WikiWirral : Report Bullying / Abusive Posts

Report it.
We do take reported Abusive / Racist / Bullying by any member very seriously. Please contact us with your concerns, and we will investigate what we can.

Notify A Post
To bring this to the attention of the forum moderator and admin please notify the post. You can notify any post you wish. Under each post is the "Notify" Button, only registered members can see this option. When you click on this button your comments are e-mailed to admin. Please state the reason for the post to be notified. Is it because of the content of the post or is it the members comments that we need to look at more closely. We can only take your comments at face value, but every notified post is reviewed. The software does not allow us to reply to a notified post but we do get them.

Opinions : Personal Insults
There is a fine line between a persons opinion and a personal insult. A personal insult has to be directed at you at face value. No one can know what your personal circumstances are so this has to be taken into consideration when we review a post. We have a policy well documented on the forums what we do not accept any persona insults at any level and accounts will be suspended click me

Abusive / Racist Posts
We do not tolerate these types of post. Please Notify that post and we will remove it as soon as we possibly can.

We do not ignore bullies. We do not want them and nor does anyone else. If you feel you are being bullied or harassed on our forums you can help yourself by "ignoring that member" what we mean by that is you can view there profile page, and you will see a line of text stating "Ignore this member" by selecting this you will no longer see there comments. They will not be able to send you any new private messages, so you are advised to remove yourself from any private messages you may be included in. If you continue to have any issues please contact us giving us as much information as possible and we will do our best to help. Abusing this help will have your account removed.