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Old Chester Road in 1880

Posted By: soonguy

Old Chester Road in 1880 - 22nd Nov 2019 8:13pm

Please, can anyone help me with this question. A relative was living at 98 Old Chester Road in the 1881 census and working at Lairds. Judging by the 1911 census which gives the numbers of rooms, it must have been a typical house with two rooms downstairs and three rooms upstairs.

But the house numbering on this road now seems all over the place in many locations. There is a 95 and 97 for instance, right down to the south end, but there were no houses opposite them for many years, and the modern ones that are there now have very high numbers. The order of the house numbers in the census may give a clue, in that the first entries on the list are St Pauls Vicarage and the Conservative Club rather than the very north end of the road, then only even numbers up to 44, and then odds and evens, carrying on down to no 426. Trying to count up on the 1899 map from St Pauls Vicarage going south, I'm guessing that No 98 might have been somewhere close to the Dacre Hill junction. Would anyone have any ideas about this. Grateful thanks. Here's the wonderful Scottish Libraries draggable zoomable map showing Dacre Hill: http://ow.ly/yQpr50xi4qf
Posted By: bert1

Re: Old Chester Road in 1880 - 22nd Nov 2019 9:18pm

The 1911 Directory has 98 Old Chester Rd on the corner of Sidney Rd.
Posted By: bert1

Re: Old Chester Road in 1880 - 22nd Nov 2019 9:24pm

Same, 1938 Directory.
Posted By: bert1

Re: Old Chester Road in 1880 - 22nd Nov 2019 9:47pm

The directories give the impression it's the corner house, it's the only house between Sidney Rd and Sidney Terrace,

marked blue,

[Linked Image]
Posted By: soonguy

Re: Old Chester Road in 1880 - 23rd Nov 2019 11:53am

Thanks so much everyone. Much appreciated.
Posted By: Norton

Re: Old Chester Road in 1880 - 27th Nov 2019 4:46pm

It might be worthwhile looking at a previous post about Old Chester Road. https://www.wikiwirral.co.uk/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/988360/1.html
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