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345 AF14 UGH
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All getting too much!
by venice. 21st Apr 2018 1:54am
Is there such a site?
by venice. 21st Apr 2018 12:33am
Hello and can anyone help me?
by schoolgal22. 17th Apr 2018 12:41pm
Rail Fares
by diggingdeeper. 15th Apr 2018 3:31am
New Wirral History
start of wirral way from Hooton to Hadlow Road
by schoolgal22. 19th Apr 2018 2:53pm
by chris58. 1st Apr 2018 9:46pm
Wirral Journal (again!)
by Cobby. 4th Mar 2018 4:43pm
62 Sun Inn 203 Bridge Street 203/205
by . 10th Oct 2016 4:03pm
RIP : Chris Kay
by granny. 31st Aug 2016 9:25am
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Metal disability handrail.
by diggingdeeper. 26th Apr 2018 6:26pm
New Baby car seat for sale
by TheComebackKid. 26th Apr 2018 3:44pm
4 bridges completion delay
by diggingdeeper. 26th Apr 2018 2:10pm
Sheep Syndrome
by diggingdeeper. 26th Apr 2018 10:08am
New royal baby
by keef666. 26th Apr 2018 4:32am
J.Blake & Co. Ltd.
by wevvy. 25th Apr 2018 8:45pm
What song are you listening to?
by eggandchips. 25th Apr 2018 4:58pm
laptop broblem
by eggandchips. 25th Apr 2018 4:49pm
windows 10
by Gibbo. 25th Apr 2018 9:58am
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B4391 Bala to Llanfyllin
by venice. 23rd Apr 2018 2:31pm
Christs Passion For Wirral
by Excoriator. 1st Apr 2018 12:25pm
24th Apr 2018 9:30am windows 10 [by steviebyday]
can't get to grips with this windows 10 at all, been having trouble with updates for awhile, not particularly worried by that, but now my e-mail and windows store icons have disappeared, anyone out there with a fix for dummies like me.
4 185 Read More
20th Apr 2018 8:23pm Sheep Syndrome [by diggingdeeper]
This is what I call "follow the leader", the driver blindly follows the car in front of him hoping the path is clear, it wasn't, I was there in my cunningly disguised white car. He was lucky there wasn't a pedestrian crossing the road to my left or even a car waiting on the stop line.

2 207 Read More
20th Apr 2018 6:21pm laptop broblem [by eggandchips]
my friends brought her laptop round, acer inspire 5472
won't boot up. all we get is the acer logo plus press f2
ive pressed f2/f8/f10/12
alt+ f2 etc
just keeps returning to above, i put win 7 disc in, wouldn't read disc.
does seem to be running hot, can't feel the fan, would over=heating cause this?

thanks in advance
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19th Apr 2018 11:14pm Birkenhead Salary Shame [by diggingdeeper]
It transpires the mean salary for Birkenhead is £428 a month, ie 50% of the employed people in Birkenhead are earning £428 a month or less. This was the lowest for the country.

To me that would indicate that many are trapped in part time jobs, to give some ideas of how low this is ....

An apprentice on a disgusting minimum of £3.70/hr working 40 hours a week would get £641/mth

An over-25 earning national living wage (£7.83/hr) for 40 hours a week would get £1375/mth

A single pensioner gets a minimum of £706 a month.

Married pensioners get a minimum of £539/mth each

The Government love part time jobs, they get more people off the unemployment register than if most people worked full time.

It also transpires that the average mortgage payments for Birkenhead was £905/mth.

The Government and the Council should take strong note of these figures (problems like this are part of their job to sort out), it can only lead to people getting further and further into crippling debt.

5 296 Read More
19th Apr 2018 8:53pm AF14 UGH [by diggingdeeper]
It is illegal to reverse onto a main road.

It is illegal for good reason because it is dangerous.

It is even more dangerous when you pull out in front of two lanes of vehicles.

Ignore the time stamp on the video (battery is dead), I am sure its the second time I have seen issues with this vehicle on this stretch of road. If you know this person and they are not fit to drive, please do something about it before they kill someone or kill themselves.

