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by geofflawrence. 23rd Apr 2022 12:37am
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by moretonkiwi. 22nd Apr 2022 4:48am
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Docks Housing Development Gone Bust
by diggingdeeper. 20th May 2022 2:32am
Ignoring the law
by WiskinCols. 17th May 2022 2:39pm
Free kids bmx
by madrob. 17th May 2022 9:50am
13th Cheshire Regiment in WW1
by bert1. 16th May 2022 8:24am
Sheldrakes to become private home
by diggingdeeper. 15th May 2022 10:04am
Wheatsheaf Hotel 39 Corporation Road
by bert1. 14th May 2022 8:02pm
Apple iPod
by madrob. 14th May 2022 6:57pm
Tuning MG Midget 79
by Agbarr. 13th May 2022 8:52pm
Ignition Switch Faulty Barrel Worn Key
by Kitec. 11th May 2022 1:06pm
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13th May 2022 7:03pm Docks Housing Development Gone Bust [by diggingdeeper]
The company developing those terrible lego houses on Wallasey Docks has gone bust.

I don't understand how it is legal to create these companies specifically for certain developments without the owners having significant financial liability, they are often created and often go bust leaving the creditors to pay for the "mistakes" with a 19p in the pound return or similar.

Basically how can a subsidiary go bust when the parent company doesn't?
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12th May 2022 10:25pm 13th Cheshire Regiment in WW1 [by NickWirral]
I am looking for copies of photographs relating to the 13th Battalion Cheshire Regiment who were raised in Port Sunlight in September 1914 and served in France from September 1915.

I would be grateful for any assistance.
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11th May 2022 6:17pm Free kids bmx [by madrob]
Bmx free just needs some air in the tyres
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10th May 2022 4:36pm Tuning MG Midget 79 [by Agbarr]
Hi wondering if anyone can recommend a local garage that is able to tune the carburettors on a 1979 MG Midget 1500.

The carburettors were reconditioned a few years ago an probably need expert knowledge to set and tune them.

Any guidance as to where to go would be welcomed

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6th May 2022 10:38am Anyone know someone who can replace a gate post [by muzzy2]
Can't find anyone who can do this for me. Just need a hole digging about 2 feet deep.
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2nd May 2022 7:54am Ramp Hire? [by riggsy]
Is there anywhere in the local area where you can hire a ramp by the hour/day?

Many thanks in advance.
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27th Apr 2022 7:15pm Fundraising for Surgery ๐Ÿ›‘ า“แด€ษชสŸแด‡แด… ส™ส แด›สœแด‡ ษดสœ๊œฑ ๐Ÿ›‘ [by TheJolleyPinkZoo]

๐ˆ๐… ๐˜๐Ž๐”'๐‘๐„ ๐”๐๐€๐๐‹๐„ ๐“๐Ž ๐ƒ๐Ž๐๐€๐“๐„, ๐‚๐€๐ ๐˜๐Ž๐” ๐’๐‡๐€๐‘๐„ ๐๐‹๐„๐€๐’๐„? ๐“๐‡๐€๐๐Š๐’

๐Ÿ›‘ า“แด€ษชสŸแด‡แด… ส™ส แด›สœแด‡ ษดสœ๊œฑ ๐Ÿ›‘

I'm at my witts end and feeling very despondent. For the last 4 years, since being admitted in to hospital where I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis, shocking cholesterol levels, PCOS, Metabolic Syndrome, type 2 & type 3c Diabetes and sepsis. Struggling to stabalise my weight never mind lose it, despite eating low carb, low fat, low calorie and taking 3 kinds of medications that should control my metabolism.

I was told that if I didn't have a gastric bypass I wasn't likely to live long, but at least I didn't have high blood pressure. I started on the pathway to bariatric surgery, it took 18 months. But I met their goal to lose 13lbs. I was due to have my final review where I'd be put on to 'tier 4 bariatrics' where my case is put forward to a surgeon. That phone consultation never happened. No call. Nothing. I then received a letter stating I was a NO SHOW and removed from the pathway. Telling me I would have to contact my GP to be re refered. Annoying, but that's what I did. To then find out I was back to square one with them not taking my 13lbs weight loss in to consideration! So I did it again 18 months and another 13lbs. Final review was due and it happened again! No phone call. Followed by a text saying I was a NO show and I need to speak to my GP. Absolutely infuriating.

