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New General Forums
by ShySusie. 21st Oct 2018 7:36pm
10yr old Reprimanded
by fish5133. 19th Oct 2018 7:57pm
Wirral War Gaming Club Opening Night .. FREE Entry
by WargamerNik. 17th Oct 2018 9:41am
New Brighton Sunset
by buddy. 15th Oct 2018 11:37am
New Wirral History
757 Rocks Wallasey Road Liscard
by derekdwc. 16th Oct 2018 8:04pm
756 Scrap Yard Wallasey Road Liscard
by derekdwc. 16th Oct 2018 8:00pm
755 Beer Keg Wallasey Road Liscard
by derekdwc. 16th Oct 2018 7:55pm
1970's Murder in Central Park, Wallasey
by cutespam. 4th Aug 2018 11:28am
655 Bridge Inn Bolton Road Port Sunlight
by derekdwc. 14th Sep 2009 2:19pm
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Dumb and dumber
by venice. 24th Oct 2018 1:07am
What song are you listening to?
by diggingdeeper. 23rd Oct 2018 1:06pm
Gibson House
by diggingdeeper. 23rd Oct 2018 12:59pm
Downloading Attachments
by BDBJ123. 23rd Oct 2018 10:25am
Trams planned for our Docks
by keef666. 23rd Oct 2018 10:22am
Major incident at Bebington station
by Gibbo. 23rd Oct 2018 10:16am
British Ironworks Centre Oswestry
by missmahjong. 23rd Oct 2018 10:04am
Wanted vinyl floor fitter
by dodie. 22nd Oct 2018 9:12pm
Charles Thompson Toy Appeal
by cools. 22nd Oct 2018 1:30pm
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British Ironworks Centre Oswestry
by missmahjong. 23rd Oct 2018 10:04am
Charles Thompson Toy Appeal
by cools. 22nd Oct 2018 1:30pm
22nd Oct 2018 12:44pm Major incident at Bebington station [by Excoriator]
Trains are off, the place is crawling with police and the helicopter is buzzing around well below the legal limit if 500 feet over built-up areas.

Looks serious. Any idea what's going on?
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21st Oct 2018 11:35pm Charles Thompson Toy Appeal [by granny]

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17th Oct 2018 8:41am Wirral War Gaming Club Opening Night .. FREE Entry [by WargamerNik]
Just a quick update on our Wargaming Club.

Tonight is Opening Night.

To celebrate, we are offering FREE entry (normally £3) and entry, via a draw, to a game of Sabacc.
The winner of which will walk away with a cool set of Solo Dice!!

Join us at the Carrbridge Community Centre, Woodchurch (next door to the Swimming Baths) .. Doors open at 6.30pm .. Over 18's only, please.

Bring your armies, books, dice, rulers, terrain etc. Come along and play, or, meet and chat with like minded gamers.

Board and card gamers welcome too.

email for further details!!
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16th Oct 2018 7:31pm Buy and Sell car? [by fish5133]
A good friend has offered me his car for free to sell and for me to keep the money (he is giving up driving due to age and health and having just had his first minor bump since 1959) The car is driveable but could do with a new wing where he bumped it. MOT due around December but it has passed every year due to low annual mileage. Not sure of cost of new wing being put on (ebay to buy around £100) Any of our motoring "experts" think it might be worth me repairing and selling on

VW Golf Match 2003 Petrol Automatic 38,000 mile in ok condition. New cambelt fitted and service history. Seem to sell ok on ebay
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16th Oct 2018 7:04pm 757 Rocks Wallasey Road Liscard [by derekdwc]
757 Rocks Wallasey Road Liscard

Not sure if it sells alcohol
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16th Oct 2018 7:00pm 756 Scrap Yard Wallasey Road Liscard [by derekdwc]
756 Scrap Yard Wallasey Road Liscard
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16th Oct 2018 6:55pm 755 Beer Keg Wallasey Road Liscard [by derekdwc]
755 Beer Keg Wallasey Road Liscard
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16th Oct 2018 3:14pm Bromborough [by venice]
Production/Factory staff -Bromborough
Previous experience 6-6 days or nights available £8.75 Up to 42 hours £13.13
FLT Counterbalance Drivers also required £8.75 For more info or to apply you need to call Meridian on 01244 304360
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15th Oct 2018 10:37am New Brighton Sunset [by buddy]
Just missed the sun - I'll get there earlier next time!!

