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by diggingdeeper. 13th Aug 2020 4:15am
New Brighton racing memories
by johncon. 12th Aug 2020 9:02am
TV licence
by casper. 11th Aug 2020 5:27pm
Hi everyone.
by Harp1st. 6th Aug 2020 12:16pm
New Wirral History
Woodside Ferry on Upton Rd
by mikeeb. 11th Aug 2020 12:50pm
A Stanworth Shop, Birkenhead North
by diggingdeeper. 6th Aug 2020 11:11am
Toll booths Birkenhead Tunnel
by mikeeb. 4th Aug 2020 2:34pm
Ron Gittins Stories ?
by DaDoRon. 2nd Jul 2020 9:59pm
Outdoor swimming pools
by mikeeb. 30th Jun 2020 4:26pm
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Ron Gittins Stories ?
by Harp1st. 13th Aug 2020 1:20pm
What song are you listening to?
by BultacoAstro. 13th Aug 2020 9:37am
Men's mountain bike
by Peter0787. 12th Aug 2020 1:58pm
Any Auto Electricians here?
by Pete_M. 12th Aug 2020 10:10am
Woodside Ferry on Upton Rd
by mikeeb. 12th Aug 2020 9:24am
Toll booths Birkenhead Tunnel
by bert1. 12th Aug 2020 5:31am
Xbox One Console With RDR 2 And 22" LG TV
by rhoobarb2002. 10th Aug 2020 4:15pm
Hi everyone.
by Harp1st. 10th Aug 2020 2:43pm
676 Queens Royal Hotel Marine Promenade Wallasey
by mikeeb. 10th Aug 2020 12:22pm
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Restaurant/pub with outdoor seating - Bromborough
by diggingdeeper. 8th Aug 2020 11:17am
Yesterday at 09:08 AM Any Auto Electricians here? [by Pete_M]
Hi All....again smile
I have now fitted the tow bar to my 2010 diesel focus estate and have the electrics to connect, can anyone guide me in the right direction of joining the wires to the loom please? I do have all the bits required including the 7 pin plug.
Thanks for looking....Pete
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11th Aug 2020 11:50am Woodside Ferry on Upton Rd [by mikeeb]
How come Woodside Ferry is on Upton Rd, right hand corner?
I have noticed it on a few maps.
The map is a 1912 O.S
[Linked Image]
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7th Aug 2020 8:00pm Restaurant/pub with outdoor seating - Bromborough [by CarterUSM]
Hi, can anyone recommend a restaurant or pub in or near Bromborough with an outdoor seating area, which doesn't close too early on Sundays?

Many thanks in anticipation.
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6th Aug 2020 10:11am A Stanworth Shop, Birkenhead North [by diggingdeeper]
A little puzzle, got this through the other day, I'm fairly sure I know where the shop was but so far the bridge has beaten me, I have reason to believe it is not the obvious one.

Here is the text that came with it.

I don't know if this is of interest, this is my Nan's old shop (A.Stanworth), it was located close to Birkenhead North station, not sure if it was on Station Road, photo is late 40's / early 50's. Found it in my late Dad's photo's. Shop was a general store/ corner shop. 2nd photo is inside the shop
3rd photo is also in that area - you might be able to place it.
I grew up in Birkenhead, left when I was nine, in my minds eye I can see where the photo is but can't place it exactly.
3 6 222 Read More
4th Aug 2020 1:34pm Toll booths Birkenhead Tunnel [by mikeeb]
I found this picture of cars entering the tunnel but there is a queue of cars passing the booth on the left. The drivers must have had to lean over the passenger seat to pay the toll. Is this true? Or did they have a pre-paid pass similar to todays Fast Tag?
[Linked Image]
I got this picture off this website that contains many pictures I haven't seen before. They're mainly Rock Ferry but also has a few from Birkenhead and New Ferry Baths, which are hard to find.
Check them out here.
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3rd Aug 2020 9:36am Three light unit [by gerry1]
If anyone wants this light, befor it goes to recicle.
Collection only from Eastham
2 0 140 Read More
28th Jul 2020 5:38pm New Merseyrail trains covered in graffiti [by mikeeb]
One of the trains was covered in graffiti whilst being stored at the Tonbridge Yard in Kent, and now Merseyrail will have to spend thousands cleaning it. It is at the Kirkdale depot at the moment and being cleaned.
Surely the yard it was being stored at is insured and this should pay for it.
[Linked Image]
7 474 Read More
25th Jul 2020 9:43am Found bicycle seat cover [by BultacoAstro]

