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Can't Access Email

Posted By: granny

Can't Access Email - 23rd Apr 2020 9:13pm

Everything worked last night, tonight I can't access my email . Any ideas what the reason is ?

First message :

Couldn't sign you in
This browser or app may not be secure. Learn more

Try using a different browser. If you’re already using a supported browser, you can refresh your screen and try again to sign in.

Done the refresh...no change. So clicked onto 'learn more'

Sign in with a supported browser

To help protect your account, Google doesn’t let you sign in from some browsers. Google might stop sign-ins from browsers that:
•Don’t support JavaScript or have Javascript turned off.
•Have unsecure or unsupported extensions added.
•Use automation testing frameworks.
•Are embedded in a different application.

1. Use a supported browser

These and other browsers support JavaScript:
•Internet Explorer

2. Turn on JavaScript in Chrome

If you’re using a supported browser and still can’t sign in, you might need to turn on JavaScript.

A supported browser ? I use Internet Explorer and always have done ! I wonder if Google (my email provider) is wanting me to change to Chrome, but to block my emails is a bit confusing .

What do I do ?
Posted By: snowshoes

Re: Can't Access Email - 23rd Apr 2020 10:24pm

Did you try turning it off and on again?
Sorry gran, couldn't resist. I'm sure DD will help.
Chinese was good but as usual, way to much.
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Can't Access Email - 23rd Apr 2020 10:49pm

If you have malwarebytes then run it.

Check the add-ons (tools - manage add-ons) and see if you have anything unusual in there.

I only use IE for one purpose (cctv) but I have (approx names) ....

Toolbars & extensions:-
Research - enabled
Java SSV Helper - enabled
Java SSV 2 helper - enabled

Search Providers:-
Bing - enabled


Tracking protection:-
Personalised list - disabled
Posted By: lincle

Re: Can't Access Email - 24th Apr 2020 6:52am

Morning Granny,If youre still having a problem Proper Geeks in Wallasey have Remote support desk.They will connect to your device using secure encrypted software & give advice. Ive used them before but only by going to the shop which is closed at the moment. Worth ringing 638 8613 . Stay safe
Posted By: rhoobarb2002

Re: Can't Access Email - 24th Apr 2020 8:26am

The easiest thing is to try a different browser, see if it lets you access your email.

Personally IE would be the last browser I would use. If you have to use the built in one, I would try Edge.
Posted By: granny

Re: Can't Access Email - 24th Apr 2020 10:11am

Thanks everyone . That's a handy number to have linkle.

Well, I followed DD's instructions and there was nothing different. I followed the instructions from internet as how to go through the motions and 'enable' scripting. Everything was as it should be there too. So no changes could be made.
Then with a search I picked up this below, so I;m assuming that because Microsoft did an update the previous day this has come into play.
Anyway, as rhoobarb suggests, I have now changed browser and it seems to be ok, but more annoying when things change. Why can't they leave us old buggers alone eh?


Is Internet Explorer still supported?

Starting January 12, 2016, Microsoft stopped supporting all versions of Internet Explorer except the latest version: version 11.
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Can't Access Email - 24th Apr 2020 11:44am

Microsoft are keen to dump IE, they don't want to support two browsers. But IE 11 is still supported, the last update was ten days ago, they have used the sneaky incompatibility changes in the past to deter people from products they want to dump.

Something that is worth checking is whether Windows Update updates all Microsoft products, by default I used to find this switched off.

Start - Settings - Update & Security - [Windows Update]Advanced Options - Receive updates for other Microsoft products when you update Windows

I can't think of any reason to have this switched off.
Posted By: eggandchips

Re: Can't Access Email - 25th Apr 2020 9:31am

i've been using 'opera' for 12months i've found it really good, even has a built in VPN
Posted By: fish5133

Re: Can't Access Email - 28th Apr 2020 8:42pm

maybe your computer has a virus.....its very topical at the moment...
Posted By: granny

Re: Can't Access Email - 29th Apr 2020 1:18pm

I don't think I have a virus. At least I hope not. Having checked the symptoms of one, the only thing that compares is sometimes being slow, but I think that can happen anyway.

I'm using Firefox as a browser now, that should be ok, but seems slower to connect than IE.
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