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Noises in my loft

Posted By: TudorBlue

Noises in my loft - 24th Oct 2016 10:16am

Laying in bed last night I could hear scratching/scurrying noises coming from my loft. The noise went after a bit, I've been up in my loft and couldnt spot anything obvious. I live in Leasowe. Not sure if its rats or whatever as theres no obvious signs, may be a squirrel or bird. Any signs i should be looking for which I may have missed??

Anyone recommend a decent and reasonable pest control company if I need one??

Thanks in advance
Posted By: diggingdeeper

Re: Noises in my loft - 24th Oct 2016 11:22am

Yes, its probably rats - Tree Rats (squirrels).

If it is ordinary rats then the council do two visits for 50.

If its squirrels you have to get wallet-raked by a private company. Two visits are just under 100 for poisoning or just over 100 for traps. You also need to get the entrance sealed otherwise it happens again. Traps are better, you don't want dead squirrels rotting away in some hidden corner.

You need to get it done soon as they love to chew through mains cables.
Posted By: TudorBlue

Re: Noises in my loft - 24th Oct 2016 1:11pm

Nothing obvious, no chewed wires, droppings etc. I need to roofer to come and give my roof the once over. I have a couple of missing tiles. Anyone know of a decent and reasonable roofer? Ive already sorted someone in pest control to come and investigate
Posted By: Excoriator

Re: Noises in my loft - 24th Oct 2016 8:54pm


If you have holes in the roof they will find them and your loft will make a splendid nesting site!
Posted By: fish5133

Re: Noises in my loft - 25th Oct 2016 7:38pm

Heating pipes expanding can sometimes produce noises
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