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Men for all seasons
by casper. 11th Jul 2018 10:32am
Delta 15 Scholarship
by diggingdeeper. 2nd Jul 2018 6:23pm
Trump separating children from parents.
by venice. 20th Jun 2018 12:27pm
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A Fizz From The Past
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Ashville Road Sports Ground
by derekdwc. 26th May 2018 1:14pm
Any pics of Bentinck Street
by derekdwc. 17th Oct 2012 11:25am
does anyone remember Beaufort Square, Birkenhead?
by oldbirkonian1. 29th Jun 2011 7:46pm
Dockers Club Birkenhead
by bart63. 27th Nov 2010 9:45pm
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Finds from today 14/11/18 silver again!o
by cools. 15th Jul 2018 9:26pm
live webcam from africa, a must see
by cools. 15th Jul 2018 9:23pm
Finds 11/07/18 silver!
by Detecting_wirral. 15th Jul 2018 8:52pm
Any pics of Bentinck Street
by locomotive. 15th Jul 2018 7:46pm
Manchester Airport Drop Off Charges
by diggingdeeper. 15th Jul 2018 7:25pm
Gaz 907 bottle
by delta6. 15th Jul 2018 12:40pm
by saltytom. 15th Jul 2018 11:27am
Freestanding Cooker Urgently Needed
by saltytom. 15th Jul 2018 11:22am
England World Cup Game screening at TRFC grounds
by starakita. 14th Jul 2018 10:36pm
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Giants to visit New Brighton Lighthouse
by granny. 24th Jun 2018 10:43pm
Yesterday at 04:10 PM Serious Accident Arrowe Park [by fish5133]
Road closed in both directions between ASDA and Arrowe Park Hotel. Possibly 8pm tonight reopen as investigation work being done. Diversions through Woodchurch and up towards Thingwall. Possible bus involved
1 172 Read More
13th Jul 2018 4:32pm Nearly [by diggingdeeper]
Somebody not even thinking of stopping at the t-junction of Thornton Common Road and Poulton Hall Road near Raby Mere. Unusually I managed to find the horn, I still prefer them in the centre of the steering wheel, trying to press something on a stalk that moves around isn't very controllable. My car skidded to a stop, roads are pretty greasy at the moment.

6 192 Read More
12th Jul 2018 7:30pm Gaz 907 bottle [by Snodvan]
Larger size (907) GAZ bottle WITH screw cap

Bottle EMPTY and looks a bit scruffy - but can be exchanged ok
Wallasey Village are to collect

3 98 Read More
12th Jul 2018 6:58pm Freestanding Cooker Urgently Needed [by The2Veggies]
My cooker has stopped working & going to cost more then the cooker is worth to repair but I cannot afford a new cooker at the moment so if anyone has a good clean freestanding electric cooker they no longer need could you please consider me for it. Thanks For Reading.
4 153 Read More
12th Jul 2018 1:47pm apprenticeship for electricians mate [by kazaroo]
Hi there

My grandson has just left college and reached electricians mate status. He now feels he needs to complete an apprenticeship to further his skills.
Has anybody got any offers or advice.
Cheers Folks
0 66 Read More
12th Jul 2018 12:55pm More threats to Wirral's Green Belt [by Greenwood]
Front page of Wirral Globe this week - and also on their website - is a map showing many areas in which an interest has been shown by developers. On Facebook I've seen a list of areas and prospective numbers of houses, too. As you might expect, a lot of them are on Green Belt - I mean, what developer doesn't like a nice green field on which to build? Hmph. If all the properties planned for Wirral Waters (will that ever happen?) were actually built, the Green Belt wouldn't need to be threatened. Check, in case a green space near you is under threat.
1 9 260 Read More
12th Jul 2018 12:30pm Frame Tent [by Snodvan]
8ft x 10ft steel frame tent.
Simple tent ie NO BEDROOM inner tent
Simple double zip door that also acts as an awning
Good quality canvas cover. Will need pegs etc

Wallasey Village area to collect
1 6 237 Read More
12th Jul 2018 9:08am Boaty McBoatface Launch Saturday [by Gibbo]

[Linked Image]

The newly assembled hull of the RRS Sir David Attenborough is now standing on the slipway of the Cammell Laird yard in Birkenhead, awaiting launch day.

Weather and tide permitting, she should slide into the River Mersey on Saturday.

The £200m vessel will replace the James Clark Ross and the Shackleton, which between them have almost 50 years' service in support of UK polar science.

The Attenborough is the ship the public had wanted to call "Boaty McBoatface" in an online poll, before ministers stepped in to choose a more appropriate name.

She represents the largest commercial ship built in Britain in three decades.

The hull should make for quite a sight as her steelwork floats out into Liverpool's famous waters.

