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Trump separating children from parents.
by venice. 20th Jun 2018 12:27pm
Happy Birthday Ste and Jase
by TRANCENTRAL. 12th Jun 2018 11:12pm
Written Warning - Really?
by diggingdeeper. 12th Jun 2018 10:18pm
Paul McCartney
by cools. 10th Jun 2018 7:03pm
New Wirral History
Davies Street
by Medicdeano. 11th Jun 2018 1:32pm
Submerged Church
by granny. 5th Jun 2018 11:42am
Birkenhead Priory - great place to visit
by yoller. 2nd Jun 2018 12:45pm
Ashville Road Sports Ground
by derekdwc. 26th May 2018 1:14pm
Day School Beckwith Street Birkenhead
by Poolie27. 25th May 2018 5:37pm
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Birkenhead Priory / Laird's crane today
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White Gazebos
by derekdwc. 25th Jun 2018 12:12pm
Wirral's Worst Roads?
by Near_Oval. 25th Jun 2018 8:40am
LEDs again
by Excoriator. 24th Jun 2018 10:59pm
Giants to visit New Brighton Lighthouse
by granny. 24th Jun 2018 10:43pm
Finds from yesterday 13/06/18
by Detecting_wirral. 24th Jun 2018 5:12pm
Police Presence In Kelvin Road
by _Ste_. 24th Jun 2018 1:54pm
More Brexit Lunacy
by diggingdeeper. 23rd Jun 2018 11:54pm
Hydraulic Car Jacks - £10 both
by DavidB. 23rd Jun 2018 1:58pm
Nilfisk Compact 105 Pressure Washer - £30
by DavidB. 23rd Jun 2018 1:57pm
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Giants to visit New Brighton Lighthouse
by granny. 24th Jun 2018 10:43pm
Drive in Cinema, Birkenhead
by fish5133. 4th Jun 2018 10:43pm
9 hours ago White Gazebos [by saltytom]
I have been trying to give away 2 white gazebos 2.4 mtr sqr on various sites but 4 people have let me down, they will go to the tip shortly.
I may deliver if local and I have time.
They will be on my drive 36 Green lane, CH45 8lz
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23rd Jun 2018 9:59pm LEDs again [by Excoriator]
I notice that some street lights are being replaced in suburban streets around New Ferry. Not just the lights, mind you. The whole lamp post. They are being replaced with sodium lamps rather than LEDs however which makes little sense to me. The cost of the actual luminaire must be a small proportion of the cost of replacing the whole lamp posts - which seem to be installed a couple of feet from the old one which is removed after the new one is commissioned.The running costs must surely be a lot lower had LEDs been installed, and as they last a lot longer, great savings can be made on maintenance and bulb replacement too.

So far, I have spotted only one LED in a suburban street - Delta Road East. Go, marvel at it!

I can't make any sense of this. I would have expected LED replacements to go in more or less automatically, but the council seems intent on keeping us in dismal orange illumination at extra cost more or less indefinitely.
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22nd Jun 2018 12:13pm Giants to visit New Brighton Lighthouse [by Norton]
The giant puppets that have visited Liverpool twice before will be back for the 'Liverpool Dream' from Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th October 2018.

This time they will include Wirral on their travels and will be visiting New Brighton Lighthouse on Friday 5th October.

In advance of this, a piece of artwork with the Lighthouse on it has been revealed.

See Culture Liverpool for Liverpool City Region Events and 'Giant Spectacular' website.
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18th Jun 2018 12:52am Another Parking Ticket [by fish5133]
Popped over to a church in Liverpool . Whole area was either meters with a 2 hour max £4.40 which was no good as service was 2 hours long at least. Rest of the streets were single yellow but with no time designation saying when you could park. Managed to find a space where the yellow line had been removed and tarmaced over giving the impression of a parking space... so squeezed in imbetween the 2 ends of the single yellow. Got a ticket! Took a load of photos for my evidence but noticed the photos on Liverpool council website even show there is no yellow line.... Made an informal challenge to it..
1 11 524 Read More
17th Jun 2018 3:00pm Safety gate [by lincle]
Free Lindam safety gate ,fittings missing but may be of use to someone .
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15th Jun 2018 7:09pm Wirral's Worst Roads? [by DavidB]
I'm not knocking the people repaving the roads or WBC here, etc etc.

