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Hi Everybodys
by ShySusie. 24th Sep 2018 10:48am
How The Victorians Built Britain - Sewers
by diggingdeeper. 8th Sep 2018 11:09pm
Bavarian Cleavages !
by granny. 8th Sep 2018 11:48am
Mr Jeremy Fisher 2017 50p piece
by Peter0787. 7th Sep 2018 12:35pm
New Wirral History
Mersey Tunnel tolls, 1934
by yoller. 21st Sep 2018 9:32am
Family tree
by Hannah90. 5th Sep 2018 6:02pm
When were Ivy Street houses built?
by yoller. 28th Aug 2018 4:40pm
Hope Street New Brighton
by cutespam. 25th Aug 2018 10:00pm
754 RAFA club 45 St George's Rd Wallasey Village
by derekdwc. 10th May 2017 11:26pm
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by Dilly. 26th Sep 2018 12:22am
UFO sightings
by granny. 25th Sep 2018 11:55pm
What are you currently reading?
by chris58. 25th Sep 2018 10:39pm
Salt and Blood Pressure
by diggingdeeper. 25th Sep 2018 10:15pm
Wirral to be next for Openreach Fibre rollout
by diggingdeeper. 25th Sep 2018 9:54pm
Gyms in Wirral
by lincle. 25th Sep 2018 9:38pm
Ipad mini
by lincle. 25th Sep 2018 9:33pm
Labour Party Conference - Liverpool
by diggingdeeper. 25th Sep 2018 9:22pm
Giant Puppets Wirral
by fish5133. 25th Sep 2018 7:07pm
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Giant Puppets Wirral
by fish5133. 25th Sep 2018 7:07pm
Wirral Heritage Week
by granny. 10th Sep 2018 9:31am
Yesterday at 08:17 PM Wirral to be next for Openreach Fibre rollout [by Papa_Juliet]

Wallasey will be the first to have Openreach direct fibre as Wirral is announced as 10th new area to benefit from FTTP rollout.

Openreach announce Wirrak area for FTTP rollout.
1 40 Read More
24th Sep 2018 5:30pm Corsa c [by starakita]
I'm having a problem with the gears in my corsa, it's an automatic. Had a new air filter put in Friday,went to go out put it in drive & it wouldn't go tried reverse same.Gone through a few things but it's still coming up on dashboard with F & the car with the spanner on the dash as well, stuck without it.
5 150 Read More
23rd Sep 2018 3:16am Labour Party Conference - Liverpool [by diggingdeeper]

Absolutely incredible support for Corbyn at the Labour Party Conference, the solidarity among party members is amazing.

Of course the media portray it negatively.

Just 5 billionaires control 80% of the WORLD's media and they donate to the Tories and do not pay UK tax. They have also done the same hatchet job to numerous other Country's left wing parties as they have here.
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21st Sep 2018 8:32am Mersey Tunnel tolls, 1934 [by yoller]
Does anyone know what the Mersey Tunnel tolls were when it opened in 1934? I've got a couple of books about the tunnel, but can't see the figures anywhere.
10 349 Read More
15th Sep 2018 10:27pm £795,000 for a football pitch ? [by granny]
Plans approved for £795,000 to be spent on three junior football pitches at Leasowe Recreation Centre !


They already have 3 junior football pitches ! More than that I can't find any words other than, the cllr for tourism and leisure must have found money nobody else can.
7 385 Read More
12th Sep 2018 4:36pm Part Time Maintenance Job [by Reno37]
Thanks Fish5133 I will pass on your suggestion. Best Wishes
0 152 Read More
11th Sep 2018 12:09pm Part Time Maintenance Job Required [by Reno37]
Hi! All . I am trying to help my brother in his search for a job by asking. Does anyone of you knowledgeable people out there know of ,or heard on the grapevine of any Part Time Maintenance posts on Wirral in Care homes, or indeed in any environment which may suit my brother. The job is not for me but for him, he is a fully multi skilled qualified plumber and central heating engineer who has searched without success this far . He is willing to consider any post and has a full driving license and at present is attempting to both find a job and care for his wife who is ill. I will send all your kind reply's to him, many thanks for your help.
1 210 Read More
8th Sep 2018 7:55pm Wirral Heritage Week [by locomotive]
Don't forget it's Wirral Heritage event from now untill a week tomorrow, loads of places open without entrance charges and also places that aren't usually open to the public, had a nice day at the boat museum today, (ignored the rain) haven't been there for about 20 years, nice food in the cafe as well, a good day out with my wife, daughter and grandson, thoroughly enjoyable, transport museum next.
2 339 Read More
6th Sep 2018 10:34pm River Mersey [by granny]