Fleetwood Mac Go Your Own Way
Found this seat cover by Dole office while walking toward Asda in Bromborough. Message me if yours or will bin it after a while as value could be a £1. Thanks
2 1 271 Read More
24th Jul 2020 2:53pm Regeneration of New Ferry [by Excoriator]
The last ambitious plans I saw somewhere for the regenerated new Ferry shopping centre seemed to show most of the car park sacrificed for housing. Hardly any parking space lft for shoppers cars.

Plentiful free parking seems the one asset New Ferry has a a shopping centre and cutting this down to a the small number shown in the plan seemed to me to be extremely short sighted, unless the idea is to abandon it as a shopping centre entirely.

Presumably much needed money will be made from selling this land off, but it seems extremely short sighted to me.
4 362 Read More
23rd Jul 2020 10:29pm Painted frontages of new Ferry Shops. [by Excoriator]
Are these an improvement? I'm not convinced

I was rather surprised to find the white Georgian frontage of edges displaying the head of a large cow of some description.

Whatever next?
4 430 Read More
9th Jul 2020 5:35pm Wirral rocks [by GaryFromWirral]
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9th Jul 2020 10:03am What is sitting on roof [by BultacoAstro]
Bee Gees Stayin Alive
Took a photo of this strutting up and down roof. What is it
2 5 626 Read More
7th Jul 2020 3:10pm The new 4 bridges. [by mikeeb]
I was going through all my old photos on google and forgot about these. I was working on the foundations of the 2 new bridges, and whilst bridge A was being excavated for the new foundations some of the old ones where still intact.
I don't know what these are, maybe someone else does, but it looks like the base of the swing bridge.
Incidentally, they were under some other foundations as well.
These were taken on the Wallasey side.
2 3 540 Read More
6th Jul 2020 6:30pm Incident in the Rods [by mikeeb]
The police have been there for a few hours now.
Unmarked, marked vans, and cars there. Also a lot of police present.
They are between the 2 entrances of the Bidston tunnel where a lot of kids have been hanging around for a few weeks.
Anyone know anything?
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2nd Jul 2020 8:59pm Ron Gittins Stories ? [by DaDoRon]
Hello - Do you have any memories or stories about long-time Wirral resident, Ron Gittins who passed away in September 2019? Ron was a colourful and complicated character; very sociable, yet also something of a loner, at times. I'm working with his niece to help her gather stories and recollections about Ron. Doesn't matter whether those memories are big or small, I'd love to hear from you. Many thanks. Martin.
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30th Jun 2020 3:26pm Outdoor swimming pools [by mikeeb]
I was looking at some images of the Derby Pool but one of the images looks odd because the buildings at the end of the pool are not the same as all the other pictures. Maybe it was renovated at some time.
incidentally, I was comparing the timelines with New Brightons pool. The New Brighton pool used to get too busy in summer and there was no room left to accomodate everyone so people would then travel to the Derby Pool. I didn't realise that the prom was extended in 1939 to accomodate the traffic and people, and connect the two pools.
Picture of the short length of the prom in 1934.
2 10 838 Read More
29th Jun 2020 12:55pm Possible delays to bin collections [by mikeeb]
Due to the fire at Bidston tip yesterday it may cause problems with bin collections. Hope the damage isn't too severe because this will cause major problems.

Originally Posted by Wirral Globe
Wirral Council has warned residents that there may be delays to bin collections following a fire at Bidston Recycling Centre yesterday.

A message on the authority's facebook page advises that general waste, recycling and garden waste collections are all subject to delays as well as the ERIC bulky item collection service.

A spokesperson said: "Please bear with us, teams are working hard to carry on with collections. Leave your bin out by 7am on it’s usual day until it is collected.

"We appreciate your patience and we will update with more information soon."

Bidston tip currently remains closed following the incident.


