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Yet another Scam!

Posted By: Habdab

Yet another Scam! - 14th Jun 2019 1:47pm

Two days ago I got an annonymous call, they hung up when I answered, so I knew what was coming. Sure enough, today I got a recorded message telling me criminal proceedings were being brough against me, press 1.
So I pressed it and an Indian gentleman asked me why I was calling. I told him, then he asked me my name. I told him to wait while I recorded the call then told him it was his idea to call me and he should already have my name. He got annoyed and mumbled something about the Police getting in touch then hung up.
Not sure how they intended to scam me, but beware.
Posted By: Wally1

Re: Yet another Scam! - 15th Jun 2019 1:07pm

Yet another scam which was new to me but seems to have started last year.

Woman phones and asks me to confirm my name and that I am on the
Telephone Preference Scheme. I don't confirm either and ask who she is
and get another question back. There is an inference that she is from
the Telephone Preference Scheme but when I don't answer her questions
she hangs up.

I am on the scheme which stops most legitimate businesses phoning so
I checked on their website. It showed I am still registered and also has
a warning about scam callers claiming to be from the TPS and then asking
for credit card details and payments. The TPS is free and they will never
phone you. Also they will not delete you (some callers claim that you are "not
on their TPS list")
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Yet another Scam! - 15th Jun 2019 1:16pm

That is the annoying thing about TPS, in the process of giving you privacy from British companies, it is also providing a list of numbers to foreign companies.
Posted By: granny

Re: Yet another Scam! - 15th Jun 2019 9:01pm

Had quite a long stretch without any of these calls, but in the last couple of weeks they have been becoming regular again.

Had one yesterdaymorning asking for me, so I said I wasn't me .
Can I speak to her?
Why not ?
She's not here
When will Mrs be back ?
Don't know ?
How old is Mrs ?
What's that got to do with you ? (I said) .. the phone went dead.

Another one this morning about BT something or other, so I laughed as in a big loud 'HA HA HA HA HA' and told them (shouted) to get lost and find a proper job.
Phone went dead.

I seem to be getting very short with people just recently.. Is it my age ?

Habdab, don't press anything they tell you to when they phone, it has been known to cost people a fortune.
Posted By: TheComputerLab

Re: Yet another Scam! - 16th Jun 2019 10:02am

If this is happening on your mobile phone it’s worth getting an app like truecaller as it will auto block spam calls
Posted By: Habdab

Re: Yet another Scam! - 16th Jun 2019 4:47pm

(Habdab, don't press anything they tell you to when they phone, it has been known to cost people a fortune.)

Thanks for the advice Granny, Can I press my ear to the phone?
Posted By: BandyCoot

Re: Yet another Scam! - 22nd Jun 2019 12:34pm

Mate this week had a call from an "accident" claim group. Asked if he'd just had an accident last week and replied in the affirmative. When asked what had happened he said that a lorry had rolled onto the top of his car as he was going round a roundabout. The bloke then asked what had happened further. He replied that the lorry had killed him. The caller hung up.
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