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New Registrations No E-mail.
We have reports of issues with some BT and Yahoo accounts but there could be others, its a well documented problem on the BT Forums. If you use a gmail or account they should be fine. If you see your Display Name in the New members island to the right of the main forums, this means you have been approved and you can use your original login details and password. However you will not get e-mail notices from the forums because of this, but a again this is a tiny few accounts but worth highlighting to you. The problem is at your mail servers and not ours. Please view these details for possible solutions Click Me

New Registrations Illegal Characters.
Illegal Characters : This is due to you having a " " Space in your user name or -!@$ spaces and non a-z 1-0 characters are not permitted.

New Registrations Captcha Images fails
Captcha is a method used to filter out a human registration and a computer generated registration which are used to spam topics. If your attempt fails you will advance to the next page which will then tell you, you have failed. To fix this, you need to go back to the page with the captcha images, click on the images to generate a new set of images, your attempts will then be processed correctly. If you do not click on the images it will be out of sync and fail always.

New Registrations Captcha Images I can not Read them?
It is by design that you have to study them to get them correct, but some times they can be difficult and you can request a new set of images to help you. To do this just click on the images again and again until you can read a set of images to progress to the next screen..

New Registrations: Login Details?
These are the details you have just used to register with, a username and password. Note your Display Name and Username may be different. .

Registered Account : Forgot password.
On the login page of the forums there is a link for "Lost password" follow the instructions from that page. Its important not to copy and paste the results in to the log in page as you may copy illegal characters from your email account in to the input fields, always type them in fresh..

Verify Email Account
When activated, you are sent an e-mail to confirm your e-mail address does exits. You have 24hrs to confirm this e-mail address or your account is removed by the software. You will receive an e-mail at the end of your registration with detail on how to verify it. ..

Registration : Wrong Date of Birth Entered.
This can be corrected by either i) Retrying after 24hrs. ii) Deleting your cookies for iii) Register on a different device *This is a problem on your device this is not something we can correct for you.

More Help.
Please use our contact us page. Please include your username if you have one as this will help us trace your account and give the correct advice to you.