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This Mislamic Law
by RUDEBOX. 22nd Feb 2018 10:00pm
Scouse Accent
by RUDEBOX. 22nd Feb 2018 9:52pm
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by Aeradia. 21st Feb 2018 2:43pm
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Pvt Peter Turnbull 1924 - 1944
by dingle. 22nd Feb 2018 8:55am
Wirral Journal
by ghostly1. 11th Feb 2018 4:36pm
BBC Moving on
by muzzy2. 9th Feb 2018 3:20pm
Not sure if this has been linked ...
by DavidB. 6th Feb 2018 1:17pm
Charing Cross 1980's
by Littlebear. 30th Jan 2018 2:52pm
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Mini cooper 2002 door and window not opening
by turnip. 24th Feb 2018 9:29pm
Wirral Journal
by _Ste_. 24th Feb 2018 8:18pm
by lincle. 24th Feb 2018 4:45pm
2 x armchairs
by johncon. 24th Feb 2018 4:04pm
RIP Eddie Amoo (The Real Thing)
by steviebyday. 24th Feb 2018 2:07pm
DJI Mavic Pro Fly More combo
by gerrymoore. 24th Feb 2018 10:32am
Wirral Indisputably One of Britains Great Places
by diggingdeeper. 23rd Feb 2018 10:22pm
Brexit fact bus in Liverpool Today
by diggingdeeper. 23rd Feb 2018 9:45pm
by Snodvan. 23rd Feb 2018 9:15pm
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Where is Dilly?
by workinclasshero. 17th Feb 2018 6:15pm
New Hall Fazakerley, West Derby
by snowhite. 13th Feb 2018 2:52pm
5 hours ago 2 x armchairs [by johncon]
Free if anyone wants them too good to go to the tip
2x Gold velour type fabric armchairs . In good used condition from smoke and pet free home .
Need to be collected from Thornton Hough next weekend 3rd/4th .
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Yesterday at 10:25 AM Brexit fact bus in Liverpool Today [by Excoriator]
Can be seen at Derby Square from 12.15 to 12.45. More details here:

[Linked Image]
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22nd Feb 2018 8:55am Pvt Peter Turnbull 1924 - 1944 [by dingle]
Peter Turnbull was my uncle, my mums brother. I was born in 1949 so obviously never met him, I also never heard of him. Big on talking in my family. I do remember finding some War office telegrams in the attic about some body being killed in action. I was about 7 years old and had no idea about WW2 apart from the bombing.. I am putting this on here in the hope that somebody may have some information on Peter. He died in Europe, sometime after the battle of Caen. Date of Death: 30/07/1944 and is buried at FONTENAY-LE-PESNEL WAR CEMETERY, TESSEL.

Regiment/Service: East Lancashire Regiment, 5th Battalion.
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21st Feb 2018 10:03pm £1 house programme on now [by svenlock68]
As usual people trying their hardest to get a useless PR obsessed council to help are frustrated by idiot apologist gormless wasters from liverpool council.
Why people give them money & trust i really dont know
. The houses are infact £50ks worth of work ahead.....crime & filth are rife plus a years wait to even start from fool overpaid council " officials " who wont even sign things off. Incompetents.
I wouldnt touch their " amazing deal " with a barge pole.
Poor souls with no permanent home.
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21st Feb 2018 1:36pm Winter Hill TV Channel Changes 7th March [by diggingdeeper]
On the 7th of March you will need to retune your freeview TV's for the Winter Hill transmitter. There will be further changes in 2019 and two more in 2020.

This is part of the clearance of the 700MHz spectrum so that more mobile data frequencies are available. You may notice that this change is just a shuffle and no channels are freed up on this occasion, this is to enable other transmitters to change channels without interference, COM6 on Winter Hill is one of the very high power channels at 100kW.

For people that manually tune

The channels that are changing are:-

COM6(ARQB) from 55 to 37
COM7(NUK7) from 31 to 55
COM8(NUK8) from 37 to 31

All the other channels remain the same, namely:-

PSB2(D3&4) 59
PSB3(BBCB) 54-
COM4(SDN) 58
LOC1 56
LOC2 56
LOC3 56
GI 57
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19th Feb 2018 7:16pm Web Search American Websites Grr! [by fish5133]
Anyway to stop American websites coming up top of my web searches. Using Google Chrome. Never seemed to happen when using IE. Finding i have to put "UK" in whatever i am searching for ... . Is there a way of filtering out or at least getting UK websites up first..
4 254 Read More
18th Feb 2018 1:13pm Double decker bus hire [by Peter0787]
Does anyone have any contacts & prices for a double decker bus hire for a wedding?