Yesterdays report on the fire
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29th Jun 2020 11:19am New Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Liverpool [by mikeeb]
New Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, Liverpool opens its doors today.
This is an added bonus to the region, and will make it one of the best in the UK.
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28th Jun 2020 1:48pm VHS TAPES FREE [by Reno37]
FREE, FREE . FREE Collection of VHS Cassette Tapes War and Action Movies all in excellent condition in original cassette boxes but no longer required. Will not seperate as the whole collection is FREE to be picked up.
The list is as follows. Patton. Zulu . Platoon. All Quiet on the Western Front . Spartacus. Cross of Iron. The Italian Job. Das Boot. Bridge at Remagen. Green Mile. Anzio. Midway. Great Escape. Brassed Off. The Green Berets. Good.Bad. Ugly. Master & Commander. Its a Wonderful Life . If you have a Video Player this collection may be of interest to you. PM me if interested Thanks
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27th Jun 2020 9:36pm SAE 140 [by Pete_M]
I'm trying to get a litre of SAE 140 for the gearbox on a old Seagull outboard that I've rebuilt, does anyone know who stocks this locally, or will it be a case of using Ebay/ Amaxzon?
2 1 361 Read More
26th Jun 2020 10:14pm Liver building [by cools]
Looks like the Liverpool Liver building is on fire. Do hope it's not a bad one. Just seen on another forumn.
14 950 Read More
25th Jun 2020 10:02am Complaint [by BultacoAstro]
Pink Floyd Brain Damage
I walk to Eastham or Brombrough when going over the bridge by the Car show room in bromborough am forced into Bikes as the hedge of Nettles haven't been cut in years. If get injured there is Good Chance i might die as the speed of Electric scooters flying pass by inches. Not asking for Much just to Cut the sidewalk Hedge also i wear headphone`s sometimes i forget to take off when come to WW2 Shelter. I Hate exercise but i know its necessary when getting Old and it helps me lose weight. If Wirral Council reading Cut the Hedge Please or Force the People who Own the Land to do so Thank-You
7 802 Read More
20th Jun 2020 5:02pm Let Lucy Go ! [by granny]
Lucy the elephant in a Canadian Zoo.

Take action here.

4 451 Read More
19th Jun 2020 10:13am Staffie missing [by lincle]
Lovely female Staffy missing from her home in Moreton.Shes brindle,friendly 6 years old & trotted off on 16th ,not been seen since.Shes tagged ,chipped & her family are desperate for news of her. Pics on FB .Lets get this little girl back to her loving family.Thanks
12 777 Read More
19th Jun 2020 7:42am Bromborough McDonalds Shooting [by squirrel]
Shooting of a man in Bromborough McDonalds drive through on Thursday, June 18.

At around 5.30pm, emergency services were called to McDonald's on Welton Road, following reports a 21-year-old man had been shot as he sat in the front passenger seat of a car in the drive-thru. He has been taken to hospital for assessment of a leg injury.

More info
9 811 Read More
17th Jun 2020 2:34pm Spark plug gap [by madrob]
Any one have a spark plug gap tool i could borrow please
1 304 Read More
17th Jun 2020 6:48am walking group [by lincle]
Does anyone know of a wirral walking/climbing /social group for energetic people in the 30-50 age group who will be restarting after the lockdown & distancing rules are lifted . Thanks all keep safe
4 554 Read More
15th Jun 2020 10:21pm Mk2 Focus Towbar [by Pete_M]
Can someone advise cheapest place to get a 2nd hand towbar for a 06 focus? Thanks....Pete
2 331 Read More
13th Jun 2020 12:31pm Beached whale [by cools]
So sorry to hear this poor whale that was helped out to sea yesterday has beached again . Dee estuary by Thurstathon. Hope they can help it again but it doesn't sound good does it?
1 9 646 Read More
10th Jun 2020 2:06pm Discoloured patch of grass. [by Excoriator]
At the Dell end of Rock Park, there is a patch of grassland between Rock Park Road and the river with Three crack willow trees (one now dead) on it.

I've noticed a dark patch of vegetation on the slope down in the direction of the Car park. It can be clearly seen in Google Earth too, and seems to get darker in wet weather.

I wonder if there was something there that has since been demolished. An Air raid shelter Perhaps?, Or an old house? Or perhaps there was a spring there?

