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Oakdale Mission

Posted By: Mason

Oakdale Mission - 13th Nov 2019 4:15pm

Does anyone know anything about Oakdale Mission in Birkenhead. I'd like to know exactly where is was - it could well have been on Oakdale Road but looking at Google Maps there isn't an obvious place for it to have been - Oakdale Road seems to be all houses. Apparently the Mission was damaged in the Liverpool Blitz but I'm not sure when it closed down. It was still open in April 1956 when my Grandfather (Andrew Mason) was alive as people from the Mission attended his funeral.
Oakdale Mission & Union Street Mission, also in Birkenhead, were both linked with Egremont Presbyterian Church in Wallasey (that church is now the Manor Road Church Centre).
I hope this query finds people with long memories or local history buffs!
Posted By: bert1

Re: Oakdale Mission - 13th Nov 2019 5:01pm

Hope this helps,
1938 directory,

[Linked Image]
Posted By: bert1

Re: Oakdale Mission - 13th Nov 2019 5:02pm

Also here,

Posted By: Mason

Re: Oakdale Mission - 13th Nov 2019 5:54pm

Thank you! I now know where it was.
I am still confused though. I have various copies of the Egremont Presbyterian Messenger, with that for April 1956 in front of me at the moment (It is the copy with Papa's obituary in it. His wife dies 15 days after him: her obit.is in the May 1956 edition.)
In both editions, underneath the list of officers of Egremont Church are listed the officers of firstly Oakdale Mission Church & then the Union Street Mission Church, implying to me that they were still linked together at that time.
Posted By: bert1

Re: Oakdale Mission - 14th Nov 2019 7:16am

If anyone has access to FMP or British Newspapers online may be able to help.

I can't open the articles, only get a snippet of information.

Oakdale Mission, Gorsedale Road, Liverpool Echo, 1958.

Oakdale Mission, Oakdale Rd, Seacombe, Liverpool Echo, 1983.
Posted By: europa1

Re: Oakdale Mission - 12th Dec 2019 11:25pm

The Oakdale Mission was indeed on the corner of Gorsedale/Oakdale roads , Wallasey and is still there although now a children's nursery I think.
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