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Recent road repairs

Posted By: Littlebear

Recent road repairs - 26th Aug 2019 10:21am

I've noticed a lot of roads nearby have had new tarmac (or whatever the stuff they used is) laid down on various parts of the road. It looks like they have either filled potholes, or filled cracks that usually become worse.

The repairs have generally rough surface, there is one at the bottom of my road which acts as a small ramp if you go over it about 25mph, and others have an inconsistant structure, most are proud of the surrounding road surface by about 1 inch.

Is this on purpose and do the people who planned or "repaired" the road expect the repairs to sink to last longer, or clock watching and wanted to just get the day over so they can go home? I hate to sound like a moaner because at least they're getting repaired, but most of these repairs are being undertaken by people who couldn't care less (but don't realise they also have to use the roads) and are not aware of the concept of 'straight edge' tools.
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Recent road repairs - 26th Aug 2019 10:34am

Last I heard, when a utility company digs a hole in the road they are supposed to put a temporary repair on then revisit it for the final surfacing a few weeks later after the ground has settled. I have no idea if this is still the case.

The quickie repair men repairing small holes etc(literally in minutes) are normally pretty good at levelling because the work is supposed to be inspected and the last thing they want is to have to return to rework the job.

That new skin resurfacing they do is pretty rough but relies on traffic to settle it in over a few weeks, I was highly sceptical of this when I first came across it but had to admit afterwards that it was much better than I thought.

The new partial resurfacing I spotted on Barnston Road around Whitehouse Lane was appalling, basically they had applied small hole repair techniques to a very large area.

I'll keep my eyes out, especially around RLW.

If you are unhappy, report it on https://www.fixmystreet.com/ where the report is highly visible to everybody.
Posted By: Littlebear

Re: Recent road repairs - 20th Sep 2019 12:02pm

These repairs were obviously for the recent Tour Of Britain bike race thing! I thought they did them quickly and without provocation.
How nice.
Posted By: keef666

Re: Recent road repairs - 28th Sep 2019 5:04pm

Well its been a month since these roads have been resurfaced, don't know what they are like to drive on in a car etc, but being a motorcyclist for the last forty year i don't think the Council has any idea what it is like to ride on, they go on about Road Safety and a duty of care for the upkeep of the roads but still employ contractors to come along once a year rip a few good roads up and relay them, as for the bad roads, lay loose chippings on the top, this year they have laid a hot bituminous topping to keep it together, but in time this will wear away and we will be left with tram lines along the road.
By me they ripped up a good part of Poulton road and tarmacked it, the rest of the road further along is cracking, sinking, filled with small pot holes and the manholes are also sinking, what did they do to this part? Nothing!, Wrote to the Council and asked why they didn't do the whole lot, still waiting for a reply
Sorry to say but when it comes to the roads and pavements in Wirral the Council hasn't got a clue.
I was going to change my user name as the last time i made a comment someone called me Thick as Pig S*** and i was thinking of using that name, What do you thing?
Posted By: MisterSmiff

Re: Recent road repairs - 26th Oct 2019 4:40pm

The "busy" parts of Market Street and Hamilton Street are finally getting resurfaced! No more sore bums for bus passengers, and no more shaking buildings! This was a concern that was raised with Steve Hayes / Pat Cleary before the 2nd May Council Elections, and it's restored some of my faith in local politicians.
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Recent road repairs - 26th Oct 2019 4:59pm

Its not much to do with local politicians there is a Wirral wide improvement programme brought on by the receipt of a grant.
Posted By: MisterSmiff

Re: Recent road repairs - 26th Oct 2019 5:45pm

Wooow how did that grant get in those roads
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Recent road repairs - 26th Oct 2019 6:52pm

The current phase (roughly a week per phase) is:

Bowdon Rd, Wallasey
Farndon Ave, Wallasey
Halton Rd, Wallasey
Knowsley Rd, Wallasey
Mere Lane, Wallasey
Parkway, Wallasey
The Aubynes, Wallasey
The Leas, Wallasey
The Willows, Wallasey

Blackheath Dr, Leasowe
Brimstage Rd (Talbot Ave to Rose Cottage), Clatterbridge
Grove Rd (Dean Ave to Coniston Hill), Wallasey
Market St /Hamilton St (Chester St to Hamilton St), Birkenhead
Town Lane (Kings Rd to Sherwood Dr), Bebington
Wakefield Dr, Leasowe
Posted By: keef666

Re: Recent road repairs - 26th Oct 2019 9:04pm

I see they did the Meols stretch with the loose chipping and hot tar topping,even thought there was nothing wrong with it!, then they ripped up the junction by the traffic lights and relayed that, but why did they leave around fifty feet or so of the Meols stretch untouched.
I just want to know why they can't do a whole road in one go instead of a bit here this year, a bit next year and the rest in five years or longer, i don't think i have ridden on a road with one type of surface on it!
They say they had five million to do the roads, they need another few to fix the sunken manholes next and unblock the grids what with all the rain we are getting!
Posted By: Littlebear

Re: Recent road repairs - 27th Oct 2019 1:16pm

A41 is being redone currently - it wasn't that bad to begin with (the section between New Ferry shopping part towards Birkenhead was bad), but I think the whole countrywide stretch of the A41 is being resurfaced?

Heath Road (in front of Wirral Grammer School) has recently been done, which absolutely needed it. There are a few others - kudos for council getting grants/government giving them out finally for fixing some of the worse roads!
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