Do you know who owns the River Mersey ?


Generally speaking The Crown Estate owns the foreshore and bed on the south west (Birkenhead) side of the tidal sections of the River Mersey, to the centre point of the river. Much of the north east (Liverpool) side of the tidal section of the river is owned by the Duchy of Lancaster. There are a few exceptions to the above and one or two sales of foreshore, or admitted claims from within these areas.

Part of the ancient inheritance of the Duchy was ownership of all foreshores in the County Palatine. Extensive interests were sold during the nineteenth century, such as the Mersey Docks and Blackpool promenade. The Duchy remains the major owner of foreshore between the centre point of the River Mersey and Barrow-in-Furness. The area extends over 50,000 hectares. Historically, foreshores have not been a great provider of revenue. The coastlines, river beds and estuaries now have greater potential value in association with energy, conservation, transport and leisure uses.
7 485 Read More
6th Sep 2018 11:35am Mersey Ferries [by diggingdeeper]
The Mersey Ferries (rightly or wrongly) are only kept in existence by tourism. The ferries are about to be replaced, some of the proposals are to replace them with a modern design that looks nothing like the traditional design of the ferries or even a boat.

I can't see how the tourism element of its survival will fare if the ferry design is substantially changed to an angular glass block on water, its not going to be the "Ferry Cross The Mersey" that fans of the Beatles nor the Gerry and the Pacemakers song expect. It is a world-wide image that is about to be washed down the plughole.

This is your last chance to have your say, one of the questions on the Merseytravel survey specifically asks if the new design should be in-keeping with the traditional look. Please use your opportunity to have your say.

https://smartsurvey.co.uk/s/MerseyFerries2018 Ends at midnight tonight.
15 683 Read More
5th Sep 2018 5:02pm Family tree [by Hannah90]

I was recommended wikiwirral by someone on ancestry. I need help in locating a few family members. Does anyone have any tips or their own experience in tracking family members? It would be great if someone here knows of them...but I know that’s a long shot! So, here’s the info I have on them:

I’m looking for the family/ any info of Thomas Williams and Edna M Sully (I’m not 100% on the maiden name). Both originally from Birkenhead, and moved to Southport after they married. Amy family would very much like to make contact with them. Any info would be greatly appreciated by both myself and my family.
Thanks for reading! X
13 615 Read More
4th Sep 2018 5:37pm M53 Junction 1 [by Moonstar]
Was surprised today to see traffic lights being installed on the roundabout at M53, J1, as I don't remember hearing anything about this.
5 596 Read More
3rd Sep 2018 8:46pm Lost/Left in Taxi [by Rover1]
A black bag 8"x4"x4" looks like a camera bag
It contains a battery charger for a deep Brain Stimulater Absolutley of now use or value to anyone who found it but priceless to my disabled son.
Probably been dumped somewhere
Please keep an eye out on your travels around the wirral
0 198 Read More
2nd Sep 2018 9:16pm Huge fire. [by cools]
Huge fire in the old Littlewoods building in Liverpool. Shame as there were big plans for it to be used for the film industry.
16 850 Read More
2nd Sep 2018 7:18pm Escaped Yorkie type dog [by venice]
Has escaped from around Berwyn Drive Pensby . A rescue dog on trial apparently . If anyone spots it please ring 07803-849-858
3 337 Read More
30th Aug 2018 11:30pm Tunnel Tolls [by fish5133]
Notice for a year mow that the manned toll booths dont give you change to put in the machine but keep the toll money and open the barrier....thats great and speeds things up.

