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Wirral's Worst Roads?

Posted By: DavidB

Wirral's Worst Roads? - 15th Jun 2018 7:09pm

I'm not knocking the people repaving the roads or WBC here, etc etc.

I vote Heath Road passing by Wirral Grammar School.


From the moment you come round the corner, it's all moon buggy. It's sometimes hard to believe how long some of these roads have been left in this condition.
It has a patchwork of under road repairs, and they never seem to have found the knack of doing that correctly.
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Wirral's Worst Roads? - 16th Jun 2018 1:06am

Brighton Street is pretty bad despite the Council offices and Town Hall being there.
Posted By: Near_Oval

Re: Wirral's Worst Roads? - 25th Jun 2018 7:40am

Rolleston drive to belvidere road - trenched at some point, now sunken. been cycling/motorcycling for a long long time, still able to catch you out.

Was a widley circulated pic of a chelsea tractor (Southport way?) that had been tarmacced round, leaving old surface below recently. right outside belvidere field on belvidere road same situation been there for what 2 years now?

Grove road from Nelson to windsors (i think this is on a list though).

Cobbles still exist on part of the roads near the magazines.....

Plenty of other areas that can have an unsuspecting rider out of the seat and, if really unlucky, on the floor.
Posted By: venice

Re: Wirral's Worst Roads? - 26th Jun 2018 9:15am

What horrifies me is noticing all the deep potholes on a dry day , then seeing the same roads when its been raining hard and just seeing innocent looking 'puddles' ! Every time I'm about to pass flooded ones Im familiar with , I cringe when I see bikes and motor cycles in front of me , heading straight for them . Push bikes as slower, can observe more closely and probably avoid them, but in traffic and when theres lots of ordinary big flat puddles as well as these small lethal pothole puddles , it has to be a terrible risk for motorcyclists . When you cant avoid puddles altogether, it must be instinctive to choose to ride through the smaller ones .Im amazed we dont have more accidents caused by this.
Posted By: keef666

Re: Wirral's Worst Roads? - 4th Jul 2018 10:31am

As a motocyclist for over forty years, gotta say our roads are appalling, and the Council should be in court for the fact, i told them over12 years ago how they should be repairing potholes, gave them the information who to see , examples of the work, how much money would be saved, carbon footprint lowered , they seems pleased with this, and would look into it further.
So far nothing has happened, same goes all over the country its going to cost billions to fix our roads and its so bloody simple!
In case you are wondering how you fix a pothole, you don't pour melted tarmac into the hole and roll it smooth, only to wear away a week or two later or worse the existing road starts to break up more, making a pothole next to another. Using a HOT BOX! you melt the surrounding part of the road around the pothole and then pour said tarmac in it all blends into one, it cools down no more pothole,
A gang of two men in a van could fix all of Wirral roads in a few weeks
Posted By: venice

Re: Wirral's Worst Roads? - 4th Jul 2018 11:57am

I imagine the council are just avoiding doing that method since it wont be the cheapest short term , and thats all they are interested in . Wonder what would happen if everyone who saw a bad pothole , reported its position to the council head of roads and highways, as life threatening to bikers and cyclists . Would they be concerned I wonder that if there was an accident caused by any one of those hundreds of reported potholes , they might then be liable in a much worse and more expensive way than normal ? Im amazed there havent been more accidents already . Dont know if Wirral has an online reporting facility like the Cheshire West half. (which was dead easy to use last time I did it. )
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Wirral's Worst Roads? - 4th Jul 2018 8:47pm

You can report them on the Council website HERE


report them publicly on FIXMYSTREET
Posted By: Jeremy

Re: Wirral's Worst Roads? - 7th Jul 2018 8:12am

Has anyone noticed the repairs they've done to Corporation Road? Especially travelling in the direction of Egerton House.

The new tarmac has created dips, first time I went down there the bottom of my front bumper hit the road as I went over/down it.
Posted By: keef666

Re: Wirral's Worst Roads? - 6th Mar 2020 8:35pm

I see the council is out again resurfacing some roads in Wallasey, pity is the nasty and cheap grit with a thin topping of black tarmac on the top,
Think of it this way you have a crack in the wall in you living room, you scrap it out and apply poly filler etc, sand down when dry and paint or wall paper of it, now image just giving the wall a coat of paint hoping to hide the crack, to me that's what Wirral Council are doing to a lot of roads, they seem to be making an effort to be working improving the roads but are making them worse?
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