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Levers Causeways

Posted By: adrianb

Levers Causeways - 18th Dec 2018 7:37am


Does anyone know if it is permitted to walk the various tree lined lengths of paths around Thornton Hough?

On the map they are marked down as paths but not rights of way.

Posted By: Gibbo

Re: Levers Causeways - 18th Dec 2018 9:53am

They're gated but there are no KEEP OUT signs so its worth a go.

Other than that the only bit which is a public right of way is a very short stretch at Brimstage.
Posted By: oldpm01

Re: Levers Causeways - 18th Dec 2018 11:42am

Yes, many of the paths around Thornton Hough are walkable, they are either footpaths and in the last few years a number of bridle paths are also open to walk on.
Posted By: granny

Re: Levers Causeways - 18th Dec 2018 12:32pm

There's one big one that is actually the entrance to Thornton Manor Estate . Doubt that is open to the public and it was possibly the once upon a time, route home for Mr Lever from Port Sunlight . It's On Brimstage Road between M53 and Brimstage craft centre.. on the left with wide entrance .
Posted By: pacef8

Re: Levers Causeways - 18th Dec 2018 1:32pm

Cycle on them many times although a bit muddy at the moment . Enter from rocklands lane and choose from 4 directions.
Posted By: adrianb

Re: Levers Causeways - 18th Dec 2018 2:49pm

Thanks everybody, I’ll give it a go, they look like nice routes to walk.
Posted By: Moonstar

Re: Levers Causeways - 24th Dec 2018 2:12pm

This may be helpful Adrianb, though elsewhere it says maps are under review.

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