after Goggling the problem, it seem that I need to send it away for more professional attention in a clean room.
Many thanks.

159 Views · 2 Comments
15th Dec 2017 1:11pm Approx. 60 x Adult Black Crickets by rhoobarb2002

Bought for our Bearded Dragon who has no interest in them at all.

106 Views · 1 Comments
12th Dec 2017 11:27pm Scout Post Reminder ..13th Dec is last day by fish5133

13th Decemeber is official last day for posting your scout post..Be quick

39 Views · 6 Comments
11th Dec 2017 1:41pm classic car by arnyhughes

does any one own a classic car laugh cool

714 Views · 16 Comments
10th Dec 2017 8:26pm Wireless Printer IP Problems by diggingdeeper

I've spent way too many hours on this one so thrown in the towel but hoping someone might have a clue.

Oldish Epson Stylus Printer won't properly connect to the router wirelessly, I'll do the rest of this in list format, paragraphs would get too unwieldy.

Printer and router acknowledge wireless connection has been made.
Printer learns IP issued from router's DHCP ok.
Router learns printer's MAC address but doesn't link it to IP address it issued from DHCP.
Router flags and logs that printer is connected wirelessly.
Putting MAC address on fixed IP at both ends doesn't work.
Printer ad-hoc wireless mode works fine.
Printer's Ethernet connection to router works fine.
Printer USB to computer works fine.
Switching on/off uPNP on router makes no difference.
Switching on/off bonjour on printer makes no difference and router doesn't pick up bonjour details.
All Epson utilities on computer use TCP so can't find printer because no IP.
No related errors in the router logs even at debug level, it just acknowledges connection and disconnection at appropriate times.
MAC address for printer's wireless and ethernet is same but I've let DHCP time out (was 24 hours) and still won't work.

344 Views · 11 Comments
10th Dec 2017 5:45pm Dog snood . How much!!!!!??? by venice

Saw a dog wearing a proper snood today , laughingly told OH and he said it must have been just a scarf as a joke!!!

But NO - look , and look at the flipping price!!!!

325 Views · 8 Comments
9th Dec 2017 5:07pm IPTV and the law by Peter0787

Looking for some information on IPTV streaming that I pay for. In my eyes, it is a little wrong but nothing will probably ever come back on me in terms of the law. My missus on the other hand is up in arms about the whole situation and thinks that the door is going to be kicked down any minute and I'm carted away for the rest of my life.

We've both done our own research and still have different stances about the legality of it all.

Would someone happen to have any information relating to the actual laws around this? My understanding of it is if I am watching it I'm fine, but if I'm providing the streams etc, then that is the illegal part that can earn me a stretch at her majestys finest prison.

369 Views · 6 Comments
6th Dec 2017 8:01pm "Rose" at Eastham Ferry, River Mersey by buddy

DOC_2531b by

DOC_2531a by [url=]

55 Views · 1 Comments
6th Dec 2017 7:41pm Duke of Lancaster - it's had a "make over"!!! by buddy

DOC_2412a by
DOC_2418a by
DOC_2420a by
DOC_2424a by
DOC_2429a by

Some earlier images:-
New_1_DSCF0454 by

New_1_DSCF0448 by [url=]

385 Views · 3 Comments
5th Dec 2017 6:38pm Wall Mountable Display Case by Catsick

Display case with sliding glass doors. In good condition, shelves a bit warped, could use replacing. Case & glass doors in great condition.

Dimensions - 23.5" x 31.5" x 4"

182 Views · 1 Comments
4th Dec 2017 12:00pm Car Insurance Renewal by fish5133

That time of year again when compare the market or other comparison sites throw up a £100 saving. I note my renewal letter says " If you have been insured with us for a number of years you may find cheaper insurance elsewhere" Presume that's a standard requirement by Financial Conduct Authority.

Intrigued to listen to the sales patter of the young lady who was desperate not to lose my business. She makes it personal to her and you. "I don't want to lose your business so I have applied the maximum discount...look at the saving which you could spend on your kids for Christmas"

I politely reminded her that it was Peoples Choice who were losing my business not her and was very sorry if she lost any commission (she said she didn't). I did suggest to her it was a shame that Peoples Choice didn't give me the lower price on my renewal letter rather than shafting loyal customers.. Shop around to switch energy supplier.