Also despite losing 26lbs I have now developed high blood pressure. (NO bloody wonder)

Then insult to injury, I recieved a call from the Exercise Physiologist, who I've spoken to every 3 months for 4 years.My goals were to stand up from bed every hour. But this time either her computer malfunctioned or her brain did as she asked me how many hours a week I was doing cardiovascular exercise.

I said, 'erm... none.'

Then she said I could go for a walk at lunchtime for example.

I said...'I would but I'm a wheelchair user that's bedridden, unable to put clothes on due to a terrible autoimmune disease attacking my skin.' She went very quiet... no apology!
Then she made her excuses and went.

I've spoken to my GP who has told me there is no way we can negate the Bariatrics Pathway team on the NHS, I must do it all again.

According to NICE.ORG the criteria for surgical intervention says that with type 2 diabetes and other comorbidities, I should have been refered for surgery right away and not had to go through the tier 3 hoop jumpings!

Please find it in your heart to help me pay for Bariatric Surgery privately because I truly believe I won't be around by time I've completely the course for a 3rd time, and waited the NHS waiting times. Which are currently approx 3 years.
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22nd Apr 2022 11:37pm 1870s Birkenhead Grange Road [by geofflawrence]
I've just joined and struggling to get the hang of it.

I'm looking for 1870s to 1890s Birkenhead street and address info, and photos even, to link ancestral connections, my grandfather having been born illegitimately in !876 in Birkenhead. He was given the forenames Thomas Spiers William George Latimer Taylor and surname Lawrence. His mother was Maria, my great grandmother, that's all, just Maria, although later Maria Taylor, possibly Barnett, possibly even Lawrence or Latimer! Her birth may have been 1851.

The addresses I have so far are :

290 Borough Road, my grandfather's birth address in 1876, which I suspect is 1 Taylor's Villa. Thomas Taylor must have been an important man......later he moved to a massive mansion in Oak Bank behind Taylor's Villas.

Taylor's Villas Borough Road: a Taylor connection, Thomas Taylor, a grocer, and family 1881 census...I don't think Taylor's Villas were built at the 1871 census.

20 Grange Road 1876, which I suspect is Regent's Place, at the Haymarket end of Grange Road, a Spiers connection, as it is Ann Spiers shop (1874 Morris Directory) , and, also Ann Spiers was a registrar of servants, and we think Maria was such.

23 Grange Road, or 23 Regent's Place was on the birth certificate of the address of Maria in 1876............we suspect it was actually 20 Regents Place; there's no census record for a 23 Grange Road or an address for 23 Regent's that correct? This is the Spiers connection, especially as there is a Tom Laurance b 1877 in the 1891 census for Ann Spiers shop in 9 Bridge Street. I noticed derekdwc had posted photos of Regents Place in the 1870s in a 2011 post here. But I can't view them, site says I have no authority to view.

No info then until 1899 when grandfather Lawrence marries in Bethnal Green in London. We have a death certificate for Maria Lawrence in Islington London in 1895, recording her birth in 1851, but we can't be sure if it is our Maria.

We also have 9 Halkin Street in 1881 Census with a daughter Maria Lawrence b.1854, the family of Phillip Lawrence engine driver of a steam boat. We have earlier and later addresses for this family. My grandfather's job on his death certificate was that his (unknown) father Lawrence was a barge-builder and another as an engineer, so this looks a good connection.

We have a Latimer connection at 185 Conway Street 1871 census, and another in 1881 census at 16 Beckwith St and later 7 Eldon Place, who had a son William George Latimer....we have located the great niece of William George, who lives in California.

So, I'd be delighted at any steers you dear bloggers can share on any info on names and these addresses, old maps, exactly where they were on the old OS maps (the Birkenhead 1840s to 1870s map has tremendous detail but the Haymarket section is missing.

