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Leasowe Lighthouse

Posted By: Fireblade

Leasowe Lighthouse - 30th Dec 2015 11:15pm

Could anyone tell me where i might find,
the names of the people from "back in the day",
that lived in the lighthouse.
Cheers Baza
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Leasowe Lighthouse - 30th Dec 2015 11:54pm

Only people were keepers or caretakers as far as I am aware, I can't find any records of it being residential but who knows?


Alexander Smarley (1764-1765) (Leasowe Upper)
John Bennet 1764- (Leasowe Lower)
Richard Wilding 1765-1771
Thomas Woods -1803
John Smith 1803-1830
John Jones 1830-1854
Ann Jones 1854-1867
Joseph Morgan 1867-1880
Thomas Bell 1880-1892
Thomas Williams 1892-1894
Mary Elizabeth Williams 1894-1908


John Austin 1909-1920

18c dates are vague, 19c & 20c dates are well documented.

Posted By: bert1

Re: Leasowe Lighthouse - 31st Dec 2015 7:31am

The Lighthouse was residential, taking 2 names from DD's list, John Austin and Thomas Ward Bell had their wives and children living with them. The Lighthouse had 7 rooms not including any Scullery or Bathrooms it might have had.
Posted By: Softy_Southerner

Re: Leasowe Lighthouse - 31st Dec 2015 12:04pm

The last keeper (IIRC) was a widow who took over from her husband as keeper. The light was fuelled by coal which had to be carried to the top several times a day ! I can't remember all the details but it is worth doing the tour for the history as well as the views
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Leasowe Lighthouse - 31st Dec 2015 12:30pm

I meant residential as in residential property ie not due to employment.
Posted By: Fireblade

Re: Leasowe Lighthouse - 1st Jan 2016 6:44pm

Blimey, a huge thanks for all your reply's thumbsup
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