528 Views · 8 Comments
4th Dec 2017 10:20am Arriva Industrial action by assassin

here are the dates 4th, 7th 12th 13th 14th 20th 21st 22nd and 23rd of December 2017

412 Views · 6 Comments
2nd Dec 2017 9:28am Anti Virus etc by saltytom

My McAfee subscription has expired so i googled best anti virus computer protection it opened a can of worms.
Some say install free stuff but i don't mind paying for the right protection (for computer ).
Any ideas Thank you.

654 Views · 10 Comments
1st Dec 2017 12:51pm Hero dogs by lincle

Three dogs who have served abroad protecting our forces personnel are due to be destroyed in 7 days.Please sign the petition on These loyal animals deserve better.

609 Views · 14 Comments
1st Dec 2017 11:37am Phone problem by Dilly

Problem I am having is that while at at work on mobile data I can go on wiki wirral without any problems, but when I get home and my phone connects to my home internet and I go on wiki the page gets taken over by what I would think is scam saying I have won an asda voucher for £500 . I then have to switch my phone off to get it off, then when I switch back on I get wiki back for a few seconds and then it comes back. I have tried a spare phone that I have and that is the same. Any ideas how to cure this please ? Cheers

424 Views · 5 Comments
30th Nov 2017 12:02pm Council to charge residents for 'idling' by Littlebear

Wirral Borough Council has unveiled a new 'environmental initiative' to prevent Wirral residents from idling. The "No idling" plan will be introduced from January 2018 near schools, hospitals, care homes and in high-pollution zones.

Residents who are seen to be idling for longer than 10 seconds will be given an on the spot fine of £80, reduced to £40 if paid within 30 seconds. If the fine is paid straight away, but the person is found to be idling while paying, the fine is increased to £160, but reduced to £80.

"This is clear demonstration of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and our forward thinking vision as a progressive environmentally aware council, or something." said scheming council leader Phil Davies, while rubbing his hands together and vigorously licking his lips, like some crazed, exaggerated cartoon character.

(* A Civil Enforcement Officer fines an idling man)

1106 Views · 18 Comments
28th Nov 2017 3:46pm Talking Pictures to be more freely available by billy_anorak59

I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this (done a search and not found anything), but from Nov 30th, Talking Pictures TV is to be made more freely available on Freeview. Anyone who can get 'Yesterday' apparently. Good news for my Mum!

Talking Pictures News

277 Views · 1 Comments
28th Nov 2017 3:03pm Council unveils New Chester Rd 'Rejuvenation' Plan by Littlebear

Wirral Borough Council has unveiled a series of improvements and upgrades to Bromborough section of the A41 / New Chester Road.
The council announced it's plans as 'the vision of the future, bringing both safety to pedestrians and giving driver's the same feeling as an oven ready chicken being shunted down the factory production line'.

The 'safety incentive' will bring the amount of traffic lights along the two mile stretch of road from New Ferry Bypass to junction 3 of the M53 motorway from 23 to 1,356.

The improvements were outlined during the council's bi-monthly budget meeting held in the "Hotel President Wilson" in Geneva.

a) Install traffic lights at Mark Rake
a) Install traffic lights at Caldbeck Road
a) Install traffic lights between Mark Rake and Caldbeck Road
a) Install traffic lights between traffic lights between Mark Rake and Caldbeck
e) Install one way system on the section between Caldbeck Road and Mark Rake
f) Install a mini-roundabout (with traffic lights) between traffic lights between Old Hall Road and Mark Rake
g) Install a video-game inspired 'teleportation' device from Old Hall Lane back to Mark Rake.
h) Bus lane between Traffic Calming Measure #345 and Traffic Calming Measure #346
i) Get Neptune Developments to do it
j) Install installation
k) Spike strips
l) Install 'Road AIDS'

Wirral Borough Council's leader 'Phil Davies' refused to comment as 'he didn't have to'.

Artist's impression of WBC's 'Vision Of The Future':

602 Views · 12 Comments
28th Nov 2017 3:01pm The Happy Topic by granny

Ok, let's try and think of things that make us

HAPPY yipee bananalove party laffin

1538 Views · 32 Comments
27th Nov 2017 8:23pm 'Does not support HDCP' - Sony TV/Sky box problem by yoller

Apologies if we’ve already covered this subject. I bought a Sony Bravia TV a year ago and it’s developed an intermittent problem. Every so often, a message comes up, saying something like ‘This display does not support HDCP’. Then the screen goes a solid blue colour and stays like that.

