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Cole Street School

Posted By: locomotive

Cole Street School - 26th Jun 2018 6:47pm

I noticed that work has stopped on converting the school into "Flats", is this to give the local arsonist a chance to have a go, that's what usually happens, or am I just beeing cynical.
Posted By: BandyCoot

Re: Cole Street School - 29th Jun 2018 9:56am

We come from a cynical generation Loco. There's loads of stuff going on which we could be very cynical about. Ah well!
Posted By: fish5133

Re: Cole Street School - 29th Jun 2018 6:19pm

Think the fires are usually before they strip out the wood...
Posted By: _Ste_

Re: Cole Street School - 2nd Jul 2018 9:57pm

Knock it down and start again
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