You can make a request by letter for personal information held about yourself or information about other vehicle keepers held on the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) records. Requests for vehicle information can be made by telephone on dedicated telephone enquiry services.

Reasons for making a request
Information can be released to anyone who can demonstrate 'reasonable cause' for their request. Information regarding the release of information from DVLA records can be found on the link below.

Release of information from DVLA records

The following information gives the ways in which requests for information from DVLA records can be made.

Requests for vehicle information by telephone
The DVLA operates two premium rate telephone services which give vehicle information. Calls are charged at 49 pence per minute and lines operate Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 8:30 pm, and Saturday between 8.00am to 5.30pm.

DVLA’s vehicle check service - telephone number 0906 185 8585

Gives details of date of registration, year of manufacture, engine capacity (cc), CO2 emissions and confirmation of colour.

DVLA’s date of liability (‘vehicle tax due date’) line - telephone number 0906 765 7585

Provides information on the expiry date of the current tax disc. Although the vehicle record is constantly updated, it is possible that an outstanding vehicle tax application may be waiting processing and has not yet updated the vehicle record. The information given via this service will, in most instances, be correct but should not be taken as confirmation that there is a current vehicle tax in force.

Requests for vehicle keeper information by letter
Previous keeper details

If you are the current keeper you can get information about any earlier keepers on application. You should write to Vehicle Record Enquiries, Vehicle Customer Services, DVLA, Swansea SA99 1AJ quoting the registration number of the vehicle and giving the reasons for your request. A fee of £5 is payable.

Release of another vehicle’s keeper details

You can obtain the name and address of the registered keeper of a vehicle if you can show reasonable cause for needing the information.

members of the public will need to complete form V888
companies can complete form VQ3 or apply in writing giving full details of the reason for the enquiry and the vehicle registration mark
Both forms are available from DVLA. Form V888 can be downloaded on our vehicle forms link below.

Vehicle forms

Fees payable

The fee for information at a specific date of event is £2.50 per vehicle. If further information is required, for instance, a copy of a document or additional keeper information, a fee of £5 is required per vehicle.

Send your application to Vehicle Record Enquiries, Vehicle Customer Services, DVLA, Swansea SA99 1AJ.

It is an offence to unlawfully obtain personal data which is contrary to Section 55 of the Data Protection Act 1998. Unlimited fines in the Crown Court (or to a maximum of £5,000 in the Magistrates Court) exist as penalties in respect of these offences.

Release of information about yourself
The Data Protection Act gives you the right to obtain information held about you from DVLA records. Requests for information should be made in writing, together with a £5 fee to the following addresses:

Information from vehicle records

Vehicle Record Enquiries, Vehicle Customer Services, (Data Protection Queries), DVLA, Swansea SA99 1AJ quoting your full name, address and the registration number of your vehicle.

Information from driver licence records

DCS (Data Subject Enquiries), D4, DVLA, Swansea SA6 7JL quoting your address, driver number or full name and date of birth and reason for request.

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