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Trade unions

Posted By: lincle

Trade unions - 23rd Mar 2018 9:33am

Hi, Can anyone tell me if you gave to be a Union member for a while before they will represent you . Thanks
Posted By: missmahjong

Re: Trade unions - 23rd Mar 2018 9:49am

Maybe rudebox will be able to advise .
Posted By: Gibbo

Re: Trade unions - 23rd Mar 2018 9:58am

Yes, there's usually a period before they assist - it varies from union to union.

Its to stop people joining just to get help, pretty much like the AA or other car breakdown firms.
Posted By: lincle

Re: Trade unions - 23rd Mar 2018 10:06am

Already in a Union but the reps harder to contact than the Pope.3rd day of waiting for a return call about an urgent situation.Need to change Union
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Trade unions - 23rd Mar 2018 11:55am

Any decent Union would represent you immediately.

If reps aren’t pulling their weight then complain upwards.
Posted By: casper

Re: Trade unions - 23rd Mar 2018 2:45pm

Most unions like to wait a while, the reason being some people join to get represented for their particular problem, then leave or change their minds before the membership has gone through. If you are having problems with your rep phone the Union Office and speak to the full time officer tell him you need representing, its your right as a member, any decent rep who knows his members or work mates should be ready to help regardless, do not go into any meetings or a disciplinary procedure without being represented that is also your right, good luck.
Posted By: Excoriator

Re: Trade unions - 23rd Mar 2018 3:06pm

I was the works rep for Unite for some years, and always took on people wanting to join immediately, even if for years they had refused to join (Whilst accepting any benefits won by the union of course!)

It is surprising how the threat of redundancy or the receipt of a redundancy notice turns even the most extreme bright blue tory voting union basher into a fanatical enthusiast for immediate strike action to protect their jobs! I always managed to resist the temptation to comment, but sometimes it was quite a struggle to say nothing.

Sadly, there is often very little the union can do to save jobs. Contrary to what is commonly believed. no union wants a strike and neither do their members. Nor can a union 'order' one. The members vote on it. It is very much a last resort, and if someone has spent years jeering and abusing unions, fellow workers are not going to be very enthusiastic about supporting him anyway. The best one can hope for in most cases is an improved severance package. Not usually what people want, but better than nothing perhaps.
Posted By: lincle

Re: Trade unions - 23rd Mar 2018 5:11pm

Thanks everybody the rep has finally made contact. I think he must be the full time officer as he's always at meetings so doesn't seem to have time for the members. Will have to stick with him for 4 weeks until Unite take over the membership (joined) today. I think Unions are a great help ,informing workers of their rights .Well worth a couple of pound a month .
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