The TV is connected to a Sky box and the only way I can eventually restore things is by switching off the TV and the Sky box and waiting till everything resets. It’ll be okay for a while, maybe several days, before the same thing happens again.

I’ve Googled the problem, but no one seems to have a definite answer. Some say it’s just a matter of getting a decent HDMI cable (which I have), others say it’s something to do with how you switch your devices on. I’m totally baffled. We have a Samsung TV connected to a Sky box in the next room and this has never happened to it. Is the problem with the Sony TV or the Sky box? If anyone could help, I’d appreciate it, because it’s incredibly annoying.

338 Views · 2 Comments
27th Nov 2017 11:31am Those LED street lights again by Excoriator

Reading this:

- got me thinking about our LED streetlights again. New Ferry's bit of the Rock Ferry bypass cannot be said to be contributing much to the problem. The Wondrous LED lamps there have not worked since being installed.

More seriously, one big advantage of these lights is the ability to switch them on and off in nanoseconds without reducing their life. By doing this at high speed, and varying the on-off ratio, it is also possible to vary the brightness, with a concomitant reduction in power consumption. This can be readily integrated into the switch-mode power supplies which exist already in these lights and there is already a radio link allowing this to be done remotely. Furthermore, most of the roads which have them are already equipped with CCTV, so surely it's not beyond the wit of man to be able to detect that there is no traffic in the middle of the night and to switch them off. They could be switched on again on arrival of a vehicle and switched off again once it had passed by.

Much if not all the infrastructure already exists to do this sort of thing. All that is needed is to put it all together. This would reduce the power bill, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and perhaps give us back a view of the night sky, now invisible over much of the Wirral. A win-win solution if ever there was one.

Wakey wakey Wirral council! Save us some money!

335 Views · 3 Comments
26th Nov 2017 10:00pm Woodchurch Road by granny

Has anyone been along the Woodchurch Road, between the bridge at the M53 and Prenton Dell Road. ?
( The bridge that always floods like a lake when it rains and where I was nearly run off the road the other day as two cars rushed past fro the opposite direction, throwing water up into my windscreen , one after the other I had no visibility at all for a number of seconds. Very frightening..)
The white lines are virtually non existent ,bad enough in the daytime but on a wet night with bright car lights and lampposts, there is no way to even hazard a guess at where they are and traffic joining from the M53. It's a pity they couldn't have extended the white lines beyond the flyover, when they were painted further up the road only a couple of weeks ago.

who sit in places of decision making ?

315 Views · 1 Comments
22nd Nov 2017 2:29pm Murderer walks free by _Ste_

Does someone want to explain to me why this has walked free from court??

What happened to the mandatory 5 year sentence for carrying a knife?


787 Views · 9 Comments
17th Nov 2017 4:24pm where to get cheap carpet by mickturner

looking for some good quality carpet just had the shock of my life
for a bedroom carpet 16x12 £850 no chance,when i mean cheap i mean good quality with good underlay.anyone know anywhere

609 Views · 4 Comments
16th Nov 2017 9:16am White radiator single panel 1400 x 600 - good cond by gerrymoore

Free to the first collector. I removed this radiator from my bedroom as it was not getting hot at the bottom. I bought and fitted a new radiator (£70 and a lot of messing about) and it's exactly the at the top and cool at the bottom.

So the free radiator is good condition but will need valves.

Collection from Bebington..and it's heavy!!

139 Views · 0 Comments
15th Nov 2017 3:40am Taltalk Broadband Dying by diggingdeeper

My talktalk fibre connections have gone down, looking around on the internet this seems to be happening all around the country bit by bit.

Not often I have problems but of course this happened just as I was about to do a large upload. Such is life.

550 Views · 3 Comments
14th Nov 2017 8:03pm Charity fishing match by paul110180

Planning a charity fishing match £20 entry fee big prizes and raffles all for good cause regerstee interest call Paul 07793555415 cheers .

500 Views · 5 Comments
14th Nov 2017 7:45pm Replacement Key Fob casing by fish5133

Is it straight forward to swop over the existing electronic bits and chip from one key fob to another as the bit you press has worn out. . Also the blade will need swopping over (as I don't want to have it cut) that looks a little more tricky as it appears to be riveted in.

BMW Mini Cooper.

replacement fob only few quid on ebay.