Planned for around lunchtime Saturday.
5 164 Read More
11th Jul 2018 6:06pm Free: Black Les Paul electric guitar [by j_demo]

I bought this a few years back as a project guitar to do up and i started but never finished.

When i got it initially it wasn't working, the pickups didn't work (the stock DiMarzio pickups were long gone and cheap ones replaced them) so i put an Ibanez INF3 in the neck position and a MightyMite high output one in the bridge and so it at least makes noise now. The only thing is the volume knobs don't work, the tone ones and the pickup selector work fine, just the volume knobs don't work. I'm sure it's an easy fix for someone in the know but hey, it makes noise at full volume, that's what Les Paul's are all about right?

Also the stock tuners were trash and one was seized so i used some that i had lying round (they say 'Gibson Deluxe on them but they're not what they say they are, they work but they're by no means Gibson Deluxe quality)

The strings could also do with a change. I think they're .10's that are on it but equally .09's will work. Anything heavier you'll need to play with the bridge etc.

This would be great for someone who wants to learn.

Also if you wanted to take it to sell on (these go for about 70 quid on eBay when they're fully working but i cba with all the hassle) then i can't stop you but would rather it went to someone who was going to use it, i don't have the space and i have too many guitars as it is so one has to go and this one being the one i play the least then it needs a new home.

Pictures can be seen here:

What you see is what you get, no strap, case or anything else, just the guitar.

First come first served, this is also posted to local Reddit subs so if you want it, be quick.

Collection only from CH45 0JW.
5 211 Read More
9th Jul 2018 3:30pm England World Cup Game screening at TRFC grounds [by DavidB]

Also Kings Dock, for those that are interested.

Councillor Joe Anderson said King's Dock arrangement was very last minute due to them not expecting England to go this far. smack
10 291 Read More
7th Jul 2018 6:03pm Manchester Airport Drop Off Charges [by fish5133]
Manchester airport starting to charge for dropping off holidaymakers.£3 5 minutes £4 10 minutes...i can see you being stuck in queue that long. Starts this Tuesday according to website. There this morning Terminal 2 and the new pay barriers at exit in place. Can see tailbacks on that one as its a bit of a tight turn onto main road.. I think they have a new free drop off area with a free shuttle bus to your terminal.
Not sure about the picking up now as they dont seem to have any places you can stop easily (petrol stations gone) Might be ok if the shuttle bus takes them back to a drop off area.
9 338 Read More
7th Jul 2018 12:36pm Urgent food recall warning. [by venice] That link isnt a hoax but may be exaggerated , the BBC doesnt mention that many deaths
1 158 Read More
7th Jul 2018 8:46am Political Participation or Mindless Vandalism? [by Excoriator]
Someone has disabled the parking meters at Royden Park by filling them with expanding foam!

I imagine these machines are now a write-off. That foam expands and goes hard sticking firmly to everything. The mechanism would probably be irreparable and would have to be replaced and probably costs a fortune too. The Wirral Globe dismisses this as 'Mindless Vandalism' but it can also be seen as the public taking back control from a bunch of politicians doing something the people they represent clearly strongly oppose. Perhaps the council should have taken the hint and removed the machines. However, they seem to have replaced them.

Whilst not advocating further damage I can't deny feeling a degree of schadenfreude at this protest, and I expect I am not the only one. Further attacks seem very likely. One could argue, too, that it is the public who pay for these machines, ultimately, and that surely gives them the moral right to do what they like with them.
17 543 Read More
4th Jul 2018 12:22pm Need windscreen fitted this week [by DavidB]
Going away next week and have car for sale - needs windscreen for MOT, and nobody local can fit one (away on holiday, too busy etc).

Does anyone know of anyone within the immediate area (north west) who can do a windscreen for an Audi TT?
4 261 Read More
2nd Jul 2018 12:15pm M53 delay NOW [by Snodvan]
Seems to be a significant delay on M53 Southbound just before Woodchurch
Mrs stuck in queue - a real problem because she NEEDS to be in Port Sunligh SOON

Anyone any idea about the cause of the delay >

3 380 Read More
30th Jun 2018 7:49pm A Fizz From The Past [by diggingdeeper]
Anyone remember these, found it today, buried. Corona stopped production in 1990 but as this is pre-decimalisation it is probably around 50 years old. Think they used to be delivered on the "Pop Wagons" as well or were they only Barr's? Big thick glass because they were re-used.

"Every bubble has passed its fizzical"

Interestingly the same cap (Flavour LOK Patent 975739) appear to have been used on coca-cola bottles as well.

2 11 518 Read More
27th Jun 2018 6:46pm Smoke over N. Wirral. [by Wally1]
The satellite view on Met Office Website shows this smoke is
coming from the moorland fire in Greater Manchester.
10 568 Read More
26th Jun 2018 11:06am Animals in this heat [by granny]

Many will suffer I'm sure, when people are out at work and the animals in cages go unnoticed. No airflow or baking heat. Water dried up etc.

