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lenny henry
by GaryFromWirral. 9th Jan 2020 2:39pm
Iran and Trump
by casper. 8th Jan 2020 9:57am
Fireworks Ban
by europa1. 2nd Jan 2020 12:17am
Happy new year
by cools. 1st Jan 2020 9:30am
New Wirral History
747 Knockaloe Hall (Octel Sports and Social Club)
by derekdwc. 3rd Aug 2015 11:22am
Heatherlands Tea Rooms Restaurant Irby
by fish5133. 5th Jul 2014 8:13pm
Old Bromborough Footpath/Railway?
by CateJones. 11th Nov 2012 8:55pm
Wellington Private Grammar School in Bebington
by Chopper1979. 22nd Feb 2012 10:48pm
Hyman Jacobs the Tailor
by Glocko. 17th Oct 2011 3:13pm
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street works
by lincle. 22nd Jan 2020 7:10pm
What song are you listening to?
by Dilly. 22nd Jan 2020 6:03pm
by GingerTom. 22nd Jan 2020 2:33pm
by GingerTom. 22nd Jan 2020 2:27pm
Huge Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment
by Excoriator. 22nd Jan 2020 10:16am
Wellington Private Grammar School in Bebington
by Chopper1979. 22nd Jan 2020 1:36am
dji spark drone
by stumpyduck. 21st Jan 2020 5:03pm
262 New Ferry Hotel
by Mike54. 20th Jan 2020 9:09pm
Harry and Meghan
by cools. 20th Jan 2020 7:41pm
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Wirral HIstory & Heritage Assoc.
by granny. 3rd Jan 2020 12:06am
7 hours ago Kodi [by GingerTom]
Can anyone put the latest version of Kodi and apps on my MXQ box,the apps are starting to close down,for the guy who loaded it won't do Kodi any more.would be greatfull as I'm not tech enough,will pay.Thanks.
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14 hours ago street works [by lincle]
It was only a few weeks ago that residents were inconvenienced by Open Reach installing cables everywhere.In my case 5 days of being unable to use my driveway then guess what along come Virgin doing the same thing,digging up the same pavements & more inconvenience made worse by the fact that double yellow lines restrict road parking . Why cant these companies work in conjunction with each other ,is it too much to ask or us it a man thing.
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14th Jan 2020 5:52pm New Trains for Merseyrail [by mburdett555]

Merseyrail merseytravel are replacing their existing ageing trains with new trains.

The first of the new fleet, called the "class 777" was delivered into Folkestone through the channel tunnel last Thursday from it's journey from Switzerland where it was built.

The new trains are expected to come into service at some point later this year.

The old class 507 / 508 trains , I assume, will be scrapped like most ageing stock.

The first of the 777s will be delivered to Kirkdale Wednesday into Thursday early am.

If anyone's interested in staying up Thursday midnight, the timings are below.
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3rd Jan 2020 12:06am Wirral HIstory & Heritage Assoc. [by granny]

Future Events 2020
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2nd Jan 2020 4:48pm How not to sell cars! [by Excoriator]
My wife is looking for a newish car and we wandered into a well-known car showroom in New Brighton to see what they had on offer.

Unfortunately, the available cars were outside and speech proved very difficult as an array of loudspeakers was used to fill the area with cheap pop music and inconsequential DJ babble from the local radio bonehead. It was absolutely deafening, and how the neighbours could tolerate this din was hard to believe.

We left, without looking at any of the cars to the bafflement of the young salesman who obviously enjoyed the noise. At one time I might have told him why we left, but I have given up trying to convince such people that everyone doesn't want to shout over the continuous shrieking and bawling.
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31st Dec 2019 11:52am New Brighton featured on Radio 4 [by Greenwood]
This morning, New Year's Eve, the 'Positive Thinking' programme at 9.15 - 9.30am was about the regeneration of the Victoria Road area, street art, and interviewed the businessman who bought up empty shops and rented them to small businesses, considered knock-on effects of street art etc. It's interesting to hear some background to what's happened. No mention of Vale Park and the fairy gardens, but it was specifically about the Victoria Road area, so fair enough. The Black Pearl got a mention though. The programme's repeated at 9.30pm - for those of you not already enmeshed in New Year festivities! - and will presumably be available online after that.
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31st Dec 2019 10:58am Bangbad [by Excoriator]
Just thought I'd let people know about what happens if an item you buy from 'Banggood' goes astray. This company is a sort of Chinese Amazon and you can buy cheap stuff from Chine if you are prepared to wait a bit.