1 way journey, St Joseph's Church to Thornton Hall and about 60 guests.

Doesn't have to be all done up with bows at a just nice and clean.

3 259 Read More
18th Feb 2018 12:48pm Mini cooper 2002 door and window not opening [by Mike72]
Can someone advise on what this problem maybe. The passenger door wont open from outside or inside and not even with the fob.
I have managed to take the door card off and can see that there is a cable that has come away and needs to be hooked to the actuator. Is this an easy fix, can some give me a price to do this job or advise on a decent mechanic that will?
5 201 Read More
18th Feb 2018 11:10am Hamster cage and accessories [by Brown_Horrocks]
Just a quick message to direct anyone who is interested in the above to an advert which I have listed in the 'Free Sale' forum
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17th Feb 2018 3:23pm Liverpool Waters [by Excoriator]
Is anything happening there? The simulated pictures and videos I saw on it implied it was going to make Manhattan look like Ambridge, but nothing seems to be happening whatsoever.

I could ask the same about Wirral Waters, but I am pretty sure I know the answer to that one.

Nothing! Buggerall! Zilch!
8 385 Read More
17th Feb 2018 1:55pm Adjustable fire guard [by Brown_Horrocks]
Black wire fire guard adjustable to fit various fireplaces, complete with instructions and fittings. Collect only - Wallasey
1 4 174 Read More
17th Feb 2018 1:53pm High Chair [by Brown_Horrocks]
High chair - good used condition, collect only - Wallasey
1 0 157 Read More
17th Feb 2018 1:50pm Hamster cage and accessories [by Brown_Horrocks]
Hamster cage with various accessories (see picture) Collect only - Wallasey
1 0 98 Read More
16th Feb 2018 10:32am Police - Wirral Met College [by delta6]
Lots of police at Wirral Met College this morning.
Police cars and scientific support.
Police men in the road too.
Anyone know what happened?
7 665 Read More
12th Feb 2018 3:08pm RSPCA at it Again [by fish5133]
I see the RSPCA are at it again...pushing a sob story to try an extricate money from either Joe Public or by taking any offender to court..

RSPCA appeal after pigeon dies from gunshot wound in Moreton.

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, anyone who injures or kills a wild bird can face a fine of up to £5,000 and six months in prison. (doesnt apply to pigeons)
31 1,039 Read More
11th Feb 2018 4:36pm Wirral Journal [by ghostly1]
I'm pretty sure there has been posts about this before so sorry if it's a repeat. I'm trying to get hold of copies of the Wirral Journal series it's Volume 1 no. 2 and also everything after volume 8. I have a few spare I can also swap or sell if anyone is interested. Also any blue files they can be organised in. If there is already a post about this can you point us in the direction please? Many thanks in advance.
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9th Feb 2018 3:18pm Wirral Radio Closed Down Today [by diggingdeeper]
11 566 Read More
8th Feb 2018 3:18pm Waders [by Snodvan]
Size 10 studded thigh waders. Best make - Keenfisher. Not been worn 20 years but have been on proper hangers in dark area. NO guarantee leak free - but sealer kits easy available eBay about £8. Wallasey Village collection.
1 0 203 Read More
7th Feb 2018 7:25pm Charity Shops [by diggingdeeper]
If you want to give, volunteer, donate or buy, a handy site for finding charity shops is HERE unfortunately it limits results to 24 responses per search.

Currently I give large objects to the YMCA and smaller things to Wirral Animal Sanctuary, though there are other charities I help out.

Parking at the Birkenhead YMCA shop's back door is easy (once you know where it is - up ramp HERE) and a phonecall to 0151 647 1620 gets it open, or they also collect stuff.