5 345 Read More
19th Apr 2018 1:53pm start of wirral way from Hooton to Hadlow Road [by schoolgal22]
Does anyone have pictures of the actual footpath at the start of the Wirral way from Hooton to West Kirby? I do have books about it but they have no actual pictures of the footpath you start from a few miles down the road from the bridge.
2 211 Read More
18th Apr 2018 7:33pm Crash on A540 Leahurst entrance. [by venice]
Im hoping no-one was hurt in a crash outside Leahurst Vet Centre this afternoon . Lord knows what had happened as there was a modern mini involved one side of the dual carriagway , and an old Fiesta on the Leahurst side . The Fiesta only seemed to have a bashed wing, but the Mini was more crushed up from the bonnet .The two damages didnt seem to make sense, so there may have also been a third vehicle maybe already removed. I was interested (never seen airbags post accident) and pleased to see all the airbags had gone off in the mini - right round in front of the side windows, as well as the dash/boss airbags. Hopefully that will have meant the occupants were not hurt badly , and Im guessing it will have kept most of the side window glass away from their faces too.
Someone was telling me airbags shoot out at phenominal speeds which is why in the current test , they expect you to know that that is one of the reasons you hold the wheel at 10 -2 to both protect your arms from being broken ,and to not interfere with the expanding of the bag --anyone know if thats true or rubbish?
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14th Apr 2018 7:58pm Single beds. [by 8HBob]
We have two single beds available for removal in the next 2/3 weeks. The mattresses & headboards are brand new. These are in one of our spare bedrooms. Available because we're downsizing.
To be collected from Pensby.

3 326 Read More
14th Apr 2018 3:16am More Council Loans! [by diggingdeeper]
I mentioned about a year ago the low interest loans Wirral had made to other councils in 2012 when inflation was 2.75% ...

£2m to Doncaster at 0.8%
£6m to Lancashire at 0.75%
£6m to Northumberland at 0.75%
£5m to Stockport at 1%
£2m to Fife at 1.3%
£5m to Halton at 1.4%
£3m to Kingston-Upon-Hull at 1.5%
£4.5m to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne at 1.37%
£2m Newcastle-Upon-Tyne at 1.8%

Well it turns out that they haven't been happy with those little give-aways of our money, there have been loads more since ...
1 7 379 Read More
12th Apr 2018 12:01pm Tv Repair [by dodie]
Hi does anyone know a good tv repair engineer thanks
4 354 Read More
6th Apr 2018 7:54am Rise in the Living Wage [by keef666]
Can i run this by the good members on here and tell me your thoughts.
The living wage went up on April 1st, and to many workers on low pay this was well news, now i understand a lot of compaines are trying to work out how to pay this increase of 33p and hour, to some it might mean putting prices up in a shop or cafe etc, to others it could mean cutting down on staff perks if they receive them.
But the firm i work for did this, they emply a thousand people up and down the country, but i will tell you of where i work, we are on contract to work at another comapany [ trying not to give too much away, and to what we do] there are eight of us who do two hours each, one of those has been off on sick leave for a few weks, now our boss has told us, that person has been moved to somewhere else, so that leaves seven, the boss said one of the other workers will now have to do the other person's work to fill the void as well as their on,[ remember we do two hours!].
So one of us now has to do four hours work in a two hour slot, the other seven now help out by doing a little share of it to lighten the load, we will be paid the 33 p and hour but have been given more work to do in the same time, So our company doesn't pay out a £33 week rise to the eight workers but saves £40 by getting rid of one of them
Is this legal, You're thoughts please.
9 688 Read More
2nd Apr 2018 12:03pm Wirral Street-lamp Fault Reports [by diggingdeeper]
In 2018, 1984 reported faults of which 434 (22%) are reported as fixed.

In 2017, 5960 reported faults of which 1997 (34%) are reported as fixed.

In 2016, 5697 reported faults of which 1274 (22%) are reported as fixed.

Since 2010, 41537 reported faults of which 6155 (14.8%) are reported as fixed.

Not forgetting that the council supposedly checked and repaired EVERY street-lamp at the beginning of 2017. My observations at the time showed this was totally untrue.

