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tv channels breaking up

Posted By: rumandblack

tv channels breaking up - 24th Oct 2018 5:17pm

itv channels & ch5 on my tv keep breaking up .bbc channels are fine this is through the tv I don't have a box atall.the message comes up no signal ,only just started to have this problem im on the beechwood .
Posted By: saltytom

Re: tv channels breaking up - 25th Oct 2018 6:26am

Got the same problem in Wallasey Village and on channel 4.
Posted By: fish5133

Re: tv channels breaking up - 26th Oct 2018 6:55pm

take your pick brexit, fracking, the conservatives,
Posted By: granny

Re: tv channels breaking up - 26th Oct 2018 6:59pm

I have the same with ITV, CH4 and most others, apart from the BBC, when it RAINS !
Posted By: Mark

Re: tv channels breaking up - 28th Oct 2018 11:42am

First determine if the areal is pointing towards Wales or Liverpool.

I noticed this a lot last year and in the end had to re scan the channels at least once a week for about 3 months.

If you can work out if your pointing to Liverpool or Wales that may help you work out if any works are taking place.
Posted By: romko

Re: tv channels breaking up - 4th Nov 2018 7:53pm

Start with the simple things. The thing to do is narrow it down.

-Check the cable and coax plug that goes into the TV. If it passes thru any other devices, try plugging it directly to the TV to see what happens.
-Try also another set on the same aerial feed. Sometimes the Tv's tuner can be to blame for these problems.
-Do you have any other sets around the house on the aerial? Are they also afected? Mast head amp?

If all else fails, you'll have to get an aerial rigger who will check the signal with a field strength meter and hopefully check to see that aerial is intact, the downlead has not lost its shielding or got water in it, etc. I'd ask here for recommendations.
Posted By: assassin

Re: tv channels breaking up - 4th Nov 2018 9:11pm

link this shows itv has been down most of the day for all
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