I noticed this enquiry and can give you a great deal of information about Bob Simister Motorcycles, as I worked there in 1965/66. The company was run by Bob Simister, a very kindly, true gentleman, his son Rob and Rob's fiance Lyd (Lydia?). - I was a very junior trainee and I never appreciated the kindness the family gave to their staff.
The business occupied a large converted corner Victorian house, (544? New Chester Road) over 4 floors, plus a cellar, small workshop at the back and there was a separate workshop, further up Nelson Road, behind the pub and a prefab storage building, filled with old British bikes, at the end of Nelson Road. The showroom had all the current bikes and scooters on sale - Triumph, Norton, Velocette, AJS, Matchless, Lambretta - new and used. There was also a showroom on the other corner of Nelson Road, with Sidecars and outfits. Saturdays were always busy, bikers coming from all over the north west and I had to run up and down all the flights of stairs, getting parts for these sadly unreliable bikes. The Japanese bikes, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha, had only recently arrived in the UK and unfortunately, the supporters of all the old British bikes were reluctant to buy these newcomers, despite their vastly superior build quality, reliability and technical features.
I never kept in touch with Simister's after I left and gather that the business gradually faded - I have no idea when the buildings were demolished, now it's just rows of identical houses - maybe there's tons of old British bike spares buried there..... similar to the classic BMC car parts which were buried in a pit at Victor Horsmans Speke showroom.....but that's another story!