426 Views · 5 Comments
13th Nov 2017 3:54pm Insecure sites. by venice

Im finding that some of the forums I use , are now showing as insecure (the crossed out padlock) . MOneysavingexpert and Hotmail for starters. Ive tried putting Https:// in front, but that doesnt work . Can someone please try Moneysavingexpert to see if it shows a yellow padlock for them -(test the register and log on pages) , and if it does, any suggestions as to why Im getting these insecure forums please?

1240 Views · 26 Comments
13th Nov 2017 2:25pm What is your Daily Exercise ? by granny

What is your daily exercise ?

1088 Views · 19 Comments
11th Nov 2017 10:38pm Wedding for Cancer Research ! by Katemargaret

Hi Everyone,
I'm new to WikiWirral but have checked this is ok to post and it has been allowed!
Me and my partner are raising money for Cancer Research UK. We're doing so by swapping our wedding reception for a charity fundraising evening. We have been totally overwhelmed by the support so far and have raised over £1200! Jez's mum is our inspiration who has recently been diagnosed with secondary bone cancer as a healthy 65 year old still working hard as a matron of a care home in Liverpool. Our story is being covered by the Liverpool Echo tomorrow! Please can you read our post as we've not had any donations today as yet and would be really appreciative of some extra support. 100% to CRUK.

All the best Wirral,

212 Views · 0 Comments
10th Nov 2017 10:10pm Cheap body repair / painting local? by anniebo28

Does anyone know of any cheap companies for body repair? Even a mobile or after hours guy?
I've got a few rust spots on the rear arches of an old cheap BMW that I just want to clean up without spending a fortune as it's not worth it.
One side is just the inner lip, the other side is a few bubbles on the outer arch and a small patch on the door frame corner.
Been priced £300 and the car isn't worth spending that on so if anyone knows of anyone, please let me know.

423 Views · 2 Comments
10th Nov 2017 8:06pm inporting contacts by snowshoes

Does anyone have a quick way of importing contacts to

528 Views · 4 Comments
10th Nov 2017 1:06pm Human brain tissue in rats by venice

Watching RT today, revealed that experiments have been going on for some time , putting certain parts of human brain tissue into rats and mice. This can apparently help solve mysteries about Dementia and the like . Wonderful progress as dementia is on the rise , or scary dilemma of where do we stop ?

600 Views · 10 Comments
8th Nov 2017 7:08am Ace Tv by saltytom

Anyone familiar with Ace tv need help, thanks

274 Views · 0 Comments
6th Nov 2017 8:44pm Holland and Barratt Liverpool by fish5133

Holland and Barratt will be looking for new staff following the latest wave of staff handing in their notice. If senior management would only look at the turnover of staff under a particular manager they might just think they have a slight problem.

809 Views · 6 Comments
3rd Nov 2017 5:59pm Over Half of Wirral Tanning Shops Illegal by diggingdeeper

Wirral's tanning shops are all being checked to see that they are not using illegal equipment. So far over half the shops tested are using tubes that are greater power than that allowed.

When the problem is on that scale it appears to me to be indicative that the punishments are insufficient.


918 Views · 8 Comments
1st Nov 2017 12:25pm Weekend vacancy by kittykat

My place of work has a vacancy for a petrol forecourt cashier. Hours of work would be 9-5 Saturday & 10-4 Sunday plus bank holidays and hol/sick cover. It is by clatterbridge. Previous retail experience an advantage and refs required.
Hours would probably suit a retiree. These are not great hours I know but it is fairly quiet at the weekend and a doddle of a job. It is also permanent.

331 Views · 0 Comments
31st Oct 2017 12:01pm 3 printers for free by gerry1



Working. Collection only from Eastham.
Thanks Gerry

667 Views · 8 Comments
30th Oct 2017 11:43am Does your chocolate bar contain Elephant ? by granny

Do you eat Cadbury's chocolate or Ferrero ?

There’s no doubt as to the responsibility of cocoa for the colossal environmental damage. “The ancient forests of our nation, once a paradise for wildlife like chimpanzees, leopards, hippopotamus, and elephants, have been degraded and deforested to the point that they’re almost entirely gone”, says Kouamé Soulago Fernand, General Secretary of ROSCIDET, a network of Ivorian NGOs.

“This deforestation is due principally to the cultivation of cocoa.”

Please sign and share.

717 Views · 11 Comments
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