I bought a power unit from them on 30th November. and was pleased to find that by 7th of December it had made it from the far east to Liverpool where it was 'Manifested for delivery' There it has remained for the whole of December and on contacting Messrs Banggood was told that nothing can be done until 60 days have elapsed since it was ordered, despite being told that delivery would be 20 days!

It is still 'Manifested for delivery' but nobody seems to know where in Liverpool this is, or the identity of the courier.

Whilst not advising people not to buy from this company, be prepared for the runaround if things go wrong. I will certainly avoid them in future. It's probably better to pay a few pounds more on Amazon if they have the same items.
3 335 Read More
25th Dec 2019 11:12pm Speedo Mick [by granny]

Anyone following Speedo Mick ?


Having his Xmas dinner.[0]=68.ARA0o1FSVYdZNewuldmSpFh9NfNsCP1WDNlPm_skXS64dHIYpLb1Non2YKEZC8qk3U3mmfrS6JlZe_yG-kK2cdE46c790jro6lzhyq_qEhGU2z6AXAW5dGqwHbI2QaTPvs_W39OkH3_I65S5XKQ3MXwtAoz8Tga8M-rlwr3g4PBlsRM_g6JDiovK31XN3uEku1OJfglPjr6c47rhgfu8Waq8Ho-cOKp02bh1Zkg0DLmrOlchEzzNWG0-Fq6YR__WHHZNHKWLKlpWfigCrofOV0DmUArAi0Y3dBVO5jcnLhPGKZSbfbJXymw3C_XW2YmwrrDRDWDYtV3IfU-pl53shb0LklcH8WwdxuhMgQ

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19th Dec 2019 9:06pm 20 years of TAC Advertising [by diggingdeeper]
Australia has been using TAC Advertising (Transport Accident Commission) for 20 years, it shows the reality of drink, drug and dangerous driving.

If you know people that drive under the influence, do something about it, its not only their lives in danger, it is others including people you know that are in danger.

Considered too gory for American TV, watch at your peril, it gets worse as it progresses and have a box of tissues handy.

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19th Dec 2019 4:34pm Bowlegged Beagle, 11 Allport Lane, Bromborough [by diggingdeeper]
Planning application has been put in to change a shop at 11 Allport Lane, Bromborough into a drinking establishment.
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19th Dec 2019 12:48pm Local History Books [by Norton]
As we don't seem to have a topic for local history books, I thought I'd start one.

The latest addition to the Boumphrey range is -

'Birkenhead Tramcar Manufacturers' by RS Jones, Priced at £15.

I've not seen it in Smiths or Waterstones yet, so looking forward to getting a copy and reading about the oldest tramcar body builders in Britain.
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12th Dec 2019 10:29pm INSURANCE COM[ANY SHOP LISCARD ROAD 1960s [by europa1]
Can anyone remember or research the name of the insurance company that had an office in a shop on Liscard Road between Liscard Cresent and the Old St Mary's schoolhouse? It was not a broker. It was in the name of one of the big company's possibly Pearl, Royal, Prudential etc.

It was on the same side as the old school and had large black and white pictures in the window of street scenes from the USA or Canada.

At a guess I would say it was around Captain Tony's.
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11th Dec 2019 10:49pm Personal GPS Trackers [by fish5133]
anyone up on GPS tracking technology? Want to infringe my childs civil liberties (for his own safety) by installing a gps tracker in his favourite coat (as suggested by a police officer). Cheap small ones looked at on ebay only have a short tracking distance and i dont know how often they would need to be charged up. He doesnt have a mobile phone. Would need to be small enough so its not too obvious inside his coat..
6 901 Read More
11th Dec 2019 10:09pm Birkenhead and Wallasey Corporations Transport [by diggingdeeper]
Fantastic articles on both Birkenhead Corporation Transport and Wallasey Corporation Transport on in their relevant sections.
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10th Dec 2019 10:46pm Christmas and New Year Bin Collections 2019 [by diggingdeeper]
Residents whose regular bin collections fall on Wednesdays and Thursdays are being asked to note changes to their collection over the Christmas and New Year period.

With Christmas Day and New Years Day being on Wednesday this year, households who usually have their green and grey bin collected on that day will instead be asked to put their bins out for collection on the Saturday before the scheduled collection.

Residents who usually have their bins collected on Thursday are also being informed that with Boxing Day being Thursday this year, their scheduled collection will instead take place on Sunday 22nd December.

In addition, those households who subscribe to the domestic garden waste collection – brown bin – service are reminded that this service is suspended from 16th December until 13th January.


