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R.I.P. Tesco Value

Posted By: Mark

R.I.P. Tesco Value - 21st Nov 2013 11:05am

Tesco Value has been shelved. Its blue and white stripes have passed their sell-by date. The bargain brand has checked out.

Instead the 20-year-old range is being replaced by a younger, brighter model with only a slightly different name, Everyday Value.

Bosses say the "no frills" facelift is a step up in quality - none of the products will contain MSG, hydrogenated fats, artificial flavours or colours, or genetically modified ingredients - at no extra cost.

But its predecessor will be fondly remembered as the range which transformed the bargain hunt for supermarket savings from an exercise in sifting through shelves for cut-price offers, to a process of scanning the aisles for colours and stripes.

Launched in the depths of the early 1990s recession amid supermarket price wars which saw bread being sold for as little as 7p and a tin of baked beans slashed to 3p, Tesco Value set a trend in supermarket sub-brands that traded on cost-cutting.

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Posted By: organiser

Re: R.I.P. Tesco Value - 21st Nov 2013 12:36pm

In supermarkets, I have always believed you get what you pay for, and if for any reason I am dissatisfied with my purchase I will take it back and complain
Posted By: mikeeb

Re: R.I.P. Tesco Value - 21st Nov 2013 1:33pm

You knew you was getting a bargain with that brand
Will you with the new one?
Posted By: _Ste_

Re: R.I.P. Tesco Value - 21st Nov 2013 2:42pm

Horsemeat included smile
Posted By: daveybm

Re: R.I.P. Tesco Value - 22nd Nov 2013 8:32am

Old news, if you look at the article it's linked to you will find the date on it is APRIL 2012.

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