Posted By: fish5133 Ignition Switch Faulty Barrel Worn Key - 14th Aug 2020 8:58pm
Cant get the ignition to switch on with the key been playing up for a while. Knackered barrel or worn key? Key doesnt manually lock car door either.. Main dealer ellesmere port 2 weeks to just look to see what problem is and the couple more weeks to order and fix(but cant drive it there).. Local auto locksmith says cant fix it as cant get barrel, Have ordered a replacement key cut to code to see if its a worn key. failing that mobile mechanic ?? -. Can ignition lock assemblies be got from motor factors? . suggestions please? Honda 2005 crv automatic..
Posted By: Norton Re: Ignition Switch Faulty Barrel Worn Key - 15th Aug 2020 11:48am
Do you have a spare key? (I guess not). Does the key actually turn?
If the key turns in the ignition but nothing happens, it could be an immobiliser problem.
If the key won't turn in the door, it could be due to lack of use and perhaps lubricating the door lock might help.
If the key won't turn in either of them, then it's the key at least. And that's just the physical part. They have electronics.
Is the battery in a good state of charge.
Does your insurance cover you for locks? This could be on your car insurance or on a breakdown cover policy.
Re-mapping of keys to locks and ECU's can be expensive..

Being an automatic, I guess you remembered to put it in P or N (and had the brake pedal depressed as some cars do).
Posted By: diggingdeeper Re: Ignition Switch Faulty Barrel Worn Key - 15th Aug 2020 2:43pm
Put your VIN in the Honda recall checker, there have been more than one recall for Honda ignition switches.
Posted By: Sahel Re: Ignition Switch Faulty Barrel Worn Key - 8th Jun 2022 7:33pm
How did you fix the problem? I have the same issue at the moment!
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