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wireless on old computer

Posted By: organiser

wireless on old computer - 3rd Feb 2014 6:28pm

I have a desktop computer which is about fifteen years old and I was able to get on the internet through my phone line via a modem

I now have BT wireless but I cannot access it on the old computer which I want to use to allow my wife internet use

Is there a simple cheap solution please

Thank you
Posted By: BigDave

Re: wireless on old computer - 3rd Feb 2014 6:51pm

Buy a wifi usb dongle only 5.00 on ebay.
Posted By: Mark

Re: wireless on old computer - 3rd Feb 2014 7:24pm

If your close to the router you can still plug a Network Cable into the router "Hub".

Depending where you buy the cable it be about 1 per meter with the ends on moulded for durability.

Sorry that's way over the top.


35p for 5 meters they may be delivery on that but under a fiver. Your old pc will normally have a network card to accept this cable.

It may look like the same connection as a modem but its not.
This is a cat 5 cable with a rj45 connection.
Your modem was a telephone wire with a rj11 connection.
the rj45 is squarer if that's one way to say it.

They both have the nick in the top.
But the rj45 will not fit in the rj11 slot in the modem.

Its the net work card you will need with the connection.

USB Dongle
You dont say what the operating system is for your computer so you must make sure if you buy on you have the one that will work on an old machine.

Hope that helps.
If you get stuck or want more help drop me a private message.

Posted By: organiser

Re: wireless on old computer - 3rd Feb 2014 9:31pm

BigDave, Mark, thank you
Posted By: Gibbo

Re: wireless on old computer - 4th Feb 2014 11:16am

I can recommend this one:


The adapter is compatible with the following Operating Systems:

Windows 2000
Windows XP 32/64 Bit
Windows Vista 32/64 Bit
Windows 7 32/64 Bit
Windows 8 32/64 Bit
Posted By: organiser

Re: wireless on old computer - 4th Feb 2014 2:34pm

Thanks Gibbo

I need to take a load of old stuff of desktop before I try any of the suggestions...thank you all

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