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Rock Ferry boat disaster 1834?

Posted By: yoller

Rock Ferry boat disaster 1834? - 9th Nov 2018 10:10am

In Gore’s Liverpool Directory for 1853, there is a section of ‘annals’ recording significant events of previous years around Merseyside.
For 1834, it has this entry …

Two boats, crowded with persons returning from a fight near Rock Ferry, upset on the river: between forty and fifty lives lost - Nov 17.

The entry actually reads ‘Bock’ Ferry, but that looks like just a typographical error.

I’ve never heard of this event, which surely must have been recorded in more detail somewhere. Has anyone any further information?

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Posted By: bert1

Re: Rock Ferry boat disaster 1834? - 9th Nov 2018 11:31am

Liverpool Mercury, November, 1834

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Posted By: yoller

Re: Rock Ferry boat disaster 1834? - 9th Nov 2018 1:29pm

Thanks, Bert - excellent info. What a tragedy, long forgotten now. I suppose because the victims were 'generally of bad characters' that sympathy was in short supply.
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