I vote Heath Road passing by Wirral Grammar School.!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

From the moment you come round the corner, it's all moon buggy. It's sometimes hard to believe how long some of these roads have been left in this condition.
It has a patchwork of under road repairs, and they never seem to have found the knack of doing that correctly.
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15th Jun 2018 6:09pm 2-stroke engine from strimmer [by Snodvan]
2 stroke engine, approx 20cc. Currently fitted to a Partner garden strimmer but the cutting head of that has disintegrated. Engine is easy removed from the strimmer drive shaft. Pull start works fine. Fitting the engine shaft with a pulley wheel could make it suitable for a “project” such as a go-cart, bench saw etc. PM response please
Donation commitment to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation would be appreciated – wife will be doing the Wirral Coastal Walk in support

0 309 Read More
13th Jun 2018 6:35pm Red Kite [by granny]

I have just seen what I am almost certain to be a 'red kite' in my garden. It swooped down into the base of a bush, then took off and landed on top of the playhouse for about 15 secs.

The other day there was something brown that took off from my back gate next to the kitchen. I didn't see what it was, just something brown but large enough to be a squirrel. I am now wondering if it was the same bird.

If anyone can throw anymore light onto this, as I know they are in N Wales now, but not heard of any in Wirral.

The colouring was a reddish brown and it had black and white, either down the side of it's body or on it's wings. Larger than a wood pigeon and definitely a bird of prey.

Not a buzzard, seen plenty of them, not the right colour for a hawk, or sparrow hawk .

Any ideas ?
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11th Jun 2018 6:51pm Mortgage Deals ? [by fish5133]
anyone had a good mortgage deal /switch lately? before i hit the compare sites.

With all the brexit and economy as it is anyone with views on how the mortgage rates will go. The fixed / tracker dilemma again.
2 47 Read More
11th Jun 2018 12:32pm Davies Street [by Medicdeano]
Looking through the Ancestry website, it stated that some of my relatives, the Pritchards, had lived at 9 Davies Street, Birkenhead- I think that street may have been flattened at some point. Can anyone shed some light on this please?
2 280 Read More
9th Jun 2018 10:13am Keys found - Old Market House [by MisterSmiff]
Spotted at about 10:30 on the bit of pavement between the loading bay and carpark behind the NHS building, two smallish yale-type keys with "2002" engraved on them.

Handed in to the Cop Shop on Chester Street.
0 154 Read More
7th Jun 2018 9:37am St James Library Break in [by BandyCoot]
Heard something happened at St James. Break in which concluded in theft and damage. Anyone know anything? Asking because I use it.
0 251 Read More
7th Jun 2018 7:37am Beatties of Birkenhead to close down [by daveybm]
Beattie House of Fraser is set to close according to this :-

Another big block of emptiness coming up in Birkenhead town centre
15 841 Read More
6th Jun 2018 10:55pm New MOT Rules [by fish5133]
Not bothered to read up on these yet ..but after wifes car failed ( Major defects) she was told she could not drive it except back home. Now the garage cant fit the work in for about 9 days.

Looking on Gov website it only says dangerous defects you cant drive it and major ones must be repaired immediately ???

I , perhaps wrongly, used to drive my car as long as the previous MOT was still not expired until i could get any MOT works done..

Gov website says " You can be fined up to £1,000 for driving a vehicle without a valid MOT." Does a failed MOT document overirde the old MOT certificate if thats still in date?
9 621 Read More
6th Jun 2018 9:13am New rules on where you can walk dogs [by Greenwood]
The Council is suggesting a few small areas of beach around Wirral's beautiful coast where dogs will be forbidden in the summer months, also keeping sports pitches and playgrounds dog-free (as they should be), insisting people clear up their dog's poo and not leave bags hanging around (good luck with that one!!). Info is on the Council website and the Wirral Globe website has maps of affected areas. To be honest it all seems pretty reasonable, but people will need to be aware of any changes, especially in Birkenhead Park where there are a number of proposed dog-free areas. No hanging dog poo bags in trees and forgetting to come back for them any more! That is a particularly unattractive habit that I'll be glad to see the back of. Although how the Council intends to police all this, given the cuts, I wil be very interested to see...
16 847 Read More
5th Jun 2018 10:42am Submerged Church [by granny]

Does anyone know of a submerged church in the Leasowe/Moreton area ? I read something but can't remember where, it could have been from John Hough's Journal, but there was no expansion or further information.
13 944 Read More
4th Jun 2018 8:21am So inspiring. [by venice]
This is such an inspiring story to start the week with .
1 249 Read More
2nd Jun 2018 11:45am Birkenhead Priory - great place to visit [by yoller]
I visited Birkenhead Priory for the first time in ages yesterday and had forgotten what a brilliant place it is (I posted a picture on the Picture Wirral forum here).

