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Black Pearl

Posted By: venice

Black Pearl - 13th Sep 2018 5:40pm

It wasnt long ago I heard the ship was to be dismantled as it was all becomming too much for her 'keepers'. Recent look at the FB page shows she is very much alive and in one piece and they are planning something to be inkeeping with the Giants visit . Brilliant. What happened to change the situation - is she going to continue for the forseeable future after all?
Posted By: starakita

Re: Black Pearl - 13th Sep 2018 6:59pm

That was the Grace Darling in Hoylake which has now been dismantled.They were trying to find volounteers to look after the ship but I don't think they could get enough people to get involved
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Black Pearl - 13th Sep 2018 7:39pm

The Grace Darling is going to be rebuilt, the previous incarnation had to be dismantled because of "maintenance and insurance issues", the new one is being designed with health and safety etc in mind.
Posted By: venice

Re: Black Pearl - 13th Sep 2018 8:33pm

Oh , thats really good news especially about the Black Pearl , shall look forward to going down there again to see what they do for the giants visit. Thanks peeps.
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