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Off roading wirral.

Posted By: vw_kyle

Off roading wirral. - 10th Jan 2018 8:57pm

Is there any were on the wirral I can take a quad off roading legally.
I've heard there's one by vauxhalls.
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Off roading wirral. - 10th Jan 2018 11:41pm

Vauxhall's place is a go-kart track

Wirral only has Pathan Park now afaik, Sundays 20/day for your own Quad https://www.pathanpark.com

There are others by Chester and Frodsham

There's a scramble track not far from Cheshire Oaks on Shellway Road whose status I'm not sure off, either its legal or "officially" overlooked. They may allow quads, I might have seen some there, not sure. I presume its some sort of club as there are parents there and everything, it used to be run by Base Motopark until council sold it off in 2014.
Posted By: Tatey

Re: Off roading wirral. - 11th Jan 2018 7:37am

Try asking at Molloy's market gardens on Leasowe Road, believe they have a track / site for quads.
Posted By: daveybm

Re: Off roading wirral. - 11th Jan 2018 11:47am

This is Pathan Park, it is owned by Molloys grade centre :-

Posted By: venice

Re: Off roading wirral. - 11th Jan 2018 12:02pm

Gosh, excellent info, - never even knew Wirral had a track like that . Wonder how old the kids have to be , the website doesnt state things like age or minimum height etc .
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