why do they have both manned booths on the far left hand side as you come up from the M53 and have traffic streaming down from the wallasey roundabout making everyone having to weave across each other to get to a manned or automatic booth. accident waiting to happen
3 445 Read More
28th Aug 2018 6:12pm Help !!! [by Dilly]
About 2 weeks ago I ordered something from Monster pet supplies which I received and all was fine. About 3 days after receiving the goods Monster pet supplies have taken over my home screen, ever time I open my phone there they are . I have tried everything I can think of to remove it but nothing seems to work Any ideas please ? Samsung S7. Cheers
7 609 Read More
28th Aug 2018 3:40pm When were Ivy Street houses built? [by yoller]
Does anyone know when these houses in Ivy Street, Birkenhead (pictured below, left), were built?

They look similar in style to Hamilton Square, which was built between 1825 and 1847. They are also similar to the ‘Antiques Triangle’ buildings in nearby Chester Street / Cross Street (pictured below, right).

I’ve seen the Ivy Street houses on the 1875 Town Plan, but were they built earlier? They were demolished in 1966-69 during the building of the Mersey Tunnel flyovers.
2 6 548 Read More
28th Aug 2018 10:10am FOUND: Personalised Fossil Watch [by Gibbo]
Fossil watch with brown strap.

Back personalised with message "Happy 21st. Lots of love. Your little penguin".

Contact this lady if its yours:

0 179 Read More
27th Aug 2018 2:25pm Acting Classes for Adults [by martinharris]
Acting Classes for adults start in Hoylake on 20th September and are on every Thursday.

Run by local charity, Rocket Theatre, afternoon and evening sessions are available. Beginners and those with experience welcome.

Full details at www.adultactingclasses.co.uk
3 380 Read More
26th Aug 2018 11:43am Central locking kit fitting [by conan]
I have a central locking kit to fit on my 2008 Honda.
Apparently it’s a half hour job and I have found a how to guide, but, I’m not good on electrics.
Is there anyone here who can recommend anyone to fit this for me who won’t charge a fortune please 👍

Many thanks

2 313 Read More
25th Aug 2018 9:00pm Hope Street New Brighton [by cutespam]
Hi everyone,

I'm researching my family tree and was wondering if anyone had access or could point to somewhere I could locate old pictures of Wallasey. In particular Hope Street New Brighton - generations of my family have lived there and I know some of the larger homes used to be there.

Can anyone tell me more about the area in the 18th and 19th Centuries?

Thanks so much,

2 472 Read More
13th Aug 2018 8:31am Need an earth strap fitting.... [by gerrymoore]
I have a BMW 3 series and I need a new engine earth strap fitting.... I have the new part. It involves taking off the underside engine cover to fit it so I can't do it myself on ramps as there's not enough room and I'm too old!!! Can anyone quote me a price to fit it? Thanks Gerry
4 529 Read More
10th Aug 2018 3:47pm Another plan for Birkenhead [by Norton]
New Birkenhead regeneration plans revealed.

This afternoon, Wirral Council has revealed plans with its joint partner, Muse Developments, for the regeneration of Birkenhead town centre.
See 'Wirral View'.

"Birkenhead town centre is expected to see new commercial offices built around Conway Park train station, with outstanding transport links to the Merseyrail underground network and Liverpool and beyond."
11 939 Read More
8th Aug 2018 7:10pm older type phones [by Snodvan]
Another pair of older type ("pancake") phones found in the loft

PM me if you want them
First come, first served. Collect Wallasey Village area

1 0 249 Read More
8th Aug 2018 11:50am Gadget for stopcock [by venice]
Has anyone any knowledge about these please? Are they as good as they sound , any disadvantages,leakproof, will they last etc . Sound ideal for people with rheumaticky hands.

