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New Brighton
by snowshoes
16th Aug 2017 11:56pm
Man Caught In Sex Act On Himself
by fish5133
16th Aug 2017 9:15pm
Spot the Heron
by buddy
15th Aug 2017 12:19pm
Easy Peasy ?
by venice
13th Aug 2017 5:39pm
New Wirral History
RAF club Little Sutton
by Paternoster21
Today at 07:49 AM
Bowater social club.
by Paternoster21
Today at 07:47 AM
Through the Window: GWR Paddington to Birkenhead
by yoller
16th Aug 2017 7:09pm
I remember .... (Folly lane, Wallasey Village)
by Snodvan
6th Aug 2017 8:36pm
Birkenhead General Strike newspaper, May 1926
by yoller
2nd Aug 2017 11:51am
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The State
by granny
1 second ago
Terror attack Barcelona
by cools
42 minutes 0 seconds ago
RAF club Little Sutton
by diggingdeeper
Today at 11:16 AM
No government help for New Ferry.
by bircko
Today at 09:16 AM
Bowater social club.
by Paternoster21
Today at 07:47 AM
uPVC guttering
by vampy1977
Yesterday at 10:06 PM
HP Printer Half Touch Screen Not Working
by diggingdeeper
Yesterday at 09:24 PM
Found - bracelet, Prenton
by fish5133
Yesterday at 09:20 PM
Cars Broken Into
by fish5133
Yesterday at 07:29 PM
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Ellesmere Port - Wander around canal area
by snowhite
Yesterday at 11:03 AM
Ingleton Waterfall
by diggingdeeper
14th Aug 2017 6:46pm
Today at 07:49 AM RAF club Little Sutton by Paternoster21

Does any body have any pics of the interior of the RAF club on station road in little sutton. I used to go there with my granddad when i was very young.

45 Views · 1 Comments
Today at 07:47 AM Bowater social club. by Paternoster21

Hi there.
I remember growing up going to the bowaters social club in overpool with my grandad. I was quite young so dont remember it to well. I do remember a long drive way that led to the club which was at the back of a large sports field. I also remember that the sports pavilion was partialy burnt down.
Any info or pics of inside or out would be greatly appreciated.

29 Views · 0 Comments
Yesterday at 08:52 PM Found - bracelet, Prenton by philmch

I've found a lady's bracelet close to The Swan, Prenton.

It is a very distinctive design and having done a little research, it looks like quite a decent piece of jewellery.

As such, I'd very much like to re-unite it with its owner.

Please PM me or leave a message below. Thanks.

89 Views · 1 Comments
16th Aug 2017 7:09pm Through the Window: GWR Paddington to Birkenhead by yoller

In 1924, the Great Western Railway published a little booklet called Through the Window: Paddington to Birkenhead.

The idea was that passengers could take it on their journey and read interesting information on the places through which their train was passing, helped by text, maps and line drawings.

The 200-mile trip from Paddington Station in West London ended at Woodside Station in Birkenhead, with many passengers then taking the ten-minute ferry ride across to Liverpool.

The booklet divided the trip into eight stages - The Outskirts of London; The Chiltern Hundreds; The Midland Plain; The Shakespeare Country; The Workshop of England; The Severn Valley; The Welsh Marches; The Wirral Peninsula.

The attached pages from the booklet show the Wirral Peninsula leg of the journey, from Chester to Woodside. I hope they are legible.

133 Views · 1 Comments
16th Aug 2017 7:04pm HP Printer Half Touch Screen Not Working by fish5133

Not sure how touch screens operate. Other HP users had same problem but no real fix found on the net. Icons on one half of the screen still work but those on right side don't. Sounds like a part electrical/mechanical failure of the touch screen imo. Been a decent printer scanner till now. Still works as a printer from PC but doesn't want to scan.

anyone come across anything similar? cheers

116 Views · 3 Comments
15th Aug 2017 12:19pm Spot the Heron by buddy

DOC_0067d by John Halliday, on Flickr

87 Views · 6 Comments
14th Aug 2017 5:51pm Perseids by Excoriator

Anyone see them? All I saw was cloud and reflected street lighting!

