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What station is this?
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Guinea Gap
by mikeeb. 25th Feb 2021 12:22pm
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Birkenhead Carnival, 1902
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Tower Grounds Wall
by Bixmis7. 7th Mar 2021 12:58pm
64 Westboure Rd
by mikeeb. 7th Mar 2021 12:27pm
road block
by lincle. 6th Mar 2021 1:16pm
french style amoire cabinet .
by stumpyduck. 6th Mar 2021 10:58am
Bultaco pursang
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What station is this?
by yoller. 3rd Mar 2021 5:51pm
4 Bridges
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Wirral Council budget.
by mikeeb. 2nd Mar 2021 10:42am
Lawrence McCann Ltd
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9 hours ago 64 Westboure Rd [by mikeeb]
Was reading an article in the Echo today and it had 64 Westbourne Road in it.
I was sure there was a thread on here explaining what the building was used for, and what business it was but cannot find it.
One of the commenters says it was used by 'Mersey Coal Company' in 1900.
2 65 Read More
5th Mar 2021 2:33pm road block [by lincle]
Has anyone else read about the lunatic who took it upon himself to use his car as a road block on the road leading to the overspill carpark off Leasowe Road to the beach. I hope he gets prosecuted as he blocked the only route available for the emergency services (surely an offence) ,wheelchair users ,people with prams & the elderly & infirm. There are steps at the other entrance by the Green Hut & I totally agree that too many people converge down there at the weekend but didnt this idiot think before taking the law into his own hands.
7 289 Read More
2nd Mar 2021 4:23pm What station is this? [by mikeeb]
This picture is captioned 'Birkenhead North Station, Station Road, North End, Birkenhead'
It doesn't look anything like it is now, so I think it is wrong.
Can anyone confirm this or where this station is?
[Linked Image]

It looks like West Kirby to me.
2 257 Read More
1st Mar 2021 3:38pm Wirral Council budget. [by mikeeb]
If anyone is interested it is at 6pm tonight. A full council meeting will debate the authority’s proposed budget.
Some of the things on the agenda are Europa pools, Williamson Art Gallery and golf courses.
Another thing that will not go down well is the proposed 4.99% rise in council tax.
2 193 Read More
1st Mar 2021 2:28pm 4 Bridges [by mikeeb]
Anyone been over the 4 bridges lately?
It may look better but why did it take so long?
Also that new roundabout that isn't quite a roundabout, the one you drive over without realising it is a roundabout until it's too late.
And those traffic lights on the roundabout on the Wallasey side don't need to be there because they just hold up all the traffic Wallasey bound, even when the traffic is relatively quiet.
3 236 Read More
28th Feb 2021 12:06pm Birkenhead centre development [by mikeeb]
We now know the development of Birkenhead town centre has started, what do you think of the plans?
Plot A is the first one underway and has a detailed application for offices with flexible uses for retail, leisure or food and beverages on the ground floors.
The largest of these new offices are going to be used by Wirral Council, does this mean that Wallasey Town Hall will be left to history?
[Linked Image]
The wider areas of the site has been applied for in outline. This means that the detailed design has yet to be fixed for plots B, C, D, E, F, G, I, and J. For those plots, it’s the principle of development and its type that is being applied for, so this illustration is not an exact one.

Here are all the other outline applications.
Plot B. Car park.
Plot C. The replacement of the market with a new market hall, offices, retail and leisure.
Plot D. Substation.
Plot E. Hotel, office, residential, retail and leisure.
Plot F. Improvements to bus station.
Plot G. Hotel, residential and car park.
Plot H. Substation.
Plots I and J. Residential.

Amongst all this new development, I hope they don't knock The Crown pub down.

Most may have seen this already but all the details are here.
4 285 Read More
25th Feb 2021 12:22pm Guinea Gap [by mikeeb]
Was looking through the 'Loads of old Wirral pics' thread and found these of the Guinea Gap. The gap not the baths.

It got me thinking where the name came from and found this.