Grey (recycling) and green (non-recyclable waste) collections

Bins normally collected on Wednesday 25th December will be collected on Saturday 21st December
Bins normally collected on Thursday 26th December will be collected on Sunday 22nd December
Bins normally collected on Wednesday 1st January will be collected on Saturday 28th December
There are no changes to collections due on Mondays, Tuesdays or Fridays.
For all collections, residents should put bins out by 7am at your normal collection point.
Garden waste subscription service

Garden waste collections are suspended between 16th December and 13th January.
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3rd Dec 2019 2:14pm Latest Phone Scam [by Habdab]
I was called today by a recorded robotic sounding female voice with an English accent, advising me that someone had withdrawn £600 from my Barclaycard account. If I suspected it was fraudulently withdrawn, to press "1" on the phone keypad.
I hung up immediately and called Barclaycard, who assured me nothing had been withdrawn from my account and it was the latest scam.

If you're the slightest bit suspicious, HANG UP! don't use the dial back function on the phone and call Barclaycard with a known number.
6 884 Read More
1st Dec 2019 5:01pm Three More Cranes for Liverpool 2. [by Wally1]
The ship Zhen Hua 25 is due at the Bar at 03:00 tomorrow with three more
cranes for Liverpool 2. The ship is expected at Liverpool 2 around 14:00
(High Water). The cranes will join the existing five already in use on the
quayside opposite New Brighton.
8 1,065 Read More
1st Dec 2019 9:10am Berlin celebrates first Birthday of polar bear [by snowhite]
2 549 Read More
28th Nov 2019 11:02pm Hillsborough. [by Fidelio]
Duckenfield found not guilty of the gross negligence manslaughter of 95 Liverpool fans.
If the man had a shred of decency he would retire to his study with his service revolver and a large whisky and do the decent thing.
2 548 Read More
26th Nov 2019 6:58pm Shooting [by diggingdeeper]
During daylight there was a shooting today in Birkenhead near the Borough Road Shell Petrol Station (near the infamous Larch Road, the only place I know of where a whole road was ASBO'd).

We've also had a good rash of stabbings and the odd machete recently round the Wirral, let's hope this Government is sacked on the 12th December.
30 2,256 Read More
26th Nov 2019 4:52pm Road works [by Excoriator]
Where has all the money for roadworks come from? It seems to be going on all over the place after years and years of neglect.

Would it not have been better to do it as necessary rather than cause major disruption by doing it all at once?
2 489 Read More
24th Nov 2019 1:11am How are you at Dancing ? [by granny]

How are YOU at dancing Old Swingers ?
6 747 Read More
23rd Nov 2019 11:05am Petrol cost question [by ultimate]
2011 (11) 1.4 SE 5dr

If I was to drive 12.4 miles how much would it cost in petrol?
4 742 Read More
22nd Nov 2019 8:13pm Old Chester Road in 1880 [by soonguy]
Please, can anyone help me with this question. A relative was living at 98 Old Chester Road in the 1881 census and working at Lairds. Judging by the 1911 census which gives the numbers of rooms, it must have been a typical house with two rooms downstairs and three rooms upstairs.

But the house numbering on this road now seems all over the place in many locations. There is a 95 and 97 for instance, right down to the south end, but there were no houses opposite them for many years, and the modern ones that are there now have very high numbers. The order of the house numbers in the census may give a clue, in that the first entries on the list are St Pauls Vicarage and the Conservative Club rather than the very north end of the road, then only even numbers up to 44, and then odds and evens, carrying on down to no 426. Trying to count up on the 1899 map from St Pauls Vicarage going south, I'm guessing that No 98 might have been somewhere close to the Dacre Hill junction. Would anyone have any ideas about this. Grateful thanks. Here's the wonderful Scottish Libraries draggable zoomable map showing Dacre Hill:
5 813 Read More
13th Nov 2019 4:15pm Oakdale Mission [by Mason]
Does anyone know anything about Oakdale Mission in Birkenhead. I'd like to know exactly where is was - it could well have been on Oakdale Road but looking at Google Maps there isn't an obvious place for it to have been - Oakdale Road seems to be all houses. Apparently the Mission was damaged in the Liverpool Blitz but I'm not sure when it closed down. It was still open in April 1956 when my Grandfather (Andrew Mason) was alive as people from the Mission attended his funeral.
Oakdale Mission & Union Street Mission, also in Birkenhead, were both linked with Egremont Presbyterian Church in Wallasey (that church is now the Manor Road Church Centre).
I hope this query finds people with long memories or local history buffs!
5 951 Read More
13th Nov 2019 12:03pm Poulton named Poton 1579 [by granny]

Poulton of Poulton cum Seacombe, was named Poton . This map is Saxton's Map dated 1579.