Entry is free, the volunteer staff are helpful and knowledgeable and the place itself is endlessly fascinating. We’re so lucky it has survived almost 900 years, especially with the encroachment of Laird’s yards.

If anyone hasn’t been there, it’s highly recommended. Details here …

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1st Jun 2018 7:03pm Birkenhead Priory / Laird's crane today [by yoller]
Birkenhead Priory / Laird's crane today
1 1 58 Read More
31st May 2018 1:57pm Older telephones [by Snodvan]
Does anyone collect/ want older style telephones?
Available anytime. PM me
1 1 865 Read More
30th May 2018 2:43pm HELP please - wireless printer setup [by Snodvan]
For a few years I have used an Epson XP600 printer scanner with no problems.
Yesterday Virgin Media provided me with a new set top box/ modem assembly - which of course then has totally new wifi password. Easy enough to set that up on the laptop so the lappy has wifi ok.

Using the "wizard" on the miniscreen of the XP600 I entered the new password and - fair enouh - the printer then printed the "check network connection" sheet.

However, if I try to print say a Word or other document from the laptop - it seems to want to print to pdf ---- somewhere ---- not to the the printer itself.

Help please guys. My head is in circles with my illness and the chemo treatments and I have things I need to print. If anyone can COME and sort it out for me (PM me) I will be very grateful

10 576 Read More
29th May 2018 9:27am M53 Clatterbridge Bridge Death [by fish5133]
Looks like another tormented soul has gone off the bridge at Clatterbridge. Women dead on carriage way. Wirral Globe.
1 598 Read More
27th May 2018 7:09pm Debt Collectors Proof of Payment [by fish5133]
Recently received a couple of undated letters from (i wont say who) saying i had an outstanding amount on an account for something i received from them about 10 weeks ago.

Interestingly about a week after i received (it) they phoned me up to basically say they were not sure if i had paid and that could i check my bank statement as they had it recorded as a debit card payment. I thought i had paid cash..They basically admitting there was a problem at their end. No bank record of a payment to them on my bank statement (probably because i paid cash).

The second letter was politely threatening the debt collection agents if payment not made within 7 days (from letters undated)

Rummaging through my draw i find the receipt of payment saying i had paid them the full amount (albeit recorded as a debit card transaction)

Am i holding 4 aces ???

My daughter works for a similar company and says it is possibly they have marked it as a card payment when i have paid cash.

Letter and photocopy of receipts on its way to them... Never met a debt collector before...
7 662 Read More
25th May 2018 11:20pm People We Employ [by diggingdeeper]
2016-2017 (Renumeration)

Eric Robinson, Chief Executive: £192,256
Managing Director for Delivery: £137,723
Executive Director for Strategy: £137,644
Director for Health and Care: £128,201
Director for Children: £127,497
Director for Business Services (Assistant Chief Executive): £121,653
Director for Health and Wellbeing: £105,082

2018-2019 (Salary only)

Chief Executive, Eric Robinson £178,518
Director for Children, Paul Boyce £140,000
Director for Corporate Resources and Reform, Paul Satoor £125,498
Assistant Chief Executive, David Armstrong £116,268
Director for Health and Care, Graham Hodkinson £116,268
Director of Merseyside Pension Fund, Peter Wallach £113,361
Director: Governance and Assurance,Philip McCourt £107,548
Director for Strategy and Partnerships Fiona Johnstone (Acting) £107,547
Director for Finance and Investments (S151), Shaer Halewood £104,642
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25th May 2018 4:37pm Day School Beckwith Street Birkenhead [by Poolie27]
Has anybody details on the History of the Wesleyan Day School Beckwith Street Birkenhead.
I am researching a teacher called Frederick Collins Dawson who was resident at 56 Grange Lane Birkenhead in 1851 and a Methodist. I am trying to find the possible schools he may have taught at, he had left Birkenhead by 1861.