163 Views · 1 Comments
13th Aug 2017 10:03pm Pirate Run/ Family Fun Day by RUDEBOX


104 Views · 0 Comments
12th Aug 2017 11:59pm Claremont Farm Classic Car Show - Sunday 12th Augu by DavidB

Sign saying classic car show tomorrow/Sunday !

327 Views · 5 Comments
12th Aug 2017 10:49am This website by DavidB

It's a bit cluttered isn't it?
The layout is horrendous and navigating is a bit crappy on a mobile device. There's just too much 'stuff'.

568 Views · 10 Comments
11th Aug 2017 9:59pm Freshfields open fun day and dog show. by venice

Heres the poster

105 Views · 0 Comments
11th Aug 2017 5:44pm Wirral Globe Advertsising Scam by diggingdeeper

A company called AAH Global Ltd are contacting people offering advertising in The Wirral Globe at discount rates.

Its a scam to get your credit card details.


594 Views · 2 Comments
11th Aug 2017 12:27pm where did this car go? by mike1965

about 2yrs ago there was a vintage rolls royce hearse on the wirral ,it looked like something off dr who.The car had a isuzu engine and gearbox i believe it was for sale in the moreton area...bit of a long shot but does anyone know of the where abouts of it? and did it sell? any info gratefully appreciated

178 Views · 0 Comments
9th Aug 2017 4:24pm Gas BBQ with Regulator by kamikazi

My neighbour asked me to pick this up for them after winning the item on eBay, he had also ordered a new one, he doesn't want this and said I can keep it. I already have two of my own.

Its not the cleanest and could do with a good scrub, has the gas regulator, has the gas coals, has all the knobs and buttons and is on wheels, stick on a gas bottle and get the sausages on.

Free - Pick up from New Brighton

Going to get Recycled if no-one wants it


149 Views · 1 Comments
6th Aug 2017 10:59pm Free One Wirral Festival Bhead Park Sat 19th Aug by fish5133

Free One Wirral Festival Bhead Park Sat 19th Aug 11am till 4pm by main Entrance

Three local disability organisations, Wirral Mencap, Options for Supported Living and Wirral Evolutions have jointly secured £10,000 from the National Lottery to hold an inclusive community festival in Birkenhead Park next summer.

One Wirral will be a festival for the whole community, celebrating the diversity of Wirral and all the peninsula has to offer. It will bring together community groups from across the borough to showcase talents and activities such as dance, drama and music, and will encourage people to find a new hobby or join a new group in their area.

287 Views · 2 Comments
6th Aug 2017 8:36pm I remember .... (Folly lane, Wallasey Village) by Snodvan

I remember that a few years ago "we" ie WikiFolk, had a discussion about a building in the upper part of Folly Lane, Wallasey Village ie looking up towards the church from the village road. For sure there WERE originally several buildings between the church walls and down to the main village road.

First there was a row of cottages parallel to the village road that sloped upwards because the ground slopes upwards towards the church. Just below that row of cottages was a path alongside a tall stone wall that eventually led into the curchyard. That route was blocked off (guess) in 1960s and the site of the cottages has now become the Health centre.

However, the building in question was a taller one lower down towards the Village Road. I can be seen in the pic below. Such a tall building with windows at a high level - but not below - must have had an unusual duty.

I THINK we decided that it had originally been a smithy but that later it was used to house the (horse drawn) Village fire engine.

I cannot find the original conversations to refresh my memory about this area of the Village. Can anyone help?


524 Views · 8 Comments
3rd Aug 2017 9:58am Stan Kroenke 'Dispicable' by granny

If you have any care for animals , can as many as possible, sign this please and share.

Tell Arsenal Owner Stan Kroenke To Stop Supporting Trophy Hunting.

Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has launched a sickening blood sport channel in the United Kingdom which not only advocates the hunting of defenceless animals, but encourages it.

We believe that, not only is this not compatible with being the majority shareholder of Arsenal Football Club, but it is also not compatible with the Premier League or any of its sponsors. We believe Koenke should stand down as Chairman of Arsenal Football club and sell his shares.

Stand with us and we will ensure this message gets to Arsenal Football Club & the Premier League. We cannot allow this man to remain in charge of the clubs destiny.

Please sign to ask him to STOP supporting trophy hunting.

663 Views · 12 Comments
2nd Aug 2017 11:51am Birkenhead General Strike newspaper, May 1926 by yoller

I'm just sorting through some of my stuff and I found this interesting item. I don't know if I've already put it on the forum, so apologies if I have.

It's a single-sheet newspaper issued in Birkenhead during the General Strike in 1926, published by Willmers. Presumably the Birkenhead News staff were on strike and this was printed by the proprietors.

You should be able to read the individual stories by zooming in.

385 Views · 2 Comments
2nd Aug 2017 10:38am Brown Wheelie Bin by saltytom

Brown bin free to anyone who wants it.

102 Views · 0 Comments
1st Aug 2017 8:32pm Talk Talk : New / Renewal 12 months by Mark

They dont advertise this.

I was told on online chat the for fiber unlimited its £33.50 and only on 24 months.

Sending them the above link in chat, i got £26.50 on 12 months.

Broadband deals always come down never up !

122 Views · 17 Comments
1st Aug 2017 2:15pm Found: silver bracelet by unicwnpwn


I found a silver bracelet, with a single charm on, between magazine and egremont prom yesterday around 4:30 pm.
Hopefully can reunite it with its owner

149 Views · 0 Comments
31st Jul 2017 10:02am Unsolved , Ancient or HIstorical Mysteries by granny

Which unsolved ,ancient or historical mysteries, would you think, hope, like to see, or even expect could be solved this century.

Time moves quickly and almost 20yrs since the Millennium .

I'd like the Arch of the Covenant found. (doubt it will be and might not even be admitted)

So everyone knows what I'm talking about. These were the instructions given and written down.

After that, I'd like to know what happened to Lord Lucan

917 Views · 19 Comments
30th Jul 2017 11:21pm Cats and dogs. by Excoriator

We have a dog. One of our neighbors some doors away have a cat. It is quite a friendly animal and enjoys a stroke if you have the time to spare.

It seems to have decided to visit our dog from time to time and sits on the windowsill outside whilst the dog barks and whines at it from inside. From time to time it dabs at the dogs nose through the glass.

The other evening the dog decided it wanted a walk after dark and we set off, equipped with doggie bags and a torch to see the inevitable droppings. Along the way, the dog paused to sniff at something dark. I let her sniff for a time. As it was dark, I couldn't make out what the dark patch was so I got the torch out and found it was the cat, stretched out in a relaxed manner on the ground and gently dabbing at the dogs nose - claws retracted - as she sniffed away. Both seemed utterly relaxed in each other's presence.

This behaviour is quite alien to the dogs usual reaction to cats, which a lot less benign to put it mildly.

I suspect its because the cat seems to have no fear of the dog. Were it to run away, the dog would no doubt be off like a shot in hot pursuit.

257 Views · 1 Comments
30th Jul 2017 8:24pm Mirrored sliding wardrobe doors by kittykat

3 large mirrored wardrobe doors. These are well used and hopefully still of use to someone. One has a crack in the corner and one I think maybe slightly buckled. These would need collecting from a second floor flat in thingwall and I would not be able to help with the carrying I'm afraid. You would definitely need a van too. If when collecting you think the tracks etc would be of any use you could have those too.

112 Views · 0 Comments
30th Jul 2017 7:26pm Found: Babies Coat by RUDEBOX

Coat found. Age 9-12 months.
Left it on the wall near the end house on Church Rd, Tranmere near the Festival.