"The name comes from a natural cleft, or gap, that had formed in the high embankment above the river, sometime in the early 18th century following a storm. The gap is still there but is now a paved pathway from the road down to the modern esplanade that runs along the Wallasey waterfront. However, when the gap first opened up it also created a large natural basin against the shore. This was big enough for a number of people to swim safely in at low tide. This proved to be very popular indeed, and local boys came here regularly to strip off and frolic about in the river waters.

But, around 1850, one of these youngsters felt something round and hard beneath his foot in the sand under the water. When he lifted up his leg to see what was caught between his toes, he, and his very excited friends, saw a golden guinea. This bore the head of King William III (1650-1702), so dated from the end of the 17th century.

The boys now scrabbled around in the sand, where they discovered around fifty of these valuable gold coins. As a result, the gap soon became known as ‘The Guinea Gap’, and the coins were believed to be some of the hoard of the local smuggler chieftainess, Mother Redcap. Her isolated tavern had stood for very many years, further along the coast at Egremont, where a large treasure had always been believed to have lain undiscovered.

What happened to the gold coins is not known; there are no records stating into whose pocket or bank account they eventually found their way. It is almost certain that the boys who found them never got to keep them, so all that remains of this curious incident today, is the Guinea Gap itself."

Has anyone else heard of this or if it's true?
I don't know when the walls and what looks like a slipway were built but the gap is visible on the maps I have been looking at up until 1908 when the promenade is covering it.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]'Guinea%20Gap',%20Seacombe%20promenade.jpg
15 540 Read More
20th Feb 2021 11:52am CUPS & SAUCERS FREE [by gerry1]
FREE cups and saucers, collection only from Eastham Wirral.
2 1 220 Read More
20th Feb 2021 11:10am 79 Caledonia 42 Cathcart Street 237 Cleveland St [by mikeeb]
Here are 3 different addresses of the Caledonia on Cleveland St.
Which one is right?

This is listed as 209 Cleveland Street here showing it after it was bombed. Is this the same pub?

Here is a war time account of the Caledonia being bombed, but from 27 Cleveland St.

Here is a map with a pub on the corner of Cathcart and Cleveland St.
13 540 Read More
12th Feb 2021 7:29am Birkenhead Carnival, 1902 [by bert1]
A little gem of a film.
7 518 Read More
9th Feb 2021 9:28pm Birkenhead aerial photo, 1945 [by yoller]
I bought this RAF aerial photo of Birkenhead on eBay the other day and thought I'd share it. It was taken in August 1945, soon after the end of the war. What I found striking was the number of brick-built air raid shelters that can be seen dotted in many of the streets. You can spot them as tiny white rectangles (they had concrete roofs). The picture is pretty sharp, but gets blurred as you zoom in.
1 14 995 Read More
7th Feb 2021 10:15am Free Dog with your Pizza [by granny]

Budapest have decided to put pictures of dogs on their Pizza boxes.

So many dogs , (probably many street dogs from places like Greece) the animal rescues are now full to breaking, so anyone buying a pizza can have a free dog ! The pictures are stuck on the pizza boxes .
Good results apparently.

Is it an idea that could be copied here ?
2 380 Read More
6th Feb 2021 9:12pm Lucky horse [by cools]
Wow this horse was lucky , looks like it wouldn’t have lasted much longer. Good work everyone involved.
1 6 575 Read More
6th Feb 2021 1:03pm Dock Branch Park [by mikeeb]
Looks like a plan to make a park utilising the old railway cutting through Birkenhead.
It is a bit vague like all the other proposed plans that just get mentioned and forgotten about.
I like the sound of this park and hope it happens but can't find any info on it, only this, which, as I say, is a bit vague.

Anyone else got more info on it?
4 602 Read More
6th Feb 2021 10:28am Hobbies and Pastimes [by granny]

Share with us what you have been occupied with or your interests and hobbies, particulalry over the last 12 months during our Covid 19 Experience.
(no politics)

Photos would be good to see also.
28 1,979 Read More
30th Jan 2021 8:08pm Brackenwood [by cools]
How very sad and tragic, a baby boys body been found on Brackenwood Golf course..
R.I.P little one...
3 672 Read More
28th Jan 2021 5:55pm Aggravated Burglary Foiled [by diggingdeeper]
If they catch them, they will probably get a £20 covid fine.
2 513 Read More
26th Jan 2021 3:16pm New Meseyrail trains [by Excoriator]
Are they in use yet? Its been ages since I've used them so I'm not really in touch with what's happening. I recall one was delivered only to be promptly covered in graffiti but that was a long time back.