4 467 Read More
23rd May 2018 10:29pm 32gb Memory Card found [by columbia753]

32gb Memory card found in Prenton Duck Pond lane. Get in touch and tell me whats on it.

A reward would be welcome.

1 402 Read More
23rd May 2018 6:28pm More Parking Charges [by diggingdeeper]
New parking charges are to be introduced at:-

Kings Parade and Coastal Drive in New Brighton/Wallasey
The Gunsite in Leasowe
The Derby Pool in New Brighton
North Parade in Hoylake
South Parade in West Kirby.

£1 an hour, £2 a day, £20 overnight (and possibly £50 a year), the same as the country parks.

I would gladly pay £50 a year for all council car parks even though I don't use them that much but £50 for just for the leisure car parks I really can't justify or agree with it.
8 719 Read More
21st May 2018 8:55pm Virgin Mobile Scam Letter [by fish5133]
Received a very convincing letter allegedly from Virgin Media personally addressed to me saying i owed £5.07 on a mobile phone account which i did not recognise.. and gave a number to ring. The virgin mobile customer phone lines were very busy tonight i wonder if they have had a string of complaints.
Also received another convincing email allegedly from Virgin saying the same thing but this time also quoting the mobile number and account number. A check online with the virgin media website gives a different account number associated with the mobile number and saying i owe nothing...

Remember a few weeks back my gmail account unexpectedly wouldnt accept my password and i had to change it...

be aware any virgin customers
2 409 Read More
20th May 2018 5:57pm Meanwhile, in Windsor.. [by Norton]
While we watched TV and wished the Royal couple all the best yesterday ...

Did anybody notice the excellent state of the roads and street lights etc. in the public areas of Windsor?
I'm sure some things will have been 'touched-up', but a lot of infrastructure was pre-existing.

How do they do it? I don't know..
However, I do know that Band 'C' Council Tax in Wirral is £1307 and in Windsor it's £1142.

So, we are paying over 15% more in rates than they are. I've not checked the extra local levies.

Perhaps they are a healthy lot down there, with no rough sleepers (they were moved on the day before) or perhaps they have somebody who can do the maths better than their local counterparts..
4 530 Read More
19th May 2018 11:58am Easibed Wood chipping FREE [by ianyam]
Easibed Wood chipping for pets and livestock FREE.

Ian, 07876774965
1 729 Read More
17th May 2018 7:40pm Mill Road, Woodslee Lodge, Bromborough [by soreofhing]
Hi everyone
I have some distant relations who were living at this address in 1881.
Does anyone know where this was exactly - was it a windmill or water mill?
I'd like to be able to locate this place on a modern map, even though perhaps it doesn't still exist.
It sounds like it may have been the gatehouse to large estate.
Best regards from Mexico
2 777 Read More
16th May 2018 9:41am computer bits FOC [by gerry1]
Free off charge Collection only Eastham.

(1) Eprom Eraser UV141, needs a minute timer and a lamp.

(2) Four boxes of floppy discs, 2 off Electronic workbench
and 2 off Euras Tv data.Have been in storage, so don't know if the data is any use as I can,t test it (have no floppy drive.)

(3) One box of D-plugs/sockets/covers for computers, some never used
2 15 1,016 Read More
15th May 2018 1:58pm Local History on Show [by Norton]
Several local exhibitions on at the moment which I have only just found out about.

Ending this Saturday, May 19th, at Central Library, Borough Rd. -
'A Mile from Birkenhead'.
A small scale exhibition of photographs curated from Birkenhead Reference Library's collection, all taken within a mile of Central Library. The exhibition features photographs from the 1880s up to the 1970s.

Ending Sunday 27th. at the Williamson Art Gallery. -
'Wallasey Historic Photographs'
Wallasey Historical Society (Wirral) is presenting an exhibition of 30 photographs at the Williamson Art Gallery from 2nd to 27th May 2018. The images have been selected from a collection of over 1500 glass negatives and lantern slides held by the Society, of which 450 have recently been scanned with excellent results.

