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Good dentist needed

Posted By: Habdab

Good dentist needed - 5th May 2017 6:23pm

Anyone know a good Dentist in the Wallasey area that can make well fitting dentures? I just sacked my dentist after a string of incompetent episodes and a set of dentures that a horse might make use of, but certainly not me.
Posted By: j_demo

Re: Good dentist needed - 6th May 2017 10:56am

Not had experience of their denture fitting service but Hose Side are always talked highly of. I've not long registered with them having left warren drv dentist because they're incompetent and useless.
Posted By: Habdab

Re: Good dentist needed - 6th May 2017 4:26pm

Thanks Demo, it seemed we left the same Dentists for the same reasons.
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