[Linked Image]New Brighton Sunset by [url=]
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10th Oct 2018 3:52pm Trams planned for our Docks [by Norton]
From tonight's Liverpool Echo
Trams are planned for Merseyside

The area in question is Wirral Waters and it is planned (by Peel) to use some of the heritage tramway and go over the Four Bridges.
Several plans are said to have been submitted to the Council already.
To be discussed by full Council on Monday October 15th.

"The notice is set to be discussed by full council on October 15, and asks the authority to consider recent events including December's Paris Summit on climate change and the Zero Emission Vehicle Summit in Birmingham that took place last month. At that conference, world leaders signed a declaration setting out the aim of "building a smart infrastructure network, planning for the cities of the future today, embedding zero emission infrastructure into the fabric of our urban and rural communities, and enabling provision where consumers need it".

Somehow, it doesn't seem so smart to me. What I think might have been smart would have been to look at the bigger picture, and timescale, given recent investment on the new bridge and cycle lanes.
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10th Oct 2018 11:50am two bar stools & 1 Computer chair Free [by gerry1]
THESE ARE FREE, may need slight attention.

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7th Oct 2018 7:03pm 2 Siamese cats stolen [by muzzy2]
My friend's cats were possibly taken last night from the Greasby area. Please check if anyone is offered these for sale. They stay together and would be easy for anyone to pick up. Very distinctive, 2 seal points . Posted on Facebook and Animal Search. Not likely to have just wandered off together. Both chipped and neutered, 10 - 12 years old. Thanks.
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7th Oct 2018 5:55pm Cammel Laird's Contract Win [by diggingdeeper]
Brilliant news on Cammel Laird getting the ten year £619m contract to support the RFA Tankers. The knock-on from this is sustaining 300 jobs and creating more than 100 apprenticeships. This is a combination of two contracts, one to support the old RFA Tankers and the other to support the new ones.

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5th Oct 2018 10:53pm Wirral Grooming Warning [by diggingdeeper]
A message sent to parents from Calday Grammar ...

“Dear Parent/Carer

“It has come to our attention that a potential grooming situation may be taking place on Facebook/Snapchat and Instagram. A person called J roberts is attempting to make contact with younger females. We are unsure if this person is also targetting [sic] young male students and therefore we ask all parents to be vigilant and ensure that their child’s privacy settings are on the highest setting.

“If you become aware of any suspicious activity please report it at: [the National Crime Agency website].”

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5th Oct 2018 9:38am Avon Bus [by dustymclean]
Avon bus service not running due to operational problems.

Check your journey time table especially Clatterbridge Hospital route.
4 774 Read More
28th Sep 2018 12:16pm Raptor Flying Over Seabank Road [by Moonstar]
13.05 today, 28.9.18, stunning raptor circling on thermals over Seabank Road/Rowson Street. Could not identify for sure, but a big bird.
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27th Sep 2018 10:31am Tradesmen? [by BandyCoot]
Where have all the tradesmen gone? Getting fed up with the standard of services. First one, roof probs and deffo had to be repaired. Got a roofer in, did the job (I hope) and they charged me for scaffolding, quite expensive, which they didn't even put up. The roof held up to now but that's still robbery, that's Wallasey out the picture next time. Another roofer this week to pre-empt any probs on a flat roof, Leaky gutter had to be redone because it was sealed when it was well forecasted to rain and it did. Quite, quite pricey. Bust my down spout and "fixed" with bodge tape and had to get him back in. Knocked down two flower holder brackets and now have to wait and see if the replacement flat roof holds out when the weather comes a knocking. B&Q "kitchen consultant", a bag of nails, B&Q kitchen staff put down wrong stuff, too much stuff, which caused problems during refit. Had to get snags sorted out from the actual build, my fault apparently for not checking when he finished, I was out at the time. Last 411 form NB to Bhead ran early on Monday and had to get a taxi back home. Last bus that's early may as well not be on. Depot chap said that there is not a time check point until Seacombe Ferry, well that's handy seeing as there's no ferries there anymore. I'm losing the plot a bit and so is my bank account. It's a hard loif.
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26th Sep 2018 1:25pm BRAND NEW WARGAMING CLUB [by WargamerNik]
Hi All

Any miniature war gamers, board game or card game players here?

If so, we may be just what you are looking for. We open the doors to our new War Gaming Club, located in the Carrbridge Centre, Carrbridge Road, Woodchurch, on the evening of Wednesday 17th October 2018.

