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Posted By: nem12esis

Dementia - 11th Dec 2013 9:04am

Good news this morning, £millions of taxpayers' money put into research into the causes and cures of dementia. The only problem really is that the amount is less than we give to India each year. If we were to stop, temporarily of course, all foreign aid perhaps we could make the basic state pension sufficient that pensioners do not need to clain pension credit. Apparently, we have the about worst pension in Europe, but we are amongst the richest countries!! We could aslo better fund lots of essential research into many things.
So why not pay some out to those who put the money into their pensions and the NHS in the first place?
Posted By: chriskay

Re: Dementia - 11th Dec 2013 11:59am

I agree in principle that we should look after our own before sending aid overseas. The problem is, the overseas aid is in the nature of a bribe to keep the recipient countries "onside".
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