6 510 Read More
6th Feb 2018 1:17pm Not sure if this has been linked ... [by DavidB]

Skyscraper City, lots of very detailed discussion on what is going on in Liverpool construction/development, and surrounding areas.
4 437 Read More
6th Feb 2018 8:27am Country Park enquiry. [by Paternoster21]
Does anybody know who to contact about enquiring about employment at Eastham Country Park or Rivacre Valley Country Park. There are e-mail addresses on there site but they don't seem to work.
2 329 Read More
3rd Feb 2018 11:10pm Energy storage unit in Birkenhead. [by Excoriator]
I spotted an application on the Wirral Planning site for a set of containers stuffed with Lithium Ion Polymer batteries intended to maintain power during peak demand. This was granted in 2016, and permission lapses in three years. This was next to the peak gas generating plant on the land next to Beaufort Rd which is now complete I think.

Driving past today, however, there was no sign of it being built.

Has anyone any news about this? Has it been abandoned?
0 254 Read More
2nd Feb 2018 11:21pm Smart meters [by Excoriator]
Just had these installed. We had a smart electricity meter but it proved incompatible with the new gas meter so both had to be replaced.

My motive is selfish. I want to avoid the chore of meter reading. It is a little alarming to see the cost of staying warm clicking up, penny by penny, but I expect we'll soon learn to ignore it.

Has anyone else experience of these things and is prepared to share their experience of them?
7 549 Read More
1st Feb 2018 10:49pm Seacombe Community Centre Demololition [by diggingdeeper]
The Council has been notified that Seacombe Community Centre is to be demolished (its Council owned anyway).

Although no planning permission for development has been applied for, the Council have expressed interest in care housing etc being built there.

It is located in Ferry View Road, between the Kingsway ventilation tower, Lowry Bank and the prom. I presume originally the building was a primary school though I can't find any record of this.

Last time I heard about this place is was actively getting regenerated around 2014/15 or so and I believe some people were still trying to keep it open recently.

I notice the Five Bars Rest has now become Seacombe Social Club which perhaps hasn't helped.
4 463 Read More
31st Jan 2018 10:19pm Brown out in New Ferry [by Excoriator]
For most of this evening, the one incandescent uplighter in our sitting room was really dim. All the LEDs and CFLs were as bright as usual, but I expect they were taking more current to compensate. Two of them were very reluctant to come on. I suspect the voltage was very low. I would have got a meter out and checked but as we had visitors I didn't think it appropriate. At about 9:30 everything suddenly went back to normal.

Anyone know what was going on?
3 470 Read More
31st Jan 2018 10:55am M&S to close Birkenhead Branch [by Excoriator]
Closing in April. Now that will leave a big hole in the Pyramids shopping centre!

I wonder if anyone else will move in? I imagine Primark is happy where it is. It is a pity, but I think the M&S organisation is reaching the end of its life as a clothes shop.
7 823 Read More
30th Jan 2018 8:59pm Real news or fake [by Snodvan]
Someone sent me this link

Loads ok from Mail website ---- but I am surprised there has not been more comment on here

9 702 Read More
30th Jan 2018 6:02pm Windscreen replacement [by faddy]
Any recommendations please for where to get a windscreen replaced?
7 463 Read More
30th Jan 2018 2:52pm Charing Cross 1980's [by Littlebear]
I was only young in the 80's but I remember this and the surrounding area well.
Does anyone have any photos or know of any? I can recall Computer Adventure World on the corner (which is now the 'Moodz' permanently unemployed social centre), which also had a huge advertisement space on the escalators in Liverpool Central Station (long after it shut down into the 2000's). There was an arcade place opposite the pram shop as well, now a solicitors.
Hammersound is still there, amazingly, but most of the businesses up there have now gone.
3 640 Read More
26th Jan 2018 4:26pm Corsa 2009 [by rossie]
Just bought a 2009 Corsa. Steering makes a noise on left side. Somebody suggested that this is a common fault on Corsa and it maybe a nut on bottom of column. Any advice best place to take it for repair please and if it is the nut how much to sort. Otherwise love the car and would prefer to sort it out rather than return to private seller.
thanks very much.
4 455 Read More
26th Jan 2018 10:59am Trapped Rat Live or Die [by fish5133]
Found a live rat inside an old rat cage trap that had been in the garden for several years but was never baited or set. The silly rat has pushed the door open and climbed inside it. wirral council dont remove live rats. Cat was nosing around it this morning so have covered it over. Dont have the heart to kill it while trapped.. what you reckon?? Last ones i did few years ago were released . Wonder what RSPCA will say..
1 11 839 Read More
25th Jan 2018 3:50pm Landlord licensing areas - the lie [by thesilentenigma]
The council is trumpeting the extension of its Selected Landlord Licensing area scheme with a series of public meetings this week.
This is the alleged aim: "Wirral has areas of low housing demand and almost one in three properties in Wirral’s private rented sector fails to meet the decent homes standard, which can have a huge impact on the health and welfare of tenants and wider communities. Selective Licensing aims to improve homes in these areas by ensuring private landlords and agents meet satisfactory standards of tenancy and property management."