"You, or an elderly relative find it difficult to reach the stopcock, what would happen in an emergency? The answer is - your home would more than likely be flooded by the time a plumber managed to get to you. Thousands of pounds worth of damage and your beautiful home RUINED.

We are now SUPPLYING & FITTING SURE STOP. WE ARE REGISTERED SURE STOP PLATINUM INSTALLERS. Sure Stop is basically a simple switch and at the press of a button, your water is off and isolated. The product is easy to install and works on water pressure alone, using the differential pressure to control the flow of water. No batteries or electricity required. SO SIMPLE, SO ACCESSIBLE, SO EASY AND SO SAFE.


This is the product being talked about. https://www.bes.co.uk/surestop-main...9H7CtcPXL20BuSS7YZKKSivHY0xoCZBUQAvD_BwE
6 588 Read More
8th Aug 2018 10:25am Water treatment plant Wrexham. [by venice]
urgent start tomorrow

Elite Employment Group - HGV Driving Jobs / Warehouse Jobs UK

Site Operative required for a Water Treatment company based in Wrexham.
Ongoing until at least January 2019, training starts tomorrow 8am-4.30pm then shifts 6am-6pm until next Sunday. After that its ongoing shift work days or nights dependant on availability (always 12hr shifts).

Permanent jobs are available with high salary, company van & mobile phone.

Days £10ph, £15 after 8 hours
Nights £15ph
All shifts Sat & Sun £15
Shift patterns include weekends

Filling Pumps
Watching Spring Unit Doesn't Overflow
Adjusting Gape Valves
Turning Pumps on and Off


Experience working in a similar environment would be an advantage

0151 420 1219
0 383 Read More
4th Aug 2018 6:54pm Birkenhead Market. [by venice]
Would love to be able to zoom back for a day to see the old market in all its glory. I remember it on this site, but not of course as far back when horses appeared to draw the stalls into place.

I still cant manage converting into a pic sorry - if someone fancies doing it please .

6 841 Read More
4th Aug 2018 10:28am 1970's Murder in Central Park, Wallasey [by cutespam]
I'm trying to find any information about a murder that was committed in the 1970's.

Mark Roberts murdered a woman in central park, dumped body in the lake and fled to Wales where he was either apprehended or gave himself up.

I remember finding information at the local library in Rake Lane but I didn't keep any of the details of the newspaper it was reported in - presumably Wallasey News/Wirral Globe.

I've tried to locate these newspaper articles but have been so far unsuccessful - does anyone know anything about the case, know Mark Roberts or have a link to stories covering the murder?

Kind regards
12 1,588 Read More
4th Aug 2018 10:22am Clatterbridge workhouse [by venice]
There was a workhouse at Clatterbridge originally , and it was later used as the hospital . Looking at the photo, its supposed to be taken from near the bridge where the road crosses the river Clatter, but I cant recognize it at all? Was that building completely demolished - presumably having been behind the old main gates where the boulders are now? The part of the building on the left of the photo looks the same style as those which are still there , but nothing there now would be close enough to the road to be the original ? ( Actually this whole pinterest site has some great pics to look through)

3 580 Read More
3rd Aug 2018 12:39pm Ness Gardens Fun Day [by granny]

Tuesday 7th August.

0 296 Read More
1st Aug 2018 1:57pm Sir Thomas Massey Stanley 1841 [by bliplandy]
The 1841 census return shows farmers Elizabeth (Munipot) Manifold and Samuel Manifold occupying 200 acres of land belonging to Sir Thomas Massey Stanley Massey Stanley. Township of Ledsham, Parish of Neston. They employ 5 farm labourers. From my records Elizabeth was born circa 1796 (Whitby) and Samuel c. 1801. I am trying to link this Samuel Manifold family with my ancestors James and Hannah Manifold whose children were baptised in the Thornton Hough area. Is there a map which shows where Sir Thomas lived and the name of his property? Thankyou for any advice.
4 538 Read More
31st Jul 2018 3:24pm Lost [by Kylix]

left a wallet and Huawei P9 Lite mobile in tan case on the low wall of the car park at Woodside Ferry.

returned 20 minutes later and found the wallet still there, everything, including money, intact but no phone.