The only trains I've seen have been the old ones, but thats only th ones running towards Chester passing through Bebington.
6 718 Read More
26th Jan 2021 3:12pm Those flyovers! [by Excoriator]
Liverpool looks so much better without the horrible disfiguring flyovers.

Surely it's not beyond the wit of the Wirral road engineers to find a way of rejigging the road system in Birkenhead to get rid of those in Birkenhead too. A lot of it runs over existing road systems, or where they used to be so it shouldn't be too difficult. Improved public transport and the new tunnel has actually reduced the traffic from the days when they were built.

Time to get rid, I say!
1 410 Read More
23rd Jan 2021 3:43pm 4mph speed limit over the Penny Bridge. [by mikeeb]
4mph seem a bit ott, haha!
[Linked Image]

Nice pic of Borough Rd at junction with Wilmer Rd. Why was all the left hand side knocked down?
[Linked Image]

Some more old pics here in this recycled Echo article. Worth a little look.
7 811 Read More
22nd Jan 2021 8:35pm Pandh Travel [by RawtenstallBus]
I'm trying to find a view of ex Rossendale Transport double decker bus registration number DDK 26W operating with Pandh Travel of Wallasey.
9 917 Read More
22nd Jan 2021 8:31pm Hardings (Wirral) Birkenhead [by RawtenstallBus]
I'm trying to find a view of an ex Rawtenstall Corporation double decker bus that was operated by Harding's Coaches between 1955 to 1960. Registration number was CTJ 714.
0 438 Read More
22nd Jan 2021 8:28pm Hardings (Wirral) Birkenhead [by RawtenstallBus]
I'm trying to find views of an ex Rawtenstall Corporation bus that was operated by Harding's Coaches of Birkenhead from 1955 to 1960. Registration number was CTJ 714.
6 750 Read More
18th Jan 2021 7:48pm Free logs wanted [by Boots]
If anybody has any logs they do not need would you please consider me for some please .
4 559 Read More
15th Jan 2021 5:38pm Nervous Nelly? [by Excoriator]
I was offered a routine appointment (nothing to do with covid and non-urgent) at Mill lane in Wallasey for Monday, but asked them to delay it until I've had my Covid vaccine. I really don't want to visit a medical centre unnecessarily.

They were happy to agree to this, but I wonder whether I was being over-nervous about the whole thing. What do you think?
4 725 Read More
6th Jan 2021 8:39pm Gladstone Street [by Chevi]
Hi ,just joined and need help. My dad born in Birkenhead 1920 and raised in Gladstone Street. Currently creating a family tree. Appreciate any information, history maps etc. relating to Gladstone Street
Checked location on Goggle Earth but street does not exist now.
Cheers for any help
8 1,137 Read More
6th Jan 2021 4:22pm kids boots used size 6 [by gerry1]
Sets of three kids used boots in good condition SIZE 6 Free

collection only.
2 1 341 Read More
3rd Jan 2021 5:33pm Gerry Marsden [by lincle]
RIP Gerry ,fond memories of days at the Cavern . Ive treasured your picture with The Pacemakers & autographs for all these years. You’ll always be with us you’ll never walk alone.
13 1,460 Read More
3rd Jan 2021 11:24am Free [by lincle]
Old SKY HD box ,good working order. No leads .Collect Moreton area .
0 296 Read More
31st Dec 2020 9:01pm Coastal views [by rossie]

Enjoying the lovely bright days walking along coast Moreton/Meols. This morning what appears to be a power station was clearly visible. Could this be Anglesey ? Would love to know which mountain ranges I am looking at. Many thanks for any information.Happy New Year Everybody.
7 1,077 Read More
30th Dec 2020 4:00pm Folding wood table [by Catsick]
Will put this on here before I bin it, will leave till Sunday then will be disposed of if no one wants it.

