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I, Daniel Blake

Posted By: eddtheduck

I, Daniel Blake - 14th Jan 2017 1:22pm

What a film a must see

A 59 year old carpenter recovering from a heart attack, befriends a single mum and her two kids as they navigate their way through the impersonal benefits system. With equal amounts of humour, warmth and despair. Heartfelt and emotional until the end that will make you cry.

Daniel Blake is caught in a trap.

A bureaucratic hell populated by "computer says no" mini Hitlers occupying mainly minor roles in the Jobseeker hell that in a bid to out 'scroungers' the system has eaten itself and is spitting out vulnerable pitiful fodder like Daniel and the lovable but deeply vulnerable Katie.

He's had a heart attack and his doctors say he can't work but the Benefits Police say he has to go on jobseeker allowance and look for work or lose all entitlement to any money AT ALL.

Katie is moved from a women's hostel in London because she can't afford a flat in London with her two children She's having the same problems, only hers start from a tinpot Hitler chucking her out of the Job Centre for being late for her appointment.

if you liked Cathy Come Home you'll like this but be ready to cry cry
Posted By: casper

Re: I, Daniel Blake - 14th Jan 2017 5:14pm

We watched it last night edd, so sad, well worth a look, certainly a condemnation of this odious government, who introduced it to punish all regardless of circumstances.
Posted By: fish5133

Re: I, Daniel Blake - 15th Jan 2017 8:32am

I had to go through the esa claim procedure 50 minutes phone call knowing i would not get it but my emplyer needed a letter from them saying so. When the letter arrived it said we cant pay you esa because the law says so. The last time i had to go through the system at least they told me which bit of the rules applied.
My daughter was sent by the benefit office to a job meeting on the same day she had to sign on ...the timings meant she couldnt get back in time to sign on and they sanctioned her even afte explaining. Found out it seemed t be a tactic as others had money stopped in same circumstances.
Posted By: RUDEBOX

Re: I, Daniel Blake - 29th Jan 2017 4:21pm

Ellesmere Port Unite Community Branch Nw/10500 are proud to present Ken Loach's award winning film I, Daniel Blake

Free Admission, Disabled Access, Free Refreshments

We will host a short discussion following the film which will be led by Alec Spencer, Development Officer at West Cheshire Foodbank

I, Daniel Blake is the story of a man who suffers from a heart condition and his struggle to access the sickness benefits he should be entitled to and his friendship with a single mother who had been forced to move up north leaving friends and family behind because of a situation forced upon her by the recently introduced housing benefit cap.

Doors Open 6:30pm
Film Starts 7:00pm

Certificate 15

Wednesday 1st February
Little Sutton Community Centre
Chester Road
Little Sutton
Ellesmere Port
CH66 1QQ

We will be hosting other free screenings across Ellesmere Port during February

Tuesday 7th February
Flatt Lane Community Centre
Flatt Lane
Ellesmere Port
CH65 8DP

Wednesday 15th February
Wolverham Community Centre
Cheltenham Road
Ellesmere Port
CH65 5DS

Tuesday 21st February
Thelwall Road Community Centre
Thelwall Road
Great Sutton
Ellesmere Port
CH66 3JT

Tuesday 28th February
Westminster Community Centre
Church Parade
Ellesmere Port
CH65 2ER
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