Reality: Someone of my acquaintance had to leave home due to circumstances and as beggars can't be choosers found themselves in a flat in king Street which was nothing short of a hovel with rain pouring in and lots of other things wrong. The estate agents in Liscard were hopeless to the point of being very rude. One day a letter dropped through the box. Congratulations you are in a Selected Landlord Licensing Area and your landlord has been granted approval for this property. My friend contacted the council wondering why there had been no inspection - . the obnoxious individual dealing with such matters said sniffily,' there is no requirement to inspect'.

So much for the council's attempts to improve housing. Utter cobblers and a sham.
4 579 Read More
24th Jan 2018 2:37pm Work For Council ..No Pay [by fish5133]
I know they call it volunteering but they are advertising for casual Mini Bus Drivers for a school and the ad says "Driving experience..not essential as all training given...LOL. .
8 818 Read More
24th Jan 2018 1:25pm Confused [by lincle]
Having just watched the programmes about the disgusting state of the Worlds oceans I'm now wondering if we should be recycling plastic at all. If as suggested our waste is no longer recycled but dumped then we are contributing to the deaths of hundreds of sea creatures.So if I stop putting plastic in the grey bin & put it in the green bill will that help? What will then happen to it?
19 903 Read More
24th Jan 2018 10:22am Holidays With The Kids [by fish5133]
An Indian customer asked me about summer holidays with the kids that isnt going to cost him a fortune.He was baulking at £800 a week (as would i) . Was even more shocked when i looked up a Haven Caravan holiday August Cornwall £1200 + for 7 days....obviously been a few years since we were doing caravan hols with our 3.. Now wheres that tent......

Any one done an area of the country with lots of kiddie things to do. Seem to remember a small theme park down in cornwall somewhere.
3 498 Read More
23rd Jan 2018 3:49pm Tweets needed [by venice]
One of our local animal rescues is tying for a National award , if you want Freshfields win , please cast your tweet on twitter as per bottom line here .

Freshfields staff nominated for national award!

We are delighted to announce that our incredible staff team have been chosen as one of 2 finalists in the Charity Today 'Animal Welfare Charity of the Year' Awards!

Our dedicated staff save lives every day. This is a great opportunity to give them the recognition they deserve, for going that extra mile - and more - for animals like Buddy. Dawn's dedicated foster care has given Buddy the best chance possible to find a new home, and is just one example of the love and care shown every day by the team at Freshfields.

It's now up to a public vote on Twitter. All you have to do is to
follow @CharityAwards and simply retweet the post with the Freshfields logo.

Here's the link to the page:
0 175 Read More
23rd Jan 2018 2:25am Believed to be in Liverpool [by granny]

All our Liverpool friends please share and if you belong to any groups in Liverpool please add post.
1 12 825 Read More
18th Jan 2018 7:20pm Local History Fair 2018 [by RUDEBOX]

The annual History fair returns...
1 1 675 Read More
18th Jan 2018 1:12pm Major Electrical Disaster - Birkenhead [by diggingdeeper]
Electricity is off in parts of Birkenhead, from what I know at the moment it may be some of the large area covered by the sub-station at the top of Temple Road/ Singleton Avenue but it might be a bigger or smaller problem.

A large surge occurred and it is thought that the phase wiring was crossed and 400V was supplied to houses instead of 250V.

Equipment has blown up in houses (I know of some), Scottish Power are on their way round houses and the fire-brigade is in attendance in case any equipment has gone on fire.

Exactly what equipment is damaged won't be found out until electricity is back on.
9 1,007 Read More
18th Jan 2018 10:02am Help with Humax [by muzzy2]
Does anyone know who can look at or fix a Humax box HDR 1800 other than Humax themselves, please. Red light won't come on, only blue light, then can't get any further. As it's out of warranty, Humax want £100 down payment to even look at it!
4 476 Read More
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2 x armchairs
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