Table size: H75, L70, W60cm.
Foldable extension type.
Solid wood table with bamboo legs.
Solid wood table top finish.
Fully assembled.
Weight of table 5kg.

There are a few marks on the top, paint marks maybe some scratches.
1 0 219 Read More
29th Dec 2020 10:26pm Obese Wirral Hits Records Again [by diggingdeeper]
Wirral was the highest area for obesity related hospital admissions in 2018/19 with 3804 admissions. The figures for 2013 thru 2019 show we varied from over three times above the English and North West averages to over double.

This isn't saying we are the most obese but its the combination of both obesity and poor health teaming up together. It may be related to the high alcohol use where Wirral often hits the charts.

Appalling really as the Wirral must be one of the best areas in the country for the number and variety of walks available and has less extreme weather than many other parts.

What is worse is that the figure is still rapidly increasing.

7 914 Read More
28th Dec 2020 4:39pm Birkenhead born Tramway King [by Norton]
I've just seen this posted on the Facebook 'Wirral Virtual Transport Museum'.
It's an extract from the Birkenhead News & Advertiser of 9th Nov 1910 (with corrections) regarding the life and death of Sir J. Clifton Robinson.
During his career, this Birkenhead born man notched up a number of tramway 'firsts' that we never seem to hear of.

Sir J. Clifton Robinson Dies in New York.
Sir J. Clifton Robinson, the “Tramway King,” died on Sunday night. By a strange coincidence he was seized with a fatal illness whilst travelling in a tramcar when returning to his hotel with Lady Robinson after paying a visit to Lady Robinson’s brother. Sir J. Clifton Robinson, who was born in Birkenhead on New Year’s Day 1848, has been connected with tramway’s the whole of his career. At the age of 12 he was employed at the princely wage of 2s. 6d. [221/2p] a week by George Francis Train, who ran the first street tramway in Europe from Woodside to Birkenhead Park. The system was inaugurated on the 1st August 1860, and among Sir J. Clifton Robinson’s most treasured possessions was a pamphlet giving an account of the inaugural banquet to which Mr. Train boldly invited all the crowned heads of Europe, excepting the “King of Naples” (who was unpopular at the time). The frontispiece of the pamphlet contained a photograph (which appeared in the “News” on August 31st of this year) of the first horse car, and near the car may be detected the figure of a small boy, an excellent likeness of Sir Clifton as he then was. Sir Clifton, who was an associate of the Institute of Civil Engineers, a member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, was a managing director and engineer of the London United Electric Tramways, the imperial tramways, director and engineer of the Bristol tramways, and director of the Metropolitan district, Underground’ Electric railways of London, and Corris Railway. He married in 1874 Miss M. E. Martin of Blackrock Cork.
When Mr. Train returned to America he took Sir Clifton with him. Five years later young Robinson returned to England, and. After experience in Ireland, was appointed in 1875, general manager of the Bristol Tramway Company [horse drawn]. Twenty years later he installed the town with the *first urban electric tramway in Great Britain. He designed and constructed the pioneer system of cable and electric tramways at Los Angeles, C lifor ia, (sic) and pioneered the electric traction in London. His early work in London included the inauguration of the **Highgate Hill cable line, the first of it is kind in Europe, which the Lord Mayor opened in 1884.He was also prominent in the laying of other railway systems in various parts of the country.
Sir Clifton was one of those remarkable men whose natural abilities and resolution of character would make them masters of almost any form of activity to which they devoted concentration. He sailed on September 30th for Newfoundland on a mission on behalf of financiers who contemplated taking active part in the development of the colony.
Sir Clifton received his knighthood in 1905 and last February retired from the position of managing director of the London United tramways in order to take a mission to the Philippines where he was reporting on the possible employment of American capital in electric tramway enterprise. He was an ardent motorist and was fond of outdoor sports.
*This is incorrect as the first urban electric tramway was constructed at Blackpool in Lancashire becoming the first urban electric tramway on 29th September 1885, ten years before Bristol. The City to introduce an electric tramway was Leeds in 1891, four years before Bristol.
** The Highgate Hill Cable Tramway had, to say the least, a chequered history, passing through several hands, and even closing for over four years in 1893 following an accident.
Full acknowledgement to the Birkenhead New.
This article, although rightly honouring the life and career of a talented man from Birkenhead, bears all the signs of “reader beware” not everything in print is correct.
In 1870 Train made the first of three widely publicized trips around the globe. He believed that a report of his first journey in a French periodical inspired Jules Verne's novel Around the World in Eighty Days and the protagonist Phileas Fogg may partially be modeled on him.
7 881 Read More
28th Dec 2020 12:29pm The Rockville pub [by madrob]
Any one no if it will ever open again still closed and it can do meals only be open one day after March
0 478 Read More
28th Dec 2020 7:28am Gaming PC [by karl1972]
I want to buy a new PC in a few months and I have not had a good rig for about 15 years so bit rusty on the old graphics cards and that.
I want to play the likes of Rome total war 2 and some flight sims but not got a clue what rig is best for such games.