Anyone know what the house could be at Poton ? Too early for the Manor houses, I believe.
12 1,296 Read More
11th Nov 2019 10:01am Heaters on Renault Modus [by lauren_lfc89]
I have a 2010 plate Renault Modus. The heaters keep going on and off. Some days they work some days they don't. When they're not working they can suddenly just start working again as I am driving.

can anyone help?

Thank you
2 599 Read More
9th Nov 2019 3:03pm 3 series E90 Front Coil Spring [by conan]
Is there anyone able to fit a new coil spring on my car please.
I have the part and need it doing ASAP if possible.
Thanks in advance 👍
1 543 Read More
9th Nov 2019 12:21am WW2 Bomb Map - Wallasey [by red_devil]
I used to have a classic map of where the bombs fell on Wallasey but it seems to have fallen into a black hole. I get some requests now and then on my wirral web site for this but have been unable to find it. I remember it was black and white, with streets marked and a, (I think), black dot where a bomb fell. Anybody got any ideas?
7 1,134 Read More
7th Nov 2019 1:50pm New York Times on Birkenhead Park / Central Park [by yoller]
Very interesting article from the New York Times on how Birkenhead Park influenced Frederick Law Olmsted, the creator of Central Park. I think the basic story is well known (at least here in Wirral), but this puts it in much more perspective. Worth a read ...
0 456 Read More
7th Nov 2019 12:49pm Birds House [by GillDennis]
Does anyone have any info/pics relating to the ‘tunnel’ joining the house to st lukes church, current owner of 3 happy years now! X
3 845 Read More
4th Nov 2019 8:50pm New Brighton Latest Art Installation [by GaryFromWirral]
3 854 Read More
27th Oct 2019 1:18pm Cheapest place for CAT5 (etc) cable [by Littlebear]
I've never had good WiFi signal on my PC and Xbox and want to use CAT5 cable to the router.
Avoiding places like PC World, I'm looking at about 20+ metres of cabling - does anyone know of a place that sells it?

Or I'll probably just extend the phone cable and use shorter length CAT cable. smile
12 1,769 Read More
23rd Oct 2019 11:22am Needs to be gone. [by RedTom]
Free - L.G.Flatron 30'' screen L.C.D. television,was working when stored some years ago, not tried recently,but I see no reason for it not to be the case now...
4 1,011 Read More
21st Oct 2019 10:21am Free 4x2” wooden lengths [by mike1965]
We have a number of 4x2” wooden lengths probably 30 of them 6ft tall
Taken from under a wooden workshop that burnt down last month..
They need to be cleared by Friday before the skip goes would be ideal for kindling ? Help yourself to as much as you want.
0 441 Read More
20th Oct 2019 6:43pm Japanese Autumn Festival 26th October [by Touchstone]
Friends of Wallasey Central Library will be hosting a Japanese Autumn Festival this coming Satruday. There will be lots of things to do for all ages. Activities will be taking place throughout the main part of the library and the Children's Library next door. Most activities will be FREE.

# Origami classes
# Dress up in a yukata
# Karate performances
# Taiko drumming
# Shamisen performance
# Traditional dance
# Children's storytelling
# Sushi classes
# Face painting
# Japanese traditional games
# Food and drink
# Raffles

Wallasey Central Library
Saturday 26th October
0 549 Read More
16th Oct 2019 11:56pm Louise Ellman [by granny]

Louise Ellman has resigned !

At least she has had the guts to say why, and she does not intend to join another political party , unlike many others.

Good on her, for being so honest.
14 1,979 Read More
16th Oct 2019 6:45pm Timing Belt change vauxhall Zafiria 59 [by rossie]
I have been advised by garage to have my timing belt replaced as the car is ten years old. It has only done 48k miles.Can anybody advise as to likely cost and is it essential. If essential recommendations please.
thanks very much
3 903 Read More
9th Oct 2019 10:49am Computer Desk [by Catsick]
Brand new-ish, few weeks old, constructed & solid.
Size H75, W80, D45cm.
Under desk chair space H62, W74cm.
Maximum load capacity of desk 10kg.

Collection only, need the space!
Same one posted in 'for sale'
1 0 420 Read More
29th Sep 2019 11:12am Question Time in Wallasey [by derekdwc]
Question Time is in Wallasey next Thursday 3rd October if anyone interested.
I'l be watching it
1 1,199 Read More
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dji spark drone
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