WikiWirral : Account Status

Suspended Account.
If your account has been suspended at the login page you will receive a summary of the reasons why. This will probably be a indication to which of our forum guidelines you have broken. We only suspend accounts as a last resort. Please read over our forum guidelines thank you.

Temporary Suspension
Your account has been suspended for a temporary time period. There is no appeal for the time scale as temporary suspensions normally last between 2 and 7 days. Repeat offenders can have this period increased or there accounts closed.

Account Closed
Your account has been closed. You may appeal this decision by contact us on our contact us page. We may close your account until you contact us and the issues resolved before your account will be re-opened.

Forum Guidlines?
We do have rules and guidelines for members to follow so we can co exist with in WikiWirral. With over 10,000 members opinions and views create a diverse community, we ask that you respect members opinions at all times.

Community Rules
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