Anyone got an ideas?
4 910 Read More
27th Dec 2020 11:56am Lost dog 26th Dec, Bidston Moss [by Greenwood]
Just picked this up from local Facebook page:

If anyone walks their dogs at Bidston moss please please look out for this gorgeous guy!
My sisters dog got spooked and ran off at midday!
Last seen by the pond/lake approx 2/3pm.
Had to give up looking as got so dark 💔💔
We are all heartbroken especially my little niece and nephew!
Hes only a baby still 🙏

Can't post a pic but he's called Georgie and is a frowsy, curly, caramel-coloured little feller. Goodness knows what state he'll be in after last night, unless someone has taken him in.
4 690 Read More
26th Dec 2020 10:48am The good and the bad! [by Excoriator]
Christmas day saw us using electricity enthusiastically in the morning, as Octopus energy had given those of us with smart meters four hours of free electricity!

Our pleasure in this kind gift, however, was somewhat tempered an hour or two later as during out Christmas dinner out went all the lights. Along with about fifty emeil addresses in new ferry we had no power! In our case it caused little inconvenience and the festivities continues by candlelight!

To be fair to Scottish Power who maintain the local network, they restored power quite quickly after an hour or two and a few false starts and we received a phone call apologising for the inconvenience. I have no idea what caused it, and I doubt I'll find out.

In retrospect, we agreed that the absence of power and the candlelight actually enhanced the occasion, as we sat around the table chatting and telling stories rather than watching telly or pursuing any other electricity-aided form of entertainment.

Hopefully everyone else affected found it not too inconvenient and enjoyed Christmas day.
1 510 Read More
23rd Dec 2020 1:02pm Time for a name change? [by Excoriator]
Now we are out of the EU, is it perhaps time to change the name of Europa Boulevard and the Europa pool to something more in line with our isolationist stance?

I can think of a new name as easily as you can, but perhaps going back to what it was before it got changed. I assume this was during the time when the word 'Eurowirral ' got bandied about all over the place.

Can anyone recall what the road was called before it got Eurotized?
8 1,123 Read More
23rd Dec 2020 6:01am Supply & fit alternator [by Pete_M]
Hi all,
Are there any mechanics out there that could supply & fit an alternator to a 2010 Ford Focus 1.6 tdci ?

0 353 Read More
19th Dec 2020 10:22am Green bins to be collected every 3 weeks. [by mikeeb]
The council are proposing to empty the green bin every 3 weeks.
If my calculations are correct, that would mean that every 6th week, the green and black bins would be emptied on that week. Surely, you would need a larger workforce on that 6th week.

Many other proposals from our lovely Wirral Borough Council, like closing Europa Pools, and increasing parking charges here.
12 1,556 Read More
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What station is this?
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Lawrence McCann Ltd
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french style amoire cabinet .
by stumpyduck. 6th Mar 2021 10:58am
by gerry1. 20th Feb 2021 11:52am
Black and Purple Puma Suedes
by Julie64. 16th Feb 2021 1:55pm
Red leather Lacoste bag
by Peter0787. 14th Feb 2021 1:08pm
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Wirral Council budget.
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by mikeeb. 28th Feb 2021 12:06pm
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