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laptop broblem

Posted By: eggandchips

laptop broblem - 20th Apr 2018 6:21pm

my friends brought her laptop round, acer inspire 5472
won't boot up. all we get is the acer logo plus press f2
ive pressed f2/f8/f10/12
alt+ f2 etc
just keeps returning to above, i put win 7 disc in, wouldn't read disc.
does seem to be running hot, can't feel the fan, would over=heating cause this?

thanks in advance
Posted By: Mark

Re: laptop broblem - 20th Apr 2018 8:00pm

No fan can cause a thermal event.
And as a saftey precision can shut down.

Sometimes you can enter the BIOS and check the hardware temperatures but not all support this.

As the BIOS is low level it can allow you to work within the BIOS for a short period fairly safe.

Because your trying to load up the operating system, this puts demand on the processor which add to heat. And pretty quickly will shut its self down, and also looping round and round.

If there have been excessive thermal events you may have over cooked the thermal paste between the processor and the heat sink. Which in turn does not transfer heat over as efficiently as it would. So it may run hotter than previous, but should still work, and so you would hear the fan more than you used too.

The main thing is to understand if the fan is even working? Again in the BIOS it may tell you this. If not your going to have to listen.

All laptops as a self test will run the fan at 80% - 100% as a self test as you power it up and then go silent.

Hope that helps.
Posted By: Basisboy

Re: laptop broblem - 20th Apr 2018 8:26pm

When you switch on you should hear beeps .. count them and google - it may give you some clues...

It may HDD that has failed which would not be worse thing as you could buy new laptop 2.5 inch HDD replace and then re-install Windows (or via USB Drive if not CD or no disk!). Actually good excuse to upgrade to SSD smile

If you get stuck then you could contact https://www.propergeeks.co.uk/ .. see what they say!
Posted By: eggandchips

Re: laptop broblem - 20th Apr 2018 9:23pm

hi mark, its on a loop, going from nothing to the acer logo / press f2
can't get into bios,,

basisboy, was hoping i wouldn't have to buy a new hd
looks like i'll have to
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: laptop broblem - 20th Apr 2018 9:52pm

Have you left it on the Acer Logo for a long time (over 10 mins), sometimes after a while it starts doing some nonsense then fails and goes into automatic repair mode.
Posted By: Habdab

Re: laptop broblem - 21st Apr 2018 9:36pm

What's the Operating System?

If it's Win 10
Try the following...

1. Power off the laptop.
2. Power on the laptop.
3. As soon as you see the rotating loading circle, press and hold the Power Button until the computer shuts off.
4. Repeat this process a few times until you see the "Preparing Automatic Repair" screen.
5. Now you want to let the laptop boot to the "Automatic Repair" screen.
6. Click "Advanced Options" and then select "Troubleshoot".
7. Here you want to select "Refresh your PC", if you do not wish to erase data, or "Reset your PC" to erase all data and restore your system.
8. From here just follow the screen instructions until the recovery is completed.

NOTE: You will need to get into the "Advanced Options" in order to get the "Refresh Option". This choice will keep your data, but any programs installed will be lost.

Do not do a "Reset" as that will wipe all data you have on the laptop.

Information taken from Webworkings on Tom's guide

Posted By: eggandchips

Re: laptop broblem - 25th Apr 2018 3:49pm

knackered hard drive

thanks guys
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