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Tree slice cutting

Posted By: Smeeble

Tree slice cutting - 14th Jul 2017 1:44pm

I've recently had some trees cut down and I've had some ideas for the odd piece of wood. I need to get one of them cut thinner, but can't find anywhere that can cut a slice of tree.
It's about 60cm across and 10cm thick, wanting it cut to 2cm thick.
Anyone know anywhere that can?
Posted By: fish5133

Re: Tree slice cutting - 14th Jul 2017 7:36pm

Wouldn't be that easy with a chainsaw. Think you would need a sawmill and after allowing for blade width you might get 2 or 3 slices at most
Posted By: Smeeble

Re: Tree slice cutting - 14th Jul 2017 11:56pm

I'm only wanted to get one piece out of it, to turn into a large wall clock as a reminder of the trees.
Just can't find anywhere local that can or will cut it (some say it'll blunt their blades).
Posted By: Habdab

Re: Tree slice cutting - 15th Jul 2017 5:26pm

Even if you get a good slice, you will probably have problems with it splitting when you dry it out. There are ways around it but you need to be aware before the wood splits. There are solutions online if you google it.

If you can't get anyone to slice it, try asking someone with a router if they can level it off for you .
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