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LEDs again

Posted By: Excoriator

LEDs again - 23rd Jun 2018 9:59pm

I notice that some street lights are being replaced in suburban streets around New Ferry. Not just the lights, mind you. The whole lamp post. They are being replaced with sodium lamps rather than LEDs however which makes little sense to me. The cost of the actual luminaire must be a small proportion of the cost of replacing the whole lamp posts - which seem to be installed a couple of feet from the old one which is removed after the new one is commissioned.The running costs must surely be a lot lower had LEDs been installed, and as they last a lot longer, great savings can be made on maintenance and bulb replacement too.

So far, I have spotted only one LED in a suburban street - Delta Road East. Go, marvel at it!

I can't make any sense of this. I would have expected LED replacements to go in more or less automatically, but the council seems intent on keeping us in dismal orange illumination at extra cost more or less indefinitely.
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: LEDs again - 23rd Jun 2018 10:32pm

I've seen a few side streets with the smaller LED lamp posts here and there, I'm not impressed with the light spread on them. I'll make a note of some next time I spot them.

I'd be amazed if replacements are sodium unless they have found a very cheap source of "outdated" street lamps and will convert them after. They have just received £4.6m pounds to replace 27,000 lamps with LED over the next three years.
Posted By: Excoriator

Re: LEDs again - 24th Jun 2018 5:20pm

Hopefully, they can use some of that cash to get the ones on the where the bypass dives under New Ferry Road to work. They haven't ever worked since they were installed. I guess that's real money saving!

I look forward to seeing them rolled out more generally. It will allow us the pleasure of marvelling at the depth of potholes in more natural colours!
Posted By: Excoriator

Re: LEDs again - 24th Jun 2018 9:59pm

I noticed a couple of LED street lights going in on New Ferry Road. Perhaps they were using up their stock of sodium lamps first, although financially, they might be better just dumping them in landfill.
Posted By: Norton

Re: LEDs again - 14th Dec 2018 1:44pm

The current list of streetlights due for replacement is on the Council's website.

Please note what it says about the lights on the list -

"The street lights listed below are due to be replaced by end of March 2108.
Please do not report them as faulty as they will not be repaired before they are replaced."

Replacement list as of April 2018

Now go back and look at the date. March when?
Perhaps a realistic figure at last.
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: LEDs again - 14th Dec 2018 5:44pm

Funnily enough I was looking into street lights again last night, there are something like TEN street lights a DAY getting reported as faulty in Wirral.

If anyone wants any proper stats I can provide them.
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