Admission is £3, payable on the door. Please feel free to bring your armies, terrain, games etc .. Doors open at 6.30pm. Closing at 9.30pm. Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult.

For further details, please contact or check out our website
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25th Sep 2018 8:17pm Wirral to be next for Openreach Fibre rollout [by Papa_Juliet]

Wallasey will be the first to have Openreach direct fibre as Wirral is announced as 10th new area to benefit from FTTP rollout.

Openreach announce Wirrak area for FTTP rollout.
6 641 Read More
24th Sep 2018 5:30pm Corsa c [by starakita]
I'm having a problem with the gears in my corsa, it's an automatic. Had a new air filter put in Friday,went to go out put it in drive & it wouldn't go tried reverse same.Gone through a few things but it's still coming up on dashboard with F & the car with the spanner on the dash as well, stuck without it.
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23rd Sep 2018 3:16am Labour Party Conference - Liverpool [by diggingdeeper]

Absolutely incredible support for Corbyn at the Labour Party Conference, the solidarity among party members is amazing.

Of course the media portray it negatively.

Just 5 billionaires control 80% of the WORLD's media and they donate to the Tories and do not pay UK tax. They have also done the same hatchet job to numerous other Country's left wing parties as they have here.
81 3,421 Read More
21st Sep 2018 8:32am Mersey Tunnel tolls, 1934 [by yoller]
Does anyone know what the Mersey Tunnel tolls were when it opened in 1934? I've got a couple of books about the tunnel, but can't see the figures anywhere.
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15th Sep 2018 10:27pm £795,000 for a football pitch ? [by granny]
Plans approved for £795,000 to be spent on three junior football pitches at Leasowe Recreation Centre !

They already have 3 junior football pitches ! More than that I can't find any words other than, the cllr for tourism and leisure must have found money nobody else can.
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12th Sep 2018 4:36pm Part Time Maintenance Job [by Reno37]
Thanks Fish5133 I will pass on your suggestion. Best Wishes
0 247 Read More
11th Sep 2018 12:09pm Part Time Maintenance Job Required [by Reno37]
Hi! All . I am trying to help my brother in his search for a job by asking. Does anyone of you knowledgeable people out there know of ,or heard on the grapevine of any Part Time Maintenance posts on Wirral in Care homes, or indeed in any environment which may suit my brother. The job is not for me but for him, he is a fully multi skilled qualified plumber and central heating engineer who has searched without success this far . He is willing to consider any post and has a full driving license and at present is attempting to both find a job and care for his wife who is ill. I will send all your kind reply's to him, many thanks for your help.
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8th Sep 2018 7:55pm Wirral Heritage Week [by locomotive]
Don't forget it's Wirral Heritage event from now untill a week tomorrow, loads of places open without entrance charges and also places that aren't usually open to the public, had a nice day at the boat museum today, (ignored the rain) haven't been there for about 20 years, nice food in the cafe as well, a good day out with my wife, daughter and grandson, thoroughly enjoyable, transport museum next.
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6th Sep 2018 10:34pm River Mersey [by granny]

Do you know who owns the River Mersey ?

Generally speaking The Crown Estate owns the foreshore and bed on the south west (Birkenhead) side of the tidal sections of the River Mersey, to the centre point of the river. Much of the north east (Liverpool) side of the tidal section of the river is owned by the Duchy of Lancaster. There are a few exceptions to the above and one or two sales of foreshore, or admitted claims from within these areas.

Part of the ancient inheritance of the Duchy was ownership of all foreshores in the County Palatine. Extensive interests were sold during the nineteenth century, such as the Mersey Docks and Blackpool promenade. The Duchy remains the major owner of foreshore between the centre point of the River Mersey and Barrow-in-Furness. The area extends over 50,000 hectares. Historically, foreshores have not been a great provider of revenue. The coastlines, river beds and estuaries now have greater potential value in association with energy, conservation, transport and leisure uses.
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6th Sep 2018 11:35am Mersey Ferries [by diggingdeeper]
The Mersey Ferries (rightly or wrongly) are only kept in existence by tourism. The ferries are about to be replaced, some of the proposals are to replace them with a modern design that looks nothing like the traditional design of the ferries or even a boat.

I can't see how the tourism element of its survival will fare if the ferry design is substantially changed to an angular glass block on water, its not going to be the "Ferry Cross The Mersey" that fans of the Beatles nor the Gerry and the Pacemakers song expect. It is a world-wide image that is about to be washed down the plughole.

