Posted By: BultacoAstro Union Jack Flag - 31st May 2022 7:34am
Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven.
Been looking to buy a large Union Jack so could hang it out of the window unfortunately the price's are ridiculous.
I went on eBay to find a Old one and most start well over a Ton.
Going to walk into Birkenhead this morning so does anyone know any shop's up there what sell the large Flag's.
Posted By: diggingdeeper Re: Union Jack Flag - 31st May 2022 2:09pm
The 5ft X 3ft flags you can get for less than £5 have numerous resellers pricing them at anything up to £50.

Proper Linen 9ft flags are always expensive at around £100 upwards, we had some custom made for us once as it was cheaper than off-the-shelf.

I hope you found something suitable in Birkenhead.
Posted By: BultacoAstro Re: Union Jack Flag - 31st May 2022 2:43pm
Beatles I Am A Walrus.
Thanks for reply I walked into Birkenhead shop to shop I went even walked into outside market just on the off chance there might be some.
I asked in Wilko unfortunately just ended up buying 3 months of dog chew's. My legs wear hurting by then so walked back home.
I haven't seen any Flag's for Sale even in Bromborough maybe they all got sold but I don't see any hanging by me.
I have quite a few flags just Not English 😔
I will check online thoe I hate paying Postage especially when they should be in shop's to buy ?
Posted By: Excoriator Re: Union Jack Flag - 31st May 2022 9:33pm
No flags?

Hang one of these up! The Jubilee clip!

Very reliable, and won't cost more than a couple of quid at Screwfix or Toolstation.

[Linked Image]
Posted By: BultacoAstro Re: Union Jack Flag - 2nd Jun 2022 8:10am
Cream. White Room.
There are Plenty of Flag's unfortunately there on line and with Postage Wait would be pointless.
Thoe I do have some Dr Marten "God Save The Queen" boot's.
Bought them age's ago on a Whim as going cheap and New.

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Posted By: mikeeb Re: Union Jack Flag - 4th Jun 2022 9:10am
Did you try The Range in Bromborough?
Posted By: BultacoAstro Re: Union Jack Flag - 9th Jun 2022 6:25am
Deep Purple Child In Time.
I went on the Croft tried a Few Shops then Gave Up.
I have been bidding on a few Large Flags on Ebay am hoping i might get one Cheap after Jubilee.
I did try to buy one from a Car boot in a Church Car Park, Port Sunlight near Bowling Green a few good years or a decade ago..
Seller had a nice Flag Unfortunately he had all his merchandise on it for Sale and didn't want to Empty Table.
Should of gave my money to Priest to buy at end of sale then pick up at a later day was a very nice Flag thoe.
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