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School Kids Climate Change Protests

Posted By: fish5133

School Kids Climate Change Protests - 15th Feb 2019 2:08pm


Schoolchildren across the UK have gone on strike as part of a global campaign calling for action over climate change.

Students around the country walked out of school to call on the government to declare a climate emergency and take active steps to tackle the problem.

"Save our planet" was the message chanted by thousands of people gathered in Parliament Square in London.

Organisers Youth Strike 4 Climate said protests were taking place in more than 60 towns and cities across the UK.

The action is part of a much wider global movement, known as Schools 4 Climate Action.

My "something fishy" radar started bleeping when i read about this.. You try taking your kids out of school for a holiday and you get slammed and fined . So why is this being seen as a thing to be proud about according to the energy minister?.. With my conspiracy hat on i would think it may be something to do with getting the older schoolchildren politicised just prior to them reaching voting age. Are these the young generation , we are told, who will all vote to Remain in The EU when all the ignorant oldie Leavers croak it.
Posted By: granny

Re: School Kids Climate Change Protests - 16th Feb 2019 9:44am

Could well be a lot of truth in that Fish. Bring down the voting age to 16yr olds, because this of 15,000 school children has been well organised.
Did the parents know these children were attending such rallies, because on a school day, school children are the responsibility of the school ? So if the parents knew, then the schools must have participated in it too by either condoning it or sending out letters to inform parents of school concern or involvement.

These are the young generation who will be swayed by any dangling carrot that is put before them. Tip of the iceberg.
Posted By: keef666

Re: School Kids Climate Change Protests - 18th Feb 2019 5:05am

Makes me laugh, you see kids going to and coming home from school and who throws away the pop bottles, crisp packets, choc bar wrappers littering the street? Take your litter home with you or put it in a bin, clean the streets up first, then we're talk about saving the planet?
Posted By: Gibbo

Re: School Kids Climate Change Protests - 18th Feb 2019 9:28am

What the media failed to mention was that it was half term for many. And a teacher training day for many more. So many of the kids would have been off school anyway.
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