Posted By: Reno46 Indoor bowling in Wirral - 26th Jan 2022 7:13pm
Hi! all you knowlegable folk out there I need your invaluable assistance please. Does anyone know of any short mat indoor bowling clubs or sports centres etc on Wirral offering such facilities . Many thanks Tony
Posted By: mikeeb Re: Indoor bowling in Wirral - 27th Jan 2022 1:14pm
I don't know much about the different formats of bowls but done a quick search on google and found a carpet bowls club at.
St. Andrews Church Hall
Moorfields Avenue
CH43 9YS.

Shortmat and crown, but this looks like it is outdoors.
Victoria Drive
West Kirby
United Kingdom
CH48 0QU

Loads here but not many shortmat. There are some in Liverpool as well.
Posted By: Reno46 Re: Indoor bowling in Wirral - 29th Jan 2022 9:25am
Many thanks for your invaluable info. I shall make contact with those listed. Best Wishes. Reno
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