Our canine friends despite care and concern could also suffer from hot pavements/ground under their paws. So best not to stand chatting whilst the loved doggies are subjected to dancing on the spot . .... just a thought !
18 747 Read More
26th Jun 2018 5:36am choosing preferences on/off [by venice]
Im sure this will be obvious to most people who are au fait with computors , but it isnt to me ---- Since sites have started seeking you to agree to god knows what before you can open their site , Ive been referring to the usual option of 'further details' , and aim to NOT agree to giving permission for anything I dont have to ,apart from whats necessary for the site to function for me . Sounds easy , as you usually just have a box to click , but Ive seen plenty of sites where they deliberately try to mislead you into accepting something by the clicking of an apparently NO choice actually being a YES one , Im just not sure what my click means This eg below is a common version , now which option do I choose which means I only want to agree to the essentials and no other rubbish, because I have no idea what preference is being referred to by the 'on' and 'off' ?
1 4 315 Read More
25th Jun 2018 8:26pm Car Dealer Prosecuted [by diggingdeeper]
At last,the Council has prosecuted a car dealer for using the public highway as his garage lot. This was for Frankby Road, Greasby.

Plenty more of these need sorting out including Storeton Road, Prenton and Bebington Road, Tranmere. I'm sure other can name some more.

Undercutting legitimate traders by not having the overheads of a Car Sales place using illegal practices is immoral and unfair.

4 446 Read More
25th Jun 2018 7:44am White Gazebos [by saltytom]
I have been trying to give away 2 white gazebos 2.4 mtr sqr on various sites but 4 people have let me down, they will go to the tip shortly.
I may deliver if local and I have time.
They will be on my drive 36 Green lane, CH45 8lz
8 436 Read More
23rd Jun 2018 9:59pm LEDs again [by Excoriator]
I notice that some street lights are being replaced in suburban streets around New Ferry. Not just the lights, mind you. The whole lamp post. They are being replaced with sodium lamps rather than LEDs however which makes little sense to me. The cost of the actual luminaire must be a small proportion of the cost of replacing the whole lamp posts - which seem to be installed a couple of feet from the old one which is removed after the new one is commissioned.The running costs must surely be a lot lower had LEDs been installed, and as they last a lot longer, great savings can be made on maintenance and bulb replacement too.

So far, I have spotted only one LED in a suburban street - Delta Road East. Go, marvel at it!

I can't make any sense of this. I would have expected LED replacements to go in more or less automatically, but the council seems intent on keeping us in dismal orange illumination at extra cost more or less indefinitely.
3 274 Read More
22nd Jun 2018 12:13pm Giants to visit New Brighton Lighthouse [by Norton]
The giant puppets that have visited Liverpool twice before will be back for the 'Liverpool Dream' from Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th October 2018.

This time they will include Wirral on their travels and will be visiting New Brighton Lighthouse on Friday 5th October.

In advance of this, a piece of artwork with the Lighthouse on it has been revealed.

See Culture Liverpool for Liverpool City Region Events and 'Giant Spectacular' website.
6 575 Read More
18th Jun 2018 12:52am Another Parking Ticket [by fish5133]
Popped over to a church in Liverpool . Whole area was either meters with a 2 hour max £4.40 which was no good as service was 2 hours long at least. Rest of the streets were single yellow but with no time designation saying when you could park. Managed to find a space where the yellow line had been removed and tarmaced over giving the impression of a parking space... so squeezed in imbetween the 2 ends of the single yellow. Got a ticket! Took a load of photos for my evidence but noticed the photos on Liverpool council website even show there is no yellow line.... Made an informal challenge to it..
1 11 722 Read More
17th Jun 2018 3:00pm Safety gate [by lincle]
Free Lindam safety gate ,fittings missing but may be of use to someone .
1 232 Read More
15th Jun 2018 7:09pm Wirral's Worst Roads? [by DavidB]
I'm not knocking the people repaving the roads or WBC here, etc etc.

I vote Heath Road passing by Wirral Grammar School.!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

From the moment you come round the corner, it's all moon buggy. It's sometimes hard to believe how long some of these roads have been left in this condition.
It has a patchwork of under road repairs, and they never seem to have found the knack of doing that correctly.
7 536 Read More
15th Jun 2018 6:09pm 2-stroke engine from strimmer [by Snodvan]
2 stroke engine, approx 20cc. Currently fitted to a Partner garden strimmer but the cutting head of that has disintegrated. Engine is easy removed from the strimmer drive shaft. Pull start works fine. Fitting the engine shaft with a pulley wheel could make it suitable for a “project” such as a go-cart, bench saw etc. PM response please
Donation commitment to Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation would be appreciated – wife will be doing the Wirral Coastal Walk in support

0 358 Read More
13th Jun 2018 6:35pm Red Kite [by granny]

I have just seen what I am almost certain to be a 'red kite' in my garden. It swooped down into the base of a bush, then took off and landed on top of the playhouse for about 15 secs.