Has anyone else noticed this and been curious enough to find out?.

As a separate issue, many years ago before the New Ferry Hotel was demolished, a group of workers were laying a new gas main and between the Hotel and the car park (Ferry terminal as was) broke into a tunnel. There were steel rails a couple of feet apart and the suspicion was that at one time there might have been a tunnel leading to the hotel cellars where barrels of beer could have been conveniently rolled from the Ferry? Keen to get finished the gang filled in the void and coompleted the job, but I did see a photograph of it taken by a neighbour.

an anyone confirm the existence of this tunnel and its function?
2 486 Read More
6th Jun 2020 3:48pm Relics of WW2 [by Excoriator]
on the front wall of Andy's Aquatics in New Ferry, if you look carefully, you can just make out the faded painted letters 'EWS' with an arrow directing you around the corner into Mayfield's North. It is preceded by a number - I think its 350 - in a smaller typeface.

I believe is directions to firemen to an Emergency Water Supply and dates back to WW2 when bombing was quite likely to disrupt the mains water supply. and the 350 was a measure of the distance. I'm not sure if its yards or feet, but 350 feet would take you to near the other end of Mayfields and 350 yards would take you to where the Baths used to be. (There was no bypass then of course)

Has anyone any memory of this?

From what I recall of New Ferry baths I think they were postwar, but if not they may well have been the EWS. Or perhaps the presence of the EWS triggered the idea of constructing baths there?

Any light that can be cast on this would be gratefully appreciated.
12 898 Read More
5th Jun 2020 7:35am Lost - Apple watch / Sainsburys Upton [by Littlebear]
I changed something in the engine area while parked up in Sainsbury's car park. I took my Apple watch off and left it on the engine cover, then closed the bonnet and drove off.
Obviously been picked up somewhere, and obviously can't be used as it's locked. This happened on 24th May.
I left a couple of signs up in that area.
3 478 Read More
2nd Jun 2020 5:28pm Landfill site [by Excoriator]
Where is the landfill site used by Wirral for rubbish?

I don't mean waste reception centres, I mean where is the actual tip these days?
4 675 Read More
1st Jun 2020 3:19pm Where in Laird St is this? [by mikeeb]
Is this Laird St?
There is a lot of old shops and I cannot work it out where about on Laird St it is or was.
[Linked Image]
17 1,349 Read More
1st Jun 2020 6:43am Ford fiob and keys [by phosphor]
Lost at Murryfield near barnston. 079886 009 422
0 253 Read More
31st May 2020 6:34pm 241 Rising Sun Laird St [by mikeeb]
Is this the actual pub?
I cannot remember it and thought it was a 1 storey pub but may be wrong.
2 482 Read More
29th May 2020 3:01pm Are Schools opening in Wirral ? [by granny]

Are the school opening in Wirral on 1st June ?

From what I've just witnessed to a child of about 5/6 yrs, , they need to be !

I made an enquiry with another person, and the person in question is a new member in the community (about a month)of whom nobody knows anything about but has already been heard and blinding at her kids.
What I witnessed was an act of instilling fear into a child with an object.

Get these little children out of the clutches of maniacs.
8 831 Read More
29th May 2020 9:58am Slow Internet/Drop Outs [by diggingdeeper]
There are some big internet attacks going on today which unfortunately has coincided with a number of companies doing planned major maintenance. System is creaking especially with google (including google ads)
1 516 Read More
28th May 2020 8:24am Girls pink bike found in Prenton [by spider]
Girls pink Monaco bike found about 4 days ago on my front path in Prenton.I have tried to find the owner but no luck..It will be in Hamilton square Police station from later today ...thanks
1 0 273 Read More
25th May 2020 4:22pm Thought I was getting an ebay bargain [by derekdwc]
When looking for garden furniture, I thought this was a great bargain.
Would this have fooled you as well?
Don't worry I didn't buy it. 1st pic came up then I clicked on description for 2nd pic (they are all separate priced)
2 3 142 Read More
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Restaurant/pub with outdoor seating - Bromborough
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Hi everyone.
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Restaurant/pub with outdoor seating - Bromborough
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Restaurant/pub with outdoor seating - Bromborough
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