Absolutely appalling repair rates of street-lamps, there are many places you see two lights on the run not working. The Council are bringing the maintenance back in-house this year, hopefully this will improve things.
8 594 Read More
1st Apr 2018 8:46pm Gravestone? [by chris58]
Crawling along A41 other day getting to rock retail park, just up the side of HSS(?) Hire shop thought i saw a gravestone up amongst the trees, or is it just a marking to do with the railway? . Any idea what it is? Thanks
3 747 Read More
29th Mar 2018 4:37pm Im curious what you think. [by venice]
Set out to order some dogfood , attracted by the header

" 20% off orders over £30! with code EASTER18 *cannot be used with existing discounts

i was buying 400g cans and wanted 12 of each of 4 flavours they do . Now I noticed you cant use the 20% coupon alongside any existing discounts , ( whichI thought meant like a coupon or code from a newspaper etc) but didnt think a discount was when you save money by buying more of something - I call the latter a 'saving' (and so do they )

Got to the till , and theres only 5% off. I ring up and find out that they do indeed count the bulk buy savings as a discount ! I tried saying well a 6 pack is a different product from a 12 pack or 24 pack , but she just said everything is in multiples of 6packs . So to get 20% , you have to buy the number of 6pks you want, all at the higher 6pack price first. Would you say this is misleading to pretend youre offering 20%?

Pack Size

400g x6
400g x12
400g x24
400g x36
5 517 Read More
28th Mar 2018 6:59pm Double bed/ matress/ headboard [by Snodvan]
Free for collection as SOON AS POSSIBLE please
Standard double divan base with 2 drawers. 54" wide
Matching Slumberland Emerald delux 700 series spring interior matress - softer texture
All virtually new - guest room use only
Base is on castors and in two parts that lock/ link together
Headboard is pink fabric covered

YOU HAVE TO COLLECT and move the item because I am now disabled
SOON as possible please
Wallasey Village/ Greenleas Area

texts to 07842216563 after 9am
or PMs to Wiki
1 323 Read More
28th Mar 2018 12:49pm Cheaper tickets [by venice]
For those who need to use the trains to seek jobs, I noticed something on Moneysaving expert this week about if you're jobseeking you can get a 50% off card.
0 265 Read More
25th Mar 2018 12:25pm Glass/Aluminium TV Stand [by Catsick]
TV Stand for free. Good condition.
Approx 480 x 800 x 450 mm (H x W x D)
Disassembled for collection, easy to reassemble.
1 1 285 Read More
24th Mar 2018 10:53am Waiting for cache [by Moonstar]
Just recently I am plagued by a 'waiting for cache' message every time I move onto a new window or a new page in the same window.

I have emptied the cache, history, etc; turned everything off and back on; run the cleaner and antivirus; but it just keeps coming back. I have searched Google on the problem but there seems to be no answer to many questions on the subject.

Can someone advise please?
5 554 Read More
24th Mar 2018 8:03am Where is this Birkenhead wartime street? [by yoller]
This is a colourised wartime photo which appeared in the Daily Mail Weekend magaine a few weeks ago.

The caption says: ‘House proud: The war was on but that was no reason to let standards slip. A Mrs Stanford and her baby pass a woman keeping her doorstep squeaky clean in Birkenhead, Merseyside, in 1944.’

I wonder if anyone can identify the street?
1 20 1,281 Read More
22nd Mar 2018 11:26pm #ShopNewFerry [by RUDEBOX]

24 March at 9:00 to 31 March at 17:00

One year ago the close community of New Ferry was shattered by a huge explosion. There were serious injuries, families lost their homes, some forever & many still unable to return, and local businesses were lost or damaged. For those now reopened, the impact continues to badly affect them due to reduced footfall around the blast site.

Finally the boardings around the site are coming down, and we want the people of Wirral to once again show their support for the community by visiting New Ferry during the anniversary week to see the wide range of small independent shops and services here. If everyone bought one item in one of our shops, it would be a real boost, and once you see what New Ferry has to offer, you'll hopefully come back again.
8 722 Read More
22nd Mar 2018 8:24am Dye works, Birkenhead [by yoller]
Does anyone know if there was a dye works in Birkenhead around the turn of the 19th century?
6 609 Read More
21st Mar 2018 6:49pm Free Treadmill [by budgemundo]
Decent treadmill free to collect from by Upton Library.
Text Joe on 07825209651 to arrange pick up if you want it.
1 407 Read More
18th Mar 2018 2:30pm Backing Up To USB Stick [by fish5133]
Having problems backing up to a usb stick. 64GB with half free. Have backed up in the past on it and it still has those files on it in a folder. last few times ive tried to back up its gone through the process taken around an hour to do but when i go into the drive they aren't there. Dont get any error messages whilst its copying over. Any clues please,
6 649 Read More
16th Mar 2018 10:23pm Unilever [by Excoriator]
I notice (despite the blanket media coverage of spy-killings) that Unilever has decided to move its HQ from London to Rotterdam. Of course, they have explained that this is nothing to do with brexit and is just a 'business decision'. But they would say that, wouldn't they!

