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M53 delay NOW

Posted By: Snodvan

M53 delay NOW - 2nd Jul 2018 12:15pm

Seems to be a significant delay on M53 Southbound just before Woodchurch
Mrs stuck in queue - a real problem because she NEEDS to be in Port Sunligh SOON

Anyone any idea about the cause of the delay >

Posted By: Snodvan

Re: M53 delay NOW - 2nd Jul 2018 12:22pm

News report say accident
M53 Merseyside southbound severe accident, between J2 for and J3 for A552.

M53 Merseyside - Stationary traffic on M53 southbound between J2, Moreton Spur and J3, A552 (Woodchurch), because of an accident and all traffic being temporarily held.

Mrs says has hardly moved for 30 mins ----- avoid the M53

Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: M53 delay NOW - 2nd Jul 2018 3:08pm

Checked Highways England "Live Data" at about 14:10 and it showed slightly slow traffic between junction 2 and 4 southbound, either traffic had just started moving en-bloc or the live data was as accurate as normal.

Its clear now according to live data.
Posted By: fish5133

Re: M53 delay NOW - 3rd Jul 2018 9:56am

Maybe why hearing lot of sirens through Irby village
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