Sorry for all the detail!!!!
17 1,021 Read More
22nd Apr 2022 3:48am Salisbury Road, New Brighton [by moretonkiwi]
Can anyone tell me if 8 Salisbury Road, New Brighton was a hospital/maternity home/nursing home in the 1920/1921 period? I have an ancestor who has this address on her birth certificate but a few weeks later she is shown living with her family at 34 Albion Street.

I do know that no 8 is now flats and that Albion Street is only just round the corner.
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18th Apr 2022 1:43am Leasowe Road, Wallasey [by moretonkiwi]
Can anyone tell me where Uncle Tom's Cabin was on Leasowe Road? The 1891 census records Samuel Howard (widowed) and his grandson James Howard and his wife and children residing at this address. I was told many years ago that it was close to where the railway bridge passes over Leasowe Road but I have not been able to verify this. Any help appreciated.
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5th Apr 2022 11:00am 2 Display Cabinets [by Catsick]
20" wide (51cm) x 12.5" deep (31cm x 47" high (1190cm)
Drawer in base and includes 7 glass shelves. Glass fronted. There is paint on some edges but should be easily removed.

Looks like doors can be swapped from left to right hand opening.

Free but collection only, these are bulky items

MUST be gone by Thursday 7th night

1 1 1,047 Read More
19th Mar 2022 6:45pm Parkgate Marsh Fire [by diggingdeeper]
Huge fire on Parkgate Marshes at the moment again.
2 2,656 Read More
10th Mar 2022 10:43pm Energy Price Increase [by diggingdeeper]
Just had my notification through for my energy cost increases as from 2nd April.

Electricity to rise by 57% overall
Gas to rise by 80% overall

Total energy rise 72.5%

I was on a pretty good deal so not shopped round for a while


Standing charge per day 23.5p going up to 47.3p (101% increase)
Unit charge 1kWh 21.4p going up to 29.6p (38% increase)


Standing charge per day 23.8p going up to 27.2p (14% increase)
Unit charge 1kWh 3.84p going up to 7.36p (92% increase)

Very difficult to know what to do now, before the Ukraine war it was best to sit it out as the prices would start dropping shortly as gas demand reduced with warmer weather. Now its a gamble of grabbing a fixed price contract in case of more increases or to stay on variable. The fixed rate I am offered is horrendous for gas (another 60% on top of those rises) but about the same for electricity.

Demand for gas will still drop enormously in summer and hence reduce the price but may well go up again next winter if Europe is no longer using Russian gas.

Shale gas anyone?
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9th Mar 2022 10:47am Wanted mobile phone expert [by dodie]
Needed to transfer all my Apps & data from my old phone to my new mobile phone will pay thanks
2 3,022 Read More
8th Mar 2022 4:34pm Wirral History & Heritage Fair 12th March [by Norton]
Wirral History & Heritage Fair is back - on Saturday 12th March 2022 at the new venue of Hulme Hall, Port Sunlight.
10am - 4pm. Just 5mins walk from the station or Free parking and level access (not like the Town Hall).
0 3,806 Read More
7th Mar 2022 8:27am Astra stalls and white smoke [by rossie]
64. Vauxhall Astra with 87k miles on clock has started intermittent stalling and lots of white smoke. Petrol engine. Drives for weeks and then suddenly it happens again. Paid garage a couple of hundred to sort out. Initially garage said it was plugs and changed these and other bits. Then recommended full expensive service still problem. Garage is having a problem as problem is so intermittent. Any help or suggestions for more clued up garage greatly appreciated. many thanks
4 2,981 Read More
4th Mar 2022 8:24pm The Kirkland School - Rock Ferry [by TheROVER]
Does anyone have any information about or photos of this school?

My Dad went there in the 50's, I remember he took me there to show me in 1986 but to his shock it had been demolished, it must have been recently as it wasn't too overgrown, just tall grass and weeds, possibly demolished about 1984.

It is located between the dry side of Rock Park and St.Peters Road at the end of Alpha Drive off Rock Lane East on what is now Kirkland Grove where a new Estate was built in the 90s.

I was forwarded a photo claiming to be the Kirkland School but several people who went there debunked it.