This is your last chance to have your say, one of the questions on the Merseytravel survey specifically asks if the new design should be in-keeping with the traditional look. Please use your opportunity to have your say. Ends at midnight tonight.
15 1,256 Read More
5th Sep 2018 5:02pm Family tree [by Hannah90]

I was recommended wikiwirral by someone on ancestry. I need help in locating a few family members. Does anyone have any tips or their own experience in tracking family members? It would be great if someone here knows of them...but I know that’s a long shot! So, here’s the info I have on them:

I’m looking for the family/ any info of Thomas Williams and Edna M Sully (I’m not 100% on the maiden name). Both originally from Birkenhead, and moved to Southport after they married. Amy family would very much like to make contact with them. Any info would be greatly appreciated by both myself and my family.
Thanks for reading! X
13 1,091 Read More
4th Sep 2018 5:37pm M53 Junction 1 [by Moonstar]
Was surprised today to see traffic lights being installed on the roundabout at M53, J1, as I don't remember hearing anything about this.
5 940 Read More
3rd Sep 2018 8:46pm Lost/Left in Taxi [by Rover1]
A black bag 8"x4"x4" looks like a camera bag
It contains a battery charger for a deep Brain Stimulater Absolutley of now use or value to anyone who found it but priceless to my disabled son.
Probably been dumped somewhere
Please keep an eye out on your travels around the wirral
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2nd Sep 2018 9:16pm Huge fire. [by cools]
Huge fire in the old Littlewoods building in Liverpool. Shame as there were big plans for it to be used for the film industry.
16 1,401 Read More
2nd Sep 2018 7:18pm Escaped Yorkie type dog [by venice]
Has escaped from around Berwyn Drive Pensby . A rescue dog on trial apparently . If anyone spots it please ring 07803-849-858
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30th Aug 2018 11:30pm Tunnel Tolls [by fish5133]
Notice for a year mow that the manned toll booths dont give you change to put in the machine but keep the toll money and open the barrier....thats great and speeds things up.

why do they have both manned booths on the far left hand side as you come up from the M53 and have traffic streaming down from the wallasey roundabout making everyone having to weave across each other to get to a manned or automatic booth. accident waiting to happen
3 662 Read More
28th Aug 2018 6:12pm Help !!! [by Dilly]
About 2 weeks ago I ordered something from Monster pet supplies which I received and all was fine. About 3 days after receiving the goods Monster pet supplies have taken over my home screen, ever time I open my phone there they are . I have tried everything I can think of to remove it but nothing seems to work Any ideas please ? Samsung S7. Cheers
7 933 Read More
28th Aug 2018 3:40pm When were Ivy Street houses built? [by yoller]
Does anyone know when these houses in Ivy Street, Birkenhead (pictured below, left), were built?

They look similar in style to Hamilton Square, which was built between 1825 and 1847. They are also similar to the ‘Antiques Triangle’ buildings in nearby Chester Street / Cross Street (pictured below, right).

I’ve seen the Ivy Street houses on the 1875 Town Plan, but were they built earlier? They were demolished in 1966-69 during the building of the Mersey Tunnel flyovers.
2 6 909 Read More
28th Aug 2018 10:10am FOUND: Personalised Fossil Watch [by Gibbo]
Fossil watch with brown strap.

Back personalised with message "Happy 21st. Lots of love. Your little penguin".

Contact this lady if its yours:
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27th Aug 2018 2:25pm Acting Classes for Adults [by martinharris]
Acting Classes for adults start in Hoylake on 20th September and are on every Thursday.

Run by local charity, Rocket Theatre, afternoon and evening sessions are available. Beginners and those with experience welcome.

Full details at
3 627 Read More
26th Aug 2018 11:43am Central locking kit fitting [by conan]
I have a central locking kit to fit on my 2008 Honda.
Apparently it’s a half hour job and I have found a how to guide, but, I’m not good on electrics.
Is there anyone here who can recommend anyone to fit this for me who won’t charge a fortune please 👍

Many thanks

2 487 Read More
25th Aug 2018 9:00pm Hope Street New Brighton [by cutespam]
Hi everyone,

I'm researching my family tree and was wondering if anyone had access or could point to somewhere I could locate old pictures of Wallasey. In particular Hope Street New Brighton - generations of my family have lived there and I know some of the larger homes used to be there.

Can anyone tell me more about the area in the 18th and 19th Centuries?

Thanks so much,

2 743 Read More
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