Wirral MP adds support for pets

Wirral South MP Ben Chapman visited Andy’s Aquatics pet store in New Ferry as part of National Pet Month.

The initiative is a registered charity that brings together the work of animal welfare organisations and professional bodies throughout the UK with the common goal of improving the well-being of pets.

The month seeks to promote responsible pet ownership as well as calling on the public to raise funds for local animal charities. Further, it aims to communicate the value of pets for people and people for pets as well as increasing public awareness of the role, value and contribution to society of working companion animals, such as guide dogs.

Mr Chapman said: “I am pleased to add my support to National Pet Month.

"People need to understand the needs of a pet and take these into account before they keep it and are able to look after it. The message that pet month carries emphasises just that”.

Pet store owner Andy Hales said: “Responsible pet ownership is absolutely vital and more should be done to promote it. National Pet Month is certainly a good place to start.

"It can teach discipline to children and help their development from a young age in that they learn how to take responsibility for looking after and caring for a pet”.