Both my old schools have gone, The Dell and Rock Ferry high, I thought the demilition of the Dell was criminal, such a nice school.
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1st Mar 2022 6:51pm Wanted Cleaner prenton [by dodie]
Wanted cleaner 2 hours every 2 weeks in prenton area Reliable contact Dodie 07984051336 thanks
0 2,350 Read More
22nd Feb 2022 10:03pm BINS - Back to Normal - Immediate [by diggingdeeper]
On Monday the Council said Grey and Green bin collections were going to be collected a day late this week

Tonight (Tuesday), they have said to put your bins out on the normal day, they may or may not be collected on time.

Brown bins have had no changes and are as per normal.
1 2,602 Read More
21st Feb 2022 6:48am Many Memories [by bert1]
1 2,372 Read More
18th Feb 2022 4:31pm Archives [by Johnjcarruthers]

Are the Birkenhead archives site open to Veiw ?
1 2,310 Read More
10th Feb 2022 9:56pm Palm Grove demolished house now Acorn Court [by Razzy]
I remember a huge house on Palm Grove between Devonshire Road and Grosvenor Road. Does anyone remember what it was called? I seem to have 'Montana' in my mind, but that might have been somewhere else. Does anyone have any history of the family who lived there and why and when it was demolished? Any photos? I remember walking down there on dark evenings in the late 60s and early 70s. It was a very long frontage and quite spooky.
8 3,606 Read More
10th Feb 2022 9:34pm Horse Riding School in Noctorum [by Razzy]
Does anyone have any memories and photos of the riding school off Noctorum Dell? I used to go there in the late 60s. I remember Becky, who used to manage the place but she wasn't the owner. Does anyone know when it closed and what happened to the site? We used to go riding in Noctorum and the Flat lanes. I remember, at the end of the day, helping to take the horses back down to the field in the Flat lanes. We used to ride them bareback.
1 2,504 Read More
6th Feb 2022 12:12pm Major Fire at Thornton Manor [by Norton]
A major fire broke out at Thornton Manor around 9pm Saturday night. A boiler went on fire but the blaze entered the roof space.
Fire crews could be there for a couple of days.

This is the second lot of bad news this week for the popular wedding venue, which has just lost its planning appeal to keep the marquees used in wedding events.
3 1,696 Read More
26th Jan 2022 3:18pm Pub 100 quid raffle Birkenhead [by GaryFromWirral]
4 2,540 Read More
23rd Jan 2022 2:16pm TV / Audio display unit [by NestonCYC]
TV / Audio display unit. Good condition.

Three slightly tinted, toughened glass shelves. Chrome effect legs. Has been used for 40 inch TV, plus BluRay / Home theatre setup.

Measurements: 100cms width x 40cms depth x 49cms height. Shelf height 1 is 15.8 cms and shelf height 2 is 25.2 cms.

Collect from Neston area
1 0 574 Read More
23rd Jan 2022 1:31pm A4 Ring Binders [by NestonCYC]
Quantity of A4 size ring clip stationary folders. Some are new, others used but still very good condition. Smoke free / home office storage only.

Collect from Neston area.
1 0 404 Read More
18th Jan 2022 1:51pm Sheldrakes to become private home [by Gibbo]
Planning application proposes that Heswallโ€™s Sheldrakes becomes a luxury home

[Linked Image]

This is the planning application if anyone wants to object:
14 2,963 Read More
16th Jan 2022 6:49pm Cleggs stonemasons [by steviebyday]
anyone got information on this firm, think they where on holt hill Tranmere
5 1,145 Read More
11th Jan 2022 9:10am Woodchurch Leisure centre and libraries? [by Greenwood]
There's a lot on my local Facebook about the Council possibly closing Woodchurch Leisure Centre, which they have neglected for some time, on the grounds that it was under-used, which is a bit of a cheek considering the state they let it get into, the pandemic etc.There was also - somewhere - a mention of another threat to Wirral's library provision looming. Does anyone know about this and can share links etc, please?
7 1,507 Read More
7th Jan 2022 11:12am Magic mystie [by lincle]
Hi Did your child get a Magic Mystie off Santa ? I have a refill pack,unopened cost ยฃ9.99 from Smyths but its no longer needed. Free if you can collect from Moreton area. 07709977414
0 448 Read More
4th Jan 2022 5:29am Panther & Rottweiler [by GaryFromWirral]
0 659 Read More
3rd Jan 2022 9:12pm MG Midget [by Staged54]
I wondered whether there is anybody on the Wirral who can diagnose a fault on my 77 Midget. Changed plugs and points and now itโ€™s a non-starter. It turns over but doesnโ€™t fire. Iโ€™ve followed the various instructions, including checking the firing order, top dead centre, valve opening/closing positions, etc but still nothing.