Ending Sunday 3rd June at the Williamson -
'Star Yachts at the Williamson'
A small exhibition of the history of Star Yachts of Birkenhead, England, that created iconic pond yachts that were sailed in boating lakes locally and around the world and are now highly collectible.

More info on these and other Wirral events at Wirral View - What's On.
0 740 Read More
14th May 2018 5:27pm Old photos [by geprgie260]
Can anyone recommend an app that makes it easy/easier to 'repair' old black and white photos?

What I need is to take away creases, marks, and suchlike so the photo is like new, before they become too damaged to 'repair'. I would rather do it myself as I have a pile to do, unless there is somewhere reasonable I could take them to to have them done?

11 1,376 Read More
13th May 2018 7:09pm Giants in Liverpool [by cools]
Made up The Giants are coming back to Liverpool in October.....I've really enjoyed them when they've been here previously, so exciting when you're waiting for them to appear round the corner. I love Zolo the dog. They are coming to Wirral this year as well all good for the area...
1 685 Read More
10th May 2018 8:46am ITV catch up App for Samsung Tab 2 [by nidgynoo]
Hi. I have just purchased a Samsung Tab 2 10" mainly to use while on sleeps in work. Have managed to install other channels but it wont support ITVHub. Does anyone know of an alternative App I could use please. (Just for catch up itv) The tab is fully updated. Many thanks.
8 931 Read More
9th May 2018 10:24pm Sony vaio laptop proplems [by Little_B]
I have a sony vaio laptop vgn-s5hp I have used my tower to install windows 7 to a hard drive and then put it in the laptop but now the laptop won't find the windows on the hard drive have I done something wrong. The laptop in question has has a hard drive on it from another one with windows 10 and worked ok but slow so I pressume 7 isn't to advance for it
2 614 Read More
3rd May 2018 1:17pm Insurance [by _Ste_]
And this people is why you are paying so much for car insurance.....


11 1,313 Read More
2nd May 2018 10:06pm Cider and Sausages.. Shippons Irby may 7th [by fish5133]
Shippons is holding a cider and sausage fayre Bank Holiday monday in Irby Village.. Sausages by Muffs Butchers.... Plus its a Thwaites pub.for a .decent pint. Sorry didnt spot times
7 1,137 Read More
2nd May 2018 6:22am Mini 2002 r50 starting issue [by Mike72]
Hi my mini r50 has a clicking noise when trying to start. I bought a new battery but it still makes the clicking noise. Is there any mobile mechs that don't charge stupid call out fees to advise on what the issue is. It will start on a push start. So maybe starter motor? Or even a bad earth? I wouldn't know we're to look to much help appreciated.
5 724 Read More
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For Sale & Free
White Gazebos
by saltytom. 25th Jun 2018 8:44am
Hydraulic Car Jacks - £10 both
by DavidB. 23rd Jun 2018 12:41pm
Nilfisk Compact 105 Pressure Washer - £30
by DavidB. 23rd Jun 2018 12:36pm
4 x 2gb DDR2 800mhz dimms
by gerrymoore. 19th Jun 2018 3:32pm
brand new cabin size luggage
by stumpyduck. 18th Jun 2018 8:55am
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LEDs again
by Excoriator. 23rd Jun 2018 10:59pm
Giants to visit New Brighton Lighthouse
by Norton. 22nd Jun 2018 1:13pm
Wirral's Worst Roads?
by DavidB. 15th Jun 2018 8:09pm
Anyone have Turnips phone number?
by ultimate. 14th Jun 2018 2:45pm
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Police Presence In Kelvin Road
by Habdab. 22nd Jun 2018 2:13pm
Holborn Square - Police
by diggingdeeper. 17th Jun 2018 5:09pm
Keys found - Old Market House
by MisterSmiff. 9th Jun 2018 11:13am
More Brexit Lunacy
by Excoriator. 8th Jun 2018 2:44pm
St James Library Break in
by BandyCoot. 7th Jun 2018 10:37am
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Another Parking Ticket
by fish5133. 18th Jun 2018 1:52am
Finds from yesterday 13/06/18
by Detecting_wirral. 14th Jun 2018 4:19pm
Red Kite
by granny. 13th Jun 2018 7:35pm
New MOT Rules
by fish5133. 6th Jun 2018 11:55pm
HELP please - wireless printer setup
by Snodvan. 30th May 2018 3:43pm
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