126 Views · 0 Comments
30th Jul 2017 2:29pm School Holiday meals by rossie

Free Meals for children including pre school.
Monday and Wednesday 10.30 to noon Sacred Heart Moreton Cross Centre side of church
Monday St Albans Hall Liscard opposite main Liscard car park.
10 to 11.30 St Josephs Wheatland Lane Wallasey Wednesday 10.11.30 No in unaccompanied children.
Moreton take away packed lunch.
Papers have carried details of Birkenhead clubs but nothing for Wallasey be a shame for Wallasey children to miss out.

258 Views · 1 Comments
29th Jul 2017 8:09pm All homed - things must be looking up. by venice

Just scanning some dog rescues and amazed to find that WDR (Wirral Dog REscue) hasnt got ANY! Every single dog displayed has been rehomed . Maybe people are finally getting the message - although sadly other rescues still seem to be struggling.

295 Views · 2 Comments
28th Jul 2017 4:59pm Two Cats, can anyone take in one or both? by mikerobbo84

Hi, my wife Nan has recently passed away. We are really struggling to rehome two cats. Please get in touch if you can take one or both. They would suit someone elderly, they are approximately 11 years old. We need to hand the house keys back on Monday and are at a loss as to what to do with them.

1 x Male black and white
1 x Female Ginger/Tabby

Both Neutered/Spayed
Not good with dogs

Please get in touch for any other info.


370 Views · 3 Comments
25th Jul 2017 8:52am No government help for New Ferry. by Excoriator

Our wonderful government, not content with cancelling plans for rail electrification across the north ( ) have now announced that they are not going to help residents of new Ferry who have had there homes damaged by the gas explosion in March. ( ).

The money is evidently needed for Crossrail 2, a £30 billion rail project in - yes, you've guessed it - London ( )

The EU was - and still is - prepared to spend big money anywhere in Europe where it was needed rather than blowing it all on Brussels. The regeneration of Liverpool was largely EU funded as was Manchester's for instance unde 'Objective One' funding.

Yet the EU is accused of being 'corrupt'! It may well be, but when it comes to corruption, they are evidently rank amateurs compared to the Westminster Government!

In a further irony, the refusal letter about New Ferry funding came from the 'Minister for the Northern Powerhouse'!

2492 Views · 52 Comments
23rd Jul 2017 8:56pm Stolen 2 Storck Bikes Claughton Area by fish5133

Friend had his 2 Storck bikes nicked in broad daylight from his home around midday. Expensive and designer frames . One black one white. Reward offered for info leading to their return..

186 Views · 0 Comments
23rd Jul 2017 2:39pm Dashcam Falling Off by Moonstar

I have a dashcam and the darned thing falls off the screen rather too frequently. Anyone found the magic grail to make it stay stuck?

452 Views · 4 Comments
22nd Jul 2017 8:45pm Tow Bar Tow Poles by fish5133

Further to my previous post ref clutch I want to tow wifes car to garage using a towing pole (cheap enough in screwfix)rather than a tow rope but the cheap tow poles only connect tow eye to tow eye and sods law the tow bar I had fitted on back of my car is bolted through the tow eye Any ideas to temporarily convert the tow ball to a tow eye? Thinking of a strong U bracket maybe. cheers

394 Views · 5 Comments
20th Jul 2017 2:16pm Missing Cat. CH41 by RUDEBOX

3 year old Buddy- neutered male cat missing from CH41 8HR area.

Naturally slim with slightly deformed rib cage (birth defect). Big bushy tail and long hairs on the soles of his paws.
Very friendly. Much loved family pet.

Been missing since around Noon 19th July 2017.

374 Views · 2 Comments
19th Jul 2017 11:38pm Clutch Problem by fish5133

Mini cooper manual
Nightmare: clutch or something packed in on A483 A55 junction outside chester helping to cause more havoc to the rush hour. Most drivers ok but the odd few gesticulating (as if you choose to breakdown in the most awkward place!!)