This is a shot in the dark as I know there used to be an MG parts place in Birkenhead. Maybe someone local still maintains theirs.

Thanks in advance.
4 1,373 Read More
29th Dec 2021 7:46pm The old flour mills of Wirral 1903 [by _Ste_]
Here we have a full book in PDF format scanned with full photographs which make an interesting read.

The old flour mills of Wirral
By E. Mitford Abraham

2 1,141 Read More
23rd Dec 2021 5:57pm Wheatsheaf Hotel 39 Corporation Road [by Lovelfc88]

Iโ€™m looking for some help!
Does anyone remember this pub back in the 60s early 70s. Iโ€™m trying to piece some fame history together. Donโ€™t really no much about some of my family and would be nice if anyone had any stories good or bad.
So from what I know I had an uncle called Harold who ran this pub in 60s maybe early 70s. Also my Nan named Sylvia ran the North Star similar era. She had a husband called William and sons call graham, Keith, cliff, Glynn, David and a daughter called Tina.
If anyone has any memories Iโ€™d love to hear them.
203 18,959 Read More
23rd Dec 2021 10:08am Birkenhead rail tunnels construction pictures? [by yoller]
I wonder if anyone has any pictures / illustrations showing the building of any of the four railway tunnels / cuttings that went from the old Grange Lane Station /Town Station in Birkenhead?

The Monkโ€™s Ferry tunnel (1844?) went basically in the direction of Ivy Street, the Woodside tunnel along Chester Street (1878) and the Mersey Railway tunnel (1886?) along Hamilton street. The docks branch (1847) cut north westwards across the town and was a long cutting, with some tunnels.

Some of the tunnels were made by underground boring, others by โ€˜cut and shutโ€™. They must have been quite a sight being built and very disruptive, so hopefully some pictures were taken.
1 952 Read More
21st Dec 2021 12:43pm Nuisance Motor Bikes In Wildbrook Drive, Bidston. [by Jobneeded67]
If any of you live in the Wildbrook Drive/Bidston Rise, are you having your peace disturbed by anti-social youths riding noisy motorbikes up and down the road? If so, have you contacted the police?

The more complaints the police recieve about this ongoing motorbike problem, the more they will be able to take action against these nuisances.
12 2,984 Read More
15th Dec 2021 4:46pm Bidston Tip Fire [by diggingdeeper]
Bidston Tip was closed late this afternoon because of a fire, I'm guessing not a big one.
1 1,061 Read More
10th Dec 2021 2:28pm Mavic Mini Drone - help needed please [by gerrymoore]
Hi all .... has anyone got the above drone? I am having great difficulty with the DJI Assistant 2 and would be grateful for any advice/help ...I can just get it working on an old laptop running Win7 but not with my main PC and Win10.

My mini shows a gimbal error although nothing is wrong with it. I've been trying to load the original gimbal calibration app but can't.....

I am in Bebington but willing to travel...thanks Gerry
4 1,478 Read More
9th Dec 2021 1:51pm Flaybrick Lodge rooftop query [by derekdwc]
I've been stumped at what is on the roof of the lodge at the main entrance to the cemetery in Tollemache road

is it
a weather vane?
an aerial for something?
a lighting rod?
2 6 2,032 Read More
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Free kids bmx
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Apple iPod
by madrob. 5th May 2022 7:36pm
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by lincle. 4th May 2022 8:25pm
ps3 consoles
by tommybarry. 28th Apr 2022 7:47pm
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by Snodvan. 2nd Mar 2018 7:55pm
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T.v aerial
by lincle. 10th May 2022 11:37am
Anyone know someone who can replace a gate post
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4 pallets to be given away
by muzzy2. 6th May 2022 11:32am
Search for short-term furnished rental property
by CarterUSM. 27th Apr 2022 11:15am
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