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Mice - Real, Live, Furry Ones

Posted By: Moonstar

Mice - Real, Live, Furry Ones - 22nd Jul 2016 11:22pm

Next door had a problem with mice and they have moved on to me. I have put stuff down but was wondering if anyone else has been having mouse problems?
Posted By: Madge

Re: Mice - Real, Live, Furry Ones - 23rd Jul 2016 9:14am

If there is nothing for them to eat they will move on, Make sure any dried food is kept in sealed plastic or metal containers, and if you have pets dont leave dog or cat food out other than feed times, decrumb your toaster and bread bins, its amazing how much food for them there is in an average toaster, and you can get traps humane or otherwise, i suggest you put chocolate buttons on they love them, if you have kids who eat biscuits on the sofa, hoover under the seats, another food source,
Posted By: granny

Re: Mice - Real, Live, Furry Ones - 23rd Jul 2016 9:29am

House mice or field mice ?
Posted By: Beethoven

Re: Mice - Real, Live, Furry Ones - 23rd Jul 2016 11:01am

We had mice under our shed so I set traps for them, never again, I found it a very upsetting experience removing their broken and bloody little bodies each morning. After that I thought about using humane traps but in the end I decided to live and let live. I understand it's different having them in your house though.
Posted By: granny

Re: Mice - Real, Live, Furry Ones - 23rd Jul 2016 11:29am

I understand that field mice will generally find their way out again.

I had them about 6/7 years ago. Tried to use humane traps with mars bars. That worked, but also found that they have to be released about a quarter a mile away, otherwise they can find their way back again. The unfortunate thing was, I could hear noises in the walls and thought they were taking over, so I reluctantly put poison down.. That got rid of them, but the noises in the walls were from the kiddie next door, scratching on the walls in his bedroom. Such guilt ridden shame ! So sorry little field mice cry
Posted By: Moonstar

Re: Mice - Real, Live, Furry Ones - 23rd Jul 2016 1:21pm

I haven't caught sight of them yet, just scrabbling as I entered the room, so cannot identify. There was a box of porridge oats and a box of Alpen - which one did they go for? The Alpen of course!

I have had to deal with mice before but thought I was mouse proof having not seen one for 19 years or more.

Thanks for reminding me about the toaster Madge. :-)
Posted By: Near_Oval

Re: Mice - Real, Live, Furry Ones - 28th Jul 2016 6:23am

Had them outside (luckily have solid floors downstairs) and with childs pet living in same area didnt want risk of cross infection of anything so used non humane traps, found peanut butter to be ideal, sticks to trap, relativley weather proof and enough of an aroma to attract them.
Make sure you set trap after putting bait in though...
Had a mate who saw them getting through holes in a brick airvent so solid floors not a guarantee you wont get them inside.
Posted By: mikeeb

Re: Mice - Real, Live, Furry Ones - 29th Jul 2016 8:00am

I have 2 of them ultrasonic mouse reppelers and it has worked but for others they don't work so you may end up wasting your money
Reviews on them are sketchy. All I can say is they worked for me

Found this on the money saving expert forum and couldn't stop laughing
" Stop faffing around with traps, repellants and poisons.
Get a cat or borrow a neighbour's cat for an hour or two.
It'll be a bloodbath but it'll make an example of the first victim. :-D "

Posted By: jeremycorbon

Re: Mice - Real, Live, Furry Ones - 26th Sep 2016 5:18pm

dont use anything that is non-humane, apart from the ethics you will have to kill them yourself. the plug in ultrasonic detterents do work but you must remember to keep a clear space in front of plug. i bought a pack of 3 ages a go from Flying Dutchman for about 10. you wont even see the mice as the sound emitted makes them uncomftable. did you know that mice pass urine and droppings constantly every where they walk so (sadly) you must get rid, cheers
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