I imagine there will be a salami-slice movement of business from the UK to the Netherlands, particularly the Wirral where they are still big employers, with the land being sold off profitably for housing until it becomes a Dutch company rather than an Anglo-Dutch one. What is the betting that Vauxhalls will follow?

I trust the brexit voters here are prepared to take responsibility for their foolishness. They won't of course. They will blame the EU!
4 761 Read More
15th Mar 2018 1:48pm Parking Fine Boo Hoo [by fish5133]
Ok folks have a good chuckle at my expense Parking Eye have kindly sent me a £70 or £40 early payment parking fine for parking 1hr and 49 minutes in the Aldi Penton car park. Thought it was a 2 hour stay. They say its 1hr 30 minutes max..... Will have to think hard how to get out of this one. They didnt see the 5 minutes driving round looking for a place and the 5 minutes in the cheque out at Aldi and Home and Bargain. I think a nice grovelling letter to Aldi. and B and M.
13 1,194 Read More
15th Mar 2018 12:56pm Strange happenings [by lincle]
Oooooh some weird people about . Last night I put my bin out for collection as usual.This morning I went to bring it in but it had gone. Some of you may not think that's unusual but the bin collection hadn't taken place so whoever took it also took two weeks rubbish as well so if you spot it on Wiki for sale please let me know or if you took it ,keep the rubbish,return the bin which is clearly marked as I can't afford £37 to replace it.
13 1,185 Read More
13th Mar 2018 6:20pm Police Horses! [by Excoriator]
Why on earth should anyone want to sponsor a police horse? They are well-resourced and if police horses are still needed should be able to afford them themselves.

It's not up to the public to keep them in pets if they are NOT needed.
4 633 Read More
12th Mar 2018 2:23pm What do you think of this? [by _Ste_]
I will NOT comply. That's my thoughts.
1 21 1,462 Read More
12th Mar 2018 2:29am Rip [by _Ste_]

Ken Dodd has passed away aged 90.
5 765 Read More
10th Mar 2018 9:00am vet and good solicitor ! [by fish5133]
Poor kitty has hurt foot quite badly although he is happy and jumping around and over fences as usual. Possibly broken toe or nail gone through. Hole and build up of pus according to vet. My wife wont tell me what vet estimated cost at but ive done search to get rough idea. Ouch........seems like up and down country vets can charge whatever they like . having reported it to vet you will now have rspca breathing down your neck if you dont follow through with treatment. Understand now why new vets keep opening everywhere. Unfortunately we are not eligible to use pdsa as outside their area. Faced with a vet bill that could cause financial hardship anyone know a good solicitor to deal with impending divorce !!! Wife not taken out pet insurance
24 1,443 Read More
10th Mar 2018 1:26am Moreton Heavy v Stairways Rock Night [by fish5133]
For those of you old enough to have visited the Moreton Rock nights and Stairways, The Columbia , The Empress and such establishments to stomp away the night then you can relive a little of your youth at a free rock night TONIGHT

Free entry

Saturday 10th March
Park View Social Club
88 Liscard Road CH448AB,

7:30pm to 1 am
2 645 Read More
9th Mar 2018 1:26am Tranmere Academy Closing [by diggingdeeper]
After the very contentious sales of the Ingleborough Road training ground and the opening of the Academy at Solar Campus only a couple of years ago, Tranmere Rover's Academy is to close.

I'll be interested to know where Tranmere are going to train, the whole story of the Solar Campus site was to bring training and the Academy together.

Or was this all leverage to maximise financial gains from public assets?
7 813 Read More
7th Mar 2018 11:00pm Cold Weather Payments [by diggingdeeper]
Cold weather payments have been triggered for most (or maybe all) Wirral postcodes for those in receipt of certain benefits (see HERE).

The criteria is that "the average temperature in your area is recorded as, or forecast to be, zero degrees celsius or below for 7 consecutive days".