If anyone finds, could you contact me here at wikiwirral please. Many thanks, Kylix.
0 333 Read More
28th Jul 2018 4:29pm Frank Field Going? [by diggingdeeper]
Birkenhead CLP have voted to remove the whip from Frank Field and to prevent his future selection.


Its been a long time coming, many left-wing activists have been annoyed by him blurring the lines between socialism and right-wing.

I don't entirely agree with this action but I can see where they are coming from. If one way or another he is de-selected they are going to have to find the right (well left really) candidate or this could seriously backfire.
26 1,965 Read More
28th Jul 2018 11:07am Labour petition asking you to " save " fire stn! [by svenlock68]
Id like to remind people of the start of the destruction of fire service via labour asking staff to sign for the 1992 pension scheme and/ or " new " one that ripped firemen off and still affects them now 11 years later as the FBU have been in court for 3 years using the age discrimination act.
It split the workforce in 2007 causing divide & conquer techniques.
Pls remember also it was sadiq kahn and champange socialist toad prescott that has caused a massive multi million pound PFI bill for 20 years , they okd the waste of space white elephant 999 regional controls that the taxpayer funds for an age.
Under labour the fifth man on the truck went too.
Manning levels where destroyed under labour.
The irony of dan stevens over seeing halving of all stn trucks & staff in 10 years and then moaning about it like he cared!!
To top it , getting off to OZ to be chief for a nice fat salary on that very premise....money saving.
" saving the fire service " via labour....i dont think so.

3 520 Read More
26th Jul 2018 4:56pm M53 [by lincle]
Motorway closed again jnct3/4 both directions. Guy on bridge won't be getting any sympathy from drivers heading home after a day's work .People out of cars .
4 688 Read More
25th Jul 2018 11:38am Stealing spree at Lidl [by thesilentenigma]
Bobbed into Lidl Birkenhead last night and couldn't find any baskets. When I asked a member of staff they told me that 197 of the 200 baskets they had been allocated have been stolen. Not an amazing heist but just gradually disappeared. Usually churn rate for these things is a few per cent not 96%. Is there a market for these trolley/baskets or something? Weird.
4 741 Read More
23rd Jul 2018 8:08pm Listed buildings site [by derekdwc]
I was going to do a topic on these but found this had done all the work.

Surprised me about the Cricket Pavilion, Birkenhead Park being built in 1849 as I thought it as a 1950/60s build
1 527 Read More
23rd Jul 2018 5:47pm Japanese Summer Festival @ Wallasey Cent. Library [by Touchstone]
Friends of Wallasey Central Library are hosting a Japanese Summer Festival on Saturday 4th August. There will be lots of FREE activites for all ages and a FREE screening of the classic animation My Neighbour Totoro [1988].


Origami table
Yu Gi Oh table [Japanese card game for teenagers]
Yukata fitting
Japanese calligraphy table

Taiko drumming and Bon Odori dancing

Suikawari [children's game smashing a watermelon]

Talk about Japanese culture

Taiko drumming [upstairs]

My Neighbour Totoro film show

Throughout the day we'll have book and food tables and a jumble sale


Traditional storytelling

Mask making
Japanese anime colouring
Japanese fan making
Superbowl [small charge applies for this]

Saturday 4th August
Wallasey Central Library
0 296 Read More
23rd Jul 2018 8:29am Potholes and street lighting repairs [by Excoriator]
Both are coming under the Council's control again. They were previously 'looked after' by some private company at £6 million a year, but this contract is coming to an end.

I wonder if we will now see an improvement?
2 339 Read More
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Wirral to be next for Openreach Fibre rollout
by Papa_Juliet. 25th Sep 2018 9:17pm
Gyms in Wirral
by Littlebear. 24th Sep 2018 10:58pm
Ipad mini
by lincle. 22nd Sep 2018 7:29pm
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