The other day there was something brown that took off from my back gate next to the kitchen. I didn't see what it was, just something brown but large enough to be a squirrel. I am now wondering if it was the same bird.

If anyone can throw anymore light onto this, as I know they are in N Wales now, but not heard of any in Wirral.

The colouring was a reddish brown and it had black and white, either down the side of it's body or on it's wings. Larger than a wood pigeon and definitely a bird of prey.

Not a buzzard, seen plenty of them, not the right colour for a hawk, or sparrow hawk .

Any ideas ?
9 674 Read More
11th Jun 2018 6:51pm Mortgage Deals ? [by fish5133]
anyone had a good mortgage deal /switch lately? before i hit the compare sites.

With all the brexit and economy as it is anyone with views on how the mortgage rates will go. The fixed / tracker dilemma again.
2 47 Read More
11th Jun 2018 12:32pm Davies Street [by Medicdeano]
Looking through the Ancestry website, it stated that some of my relatives, the Pritchards, had lived at 9 Davies Street, Birkenhead- I think that street may have been flattened at some point. Can anyone shed some light on this please?
2 402 Read More
9th Jun 2018 10:13am Keys found - Old Market House [by MisterSmiff]
Spotted at about 10:30 on the bit of pavement between the loading bay and carpark behind the NHS building, two smallish yale-type keys with "2002" engraved on them.

Handed in to the Cop Shop on Chester Street.
0 233 Read More
7th Jun 2018 9:37am St James Library Break in [by BandyCoot]
Heard something happened at St James. Break in which concluded in theft and damage. Anyone know anything? Asking because I use it.
0 312 Read More
7th Jun 2018 7:37am Beatties of Birkenhead to close down [by daveybm]
Beattie House of Fraser is set to close according to this :-

Another big block of emptiness coming up in Birkenhead town centre
19 1,274 Read More
6th Jun 2018 10:55pm New MOT Rules [by fish5133]
Not bothered to read up on these yet ..but after wifes car failed ( Major defects) she was told she could not drive it except back home. Now the garage cant fit the work in for about 9 days.

Looking on Gov website it only says dangerous defects you cant drive it and major ones must be repaired immediately ???

I , perhaps wrongly, used to drive my car as long as the previous MOT was still not expired until i could get any MOT works done..

Gov website says " You can be fined up to £1,000 for driving a vehicle without a valid MOT." Does a failed MOT document overirde the old MOT certificate if thats still in date?
9 830 Read More
6th Jun 2018 9:13am New rules on where you can walk dogs [by Greenwood]
The Council is suggesting a few small areas of beach around Wirral's beautiful coast where dogs will be forbidden in the summer months, also keeping sports pitches and playgrounds dog-free (as they should be), insisting people clear up their dog's poo and not leave bags hanging around (good luck with that one!!). Info is on the Council website and the Wirral Globe website has maps of affected areas. To be honest it all seems pretty reasonable, but people will need to be aware of any changes, especially in Birkenhead Park where there are a number of proposed dog-free areas. No hanging dog poo bags in trees and forgetting to come back for them any more! That is a particularly unattractive habit that I'll be glad to see the back of. Although how the Council intends to police all this, given the cuts, I wil be very interested to see...
16 1,155 Read More
5th Jun 2018 10:42am Submerged Church [by granny]

Does anyone know of a submerged church in the Leasowe/Moreton area ? I read something but can't remember where, it could have been from John Hough's Journal, but there was no expansion or further information.
13 1,220 Read More
4th Jun 2018 8:21am So inspiring. [by venice]
This is such an inspiring story to start the week with .
1 317 Read More
2nd Jun 2018 11:45am Birkenhead Priory - great place to visit [by yoller]
I visited Birkenhead Priory for the first time in ages yesterday and had forgotten what a brilliant place it is (I posted a picture on the Picture Wirral forum here).

Entry is free, the volunteer staff are helpful and knowledgeable and the place itself is endlessly fascinating. We’re so lucky it has survived almost 900 years, especially with the encroachment of Laird’s yards.

If anyone hasn’t been there, it’s highly recommended. Details here …

2 452 Read More
1st Jun 2018 7:03pm Birkenhead Priory / Laird's crane today [by yoller]
Birkenhead Priory / Laird's crane today
1 1 60 Read More
31st May 2018 1:57pm Older telephones [by Snodvan]
Does anyone collect/ want older style telephones?
Available anytime. PM me
1 1 933 Read More
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Free: Black Les Paul electric guitar
by j_demo. 11th Jul 2018 7:06pm
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