I can only presume I'm living on a different Wirral because the temperatures I've seen don't meet that criteria. Its unusual for the Government to be handing out money so I guess its not a bad thing. The amount is £25 for each 7 day period.

Eligible Wirral postcodes are CH41, CH42, CH43, CH44, CH45, CH46, CH47, CH48, CH49, CH60, CH61, CH62, CH63 and CH64.
7 746 Read More
4th Mar 2018 4:43pm Wirral Journal (again!) [by Cobby]
I know there have been other threads about the journal but I've just been having a clear out and come across 5 editions. They are:
Vol 6: nos 6. 7 & 8
Vol 7: nos 1 & 2

Free to anyone interested
2 778 Read More
1st Mar 2018 8:08pm 1 months Xbox membership [by Peter0787]
Got this via Three on the Wuntu app. I'm a PS4 man myself so no need for it.

First to slide into my DMs gets it.
1 356 Read More
1st Mar 2018 5:53pm Arrowe Park Hospital Closed to Visiting Tonight [by diggingdeeper]
Due to a problem water, APH are asking visitors to give it a miss tonight unless they issue an update.

Thursday 1st march 2018
1 606 Read More
27th Feb 2018 6:30pm Camera sd card problem [by geprgie260]
I have had to change mobile phones, owing to my phone not working. I have lost some of my photo's off the sd card, which I hadn't yet transferred to the laptop. I had presumed that the photo's were on the sd card and would stay on there when I changed phones.

Is there any chance I can get these photo's back? There are only a few, but they were important ones.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much.
15 1,233 Read More
24th Feb 2018 4:04pm 2 x armchairs [by johncon]
Free if anyone wants them too good to go to the tip
2x Gold velour type fabric armchairs . In good used condition from smoke and pet free home .
Need to be collected from Thornton Hough next weekend 3rd/4th .
2 1 467 Read More
23rd Feb 2018 10:25am Brexit fact bus in Liverpool Today [by Excoriator]
Can be seen at Derby Square from 12.15 to 12.45. More details here:

[Linked Image]
4 660 Read More
22nd Feb 2018 8:55am Pvt Peter Turnbull 1924 - 1944 [by dingle]
Peter Turnbull was my uncle, my mums brother. I was born in 1949 so obviously never met him, I also never heard of him. Big on talking in my family. I do remember finding some War office telegrams in the attic about some body being killed in action. I was about 7 years old and had no idea about WW2 apart from the bombing.. I am putting this on here in the hope that somebody may have some information on Peter. He died in Europe, sometime after the battle of Caen. Date of Death: 30/07/1944 and is buried at FONTENAY-LE-PESNEL WAR CEMETERY, TESSEL.

Regiment/Service: East Lancashire Regiment, 5th Battalion.
2 630 Read More
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by eggandchips. 20th Apr 2018 7:21pm
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New Baby car seat for sale
by TheComebackKid. 26th Apr 2018 3:44pm
Black & Decker 400W 230V Reciprocating Saw
by ianyam. 21st Apr 2018 8:36pm
Apple Watch
by DavidB. 20th Apr 2018 7:40am
CRT computer monitor WANTED
by _Ste_. 16th Apr 2018 2:46am
Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier
by ianyam. 15th Apr 2018 6:38pm
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B4391 Bala to Llanfyllin
by fish5133. 23rd Apr 2018 12:14am
Metal disability handrail.
by Gold_Moon. 18th Apr 2018 9:23pm
Help - demented patchwork on digital channels
by Greenwood. 15th Apr 2018 9:46pm
Replastering cost
by iyoung. 14th Apr 2018 2:36pm
Rise in the Living Wage
by keef666. 6th Apr 2018 8:54am
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New royal baby
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Crash on A540 Leahurst entrance.
by venice. 18th Apr 2018 8:33pm
It Wasn't Novichok
by diggingdeeper. 15th Apr 2018 2:47am
The new MOT.
by Excoriator. 14th Apr 2018 10:20pm
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by steviebyday. 24th Apr 2018 10:30am
Sheep Syndrome
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laptop broblem
by eggandchips. 20th Apr 2018 7:21pm
Old Ravehead Glassworks, St Helens
by diggingdeeper. 20th Apr 2018 4:35am
by diggingdeeper. 19th Apr 2018 9:53pm
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