My mother had an uncanny knack of always getting a job which supplied you with a car and petrol in WW2. Early in the war she was driving with her mother from the two mills crossroads to the A41 when she saw a man walking along heading the same way. She stopped to as if he wanted a lift as people were encouraged to do then. He got in and pulled his collar up and his tribly hat down. He ignored all attempts at conversation and when they asked where he was headed for he just beckoned forwards with his hand. In the end they gave up and chatted to each other. The stranger became very animated when he saw the ships in Wallasey pool and beckoned for them to stop. He got out and they assumed he was a Norwegian seaman or something. Since then she has heard a couple of accounts of German airmen being at large in that area and always wondered if she had unwittingly helped one get away? No it wasn't Werner Von Braun!

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