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TV repair

Posted By: lincle

TV repair - 31st Dec 2019 10:46am

Any TV engineers able to fix a problem with LG smart tv? Typical LG problem with the back light discs . Im not capable of doing it myself as certain to muck it up. It can be done in my home. thanks
Posted By: saltytom

Re: TV repair - 1st Jan 2020 8:46am

Try SS Radio on Mill Lane Liscard 0151 638 6910 they will be shut today.

Posted By: lincle

Re: TV repair - 1st Jan 2020 12:34pm

Thanks Salty will ring them tomorrow. Happy new year
Posted By: lincle

Re: TV repair - 5th Jan 2020 8:56am

Still needing TV engineer folks.SS Radio couldnt oblige. Rang another number from Wirral Globe & left message on answerphone still not had call back.Why advertise if you dont want the work,pointless.Probably easier to buy a new set to solve what is a simple fault. What a throw away world we're living in.
Posted By: muzzy2

Re: TV repair - 6th Jan 2020 9:31am

Try TELLYFIX opposite Bebington station . 203 6454 very helpful.
Posted By: lincle

Re: TV repair - 7th Jan 2020 10:22am

Thanks Muzzy.Decided to keep TV as it is,let it run its course then buy a new one.
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