ADvice... Had a new clutch fitted just over 2 years ago (sods law just out of its 2 year guarantee!) ..25000 miles. Breakdown man said it could be a hydraulic cylinder problem which is in the gearbox...would that not have been renewed when clutch was replaced?

Clutch pedal right to the floor, there was a horrible metallic clunk just as it was failing and struggled to put into gear whilst on sliproad. Not a nice sound when turning engine over either.

Apart from that all home safe and sound

684 Views · 10 Comments
19th Jul 2017 12:02pm Pensby High School Bus Service by diggingdeeper

Originally Posted By: Pensby High School
We have received notification from Avon Coaches Ltd that they intend to withdraw their commercial 649 am journey that operates via Pensby High School due to low patronage numbers from 3rd September 2017.

Alternative provision for Barnston/ Acre Lane area is the Alís Coaches 673 service
Heswall - Arriva 471
Lower Heswall - A2B 645 service

I have attached the route and timetable (service 645 & 673) for you to share with students and parents.

For journey planning details, please direct parents and students to Merseytravels contact centre on 0151 236 7676 or email:


Lisa Cato;oe=59C61FED


128 Views · 0 Comments
18th Jul 2017 6:02pm Dog Found walking on A41 taken to Allport Vets by fish5133

Dog Found walking on A41 taken to Allport Vets in bromborough. One of those little lap dogs possibly shitzu type.

130 Views · 0 Comments
18th Jul 2017 10:36am Flood and storm warning by fish5133

Possibly tonight or Wednesday Met Office flood hail lightning etc etc. Usual places affected and where the drains haven't been cleared.

Wirral Globe will be interested if you have a puddle outside your house.

My last house I had a strategically positioned bowl in the loft to catch the drips...any water evaporated over the next few weeks so never had to empty it. Was waiting for the big winds to get insurance job done on roof.

740 Views · 1 Comments
18th Jul 2017 10:19am Norman Thelwell -Artist by granny

Norman Thelwell, another of the Wirral famous, was born in Tranmere from a working class family.

He sold his first drawings - 15 sketches of chickens - at the age of 15, and, after leaving the local Rock Ferry high school a year later, got a job as a junior clerk in Liverpool.

His cartoons of Penelope and Kipper were famous worldwide but he did many others besides, and he had his first Exhibition in London between 6th January - 6th February 2004 at The Cartoon Art Trust, Bruswick, London WC1.

This same Exhibition was due to come to the Williamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead from 14th February - 18th April 2004.

Sadly, Norman Thelwell died at the age of 80yrs on the 7th February 2004, ironically the day after his first Exhibition in London closed.

Due to the sad circumstances, I don't know if his Exhibition was ever opened at the Williamson Art Gallery. I still have a poster advertising it and maybe someone might know if his work was ever exhibited here in Wirral.

I hope it was. His little pictures were brilliant.

661 Views · 6 Comments
17th Jul 2017 10:11pm Tam O'Shanter Urban Farm Fun Day 6th August by Greenwood

11am-4pm Sunday 6th August, Boundary Road, Bidston, CH43 7PD. Fun Day with stalls, face painting, games, activities and Greasby Ukes! Free admission, as always; come and have fun and support your urban farm. See goats, pigs, ponies, alpacas, rabbits, guinea pigs and poultry galore. The farm no longer receives any Council funding so please make a donation when you visit, if you can.

1228 Views · 16 Comments
17th Jul 2017 7:53pm Granny Pods by granny

Just been looking at Granny Pods. Seems a good idea for various reasons. A) It could give a place of escape; B) many people are using them as an alternative to care homes for their relatives.

Some seem very expensive, others not so.

Do you think they are a good idea, and a way of saving on care home bills in the future ?

Don't know about planning permission, plumbing, or waste but after the initial outlay they could be quite a useful addition to a home.

or maybe a Shepherd's Hut ? I quite like that idea too, and they don't need planning permission.

710 Views · 12 Comments
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where did this car go?
by mike1965
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